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Step daughter to be part 3

The rest of the weekend was fantastic and Angela was on holiday for the 2 weeks her daughter was home, Angela asked if there was a way that I could take a week off and spend it with her, I said I would try and went in on the Monday morning, I asked my boss and he agreed with it saying if work got too busy he would call me back. I left and drove straight too Angela’s I knocked on the door to find Linda was there on her own as her mum had gone out for the day shopping I smiled and walked in grabbing Linda and pinning her against the wall shoving my hand up her dress ripping her panties clean off and unzipping my trousers lifting her up and slamming her down on my cock that was gagging for some pussy, Linda’s legs wrapped around my waist as I slammed my cock in and out making her cry out with pleasure.

I felt her pussy muscles grip and she shouted out she was Cumming as I shook pumping my load into her, Linda loosened her grip around my waist as my spent cock slipped out of her pussy. We sat down and chatted for a while as though nothing happened, all I could think of is what happened in that door way but Linda just seemed to take it as the run of the mill for it to happen. Angela came back and was pleased that I could get the time off and then announced that Cameron was off on a school trip and would be away for a week.

The following day Cameron was sent off and the 3 of us where just sitting around chatting, Linda suggested we play a game of confession and asked the first question, she turned to her mum and asked “what is your favourite thing in sex” Angela thought and said “ it has to be sucking a man’s cock and feeling him cum in my mouth” looking at me, her mum asked what was hers, Linda looked at me and said well I like to watch a women suck a man’s cock “ I would love to see you sucking Mike’s cock them (mike being me that is) Angela asked if I was up for that, I said it was a real turn on being watched as I pulled down the zip of my trousers pulling my lifeless cock out and letting it hang down.

Angela leant over and held my dick slowly working it through her fingers it soon had life in it, I was so horny and closed my eyes and let my head fall back as Angela started to suck my cock into her mouth, Linda was watching her mum suck a cock how horny was that. I could see Linda slowly rubbing the front of her panties as I suggested we all get naked and have a bit of fun, we all stripped off and sat down me in the middle, as both grabbed my length rubbing it slowly whilst I felt both girls tits tweaking their nipples making them hard, Linda bent down and slowly sucked my cock whilst Angela kissed me deeply, I could feel Linda’s tongue lapping at the head rubbing it every so often and nibbling the shaft softly. I pulled Linda’s head up and told Angela to sit on my cock so I could suck her tits whilst she fucked my cock.

She lowered herself onto me, my huge cock sliding into her tight pussy, Linda laid back and started to rub her clit slowly pulling the lips apart so I could see the pink flesh, I sucked on Angela’s tits as she rode my cock I was not going to last as I was so turned on, If I didn’t know any better I would of said they had planned it I heard Linda groan as she had a orgasm, I told Angela to stop and sit next to Linda on the sofa legs wide open, I stood up in front of them and started to rub my cock, my hand slowly running up and down the 11 ½” of my cock as both girls waited to be fed my cum, I slowed down and moved closer, with a few short strokes a stream of thick juices shot from my cock as I guided it into their moths and over their tits I groaned as the feeling shot through my shaft making my balls ache. As I squeezed the last remaining drops from my cock into their mouths I stood back letting my cock hang down, I knelt in between Angela’s legs and started to eat her pussy.

I pulled her legs apart and started to lick her lips making her groan and sigh with pleasure as I nibbled her clit she arched her back and groaned out a long low orgasm, I heard Linda beg for me to eat her as well as I moved along and started to have second helpings, I could taste her juices they were as sweet as candy her young pink pussy flesh tasted so good I started to rub my limp cock as was gagging to fuck her as hard as I could at let her mum watch as I’m doing it. I was still eating Linda’s pussy and enjoying the taste of it as I felt my cock starting to firm up. Linda groaned and had a rather mild orgasm as her juices dribbled from her slit, I was now at half mast and ready to fuck this horny little 20yr old, I moved up her body kissing her all over I sucked her nipples one at a time before feeding my monster into her waiting hole.

Linda wrapped her legs around my neck making it so easy to slide in and let her mum see her boyfriend totally pleasing her sweet pussy I slammed my rod fully in as her cunt lips parted to accommodate my thick shaft she yelled out fuck me and fuck me hard, as I drove my cock in and out of her pussy only just keeping the head in before driving in again and again, her juices coating my shaft as she groaned loudly and started to gasp saying she was close, she yelled out a huge scream and bucked her hips like a wild horse as I struggled to keep her down, her body shook with extreme f***e as she went stiff with a huge orgasm that ripped through her body making her juices spurt from her pussy as my cock stemmed the flow like a ill fitting cork, she collapsed lifeless on the sofa as I pulled my hard cock out.

Angela looked at me and said why don’t you put that a****l in here pointing at her pussy I sure could satisfy that a****l, as she stood up and bent over so I could enter her from behind, I fed it into her soaking wet slit as she groaned and begged me to fuck her as hard as I did Linda, I spanked her backside hard as my hand made clean contact with her cheek, I slammed my cock into her as she squealed for me to spank and fuck her harder as I spanked her as hard as I could making her whimper like a c***d, I rammed my meat in and out of her pussy she groaned and then cried out a ear piercing orgasm as my hand made contact with her arse triggering my cock to unload its cargo into Angela’s pussy, Angela’s pussy muscles contracted and eased as it milked the rod of all its goodness letting me slip out after I was drained.

We sat on the sofa recovering from the amazing sex we had, Linda regained conciseness and Angela bottom cheeks cooled down from the spanking it got, that night we all shared Angle’s bed and had the most amazing sex ever I had Linda sitting on my face whilst, I licked her pussy out and Angela had my cock in her satisfying her need for my huge cock. I married Angela and carried on having, Linda whenever she was home from university, but was happy with the arrangement, as Linda gave amazing blowjobs some times when we was on the way home from collecting her from her hall of residence.

I also had the opportunity to fuck a couple of Linda’s friends when I collected her as well as she had told them I had a huge thick cock. The following year Angela fell pregnant and duly had a baby girl followed by Linda who had a baby boy, she never said I was the father but I worked it out that it was around the same time as having the most amazing sex on the way home from university one day in a lay-by Linda was sucking my cock whilst fingering her pussy when she pulled her finger out of her slit sticking it in my mouth asking if it tasted sweet, she was that horny I found a lay-by and fucked her so hard in the back of the car.

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