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Sissy Emma is Turned Chapter 6

I went through into reception to see my ex-wife sitting there. She was a big lady, maybe one some people would call a BBW. Today the was dressed a little more conservatively than the last time I had seen her, but only just. She wore a very tight low cut top which exposed her massive cleavage, a short skirt and when she crossed her legs, I caught a glimpse of her stocking tops.
'Ah sissy' she said, 'I'm here to check up on you'
I hurried outside with her as quickly as possible, hoping nobody had heard what she called me. We walked down the steps from the building and around the corner out of sight.
'Right Sissy, it's time we checked what you are wearing. Get your pants off' she said.
I started to protest, but she quickly cut me off reminding me of the consequences of not complying.
I quickly pulled my trousers to me knees thinking that would be enough to show I had panties and stockings on and that my plug was in. But that wasn't good enough.
'No get them right the way off Sissy and take your shoes off'
'But I'm at work' I said.
'No buts Sissy, DO IT! And for that I will have Master John give you a demerit'
Shit, that was the last thing I needed knowing that the demerit would mean I would have to do something to feminise myself. Following last weeks demerits, I had been made to go into a salon and have my belly button pierced, a tattoo above my 'clitty' saying 'Sissy Slut' and to have my eyebrows shaped. Already people were starting to whisper behind my back at work.
So I stepped out of my shoes and took off my trousers feeling absolutely ridiculous.
'Put these on'
She handed me a pair of heels and a curly blonde wig. If I had felt ridiculous before, this was something else.
'Show me your piercing and your tattoo' she said.
I pulled up my shirt and pulled down my panties.
Again she burst into laughter.
'I can't believe you actually did it, you are such a pussy'
I bowed my head in shame.
'What are you?' she said.
'I'm a pussy' I said.
She handed me a long coat from a bag that had also held the shoes and told me to put it on.
'Right, you need to come over to my car, I've some things to give you'.
Moving away from the cover of the wall was going to mean I was visible from the office windows. I just hoped nobody was looking.
I followed her across the car-park noticing now that the clack of my heels matched hers. I tried to walk as femininely as possible so that nobody would realise but feeling a gust of wind knowing my stocking tops were probably exposed.
Once we were at the car she got in and handed me a box.
'In here you will find a supply of tablets. You are to take one every morning before work. They are vitamins to ensure you maintain your girlie vigour. You will also find an ipad. You are to watch the videos that are stored on it every night before you go to sl**p. Spot checks may be made on both of these requests so don't even dare to ignore me. Now thank me'
I stared at her but realised I had to do it. How had I fallen so far in such a short period of time. I had been so happy to have finally been rid of this woman from my life and yet now here I was dressed as some stupid blonde slut, agreeing to god knows what.
'Now go' she said, and I tottered back over the car-park making sure I kept my head down all the way. I quickly recovered my trousers and shoes and shoved the heels, coat and wig into the bag before heading back into work.
I made my way furtively back to my desk and tried to keep my head down.
Sometime that afternoon, I received an email from the Head of Security, Steve Brown. It advised me that there were important matters that he needed to discuss urgently.
I made my way to his office and knocked on the door.
'Come in' I heard and opened the door.
'Sit down' he said 'I've got something I wanted to show you.
By the side of his desk was a small monitor and he pressed a remote and the monitor sprung to life. There was a clear view of the car-park. After a few seconds, what appeared to be two ladies walked out and across before one was handed something from a car before one walked back on her own. I was in no doubt as to what I was seeing.
'Isn't that your ex-wife?' he said.
I agreed that it was.
'What was she doing here?' he said.
'She came to discuss some electricals in the house' I lied.
'So who is this woman that comes out with her?'
I just sat and shrugged my shoulders.
'Well it looks to me like some kind of deal just went on there' he said. 'I'm wondering whether there has been some kind of theft from the property'
Again I just looked at him dumb-foundedly.
'I'm afraid that I'm going to have to perform a strip search on you' he said.
Realising the implications of that I tried to argue my way out, stating that it was against my civil liberties etc, but Steve pointed out that I had signed a contract that allowed them to do so in cases of suspected theft.
'Please don't make me strip for you Steve' I begged.
'Well it's either that or the Police' he said.
This hole I had got myself into was getting bigger and bigger by the minute. While my home and work life had been relatively unaffected, events were changing meaning that this was getting bigger and bigger.
I took off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. I saw Steve notice my completely hairless body, before he spotted that I had a belly button ring.
'Does that say Slut?' he asked me.
I turned bright red and nodded but knowing worse was to come.
I unbuttoned my trousers and took them down exposing my panties and stockings.
'Oh my god, are you some kind of fag?' he said.
'You don't understand' I said, 'I'm being blackmailed into all of this'
I felt better having got this off my chest finally. He made me tell him the rest of the story and he made me show him my tattoo and the fact I was plugged.
'Right' he said, 'Give me this man's email address and I will go and see what I can sort out. Stay here for now and I will be back in a few minutes'
I sat there feeling so much better, feeling that I at last had found a friend that would help me from this terrible predicament. This time tomorrow I would be back to normal and maybe I could look forward to seeing Master and that sadistic ex-wife behind bars.
Steve stepped back into the room.
'Right I've spoken to your Master' I thought this was a strange term to use now.
'And he says that you are in serious trouble. You have earned 3 serious demerits, one for telling me about him, one for not acting girlie in front of a man and finally for not begging to service me in only the way you know best.
Oh my god, I could not believe it. Just as I saw a way out, it had been cruelly stolen away from me again.
'I suggest you get back into character very quickly Sissy Slut. He emptied my bag out and made me put on the heels and the blonde wig.
'Now beg Sissy. PROPERLY'
'Please Sir let this little simpering Sissy service your magnificent cock and allow you to cum all over her'
'Yes very good Sissy, but get in there'
He pointed under his desk where he had placed a large dog cage. He made me get inside. Once I was inside he sat at his desk and presented his cock through the bars.
'Now you can sit there Sissy with my cock in your mouth to remind you what you are until your Master and Mistress come and pick you up'
Oh no, this was going to be really bad and I dreaded to think what was going to happen when they got hold of me.
Half an hour later just as my mouth was getting sore from having a cock shoved inside it for so long there was a knock at the door.
I heard rather than saw my Master and Mistress enter the room.
'Ah I see you have found good use for her' I heard Master say. 'Feel free to cum on or in her now'
Steve put his hand down and started to stroke himself off furiously.
'So who's been a bad Sissy?' said Master.
'Sissy Slut has' I said.
Oh dear and what does that mean Sissy?'
'Demerits Master' I could only imagine what they would be and was disturbed by Steve cumming all over my face.
'Turn around Sissy'
And finally I got my wish of seeing Master and Mistress behind bars. Only now it wasn't how I had expected it!
To be continued

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