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Peeping at Jo

I had had only a couple of girlfriends and no real sexual experience, only an awkward session with one with whom I lost my virginity, as did she.
I was now 17 doing my first year at college for an engineering apprenticeship, no girlfriend not for the want of trying but I just wasn’t gifted in the art of chatting girls up, like most teenagers I spent a lot of time masturbating
Our neighbours were a middle aged couple, he was a little over weight and balding, she had nice black hair probably pretty good looking in her day with a nice pair of tits.
We were not the type of neighbours that went around each other’s houses, just a pleasant hello and the occasional chat, as were Colin and Jo.

One afternoon on my way home from college I got a puncture and had to walk the last quarter of a mile, on getting home I left my bike at the side door knowing I would have to repair it for the morning. After tea I forgot all about my bike and it wasn’t until I was about to got to be I remembered the puncture, I brought the bike into the utility room and set about repairing it.
It was now 12.30 and mum and dad were in bed, I took the bike up the garden to lock it in the shed as I walked back down the path a flash of light caught my attention. What was that, I looked up as I did I seen another flash from next doors living room window, they had a kind of raffia blind but it wasn’t fully down.
I walked down to the house and looked over the small fence peering under the blind, the light was on and as I did another flash of light flicked out into the darkness.
I was curious and after looking around hopped over the fence, squatting down to peer in I couldn’t believe my eyes, Jo was sitting on the leather arm chair, dressed in heels and short skirt, she was topless and her legs were splayed wide, one hanging over an arm of the chair displaying a shaved pussy which gaped slightly with her spread legs. Colin was on the floor taking pictures as she casually looked up at the TV mounted on the wall.
My cock was now hard as a broom stick, I felt nervous knowing I should ‘not be there and looked around several times to make sure no one was about, silly really as we weren’t overlooked and there was complete darkness other than the bit of light from under the blind piercing the darkness.
I stayed put watching as Jo changed poses, now sliding forward her back resting on the front of the chair seat she posed with her knees spread wide apart as Colin took pics of her pussy now gaping wide. I took another look around as I released my cock from my trousers and began stroking it as I turned back to the window. Jo was now on her knees her ass pushed up in the air toward \Colin and the window, she moved her hands back and gripped each cheek pulling them and her vagina apart. I was wanking furiously, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I took another look around, and I was nervous but more excited than ever before in my life.
Looking back Colin got up and sat on the end of their sofa camera in hand, Jo turned to kneel in front of him pulling off his tracky bottoms he had no under wear on revealing a stiff cock which curved noticeably back toward him.
Jo shuffled forward on her knees, taking hold of his cock and sandwiching it between her large tits as he continued to take pics. I was surprised at how big her tits were id never noticed in passing her with her cloths on. They looked awesome and all I could think was that I wished it was my cock between them, my excitement got the better of me and I started to cum, catching the first spray in my hand and stifling the rest by clamping my foreskin over the end of my cock.i rummaged in my left pocket grabbing some tissue I released my load into the tissue.

Climax subsided, I looked around as I put my cock away, now I was feeling guilty and perverted but it didn’t stop me taking one last peek through the window.
I hopped back into our garden, slipping in the side door and up to bed. I lay in bed thinking and replaying the nights events, I couldn’t get Jo out of my min
I was fixated on a middle-aged neighbour whom I hadn’t previously given a second glance, hell she was old enough to be my mum.

Over the next month I had wanked off several times thinking about Jo and had even started watching for her in the back garden from my bedroom window,
I found huge sexual relief in leaning on my bedroom windowsill whilst naked from the waist down and wanking off whilst watching Jo gardening or hanging out her washing.
I thought I was being discreet and unseen by Jo .One Saturday morning I was home alone and it was nice and sunny, I knew Jo’s husband was away on business and she would be doing her washing so I hatched a plan. I would sit up the garden with a book, pretending to read when Jo came out I would have a crafty wank in my shorts with one hand in my pocket whilst holding the book in my other.
I ran downstairs grabbed a college book and my sunglasses, I went up to the shed and set up a deck chair angled carefully to Jo’s washing line were I could get a good view that also covered her back door.

I settled down and soon had a hard on thinking back to the night I voyuered her, then her back door opened and Jo walked up to the clothes line wiping it down with a cloth before disappearing back indoors. I stroked my cock with my left hand in my pocket thinking this is perfect, I had a great view and she wouldn’t know I was watching behind my sunglasses. Jo came back out she was wearing a shortish white skirt and lemon top that revealed a small amount of cleavage, her bare legs leading down to her feet in open sandals with painted toe nails. I was massaging my cock enjoying a side view of her chest lost in my thoughts, all of a sudden she called out “Simon can I have a word “as she walked to the small wire garden fence.
Shit shit, what do I do now, I lowered my book err yeah sure Jo, she beckoned me toward her, oh no how could I walk over to her with a lob on in my shorts, I’ll just have to try covering it with my book. I walked over anxiously worry if she spotted me wanking, god i am in trouble I thought.

What’s up Jo,”Simon I couldn’t help noticing over the last week or so, well! I could ‘not help but notice you seemed to be watching me from your window”.
I could feel myself going red, then to make matters worse I realised id dropped my book hand to my side and Jo‘s eyes were levelled at the bulge in my pants.
I am so sorry Jo, I tried to find an excuse but my mind was blank. Jo interrupted “ don’t worry it’s something that happens to lads your age, she was on about my bulge but I hadn’t answered her question,” the window” she reminded me.
I looked down at my subsiding bulge and back at Jo, “oh you mean you get like that looking at me, i am old enough to be your mum”.
I couldn’t tell her I perved at her window and e got hard every time I saw her since, I decided to own up. Please don’t tell anyone, I’ll try and explain you see I get like this a lot just lately and I find you very attractive and well to be honest i have been masturbating at my window.
Jo went red and flustered before saying I don’t know whether to be flattered or shocked, I piped up your right I think! I think its my age I cant seem to help myself but for some reason its just you that does this to me. Jo now looked shocked but then she said don’t worry I wont say anything and i am sure it will pass but if it helps I don’t mind you watching from your window.

Two weeks later and it was the college holidays I was off for the summer home alone during the day. I lay in my bedroom window open listening for jo’s back door to open, I herd a radio her kitchen door had opened, I jumped up to the window, she was walking up to the clothes line, I seen her look back at me and smile, she continued to clean the line and went back in to get her wash basket.
I dropped my trackies and started stroking my excitement heightened even more by the thought she would know what I was doing, I waited an age what’s keeping her.
Then she appeared with her basket, she was wearing a very short red skirt and a white low cut blouse, she put the basket down at the end of the line turning to face me she slowly bent over exposing her cleavage, she slowly picked up a towel pinning it on the line as looked back.Jo repeated this a couple of times each time coming back to the basket not moving it up the path as she went. She was making sure I got a good view, she continued with a few more garments but then she came to the other side of her basket,Jo spread her legs slightly and looking back bent right over, What there was of the skirt rose up to reveal her bare ass and shaved pussy lips, she stayed in that position looking back holding her pose for me to ejaculate too and it didn’t take me long, it felt so good releasing my load. I cleaned up and went back to my computer, she was like a d**g and I couldn’t get enough, there weren’t enough washdays I thought, then I realised. How stupid was I instead of washing once a week she was doing three or four a week and now she was exposing herself to me, she was getting off on it as much as me I thought.

In for a penny in for a pound, a couple of days later she was out cleaning the line again but this time I decided I was going to get a close up, I had left a deck chair at the side of the fence opposite the start of the line. I had put on a long T-shirt, long enough to cover my zipper. Jo went in to get her washing and I ran down to my chair. She didn’t notice me straight off as she was looking up at my window when she spotted me. She glared at me but then broke into a smile. She had the same red skirt on but a white halter neck backless top, which showed off her braless tits, her nipples poking out. I noticed a tattoo on her back a delicate winding leaf pattern, it surprised me a bit although I had seen that she had one on her left foot.
Jo set about hanging her washing again hovering over her basket, displaying her cleavage as I stroked my cock in my shorts. As she hung each item I realised it was like a countdown, once the last item was hung the show would be over, I decided to go for broke and whilst she hung a pillow case I set my cock free, pulling my shirt down over it and my hand. As she returned to her basket I was wanking under my shirt quite vigorously I wanted to make sure my climax coincided with her lifting her last item from her basket. Jo stood over her basket looking over at me realising I was now daring to pleasure my self with my cock out of my shorts. She took another pillow case and pinned it up, returning to her basket there were only a couple of items, she moved around her basket her back to me, this was it the finale she bent over straight legged pussy agape hand held her pose for about 30 seconds as she fumbled in her basket, I sat forward engorging the site, as she stood to hang a T shirt she looked over with a smile that quickly disappeared her eyes fixated on my crotch, I looked down my cock was out from under my shirt and Jo had a clear view of hand clad cock.I don’t know why but I automatically released it leaving my 7 inches standing proud for her to view.Jo took a long hard look before pinning the shirt up, returning to the basket once again she picked up the last garment a long sleeved shirt and shook it out as she faced me ,now I was displaying to her. She went up the path and pinned it up returning to the empty basket she looked over, tilting the empty basket for me to view, as if to say session over. I hadn’t shot my load and was still wanking; Jo realising gave me one last chance bending displaying her pussy to me once more as she peered back through her legs. It wasn’t happening the more I wanted it the less it felt likely. Jo tired of her pose and smiled again before walking back indoors.
Shit ,I thought what an opportunity, I horridly f***ed my stiff cock in my pants to head indoors to my room to finish the job, just as reached the back of the house Jo’s door opened “Simon, can you come here a moment, I hopped over the fence up to the door, she smiled come in,Jo closed the door behind me.

I stood silent my shorts bulging, Jo walked over,” that didn’t do it then” she said as she placed the flat of her hand over my bulge, err no but I was very near.” Well just this once i am going to help you out but if I do there will be no more garden displays from either side of the fence, well is it a dialog yes sure Jo.
Jo smiled knelt in front of me raising my T she unzipped my shorts, I could hardly breath, I leant back resting my ass against her pine table. She looked up into my eyes, my that’s a nice size,” have you ever had a blow Job “ no I haven’t.
Just relax, Jo said as she clasped her hand around my shaft slowly wanking me, I could feel her hot breath on my bell end the anticipation was killing me, suddenly I felt her soft warm lips envelope my tip, oh god that’s nice I thought, then her tongue began flicking over it. Her left hand came up and clasped my balls, just as she started sliding down my shaft.oh this was glorious, I thought as she went deeper and deeper taking my whole length she paused with my cock down her throat, then withdrawing to pleasure my tip again, I felt the need to rock back and forth meeting each of her thrust.
Jo pulled of,”is that nice” oh god yes but id really luv to see your shaved pussy close up as you bend over, like you did in the garden, I want to wank all over your soft white ass, well ok if that will do it for you.

We swapped places Jo lying forward over the table holding the sides, as she looked back at me, I dropped my shorts and pulled off my T shirt, she looked me up and down, there she said haws that as she parted her legs, leaning down more so her ass was fully exposed. I lifted her skirt up her back, god what a site her pussy gaped and I could see her juices, and she was enjoying this as much as me. I stroked my cock as Jo looked back, can I touch your pussy I asked,” yes if it will help you cum but not with your cock,”can I cum over your ass, yes. I moved closer wanking with my left hand as I gently stroked her ass cheeks with my right, I got more daring and gently glided my hand over her pussy lips, Jo let out a sighs I continued until my fingers were running back and forth between her lips picking up a coating of her juices as they went.
I looked up at Jo she had settled her head on the table and closed her eyes.
I wanted to go further but would she let me, I couldn’t control myself and as my fingers stroked back between her lips I curved two straight into her wet hole, she let out a moan .God your so wet and warm, Jo looked back and smiled, if you don’t get a move on I will cum before you. Her words excited me and I couldn’t help but slip a third finger in her and quicken my thrusts, Jo ‘s eyes closed again and she moaned with each delve of my fingers.
I pushed my cock forward resting it on her left ass cheek; I ground it forward and back in rhythm with my fingers. I moved bit by bit until I pushed my cock down to the palm of my right hand, Jo’s legs parted further as I pressed it up to her entrance against my fingers, Jo protested no you cant you cant put it in me, but I couldn’t stop and rammed it forward as I pulled my hand away. My cock plunged deep into her wetness, Jo gave a halfhearted protest and rose of the table slightly but I grabbed her hips and plunged in and out of her. Her reactions changed she was now moaning and calling out yes yes that’s it. I felt her tighten and my cock clamp inside her as she let out a squeal, I knew she was orgasaming .I felt a high pleasuring her like this and pumped her hard and fast, her ass cheeks rippled, I pulled out she looked around in surprise and without a word I spun her around laying her on her back across the table I pushed into her once more. As I fucked her I was awestruck by her tits jiggling in her top, I leaned forward pulling on the tie at her neck, peeling her top down releasing her large tits and erect nipples as I rose. I fucked her harder and harder feeding off the excitement of watching her tits sway back and forth. Jo was yelling out oh oh fuck yes yes as she raised her hands to steady her tits she hit another orgasm and as I felt it on my shaft I slowed to a halt gently pushing in to her as deep as I could holding there I pumped my hot cum into her.

As I stood buried deep inside her my climax subsiding, I realised she had her legs clamped around me, I looked down at her in satisfaction but she looked shocked at the realisation of what we had done. Jo started to speak “ I told you not to” before she could finish I lay forward on top of her her breasts against my chest I pressed my lips against her, at first she didn’t reciprocate but I continued cupping her breast with my hand as I did so, I was aware of our juices escaping around my shaft on my balls.
Jo began kissing me back and her arms went around me, I could feel my cock twitching and new it was hardening I rocked on top of her encouraging its growth, I was hard again in minutes Jo broke of our kissing and looked into my eyes as she realised I was slowly pumping into her again.”Oh my you are a horny devil “I slid around a bit to allow myself to take her nipple in my mouth, they were huge.
I stood up right taking hold of her legs raising them to my shoulders and began an onslaught pumping hard creating a slapping sound against her ass, Jo drew sharp breaths of air as I f***ed into her at pace again trying to support her flapping breasts, I feasted on the sights of her body, for the first time noticing her belly, embarrassed she let go of her breasts and clasped her hands over it, I smiled and continued banging her hard, her eyes closed and she was soon moaning and shouting out, I felt her tense and the thought of her orgasming raised my seed and I squirted deep inside her once more

I looked at her amazed it had been serial like a dream, I had just had the best fuck of my life with a neighbour old enough to be my mother but I didn’t care, it was ecstasy
Jo ‘s face was flushed and I could see sweat on her chest .I pulled out of her watching our juices drip from her amazing pussy to the kitchen floor. Jo stood reaching for kitchen roll she pulled some off handing it to me before doing the same and mopping her pussy and the floor. I didn’t mean for this to happen, it was silly of me I was flattered at your attention, I stepped forward holding her head in my hands I kissed her and said thankyou, she went quite we dressed and I said I had better go Jo said you must not tell anyone, I said I know and I stepped forward and kissed her again.
As I went to go out the door I turned and thanked her for the best afternoon of my life, see you next washday, exiting before she could reply.

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