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B6 Chapter 15 Summer Transformed - Summer's R

Chapter 15: Summer Transformed - Summer's Release

Summer showed no tenderness or compunction in what she did next. The now much larger girl stood up, her assets shuddering delightfully before Rayleena's awestruck eyes, as the huge shaft of her new cock jerked to slap heavily between her breasts repeatedly. Summer turned to Vantha lying upon the bed, her massive cock stretching out over Vantha like a tree limb from her new body. Summer's powerful new form quivered and rippled in anticipation and
driven lust, sending her huge attributes dancing as she stood gazing down at Vantha on the bed.
While not quite as large as a full-grown Vectran woman, Summer was almost a giant now
compared to her previous dimensions. Her heavy cock jerked upwards as she eyed Vantha's
quivering womb. Summer's thick shaft slapped with heavy, meaty thuds against her mammoth
breasts, her quivering loins twitching fitfully and sending the column of her cock swinging heavily as the transformed girl stood over Vantha, whining in obvious need.
Summer f***ed the shaft of her cock downward, so that it was level with Vantha's body, then reached down, and grasped Vantha's upthrust hips presented to her with her other hand. Then without warning, Summer buried over half of her titanic shaft in Vantha's cunt with one
single powerful, irresistible lunge.
"Good fucking grief!" cried Vantha in pain and astonishment. "Take it easy, girl!"
Although the powerful sensations Summer experienced by fucking Vantha were intense, she
still needed further release and stimulation.
"I need more!" screamed Summer. "Get your ass over here, Rayleena!" Rayleena care-fully positioned herself close behind Summer.
"How fitting that you used the word 'ass' girl," muttered Rayleena. Rayleena took aim as she tilted her own hips, carefully aiming her own shaft at the coral lips of Summer's anus. Summer's aperture alternately gaped and shut tightly, as if it sensed Rayleena's presence, and demanded her prick. Rayleena eased her torso forward, being sure to keep the head of her shaft aimed at the bucking hole. She made contact with Summer's anal lips and prepared to thrust it in.
Suddenly, with a feeling somewhat like a hand grabbing it and yanking, Summer's hole sucked the head of her shaft in, surprising Rayleena. The suction seemed to increase in rhythm with Summer's thrustings into Vantha. It felt like a sucking mouth grasping it, trying to suck the cum from it by main f***e.
Vantha gave a single long scream as Summer's invading cock continued to impale her,
wrenching her cunt open, then simply moaned in quavering tones under the relentless attack
that was Summer. Summer merely grunted in reply, her rounded asscheeks quivering at the end of each powerful, thudding lunge into Vantha, her hugely grown cock rending Vantha's pussy as it wrenched the straining entryway wider and wider. As the fantastic length of Summer's cock f***ed its way deeper into the protesting depths of Vantha's stretched body, Vantha grunted and screamed in agony. Summer had so much energy built up in her body, it was like several Vectran girls were fucking her at once.
The hugely swollen testicles Summer sported swung to slap into Vantha's rump with each
lunging thrust until the tempo increased, and then they danced wildly, bouncing, swelling larger by the moment. Summer's crotch now thumped into Vantha's thighs as Summer's huge body
slammed against Vantha's fundament.
Rayleena felt her cock swell into hugeness as the suction held her to the now twitching
cheeks of Summer's ass. Rayleena gasped, as the power of Summer's rectum frightened the
Vectran girl. Rayleena could only cry out, held in the seemingly unbreakable grip of Summer's slurping anus. And then, strangely, Rayleena felt an increasing pressure build in it.
The pressure built rapidly. Summer was emitting a rising moan as it did, the newly gifted
girl now no longer writhing but locked into trembling rigidity. Summer's screams of passion now resounded through the room, her powerful body was quickly close to achieving orgasm and her heaving cockhead already began to fill Vantha's belly, plainly visible as it pressed against her skin from the inside.
Rayleena gaped in awe. While Summer's body wasn't as large as a Vectran in size, her cock flesh was huge, easily as large as her own or Vantha's! Summer was also showing incred-ible power as the pounding fucking she was performing on Vantha demonstrated more than clearly. Already, her flared cockhead was enormous, distorting Vantha's body plainly and showing that she was fucking Vantha almost right up to her tits.
The pressure Rayleena felt reached incredible proportions, and then she found herself
pistoning in and out of Summer's backside, being driven uncontrollably by the pressure-sucking of the hole itself. She was soon being driven f***efully back and forth like a rag doll, her erection being sucked in to the hilt then being blown out till only the bulbous head remained in Summer's trembling ass. The rate increased until Rayleena thought she would be shaken to pieces by it.
Rayleena was slammed back and forth, her orgasms almost continuous, until Summer emitted a cry of utter pleasure and she was slammed against the quivering cheeks. Rayleena's jaw then dropped, when Summer finally began to truly cum. Vantha's body rippled under the flow of cum being jetted into her, her belly swelling hugely as the incredible flood filled her body to overflowing in moments. Summer's erection grew as she watched, its relentless growth driven by the monumental flood gathering in the massive testicles bouncing and swaying be-tween the girl's muscular legs. The heavy globes of her balls swelled visibly larger by the mom-ent between Summer's thighs, Rayleena saw, forcing them wider apart until Summer was hunch ing up into Vantha in a straddled stance.
Summer was savage, even for a newly transformed and gifted girl. Relentless, heeding only the demands of her flesh, Summer was shrieking loudly as she rammed in and out of the
floundering, body of Vantha. Rayleena could see the bloated cock Vantha sported flopping
back and forth against her tummy under the stimulation, her body already bloated and bulging. The possessed Summer was adamant and brutal in her fucking of Vantha, violating her target with no signs of remorse of tenderness; only the claiming, bestial rooting of a shemale seeking satiation sending the spearing shaft in and out of Vantha's belly with wild, breath-taking lunges.
Rayleena could feel the sucking walls of Summer's rectum squeeze her shaft, and then the suction was incredible. Rayleena felt the cum within her being actually sucked out, the
shaft swollen and stretching, and almost passed out from the incredible sensations she exper-ienced.
Rayleena reached her arms out around Summer's waist, and held on for dear life, her cock now buried to the balls inside of Summer's ass. Rayleena watched as Summer stood, still humping her spurting cock wildly to the hilt into the distorted body of Vantha, her hands on Vantha's hips actually pumping the body back and forth upon her spewing cock flesh as if Vantha were a sex-toy for her to masturbate with.

There was only the savage desire to satisfy herself with Vantha's body, Rayleena saw, and there was a great deal of desire, indeed. And then Rayleena came, and came yet again, as the clasping hole of Summer's anus seemed to be trying to suck her invading prick dry. Ray-leena could feel her cock and balls shooting off deeply and continuously, like they'd rarely done before. And it hardly seemed to distract Summer, from her incredible humping of Vantha.
Rayleena felt the pressure in herself building, and saw Summer's huge cock was still pumping spurts of cum into Vantha's belly; it was now a steady flood of milky fluid cannoning out
with incredible f***e, filling her abdomen like a firehose filling a balloon. Finally with a shriek, Summer, wrenched the body upon her thrusting cock as her hips locked quivering into a last plunging thrust. An audible gushing sound sounded, lasting several seconds, and Rayleena could actually see Vantha's body swell as it filled with the cum
Summer was hosing into her, and watched as the bulging swell that marked Summer's cockhead pistoned upwards, deeper and deeper into Vantha's shuddering body. The flow ebbed and finally ended, and Summer's panting, sweat-soaked body began to relax, and her eyes finally blinked open.

Then Summer heedlessly pushed the bloated, sloshing, quivering form of Vantha back onto the bed, pulling her massive shaft out of her body in one stroke. The humongous shaft's immense flared head plainly visible within Vantha's protruding abdomen, as Summer extracted it. Vantha groaned in agony as she rolled on the bed, her body stuffed and bloated from Summer's invasion. Rhiannon and some of the other Vectran girls had fucked her and inflated her like this, many years ago. Because of her strength and experience, Vantha would survive this, but she would still need a few minutes to recover.
Now that Summer had stopped her maniacal humping of Vantha, Rayleena was able to pull her cock from Summer's ass at last. While there was usually some residual jism left to clean up, Summer had drained Rayleena's cock until it was almost bone dry.
Rayleena stared at her cock in surprise, and then shifted her gaze to Vantha. "Well, I hope that you're satisfied," Rayleena said sarcastically.
"All right, all right," admitted Vantha, as she caught her breath. "I bit off more than both
of us could chew this time." Her alien metabolism was quickly burning off the excess jism
Summer had filled her body with.
"How do you feel after your first orgasm as a shemale, Summer?"
Summer's reply was trembling and almost fearful. "I don't know how to tell you this, you two," she stammered. "But look at me..."

Summer turned to face Vantha and Rayleena. Shock registered on both girls' faces. If they hadn't both been present to see Summer erupt into Vantha, they wouldn't believe what they
saw. It was as though nothing had happened to Summer's cock. Summer's massive hardon was still erect and throbbing, and pointing almost straight up at the ceiling.
Rayleena stared at Summer in amazement, and then glared at Vantha. "Well this is another fine mess you've gotten us into."
"But I had no idea that she'd turn out like this..." pleaded Vantha.
"Listen 'sperm for brains'," threatened Rayleena. "If you seriously think that I'm going to
let her to do to me what she just did to you, you're fucking crazy! You'd better think of some way to satisfy Summer, and quickly, or you're gonna go for an instant replay with her!"
Vantha's brow knitted in concentration for a moment. Then her eyes lit up.
"I've got it!" she exclaimed. "There's a way we can bring her off big time, and neither one
of us has to turn into a water balloon."
"What've you got in mind?" asked Rayleena.
"Whatever you're thinking of, please do it quickly..." pleaded Summer.
"Remember how I got myself off at the banquet earlier tonight?" asked Vantha.
"Yes. You practically stole the show," admitted Rayleena. "But how's that going to help
"We can use our telekinesis on her cock, silly! And with two of us, we ought to be able to
milk her cock and finally drain off all of the excess energy in her body."
"But we've never done anything like that before! Especially to an Earth girl, Vantha!"
"I did it earlier tonight, when I was with Ebony," Vantha retorted. "All we have to do is be
more concentrated and focused with our mental powers, and it'll do the job just fine."
Rayleena stared at Vantha in disbelief. "Incredible as that sounds, it's probably our best
shot at taming that b**st between her legs."
"It's either that or we have to try and satisfy her the old-fashioned way. And that could
take all night!"
"I don't care anymore!" squealed Summer. "I've gotta get this monster between my legs off, or it feels like it'll explode. Whatever you're gonna do, do it now!"
"All right, girl," said Vantha. "Get over here, and sit between us on the edge of the bed.
Prop your arms out behind you for support. Rayleena and I are gonna work that oversized cock
of yours over, once and for all."
"Famous last words, I see," muttered Rayleena.
Rayleena and Vantha scooted close to Summer on the bed, so that their hips were flush next to hers. Vantha was on Summer's right side; Rayleena was on her left. Then each girl reached her inner arm around Summer's waist for support and balance.
"Let us do the work for you this time, Summer," said Vantha. We know how to do this sort of thing, and we've had lots of practice at it."
"Not to mention it's the least that she could do for you, rather than go for another ride on
that bucking bronco that you've got between your legs," added Rayleena.
"All right already," muttered Vantha. "Giving Summer a cock worked out fine, just like I
thought it would. We've just gotta siphon off the excess energy in her body, and she'll be fine."
Vantha brought her telekinesis ability into focus, and concentrated on the steel-hard pillar
that was Summer's cock. Ordinarily, Vantha would focus on her own piece of meat for an event
of this nature. But now she had to work on Summer's cock.
"Okay, Rayleena," said Vantha. "I've got her shaft enveloped in my mental field. You do the same, and then we'll start working on her cock."
"Right. I'm focusing my control on her cock now," said Rayleena. "You just relax as much as you can, and enjoy the show, Summer. We're gonna make you shoot off big time, in just a little while."
After a moment, Summer's eyes lit up with surprise and amazement. "Holy shit! That feels incredible, you two!"
"I rather thought you'd like that," responded Vantha. "How's it feel?"
"Like my prick is in a vise," said Summer.
"Remember, two of us are doing it to you at once," said Rayleena. "Right now, we're just
squeezing you, so we can get a feel for how strong your dick is." Rayleena concentrated, and
shifted the pattern of her stroking and squeezing on Summer's cock. Now the skin on Summer's
cock could actually be seen to move up and down slowly, as the mental 'sheaths' of Vantha
and Rayleena began to masturbate Summer's shaft. On their upward strokes, the head of
Summer's cock briefly disappeared, as the loose skin on the shaft partially covered it.
After a few moments, Summer began to pant and breath harder, as the incredible sensations in her cock began to rise and escalate.
"Oh no you don't," warned Vantha. Sensing what was about to happen, she quickly reached out with her free hand, and gave Summer's cockhead a swift, hard squeeze. Summer could sense the fluid literally flowing back down the shaft of her prick, and the feelings began to subside.
"It doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl," said Rayleena. "There are certain tricks you
have to learn about your cock, to be able to prolong yourself, and not shoot off too soon. This is one of the most basic ones. I'm sure that the rest of the girls on the Island can show you others later on."
"We're gonna let things settle in your cock for a minute, before we start stroking you
again," said Vantha. "But in the meantime, we're not gonna just twiddle our thumbs. Both of
us are horny as hell from watching your transformation, as you can plainly see."
Summer looked at the reflection of the three of them in the mirror, as they were clustered
together on the bed. Both Vantha and Rayleena were each sporting massive erections that were three feet long, and almost every bit as hard as her own. Each girl's cock was lined with a
network of veins running up and down the shaft. The fat urethra tubes on the front of their cocks were like a large garden hose.
What amazed Summer, was that her own cock was even larger than Vantha and Rayleena's mighty shafts. Summer's cock was several inches longer. The very bottom of her cockhead was higher than the tip of Vantha or Rayleena's prick. Summer's cock did not yet have the latticework of veins on the shaft, but all three of the girls could tell that she possessed a powerful sexual weapon between her legs.
Now Vantha and Rayleena began to stroke their own cocks slowly with their free hands, while they waited for the right moment to renew their ministrations to Summer's prick. The sweat and body juices soon mixed with their hands, and both Vectran girls were producing an
assortment of slathering noises as they stroked themselves.
"All right, now let's get back to the business at hand," said Vantha. She exerted her mental powers on Summer's cock, and Rayleena followed shortly after with her own.
"Oh fuck, yes!" exclaimed Summer. "That feels so fucking good, I can't describe it!"
"You haven't felt anything yet, honey," said Rayleena. "Of course it feels good now. But
this is only the buildup to the main event. Wait until we actually make you cum, later on."
For the next half-hour, Vantha and Rayleena worked Summer's cock like the experienced
veterans that they were. Numerous times, they brought Summer just to the brink of orgasm,
only to stop, and hold off, as they let the rampaging feelings in her loins intensify.
All through the action, Vantha and Rayleena made certain to pay attention to their own cocks as the events permitted. By now, all three girls were bathed in a coating of sweat, and all
were fantastically anxious for the moment of final release. Summer was almost hysterical in her desire to see her own cock shoot off, and release the overabundance of energy in her body.
The Vectran girls worked with determination, their faces flushed with excitement and lust.
Precum oozed from their gaping piss holes on their excited cocks and the Vectran girls licked
it up like honey, as fast as it bubbled out. Vantha fastened her mouth to the huge, flaring prick-knob, licking it all over. The cock-knob was so big that she almost couldn't get all of it in her mouth. Seeing Vantha and Rayleena be able to lick and suck themselves in this manner, and not be able to do it herself was like torture to Summer.
"Come on you two, get me off, please!" begged Summer. "It feels like you've been work-ing on my dick forever. I've gotta cum now!"
"Well, since you asked so nicely," said Vantha. "What do you think, Rayleena?"
"I think she's right, Vantha," panted Rayleena. "My nuts are ready to bust, and I can't wait to see what this piece of meat of hers will finally do."
"All right Summer, here we go!" cried Vantha. She intensified the power and strength of her telekinetic stroking on Summer's massive prick. Rayleena instantly followed suit with her
own mental powers.
"Oh fuck, yes!" wailed Summer. "I can feel it building in my cock like the dam's about to
Vantha and Rayleena's huge cocks jumped and quivered in their hands as they worked to control themselves and shoot off at the same time with Summer.
"Come on, Summer," cooed Vantha, exercising her mental control on Summer's cock, jerking her off frantically. "Come on, baby, give it to me. You can do it, Summer, you can do it."
Vantha's tone was seductive, teasing. Her hands played up and down her own cock as if she were fingering a gigantic flute. Summer started grunting, as her orgasm neared. Her cock began shaking like a jackhammer. Summer's loins quivered and thrust, and both Vantha and Rayleena fought to keep their metal hold on her cock.
"Holy shit, I've never felt anything like this before," cried Vantha.
"I can barely keep her prick under control," panted Rayleena.
Summer tried to rise up from the bed, but Vantha and Rayleena kept their arms wrapped around Summer's waist, holding her in place.
"Come on, baby, come on!" pleaded Rayleena frantically. "Oh, shoot it off!" She rubbed her hot cheeks against Summer's neck and shoulder as she jerked her hand up and down on her own cock. Rayleena exerted her mental powers to the utmost, and kept squeezing and mashing Summer's massive cock.
Summer whined like a girl possessed, thrusting her hips powerfully. Her tummy shuddered and her eyes appeared glassy as Summer's cockhead swelled even larger, and trembled, like a bomb, just before it detonates. Suddenly a massive stream of jism was expelled like water from a firehose, traveling several feet straight up into the air. More and more jism began to erupt in powerful streams and splashed over onto Vantha and Rayleena's face and tits.

"That's it girl!" cried Vantha. "Now reach down and squeeze those nuts of yours as hard as you can!"
Instinctively, Summer reached her hands down, and found her massive testicles. Her hands could barely contain each one, but she found the strength to squeeze each orb strongly,
causing the flow of jism to increase, and the pleasure of her orgasm to intensify. Waves of indescribable ecstasy washed over Summer. While it felt somewhat similar to a female orgasm, it was still a sensation all its own, and one that was driving Summer crazy.
Vantha and Rayleena screamed in joy as Summer creamed all over the three of them, and who was doing her best to even catch some of her hot cum in her open mouth. Summer couldn't help herself, and her hands slipped up and down her own bucking, cum-spurting cock. She moaned, sucking down any cum that came near her mouth, bathing in it. It took only seconds before the Vectran girls started jerking with orgasm. Vantha and Rayleena seemed to catch the orgasmic frenzy of Summer, because they suddenly groaned in unison, exploding their profuse cum-loads all over everyone. The hot musky scent of jism filled the air.
As powerful and f***eful as Vantha and Rayleena's orgasms were, they paled compared to Summer's onslaught. Summer's cock continued erupting jism like a volcano for well over a
minute, long past the point where Vantha and Rayleena had stopped.
Finally, Summer could sense that her cock was beginning to slow down, and ejaculate at a more normal rate. Summer bent her head down, and engulfed her mouth over her own cock-head. Like a c***d with a new toy, Summer's face lit up with joy and delight at sucking her own
prick, and tasting her own jism in this manner.
Summer let her mouth fill with her own jism, and then swirled it in her mouth, enjoying and savoring the taste and texture of her love juices. Then with a wicked smile, she greedily
gulped it down as fast as she could.
The three girls writhed in ecstasy, their faces and tits slimy with cum. They licked their
huge, jism-oozing cocks, expressions of wild pleasure on their faces as they worked their thighs together in their excitement. Within a few more seconds, all three of them were squirming as the final spasms gnawed through their cunts and they sucked the last thick wads of jism from the piss holes of their still throbbing cocks.
Finally, Summer found her voice again. "Oh my gosh! That was absolutely incredible, Vantha. Nothing you told me could've prepared me for what just happened."
"I told you that it would be worth the effort, didn't I, Summer?"
"I don't have the words to tell you how grateful and happy I am that you've done this to
"Just remember us, as you have sex in the future, and how we made it possible for you," said Rayleena. "Sometime in the future, we may find a way to be together again."
"Believe me, I could never forget either of you." said Summer. "But right now, I'm more
exhausted than I've ever been in my life." As she spoke, Summer's massive hard-on was
finally beginning to lose its stiffness, and return to a more flaccid state.
"I couldn't agree with you more there, my friend," said Vantha. "A few hours sl**p is just
what we need, before we leave in the morning."
With that, all three girls lied down on the bed, and collapsed in each other's arms. Later in the morning, Vantha and Rayleena's internal body clocks awoke them as dawn approached. Their time in the military had conditioned them, so that they could sl**p and awake when they desired purely by mental control.
As they awoke, and began to dress, their stirrings aroused Summer. "Hey wait a minute. You can't leave me yet."
"It's been a lot of fun tonight my friend, and I'll miss you dearly, but we have to get back
to our ship," said Vantha.
"I know that," replied Summer. "But you've got to show me how to control and use my cock the way that you two do."
"You've got to be k**ding, Summer," said Rayleena. "That sort of thing takes years of
practice and control to achieve. And besides, you're an Earth girl, not a Vectran."
“But I've got your energy in my body right?" asked Summer. "And you were able to give me a cock in short time, using it."
"All right, you've got a point," said Vantha. "But we've only got time for one lesson. And I
can't be certain that this will work on you. We'll try and show you how to make your cock go
away when you don't want it, and how to make it reappear."
For the next half-hour, Vantha and Rayleena showed Summer the basic mind control techniques, of how to make her cock vanish, and then appear again at her crotch. They also instructed her on how to make her cock into a rock-hard erection with only a few thoughts, and then reduce it to its limp state again.
When Summer achieved her first erection in the morning, all three girls noticed that it was
not quite as large as before. Summer's cock was now roughly thirty inches long at it peak, and her body was slightly smaller than when she had been filled to overflowing with Vectran energy the night before.
"We had you pumped so full last night, it's a wonder that your body could actually contain
it, even for a short time," said Vantha.
"You'll still be transformed," said Rayleena. "You'll stand out a little because of your
larger form now. But you can produce your cock between your legs on demand, which should
come in handy, and make it easier for you to go about your daily routine, when you're not being intimate with someone."
"I don't plan on keeping a permanent hard-on," said Summer. "But when I go back to the
states again, I'm gonna have one heck of a surprise for my girlfriend Skye, when I get back."
"I wish I could be around to see that little reunion of yours," said Vantha.
"But we do have to find Rhiannon, and gather up the other girls, and get ready to head back to our ship," said Rayleena.
"Well the least I can do is to help you find the rest of the girls," said Summer. "I know
the layout of the Island better than you do, so I can help you save some time."
"Sounds good," said Vantha. The three girls headed out of Summer's quarters to find the rest of their party.

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