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Seduced by gay guy

I was only a teenager still at school and had a part time job in a builders retail shop selling paint and screws and timber etc.
I was the only one that the boss employed to take things in after school that he had displayed outside the front doors , ladders, buckets and such like. During the school summer holidays he would employ me full time to work serving the customers and to take customers to the rear of the shop if they needed timber and timber mouldings as it was too dangerous for customers to walk around freely on their own, He made me put a sign up that customers must be e****ted whilst at the rear of the shop.
Because it was quite dinner times and I was there my boss would leave me alone and drive home to have lunch with his wife. it wasn't a problem as I knew all the prices of everything etc and was trusted to deal with the cash.
One lunchtime just as my boss drove away a elderly guy about 50 years, asain came into the shop in one hand he held a carrier bag with some stuff in it. He took an interest in some small formica samples that were held together in a batch, these were all hand size about the size of playing cards. He wanted to see if we had something to match a table top he had at home. I was in a corner of the shop where we had these and because in the past customers have walked out with them and we had to contact the manufacturer to replace them I had been instructed to make sure we held them to show . However whilst going through them the guy was moving back and forth whilst looking and what I didn't realise was his hand carrying the bag was against me , I had my back against the shelves so couldn't back off. His moving back and forth with his hand against me started to make me tingle. what i couldn't do was get out from against the shelves as I was in a corner. also being young I just sort of stayed where I was. Before long I was aware I had a erection. I was red in the face and my breathing started to get heavy, I longed for someone to come into the shop so I could get away to serve them, however Here I was with this guys hand brushing my groin.
In hindsight I know why but at the time I didn't, he looked down and noticed my erection pushing my jeans out at the front. He giggled and said that he bet my girlfriend was proud of me. I answered that I didn't have a girlfriend, He said that's a shame and patted it.Gosh I nearly fell to my knees. He started to chat to me asking If I was sill a virgin , which I was but tried to hide it denying it. He laughed and said he didn't believe me. He then said he needed to look at some timber too.
Therefore I led him to the back of the shop but first locking the till in case someone came in. In those days there was no CCTV.
As soon as we were at the back he turned to me and just leaned forward and kissed me on my lips. I just froze like a rabbit in a cars headlights. He took hold of me and started to cuddle me then leaned forward again and started to kiss me passionately. I had never kissed anyone before in a sexual manner only my parents when I was going to bed when I was much younger and that was just a peck. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and started to explore my mouth with it, I had read about french Kissing and I was so turned on but shocked too I responded back with our tongues entwined etc. He then stopped. He looked down at my erection and I was so hard, never been this hard before, not even when I read some porno books, He undid my belt and trousers and pulled them down, then slid my short underneath down to release my penis into the open air. He took hold of it and gently stroked it. Wow I was so horny and pre cum was oozing out of the tip of my cock. After a few moments he pushed my shoulder down which made me kneel on the floor, he undid his zip and pulled out the first man's cock I had ever seen close up .It was huge. He pulled his foreskin back and made me open my mouth instructing me to lick and kiss it, which I did, He then told me to open my mouth, as I did so he pushed it into my mouth and told me to suck him. I began to suck, However not aware what to do properly he held my head between his hands and rocked back and forth for a little while . All the time I kept a tight seal and sucked him. he then started to rock faster until I heard him grunt, I knew he was cumming, I tried to stop but he held tightly telling me not to stop or he would be angry, He started to be very dominant now. All of a sudden I felt him cum in my mouth , squirting his cum until my mouth was full. I didn't know what to do spit it out or what but didn't have anywhere apart from the toilets further at the back to do so. This guy then lifted me up onto my feet again and started to french kiss me again. I couldn't respond without swallowing, therefore I swallowed and tasted the cum of a guy I had only just met. I had never even tasted my own cum when I jerked myself off. It tasted salty but not unpleasant.
Every day at the same time as my boss left for lunch the guy would turn up take me straight back to the rear of the shop, get me hard and kiss me before making me suck him off to completion again.He never made me cum before leaving so when he left I would go to the toilet quickly before another customer walked in and relieve myself.
One day I asked him if he would fuck me, he asked if I had anywhere I wanted to do this, I couldn't go home as had f****y there, he suggested that I meet him at his friends house around the corner, alas though I thought about it and didnt go as I was fearful of too many guys there, however now in hindsight I wished I had gone and been a sex slave to him and his friends...
It was years before I went with another guy, This time I had read an advert for a massage for men by male massuar in a local newspaper. I phoned the guy, nervous as hell. He told me how much a massage was ,I asked if it included full relief. He declined to say on the phone but said to come along and I wouldn't be disappointed. I went to the address which was a private house, I was trembling as I rang the bell. A guy in his late thirties open the door, welcomed me and showed me too a back room, It was warm, soft music, curtains drawn closed, candlelights. I gave him the money. He told me to strip naked and get under the towel on the massage table. He left the room, When I was ready he called out If I was ready which I said I was. He came back into the room wearing only a pair of shorts and I could see the outline of his penis, Again it looked huge.. So the massage started with oils etc whilst I was laying on my front, I was getting nice and relaxed but the last thing he started to massage was my buttocks before asking me to turn over, Whilst he was massaging them his fingers kept sliding down between my butt cheeks and he was sliding his lubricated fingers around my butt hole and once or twice just the tip of his finger slipped in. I was hard as hell and had to readjust myself as I was lying on my erection. Then he told me to turn over, slowly I did and he just smiled at me and began a massage over my chest but where he had been massaging me with a towel covering my butt he took the towel away when I was now lying on my back completely exposed and with an erection, Be massaged my legs, chest and stomach and occasionally around my groin. Gosh I was like a dog on heat, so hard. He then began to hold my cock and stroke it saying that it was ok and this would relax me. I was so hot, He leaned over me asking me if I was enjoying it, yes I said, He then leaned towards me and kissed me. Now I was gone, I responded by kissing him, putting my arms around him and holding him tight whilst kissing so hard. He then broke away and asked what could he do for me. I nervously said I wanted him to fuck me. He said it will be extra,I agreed. He stopped, took his shorts off, then started to give me oral. After a few minutes he then told me to stand up, lean over the couch and spread my legs. I felt him put some cold lube around my butt hole and finger me slowly to open me up a bit. He stopped for a minute and put on a condom. he then gave me something to sniff saying it will help me relax. Then I felt his cock start to push against my butt hole, gosh it was so painful but he assured me it will be ok.. After a few painful minutes I felt the head of his cock enter me, once in he began to slowly move back and forth until I had adjusted to him. he began to fuck me for ages before I felt him start to go faster and suddenly tolding my hips felt him cum inside me..Gosh it felt so erotic.. I went back to him several times until one day I asked him if he was clean etc which he said he was, I said I would pay him double if he could fuck me bareback.. He declined, However we fucked and it was the time after he said he had thought about it and he would do me bareback..I was so horny as he entered me and I could feel flesh on flesh, He fucked me much more urgently than before ..A few moments of this and I felt him quicken, I said not to pull out but fuck me , I wanted to feel him cum inside me.. He quickened faster and faster until he bucked and I felt him cum..I felt his cum squirting inside me until he had finished, after a few moments he went soft and pulled it out followed by his cum dripping out of my butt.finally I got what I wanted but not from the guy in the shop but from this guy..

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