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When the door bell rang, I knew it is Jessica whom I have called an hour ago to come by. Since it was Friday evening, I told her already to spend the weekend with me at my apartment. She very reluctantly agreed. Since we are c***dhood friends, I knew she won't refuse. I hurriedly wrapped around the housecoat rushed towards the door. As I expected, it was Jessica, coming straight from her office. I returned from my work much earlier today.

The moment I opened the door, I was surprised to see Jessica standing with a bouquet and a small carton that was gift wrapped. She has very clearly understood that I have invited her for my birthday. Very next moment she kissed my cheek and said "Many Happy Returns, my sweet Eva". "Thank you Jessica", I reciprocated.

I took her hands and led her into the living room and made her sit on the sofa and rushed to the bar shelf to fix a drink for both of us. I returned to the sofa with the glasses of drink and sat beside her and gave her one glass containing vodka. After cheering up we drank a sip and started talking about our respective works and then moved to discuss about movies, hotels and tourist spots etc.

Then, she gave me gift box and said, 'open it and see whether you like it'. I instantly shot back, 'What if I don't like?. She insisted to first open it. I eagerly tore the wrapper and found it to be a jewel box. When I opened the box I found a glittering gold chain with a heart like pendant. since I never expected such an expensive gift from her, I asked her with surprise, 'Hey, what is this?.
She promptly replied, 'Its a small memento for my lifetime friend on her 30th birthday. It will be more beautiful around your neck.' I did not know what to say but momentarily I became emotional which I could not conceal. She noticed the the tears rolling down my cheeks and she instantly wiped it saying, "No, I would never want to see you cry. It should be only tears of joy, do you understand?' I nodded.

After a few minutes of silence that we used for finishing off our drinks, she gently ran her fingers through my hair and asked 'You said you wanted to sort out some problem between us. So far as my knowledge goes, we never encountered any problem. We shared everything in life and we had no secrets between us.
I am really wondering what it would be. Please don't keep me puzzling around'.

I said, 'Yes, there was no secrets between us except one. That is future'.
She spontaneously reacted, 'What future and whose future?' I coolly replied, 'Our future'.

She queried, 'What do you mean?'
'Jessica, you know I broke up with my ex boyfriend and I've been alone. You too have your share of relationship woes with your ex and you are also alone for sometime now. Please don't pretend. I know you have a crush on me. Why are you not coming out to me? I want an answer now."

She said, 'Okay, Eva!! It is your birthday, let us first celebrate and I'll answer your question later, Okay sweetie?' saying that she took both my hands and asked me 'where's the birthday cake?' I went into the kitchen and brought the cake which I kept ready and kept it on the table. She took out a small candle from bag and placed it on the cake and lit it with her cigaret lighter.
She sang the birthday song while I blew the candle and cut the cake. She took a small piece of it and fed into my mouth first and then inserted a piece in her mouth. She repeated the same for the second time and as she was doing it, she spread the cream of the cake all over my cheeks. As if avenging, I too did the same to her. She caught my hand and licked all the cream spread along my fingers and did not spare my cheeks even. She licked every inch of my cheek to clear all the cream from my face.

I could not keep quiet and pulled her put both my arms around her. I held her tightly and licked all over her face tasted the chocolate cream. I released my hands only after making sure that nothing left over on her face. She immediately ran to the sofa and brought the gold chain and tied it around my neck. She said, 'Its really beautiful on you. You are amazing'. As she was saying this she kissed the heart shaped pendant which was sitting prettily at the center of my cleavage. That kiss was sending waves of pleasure filled with love all over my body. For a fraction of a second I trembled but managed the situation. I immediately took off my opal ring from left hand ring finger and caught hold of her right hand and put around her ring finger and kissed it repeatedly a few times.

I could notice she too was taken by surprise by my action. She too became emotional for a moment. Without wasting even a minute, she hugged me tightly and for the first time in our life we kissed each other mouth to mouth. So delicious it was that we never wanted to stop. Into her tight hug, I whispered into her ear, 'You promised to give me an answer and I want it now, right now'. She cooed back into my ear, 'Yes, I had a crush but not merely a crush. It was a crush with heartfelt love. Love from deep inside my heart. I was afraid, and afraid of losing my best friend. That prevented me from coming out'.

I released myself from her embrace and said, 'Now you don't need to be afraid of anything and the air is clear and fresh. You know how happy I am today? It is heaven on earth for us from now on. Okay, gal, lets finish our dinner and get off to bed. I'll set the table right now.' She said 'Okay, I'll help you too' and came along with me to kitchen. As we were doing things, I could notice that her eyes were scanning through my miniskirt. I then realized, I was wearing only G-string. The small triangular piece of cloth which was enough only to cover the pubic patch, has already become wet when Jessica hugged and kissed me. That was a real 'turn on'.

After the table was set, we sat for dinner facing each other. I noticed she was enjoying my appearance after I wore the gold chain she gifted me. I myself feel delighted with the lovely pendant dangling in between my tits that were showing off from my low neckline blouse. 'You look like an angel' she said with a smile. I reciprocated, 'You are beautiful, too. But we never complimented each other like this before. This seems to be really something special.'

We hurriedly finished off our dinner quickly cleared the table and returned to the living room. I asked Jessica, 'Don't you want to change your clothes?' I held her hand and took her to my wardrobe and said, 'Find something to put on from this'. I immediately left that place closing the door behind me and went back to the sofa and lowered myself on it.

Few minutes later Jessica emerged from the dressing room taking me by amazement.
She wore a pink sheer chemise and crimson red G-string beneath it. That further turned me on and made me rub my thighs together and the wetness started spreading to my inner thighs. She came quickly and sat on my lap. She put her arms around my neck and started squeezing through my lips. I put one arm around her waist and gently rub her thighs with the other. For a moment she withdrew and licked my neck and on the cleavage of my boobs. They started bulging and my bra almost broke.

What happened further that night comes in the second part.

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