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The truck

It’s quiet in the services, which doesn’t help in keeping me awake!

I open the window a little to let in the balmy night air and look at the news channel on the TV. The latte has hit me and I begin to feel a little perkier, maybe another and then I will hit the road again.

I return to my seat and notice another night owl entering the seating area. He catches my eye and comes over to me – ‘can I join you? Seems a shame to sit alone like Billy no mates if we can chat instead.’

I laughed and say ‘why not’ after all it might wake me up.

He introduces himself and we chat for a little while. I ask him what he’s doing here at this time of night and he tells me he has done a friend a favour and is now on his way back home. ‘Sounds intriguing!’

He laughs and explains he has a breakdown truck and helped a mate deliver a car to have some work done; he did it after work, hence being there at this god-awful hour.

He asks about me. I explain I’m on my way to see friends and likewise set off after a late finish at work.

We chat and after a while begin to flirt. He’s good company and somehow we get on to the fact that his truck has a sl**ping space in it. I tell him I have always wondered how comfy they are and how people sl**p in them!

I ask him how comfy they are to sl**p in and he replies with a grin that he doesn’t know about sl**ping but can vouch that it’s good for other activity. I smile, not sure if I 100% get what he is talking about but being tired and me my mouth blurts out ‘oh so it’s your pussy wagon is it?’

He laughs and just says ‘yeah, when the opportunity presents!’

I feel a fizz in my pussy; it’s a few days since I had any cock. He’s not bad looking, he’s funny, has big hands – are these reasons to fuck a complete stranger I’ve only been chatting to for 20 mins?

As I weigh my options up he asks if I would like to check it out and again my mouth runs riot and I hear myself saying ‘ I assume you mean your truck?’

Again he just grins and says ‘Hmm why not come and try it for size?’

My pussy clenches and I feel juices begin to it slippery as I stand up and follow him out of the services and across the car park. I must be mad, he could be an axe murderer but my libido is taking over and wanting to satisfy itself. He helps me up into the cab, literally by putting his hand on my ass to guide me in. I sit in the seat and wait for him to join me.

He shows me his bunk and suggests I slip back and try it. I lay back and find it is better than I thought.

‘So what, in your experience is the most comfortable position .. . . . .?’ hesitating for a second and finishing the sentence with ‘to sl**p in.’

He smiles at me and asks if I really want to know about sl**ping, rubbing his hand over my leg, getting a little higher each time until he grazes my sex with the back of his hand. Damn my body for doing it’s own thing when I want to be fucked, making me open my legs and gasp as he rubs his hand over my mound.

He pulls my knicks to one side and traces a finger over my slit ‘oh I think someone could be wet’ he says as he parts my lips and slides a finger straight into my hole making me gasp with pleasure.

Oh dear, good sense has gone and I am filled with what I call slut lust and I want him to fuck me! I reach over – it’s a little awkward but I manage to free his cock and start to wank him hard, licking my hand to lube it, so it glides over his length.

He tells me to get on all fours and he slides behind me and starts to lick my pussy, just over my lips and hole at fist but ends up licking from clit to my asshole in long slow strokes. I have taken my top off and am teasing my nipples, groaning with pleasure as he laps at my clit and tongues my hole.

‘Oh my god you are wet, I could almost drink from your hole! I assume that means you want me to fuck you?’

He asks if I like it slow or fast, because he likes to pound into a wet woman.

As he talks his big fingers are fucking me hard, one then two until I am full of his hand and being stretched. The heat of a big pussy orgasm rises in me and I feel myself squirt over his hand. He continues to fuck me gently, prolonging my cum and then slides his hand out of me letting my juices run down my legs.

He lays me flat on my front and opens my legs, sliding in behind me and letting his cock slide into my wetness. ‘Fuck me’ is all I can say and he doesn’t disappoint.

He starts slowly at first, groaning as he feels my still twitching hole clench around his length. He starts to build up speed, in the end pushing deep in to me and with such f***e that my ass cheeks are wobbling.

I moan as he bangs hard into my sex, ‘harder’ and ‘fuck me’ are all I can say between breathless moans. I love being fucked hard and this man is an expert!

‘You like that?’
‘Yes’ I reply and push myself back on to his rigid cock as it probes deep in to me. I feel his cock twitch and he gasps ‘ I’m gonna fill you up you dirty bitch.’

I feel his hot cream splat in me; hear him calling me names and that is all I need to make me cum all over his cock.

I’m now back in my car, he has driven off and I realise I didn’t actually get his name but I can smell sex and my slut lust is satiated for a while, leaving me feeling awake and ready to drive on.

Of course I might have to make another stop if I get tired again, for another pick me up!

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