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Renaissance Man - No Sex But How To Be A Guy Women

If you are a nice guy then you are a Renaissance Man.

Never put yourself down as average or guy next door.
Nothing wrong with being a nice guy.
You can role play, but inside women will sense a player vs a man.

Women who do play or desire sex here are not sluts despite what they may post.
That is just a label...they are still women inside.
Just as not all who are on here are perverts, but mostly real men and women who either find it an escape or way to hook up and satisfy their needs.
If a woman is f***ed into a sex role by her man then be aware it might not be the fantasy it appears.
So be safe, be sure, be able to afford the exposure if it happens. Otherwise, stay home and use the vids or treat that woman you committed to like she's the last woman on earth.

You might be seen as a Walter Mitty, but be a man.
Live you life fully.
Go up to that beautiful woman at an event and chat with her.
She might not end up with you but she will remember you and she may tell her gal pals about the nice guy she met.

If you meet a bbw or a plain jane then remember each possesses inside qualities just like you.
And sometimes they are hotter than the Barbie.
I know they are.
And if a woman honors me by dropping her panties, I will appreciate that moment for a long time.
I still remember all of my lovers and they will always be a part of me.
It's like when we orgasm we share a part of us connected forever.
But there's also been lovers who used me and yet that was their failing.

I am 59 and find myself mentally like im still a teenager at times. ha.
But you possess experience far more advanced than the bad boys of our times who think the vids of giving some oral, doing vaginal from behind, doing anal, then cummming on her face, are what does it for a woman.
Do what comes naturally or what she wants or you want.
But be sure that it is concentual.

Remember, she may be a co-worker, a wife, etc. and people do talk.
And sometimes if pleased, she will want more or tell her gal pals.
Give her oral, whisper in her ear, remind her of her pleasure she gives you, be sure to let her know you are cuming, don't just lay on top and grunt then get up and fix a sandwich.

In fact, do what I do. Save some $. Go to the best hotels, I stay at a beach Hilton since I know the manager and get him laid too. There is a room at every hotel called the sex suite. Reserved for special staff and guests. I also bring chinese takeout (sweet/sour sauce on her nipples is great), candles, oils in a sex kit kept in the car/plane.

Study body language..

Go to book stores, and church socials, and professional assns like Rotary and Lions, and volunteer at thrift shops.
I meet realtors, widows, 20somethings.
I don't always score or try to. I do have some who I meet and trust in fate to lead me to wherever.

If a woman does have you and it turns out to be one time or a couple, don't let it stop you.
You can find a woman anywhere today. It is the quality one you want to wake up next to for the rest of your life or the few you want to be able to have as companions the same that you seek. The same with women. So don't get all drama queen over one woman. Her loss.

I am a nice guy despite their desire to find fun. They soon learn they made a mistake. Most men only do their women 1x a week or month. Never do oral on them much after they get them in a relationship, and look like king of queens type slobs by drinking and eating and letting drama take over their lives, not the desire to enjoy life.

Not all guys, and I didn't used to take on married women, but sometimes they end up in bad places and I'd rather be a confidante than see them used and abused. And besides, they are more likely to either have married for wrong reasons or just not feel like a woman desired anymore.

If you're married or in a relationship, then why are you here looking for others or wanting to share selves if you aren't sure. Remember that when another man is allowed to possess your woman, it is her choice to enjoy it or not. Not you. So be prepared to possibly turn out as a cuck or her having an affair or leaving.

I too am like you, average on outside but i am a flyer writer and photographer and use those skills to show women and let them pursue me.

In closing let me say this about that...take it however you like. You're reading it.
Be who you are. If you got a talent or a desire like learning to play a guitar, then do it.
Life is what you make it.
Find a woman. Treat her well. Impress her by not being someone else but yourself.
She has a b.s. meter.
But most of all...take that innocent step toward her. If you don't another may. Be in the moment.
Don't go fast or hard, just be the best you can be.
And always listen to her and look at her eyes not her nipples.
You can do that later...

I'm part asian.
I use that to my advantage.
I learned about my heritage and always have something to relate about it to a woman who questions me or has been in same places.
Establish a connection in some way on some common ground.
Then do the reverse of what bad boys do, don't impress her with your knowledge but with your insight.
Learn about your heritage.

Write her poetry (I always have my camera with me and notepad and write on moment or prepared poems to give her as she sits alone or with her gal pals).
Give her flowers, even spur of moment take one off a display whatever.
Buy a chocolate bar and give it to her with the poem and flower.

No b.s. I've been in a book store, hurriedly bought candy bar, grabbed a plastic flower, taken a poem from my kit bag and given it to a woman and gone back to my seat or gone down the aisle with a grin.

She's read it, talked to the coffee bar gal (a gal pal of mine) and then come after me to chat. From there it was up to her with my guidance, but I'm not a Bond type image. But they do know that nice guys do try harder and appreciate the woman's body.

So I salute you and find you inspire me also.
Go out there and develop your own game plan.
Write it down and journal it.
Then keep what works and consider publishing it.
I see women at the sex shelves/how to/relationship aisles all time.

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