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My First Time

Well to start this is my first post bout my first time.

I was young I'm 25 now its happened about 13 years ago.
It was summer time school was out I been changing a lot with life f****y friend n music taste.
I hung with a bunch a vatos mostly white boys I'm half Mexican and white n light skinned as ever so i fit in Sane was one the older dudes who had a hot mom at the time and a younger s****r Christal she was old then me by a year i think may of been two she was bout 4'10 5foot at the max nice Brest just enough for a hand full but she had a ass to die for nice round stuck out great when she would walk n run cute Lil voice.

Well we all got in to smoking bud at this time it's been around in my life all the time but this was my first time really trying it we all would meet either at Sane or someone else's house but we all would end up at Sane before the day was out.

today was no diff we all hooked up at Sane to smoke.
we was in the basement as it fill with smoke I heard Christal coming down to the basement. Damn she was hot wearing a long sl**p shirt god only knows what she had on under it. she seen me and ask what i was up too Well I was feeling it good that day so i answered just chillin smoking ya know she ask me if i wanted to see something in her room now i never been to her room or seen it before n really didn't even know where it was cuz well i was hi lol i follow her up to her room we walk n talk nothing too diff then ever.

We got to her room and she said" Well I think your cute " I said "Yeah thanks I think your really pretty if you dont mind me saying so" She didn't skip a beat she kissed me and i have kissed girls before and knew how to use my tongue when kissing (as well as other way i use it) so we was kissing and feeling each other up bad we made it in to her room and well she took her top off and WOW the first set of naked nice tits damn she was hot more kissing as we took clothes off i only took my pants and boxer off one leg she was 100% naked and i was in love she suck my hard cock n wow she licked the tip and i almost lost it but then she took it almost all in her she kept it low & deep just moving her head up and down gaging alil but stayed deep she did this for I thought was a long time but she ask if i had a condom i sadly said i didn't but she really didn't care as she got up and shut her door and told me to lick her i did n she was so sweet to taste no hair at all nice dark lips as she was mixed like me a just behind them dark wet lips was a pink heaven damn i licked her deep she grabbed my curly hair and pushed me deeper her juices dripped all over my face and soaked her bed

she pulled me up and we kissed she asked me where the fuk did i learn to do that as she jammed her tongue to the back of my head i thought she then ask if we could do it without a condom to this point i didn't give a fuk i said if you want and she did
she got me on top of her she look deep into my eyes and she said Danny do it so i slid my hard cock in between her dark wet hot pussy lips she said slow so i did i was almost balls deep and she stopped me and
asked if i loved her i didn't think i yeah yes Christal I do luv u
she kiss me a then i was all in balls deep in her wet pussy she told me faster n i did we went at it for about a half hour, her top of me, her on all fours and she took a hold of my hard dick and sucked me dry
we got back on her bed laying together i was holding her we kissed and touched kissed some more she stop and started to cry i ask if she was OK she look up at me and said "I'm sorry I wish I wasn't moving before school starts" we kissed and said we would keep in touch, We promised this and that, we said had the summer but the next day was like nothing happened I was in the basement with the boys smoking she was with her girls all we ever shared after that day was smile she moved we never talk after that day but she will always be one of my first loves

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