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B6 Chapter 14 Summer Transformed - Summer's M

Chapter 14: Summer Transformed - Summer's Metamorphosis

From below, Rayleena gave a moan that sounded almost despairing, then thrust powerfully forward and up, her hips driving the bursting shaft of her cock flesh to the hilt in Summer. Vantha could hear the slapping thud of Rayleena's body meeting the quivering globes of Summer's rump in a f***eful plunge. Vantha quivered, her muscles standing out and tremb-ling, as she strained her own body, bent on burying her own fountaining cock into Summer's body that was impaled upon it.
Rayleena gasped, as time seemed to freeze a moment. Rayleena was straining to pierce Summer with her spearing cock from behind, and Summer was still shivering in the throes of another powerful orgasm. Then she saw and felt an incredible sight: the bulge in Summer's belly that plainly revealed where Vantha's fantastically flared cock-head was traveling upwards and it was growing! So were the swinging testicles between Vantha's legs!
Rayleena winced as both girls screamed. Vantha's piercing scream of lust and Summer's shriek of ecstasy pierced her ears. Neither cry stopped, but increased in volume and pitch as Summer was visibly stretched around Vantha's claiming hardness. Under such con-ditions, Vantha lost most of the self-control she usually had, when she was with a mate. Before she knew it, Vantha felt her balls swell, and prepared to empty another mammoth load of jism into Summer.

"This is it, Summer!" shouted Vantha. "Now you are about to receive the gift!" Vantha finally was buried to the limit, her bursting, overflowing sheath pressed tightly against the entry to Summer's cuntal lips. The steel hard shaft continued its relentless entry though, as it grew more and more erect, forcing the now flaring head deep into Summer.
Summer felt it, her big tits bouncing and quivering before her as she shrieked at the
explosive f***es tearing through her body. She neared the release she sought. It was then that a new feeling coursed through Summer's pleasure-tortured body. Just above her widespread cunt, a heat and weight grew. It increased, becoming almost agonizing and unbearable in its intensity. Summer wailed and screamed as it went past all limits, the screaming intensity almost driving her past the edge into madness.
It let loose suddenly, the feeling changing but becoming even more intense. Summer saw through tear-blurred eyes what was happening, as she felt it release in an explosive burst of power. Vantha began to violently pump-fuck in and out of Summer's tightly stretched belly as her hand stroked upwards to find that her shaft was straining to even greater dimensions. She
could feel her own hugely swollen testicles slap and bump into Rayleena's own heaving sac as
she began to pump her meat in and out.
A flaccid cock sprang from Summer's crotch like it had been shot from a cannon. It resembled an uncoiling hose as it arced upwards and out to land with a loud slap upon Summer's straining belly. It seemed to fill, until it resembled a python, thick at the base and
tapering to something the size of her wrist just behind the helmeted knob of the head. It was at least a foot long, and Summer could feel it swelling into hardness as the straining of her oncom-ing orgasm approached.
Summer felt the fleshy length of her newly acquired 'python' grow incredibly rigid, so fast
did it do so, that it slapped into her now gigantically grown tits, sending them into a shuddering, wobbling dance, and then point quivering upwards, now hardened into a rod of throbbing flesh.
The previous flood from Vantha was a dribbling trickle compared to what erupted from her now titanic cock. The thunder of a waterfall sounded as a column of heavy cum filled, over-
flowed, then blasted into the stretched-out body of Summer like a firehose grown prodigiously large. Summer gave a strangely quavering moan as Vantha's shaft impaled her. Her own cock jerked to slap against her belly loudly, as she threw her head back, her hips thrusting back in
accepting welcome of the massive invader sliding into her. Summer was overwhelmed by the
sensations of Vantha and Rayleena's cocks nearly splitting her body in two, and at the same
time watching herself transform before her eyes.

Vantha paused her humping, and reached down to the trembling girl, her hand wrapping around the quivering shaft Summer now sported and finding to her surprise that it was larger than she expected, much larger. Vantha's hand stroked downwards, and found the testicles dangling between Summer's legs. Vantha cupped one, the heavy globe already the size of a g****fruit, and felt its slow but steady, swelling growth.
From below, Rayleena reached up and around to check upon what was slung beneath Summer's belly, and she did feel fright. "My god, we've created a monster, Vantha," she panted.
Now Summer's own cock jerked and began to flare and grow to full erectness with incredible speed. A strange bolt of fear and intermixed lust filling Vantha at the huge shaft she saw growing and rising from between Summer's legs.
"You're a natural born shemale, just waiting to be transformed," Vantha exclaimed in wonder. "You could make a lot of Vectran girls look puny in comparison."
Vantha could feel Summer's tremendous cock jerking next to her body in response to her own thrustings, as she and Rayleena's spearing shafts pierced Summer's altering body almost to unheard of depths. Summer's cock had grown even larger, and she now moaned and whined in response to Vantha's cock buried in her. Summer tossed her head, hair flailing, and Vantha
could see that Summer was truly now a shemale, and then some.

And Summer was proving herself to be a truly passionate mate, too. Her bucking and moaning, her hips thudding powerfully back to meet each thrust from Vantha and Rayleena in
lust-d**gged abandon, proving that Summer was one incredible ride, and now one that might
never be truly tamed by any of the other girls of the Island.
Trembling, feeling almost frightened at Summer becoming fully shemale so quickly, Vantha bent to the task of satisfying her own rising demands. She began to hammer into the whining girl underneath her, her thick cock already streaming heavy cum as it pumped in and out of Summer's writhing cunt like a fleshy piledriver. She answered Summer's desperate cries with her own clarion scream, and Vantha worked the now fully flared globe of her shaft back and
forth in the tightly stretched ecstasy of Summer's belly.
Sensing the increased intensity of Vantha's actions from above, Rayleena knew it was now time. Summer had swallowed her cock in her ass, and her entire being was bursting with the incredible power of her own and Vantha's energy. Rayleena's body went into quivering
rigidity, her huge body arcing up off the bed in an attempt the drive the searing need of her cock into the uttermost reaches of Summer, there to spew forth the almost uncontrollable flow that was seething within her body.
Under the stimulation of Summer's incredibly rapid transformation, Vantha's orgasm was quick to arrive, and it arrived with the f***e of a small bomb.
A final scream of passion rang out, from Summer, "Vantha! Rayleena! Fuck me, I’m yours, and yours alone!"
"My god, you've taken everything we can give you!" Vantha screamed as her erupting balls sent their astonishing flood of cum pouring into Summer's depths. Vantha buried her massive hardness to the hilt in Summer's cunt, the first pounding gush of cum blasting into the girl's depths.

Rayleena could hold back no longer, and let everything go, releasing energies that had not been seen in ages up into Summer's puckered asshole. Summer felt it. It grew, expanding in intensity in geometric bounds. The pleasures she had felt before almost paled in comparison as she felt the onset of the most incredible orgasm of her entire existence. It blossomed within, until her entire body was involved, poised on the edge of the most mind-bending, soul shattering searing moment of ultimate ecstasy Summer had ever known. And there it stayed, quivering just at the edge.
Rayleena let loose just then, the flood dammed within her quivering balls and shuddering
cock released. The flood was so intense that she could feel the cum-channel of her mighty
prick bloat and swell, the rock-hard shaft swelling into titanic girth. Rayleena's orgasm was so intense it caused her own tits to bloom into wobbling growth, nipples growing rigid, matching her cock in hardness until they, too, swelled into hugeness.
Summer's own high-pitched screams echoed in the room, as she bucked and writhed. Her hugely grown cock slapped against her chest as the f***e of Rayleena and Vantha's thrusts wracked her body. It bounced heavily, sending thin streamers of jism flying. The shuddering globes of Summer's breasts danced wildly beneath Vantha's quaking form as her quivering ass cheeks spasmed rhythmically in her own incredible orgasm.
Rayleena felt her straining balls spasm crazily as the impossible load within them increased to the bursting point. Each flooding gush was visible along the length of her now quivering shaft, swelling it momentarily like a soft rubber hose, each one traveling up its hard-ened length in regular order. Rayleena felt the first gout swell her bulbous, flaring cockhead to
incredible proportions, the agonizing pleasure spearing through her, and then she was spouting cum inside of Summer in torrents.
Summer felt the heat flood into her ass, the pounding of the shaft distinct as each torrent-ial gout of cum gushed into her. Heat filled her, as did the flowing flood of Rayleena's cum. In shock, Summer felt her tits begin to fill and expand until they ached with their hardness and searing load, and she looked down at them. Summer watched, trembling on the edge of total release, as they visibly swelled, growing to the size of watermelons, each firm and upthrust boob quivering with its load.
Vantha could feel Summer's cuntal walls clasping her bursting hardness and milking at the steely shaft as the newly transformed girl underwent her first ride as a shemale. Pride and
love mixed with a sense of anxiety at any who would dare to try to claim Summer as their own
filled Vantha as she spewed her love-milk into Summer's belly.
Vantha shrieked in reply, the call of a lover claiming a mate, then gave over to her orgasm completely. Her pounding thrusting into Summer became wilder, bestial, her flowing cum now hosed from her cock in a ceaseless flow as the shaft bulged, growing immense. The flare of Vantha's glans expanded even more where it was lodged deeply in Summer's depths, distorting her mate's body as it inflated to truly stupendous size.

Then all other thought was stifled as Vantha's primal side brushed all but the need to
satiate its burning need away, and the massive Vectran began to fuck Summer with a****listic
intensity. Vantha's cock swelled and hardened, locking the liquid heat of Summer upon her spewing shaft, defying withdrawal until it was spent of its load. Gush after inundating gush of jism shot into Summer, the girl's belly swelling grossly with the huge load. Vantha spewed what
felt like gallons of heavy fluid into the shrieking Summer, as she shuddered under the load.
Summer's belly overflowed with the heavy cum, the bulge of her form looking like a giant
sausage, as her breasts flowed and firmed, swollen into twin globes that began to actually push her shivering arms apart. They continued to grow, Summer's nipples aching with the hardness in them until they were huge, freakishly huge, like a cow's udder rather than a girl's breast.
Summer trembled, the energy from the Vectran girls blasting into her body like a water-fall. And still, the huge cocks she rode pumped scalding jism into her, until the base of them
felt like they would split her wide open at the crotch. Cum blasted into every portion of her body, releasing more energy into her.
Vantha's swollen cock literally pistoned in and out of Summer's altered body, the humon-gous piston visibly distorting her as it worked its way back and forth. Vantha cried out as the
shaft of her cock seemed to grow even harder, surpassing even a diamond in firmness as her
cockhead pumped the rolling fluid of hot cum within Summer's jarred body. The head was
becoming so large as to make travel of the shaft difficult, its dimensions so big that even the slick, slippery flesh of Summer's womb could no longer afford to allow it to slide by, and it was only by brute f***e that Vantha managed to keep the wedging flesh spearing in and out.

The energy continued blasting into Summer from Rayleena in an increasing rate, until it was a thundering torrent of searing heat. Summer gasped, moaned in a whining, high-pitched
a****l squeal at the feelings coursing through her body. Her entire body stiffened into rigidity, trembling. Her bloating belly began to spasm, contracting in powerful, rhythmic beats, and she felt the fleshy walls of her splitting cunt and rectum each clench and grasp at the huge hardness of Vantha and Rayleena's cocks within them.
Summer's own restless cock finally nestled against the twin masses of her wobbling breasts, and the cockhead flaring into astonishing dimensions as well. Vantha and Rayleena were her lovers tonight, their massive cocks fucking her senseless, claiming her body for their own and making Summer their mate; but what Summer desperately wanted now was a way to satisfy her own rampaging cock flesh.
With a shuddering moan, Summer collapsed beneath Rayleena and Vantha's savage assault in complete and utter surrender. Her Vectran mistresses had filled her beyond belief, their monstrous cocks impaling her impossible to deny, and she could not withhold anything from Vantha or Rayleena. The incredible lust and ecstasy was beyond anything Summer had thought possible. Even as her own cock shrieked irresistible demands, Summer surrendered to the claiming flesh even now filling her with its seed and immensity.
The flooding finally eased, the exacting cock flesh of Vantha finally reaching satisfaction,
if not satiation. Vantha collapsed atop Summer, spent, her cock becoming rapidly flaccid. She licked Summer's neck in loving reward, feeling her slick flesh still buried in Summer being squeezed by the spasming walls of the girl's cuntal walls, as the moaning of Summer and her shuddering demonstrated that she had been truly mated, and loved by her Vectran mistress.
The impossible flood finally ended, and as Vantha wiped clinging jism from her body, she saw that Rayleena had fallen back upon the bed, her breasts pointing ceilingward and splattered
with a coating of cum. Rayleena was cradling the grossly altered form of Summer, still impaled upon her twitching shaft, to her chest. Within a few moments, Summer seemed emptied of most of the previously overflowing cum now, but her anus was still distended by the incredibly flared head of Rayleena's mighty cock that was still imbedded in the depths of her writhing anus.
Summer moaned softly, groaning in after shock from the mind-searing reaming she had just undergone and the sensation of being overfilled with the prodigiously flared cockmeat
imbedded in her body. Summer's body looked tiny compared to Vantha and Rayleena's, their
incredible shaft buried in her visibly distorting her body holding Summer upright and erect.
Rayleena's hands then grasped the small girl's hips as she began to pull her massive cock free of Summer's rectum. Vantha gasped in shock as the thick, heavy shaft began to pull
free, a loud, wet sucking sound clearly audible as the heavily flared head began to pull from within. Vantha watched in disbelief as Rayleena withdrew her bulging glans slowly from
Summer's bulging form, the astonishing shaft gleaming and shiny with its coating of cum, and
unbelievably long. A steady thin stream of the milky fluid runneled out as the shaft sucked
slowly free and splattered heavily upon the floor.
Rayleena seemed to have trouble pulling completely free, the preposterously flared head
preventing final withdrawal through Summer's rectum. With a heavy grunt and a straining heave, Rayleena finally tugged her shaft out of Summer's ass, a single gush of jism flooding out. The gigantic shaft now stood proudly free, the head still flared to incredible dimensions slowly receding to a more rational size.
Gently, Vantha lowered the small form of Summer to the bed, Summer's hips humping and bucking uncontrollably as her own cock swelled into full erection. Testicles outrageously
oversized for her small frame dangled and bounced wildly with each thrust as Summer moaned
in lust and want, sending the shaft to slap meatily against her chest between the jouncing
breasts with a heavy thud.
Now Vantha yanked her still huge shaft free, watching its backward progress, as it retreated from Summer's womb, and sending a stream of cum draining from the shaft. Summer shuddered once, then collapsed like a rag doll on top of Rayleena, her swollen belly still roiling
with Vantha's milky seed.

"Help her off of me, Vantha," panted Rayleena from below. Vantha reached down and turned Summer over, so that Rayleena could free herself from beneath Summer's body.
"Damn! We haven't fucked anybody this hard since Tarina."
"You can say that again," said Vantha as she regained her breath. "But give this wench
credit! Not only did she take all we could give her as a human, but she's received the greatest gift that we can give too."
Summer moaned and rolled on the bed. She looked like a walrus on the shore of the beach. Summer panted like a marathon runner, and looked at her bloated and distorted body in shock.
"My god! What've you done to me?" she exclaimed.
"Be patient little one," said Vantha. "We wouldn't leave you like this, after the way you've
performed tonight."
"Your body will be changed, but for the better," added Rayleena. "Give it a few moments to return to a more normal size."
As Rayleena spoke, Summer could feel the changes overtaking her body. The first thing that happened was that Summer's cock went almost instantly limp on her. It now looked much like Vantha and Rayleena's, being about a foot long, and as thick as her wrist. For the next few
moments, Summer's skin felt as though it was too tight for her. She could actually feel her skin as it tightened and contracted, returning to the normal shape and contours of her body.
Faster than she would have thought possible, Summer's body returned to what she felt was a more normal state. Summer ran her hands up and down over her tummy, thighs, waist and hips. To her relief, her body looked and felt similar to how it had been before the ordeal with Vantha and Rayleena had begun. But as her hands explored her body, Summer quickly noticed that her skin was firmer and stronger to the touch than before.
After a moment, Summer stood up to look at herself in the mirror in awe. To her surprise,
the first thing she noticed was that she had grown significantly taller. She now stood at least six foot, nine inches tall. Summer's body was now thicker, and strongly muscular. While she still possessed all the shapeliness and curvature from before, Summer was now a much more powerful woman, with considerably more muscle. Huge, taut breasts now jutted out firmly from Summer's chest, her form still lushly feminine, looking ripe and rich. Full muscular legs now spread out beneath her to support her larger body.

Realization set in on Summer, that if her body had grown, and her breasts now appeared to be the same size, that they must now be even larger. Summer gasped in surprise again, finally noticing that, while her breasts were larger than they were originally, her nipples were now huge, almost four inches across, and her teats were now thicker than her thumb, standing out over half an inch long. An investigating tweak proved them to also be incredibly sensitive.
"Wow! I always did like having big knockers," gasped Summer. "But these are really something special."
"Big breasts are nice, but they're only a part of the total package," said Vantha.
"Take a good look between your legs, girl," said Rayleena.
Summer felt an unusual feeling, very pleasant, and a weight between her legs and brushing next to her thigh. Summer looked down, and saw her flaccid, but still very large, prick
lying between her legs, its head almost alongside her knee.
While Summer had been aware that Vantha and Rayleena had somehow managed to transform her, and put a cock between her legs, she'd been far too busy trying to survive the incredible double-penetration from the two Vectran girls, to do much else. Also during the action, while Summer's cock had grown erect, there had been no chance or opportunity for Summer or Vantha to do anything with it yet.
The true surprise to Summer was the size of her cock flesh. It was already stunningly
oversized for her body, and Summer felt it pulsing with a life of its own, as her hand felt her straining balls and the thickness of her shaft.
Summer suddenly knew it was real, that it was really hers. She grasped it, feeling its warm heaviness in her hands. She explored between her legs with her free hand, feeling the heavy testicles, cupping them, and then explored beneath them. The merest brushing of it brought waves of extreme pleasure to Summer, and she felt the meaty cock in her hand swell for a moment in response.
Summer was now more shemale than almost any other girl Vantha had seen on the Island, and the cock she bore was almost implausibly oversized and would easily be as big as almost any cock that they had seen so far on the Island.
Summer bent closer, and began to examine her new member in greater detail. Summer stroked her cock, and felt it become more and more rigid. The thick, arcing shaft straightened and quickly rose so it pointed out from her crotch at a ninety-degree angle. The weight of the
turgid shaft was quickly overcome by the incredible f***es in Summer's body. Before she knew
it, her shaft was rising upward, like a snake rising up out of its coils. It quivered and danced, and Summer felt it pulsing with vibrant life, like the python that it nearly resembled.
Summer eyed her now painfully throbbing erection, and felt herself growing wetter by the
moment. She hoped Rayleena and Vantha would be able to help. She felt her member grow even harder, and groaned at the sudden weight of her new cock and balls. Summer felt the newly acquired weight of her now very large cock dancing before her to her heartbeat's rhythm. It ached worse now, and when Summer looked at it, it was now much larger than it had been. As she watched, it seemed to shudder, sending an increasing ache, but not a pain, through her trembling body, and it was growing visibly.

"Rayleena, this thing is growing by the second! And I can't stop it!" Summer breathed,
noticing another new happening. "My damned tits feel like they're getting bigger too! I'm grow-ing bigger! And this thing is getting huger very fast!"
Vantha and Rayleena stared at Summer in shock. The now rigid rod between Summer's legs was no longer growing in spurts, but was expanding by the moment, growing in length and girth visibly as she stared at her reflection in fascination. Summer's breasts were also swollen
to the point that she had to pry them apart to be able to see her own huge cock.
"Do something you two!" wailed Summer. "Help me!"
"Good fucking grief!" exclaimed Vantha. "We've pumped her too full of energy!"
“There's only one thing we can do for her now," said Rayleena. "We've got to help her
release it, and quickly!"
Summer gasped. Something was changing within her, something powerful and it was coming on rapidly. Summer felt like hundreds of internal explosions were wracking her body, sending her limbs, her now huge breasts and her overwhelming erection rippling and jerking in a
dance of uncontrolled erotica.
Summer's straining cock flesh now jutted past the level of her boobs, emerging from in front of the now titanic cleavage in a slow, but steady, flow of taut, engorged flesh. Summer was now sitting on the edge of the bed in shock, her rounded ass and pelvis ground at the bed
covers in a feeble attempt to relieve the intensity mounting within her body. Her testicles
were larger than two softballs, lying on the bed between her legs and swelling ever bigger.
Summer's straining cock itself was bigger than Rayleena or Vantha had thought possible as well. Already the newly granted cock was grown like a fleshy log, the turgid head of it
poking just above Summer's massive mammaries, and measuring a good three feet in length. It
was huge, and any Vectran would have been proud to have borne it. It was easily as long as
Summer's arm, and arced upwards, despite its own ponderous weight as it filled with bl**d and grew.
What shocked Vantha was not that Summer now sported a considerable cock on her body. What shocked the staring Vectran girl was that it was now a truly mammoth cock both in size and form. The dark flesh and distinctively flaring head tipping it would easily be a match for
her own or Rayleena's cock.
The head, shaped like a fat, dark acorn, was already beginning to flare and pulse as it
danced scant inches from Summer's face. Fluid oozed from it as it became increasingly more
erect, trickling down the shaft, and collecting on Summer's crotch and balls.
Summer's new cock glistened like freshly oiled leather, a deep, rich brown color. Heavily
veined, the shaft tapered slightly along its astonishing length, the swelling head's rim slowly expanding outwards tipping it like an exclamation point.
Vantha's mouth hung slackly open in awe-stricken shock at the sight. She watched in dazed fascination as the immense shaft Summer now bore swelled and became harder.
Summer's frantic breathing caused her now prodigious cleavage to steadily stroke and
stimulate her cock, making the sensations inside her body even more intense. Rayleena saw
Summer's swollen testicles resting on the bed, their sack tight with its load, and gasped. The gigantic, swollen head of Summer's cock now was pulsing like a creature come to life; the slit in the center of the head looked as though it were almost big enough to accept Vantha or Ray- eena's fist.
"The reaction to her being gifted so quickly, and so strongly was beyond anything we
could've anticipated!" Rayleena yelled at Vantha.
"We've got to do something to help her!" cried Vantha. "But what?"
"Are you fucking k**ding?" shouted Rayleena. "Whose idea was it to go hunting for a new partner in the middle of the night?"
"Well, that was mine I'll admit..." stammered Vantha.
"And who had the brilliant fucking idea of 'gifting' an Earth girl, not knowing how the
results would turn out on her?" continued Rayleena.
Vantha stared at Rayleena in horror, as she saw what she was leading up to.
"You insisted on turning this poor girl into what she's become!" shouted Rayleena. "And we both know there's only one way to release the kind of energies that are overtaking her body
right now. She has to fuck the living daylights out of something. And fast!"
Without warning, Rayleena shoved Vantha so that she fell onto the bed on her back.
"Here you go, Summer!" called out Rayleena. "It was Vantha's idea to transform you, so it's only fair that you get to use your new cock for the first time on your 'creator'!"

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