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I seduced my nephew, after his father had me

Little boys grow into men and even I have to admit, watching them as a woman, they have the same allure, as men do watching girls grow into women.

I am talking from experience, what comes around, goes around. As a young girl my mothers b*****r, Joe, had a penchant for me, and I can remember feeling his warmth and erection, on countless occasions.
One night in particular, Joe pushed his erection between my legs, and let loose my first experience of a man's cum, while I pretended to sl**p.

To be honest, I dont know if Joe knew I was pretending to be in slumber, as my thighs were locked hard together, and the fact we were bare-backing, as I never slept with panties, thrilled the feeling of his fat cock hard against my virginal crotch.

That incident was one of countless times uncle Joe inadvertently took advantage of my naivety, but as I grew older, we had to admit we were having i*****l sex, both lawfully and morally, by that time I had a penchant for cock, a love that leads me right to this point, lying on bed with my nephew, Joe's son, only this time we have an age reversal, and I am thinking about taking him under my warm wing, and thrilling him the way his daddy thrilled me.

Uncle Joe passed away many years ago, and his wife had remarried, so my nephew was a free spirit, he enjoyed my company, but to be truthful, he was besotted with me, aunties that resembled today's youthful ideal of a MILF, have a heady sexual allure, and my nephew, like to snuggle close up to me.

I was on my own as my husband was away on business, doing a three week on and three weeks off routine, we were into the second week of his time away, and lying with my nephew on the bed beside me, I was thinking about sex, and I could feel my stomach knotting, perhaps time to pretend to sl**p, and see if old Joe's genes were in his son's make-up.

We lay together watching the flat screen 3D screen, a log fire blazing to keep the room hot, as the -15C outside, added to the cosiness and heightened my increasing need for sex.

'You know what', I said to him as I got up, 'I am going to have a shower before bed', and I started to reach behind my back and pull on the long zipper on the back of my dress.
He sat with a strained look on his face as I pulled each shoulder free, and let it drop to the floor, my lacy undies left nothing to the imagination, and I smiled as he ogled me.

'You want to have a pee, before I go in', he just shook his head, he was staring at me, the whiteness of my breasts and their dark areola and nipples were clearly visible to him, he had seen me bare breasted on the beach, so I had no reason to try cover up for him, but their protuberance, due my heightened sexual wantonness, and viewing them through a dark lacy brassiere, was meant to send his thoughts in seeing me as a woman.

'I am not embarrassing you', I asked him, I could see looking at me as I stood before him, clearly unnerved him a little, again he shook his head, he was intimidated, and starting to feel the heat of having a woman in front of him, so I pulled my black short petticoat down, and stood brazenly in my see-through black thong, 'What do you think', I asked him and pirouetted around to show my bare bum, the thong clearly disappeared to leave my bum nude, except for the thin cord emerging from the top and merging with the cord around my waist.

I held my pose exposing my bare bum to him, salaciously enjoying the tortured look on his young face, then I said, 'I need to go shower again', to him and walked giddily to the bathroom, I was on a sexual high, pulling both brassiere and thong off, leaving them on the hallway floor, and stepped into the shower, leaving the bathroom door open, that way he could see me, when he walked to my discarded underwear.

I soaped up and rubbed myself, feeling the urge rise higher as I run my fingers between my legs and crotch, that was when he walked in, I guess he had been watching me, maybe having a sly wank, when he saw me do something similar, rubbing my pussy and clitoris, 'Does it feel nice doing that', I looked up and said 'Yes'.

I kept moving my fingers between my vaginal lips, 'Do you like watching me', and I parted my labia to expose my erect clitoris and fingered it as he watched.

Come closer I urged him, and he came right up to the glass door, and dropped to his knees, his face just separated by the thickness of the glass, 'I'm cumming', I cried out, and sure enough I exploded, rubbing myself so close to him, my knees gave way, and finished up on my ass beside him, 'Fucking hell', was all that he said, and I unashamedly laughed, just having him there watching me, gave my orgasm an unexpected boost.

I got back up, 'Wash your cock and balls in the sink', I ordered him, his face turned ashen, 'I am going to suck and eat you', I suddenly changed as my needy urgency to fuck him took over.

I looked at his bare bum as he washed, 'Let me see it', and he turned to show me his hard cock, 'Mmmmmmmmmm', I moaned out, and turned the shower off, 'I am going to blow your fucking mind', and went straight to him and kissed him full on the mouth.

'This is how horny women fuck hard cock', my hand already held him, and I was stroking my nephew's cock and squeezing his tight ball sack, whilst licking his tonsils, both of us made our way back to the bedroom, I still kissing him and pulling on his cock.

As we went inside I fell face down on the bed edge, and pulled him on top of my wet body, and I could feel his hard cock press down between my soft pillows, instinctively causing my to open my legs, and reach down between them and pull his cock in hard against my wet pussy, once there, like his father did, he slipped inside me, and I humped, face down, crying for him to squeeze my tits and fuck me hard, the fact he was f****y and young, now meant nothing, I needed the release every sinew and fibre, including my very soul, craved, I wanted sexual gratification, and my nephew was blessed for this task, ramming into me, like his father had done so many years ago.

Of course my orgasm in the shower was clitoral, and it had left me in a state of arousal, so inducing my pussy to contract and hold his cock as he threshed around inside me, triggered my second, vaginal orgasm, and as I bucked uncontrollably under him, he rode me like a cowboy, saddled onto my bare ass, with me whinnying like a filly being mounted by a stallion, he controlled his loving aunty, masterfully, and I obediently submitted to his needs, once my own passions had subsided.

'Did you shoot', I asked him, whilst still touching his hard cock, clearly it looked as though he had not, but I have had experience of young men with remarkable powers of recovery, so I had to be sure.

He lay on his back looking up at the ceiling and I knelt at right angles to him, my heavy breasts brushing against his balls and cock, 'You like feeling my tits brush you', I asked him, he nodded his approval, and I smiled, and brought my open mouth down on his balls and sucked them in to my mouth, using my tongue to swirl and lap, then probe into his crotch, sliding my palms under his tomboyish ass, and push my pointy tongue inside after rimming his crinkled anus.

I stopped and looked at him, 'You like my tongue up your ass', and as he flustered his answer, I licked his ball sack and pushed my finger all the up inside, tickling and stroking his prostate, or what I assumed to be, for as I took his cock inside my mouth, he shot a heavy load into my mouth, and I swallowed, holding him inside until his convulsions stopped, the slowly eased him out, washing him clean with my tongue and saliva.

'You know', he started to tell me, 'all my friends think you are hot', he continued, I looked at him, 'Really, all', and he nodded smiling, 'Yeah they want to fuck you'.

I smiled with his answer, 'Then', I started to tell him, feeling a warmth spread down below, 'You pick who does and I shall do what you want', his eyes widened, with the thought and power that would give him, 'Honest', and I turned and picked-up my phone, 'Call and invite them, I am ready for a gang-bang', he smiled, and spoke, 'Hi Jimmy, want to come stay at my aunt Mariel's', I smiled as he spoke, got up and started to put on my netted stockings and garter belt, by then he had finished speaking, and started to pull on his cock, which was getting hard at the thought of his friends taking me, another tale to tell, and no doubt you will be keen to hear.

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