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B6 Chapter 11 Tiffany, Clyda And Rayleena

Chapter 11: Tiffany, Clyda And Rayleena

After giving Jordan and Cleo access to a larger room, Tiffany, Clyda and Rayleena managed to make it from the banquet hall to Tiffany's quarters without any further delays.
Once inside Tiffany's quarters, all the formalities were dropped at once. Rayleena was out
of her clothes first, and she sat on the edge of Tiffany's bed. Tiffany and Clyda watched
her cock suddenly appear between her legs, and then grow to its full three-foot length, and
become rock-hard in a matter of moments. Tiffany was almost mesmerized.
"Rayleena's got a hard-on," Tiffany murmured, as she looked across at Rayleena stroking herself.
"Figured that out all by yourself, did you love?" asked Clyda sarcastically. She looked at
Rayleena and grinned. "That's why she's in charge around here. Nothing gets by her."
Clyda's remarks brought Tiffany back to reality. She and Clyda were quickly out of their
clothes, and they stood naked, as they watched Rayleena. Within moments, both girls were
each sporting their own impressive erections, as they contemplated on how to spend the time
with Rayleena.
"Well, it's nice to see that Rhiannon didn't wear you out completely, Tiffany," said
Rayleena. "And Clyda's obviously ready to play too." The sight of their two giant cocks was
quickly making Rayleena hot and bothered.
Tiffany and Clyda advanced to Rayleena. Rayleena stood up, and the girls just embraced together to start things. A jumble of oversized breasts, and huge, thick hard cocks rubbed against each other in different positions, as their combined body heat was transferred
amongst them.
"I want it," said Tiffany, as she stared at Rayleena's prick, thrusting straight up into the
air. She trembled as feelings of passion whipped through her. "I want her cock inside me!"
"And you'll have it inside you, Tiffany," whispered Rayleena. "I'll fuck you like you've
rarely been fucked before. But the two of you have to earn that from me first. After all, I'm a guest in your house."
Tiffany looked at Rayleena with a surprised expression on her face.
"Tiffany, I want you to show me that you can suck on my cock the same way you did on your own and Rhiannon's earlier tonight. Clyda, my pussy and my ass haven't been worked on by anyone since we entered your solar system. I'm sure you can come up with something that will surprise me down there. Get to it."
"Ooh, the domineering type, are we?" replied Clyda. "You and Tiffany would hit it off
splendidly, love. You're both fond of giving orders. Just make sure you save some of that
meat between your legs for me, later on." Clyda climbed on the bed, and laid out on her back. "All right dear, hop on board. Just take care so that you don't squash me. You're at least as big as Ebony, so take care now."
Rayleena straddled her legs over Clyda, giving her full access to her pussy, her ass and her balls. Rayleena lowered her hips, mashing her pussy onto Clyda's mouth as her juices flowed onto Clyda's mouth. In this position, she was still sitting upright on the edge of the bed, and her cock stretched straight out from her crotch towards Tiffany at a ninety-degree angle.
Clyda paused and pulled her mouth away from Rayleena's pussy.
"What are you gonna do with her cock, Tiffany?" Clyda asked, as she fondled Rayleena's pussy with loving strokes.
Tiffany caught her breath and stared, at Rayleena's cock. "I'm gonna get her off," she
moaned. She crawled next to Clyda and hefted her huge prick. "It's so hard, Clyda. Touch her
"I don't have to, love. I can tell just by staring at it from here."
Tiffany took a long hungry look at Rayleena's rigid prick. Her mouth watered and the inside of her pussy turned to mush.
"I'm gonna work this prick so it shoots off like you won't believe," Tiffany said as she
fondled Rayleena's rock-hard cock and cum-crammed balls. "I'm gonna work on you, and make
you cum so hard, that you'll begging me to let you fuck me later, Rayleena. Just watch me."
"Now that's what I call being treated like a queen, Tiffany," replied Rayleena.
"Tiffany's gonna take good care of you," Clyda purred as she rubbed her hot excited body
into Rayleena from below. Tiffany's eyes grew wide as she stroked Rayleena's long fat prick, and then found her balls below.
"So damned big," Tiffany sighed. "Your balls would give Dee Dee's a run for her money."
Rayleena trembled on the bed, her head bobbing and her muscles in her abdomen rippling with
"You gonna jerk her off?" Clyda gasped.
"Yeah," Tiffany purred as she ogled Clyda's fat, spongy cockhead. "I'm gonna make her cum good and hard." She massaged her huge balls. "They're so heavy." Tiffany reached under and caressed Rayleena's balls with one hand, while her other hand stroked up and down the length of her hard throbbing boner.
"Well, you take care of your end of the bargain, love," said Clyda. "I've got my work cut
out for me down here." Working her fingers into her ass gently, Clyda slowly added a third,
then a fourth, and then finally the top joint of her thumb, twisting and thrusting as Rayleena gasped and groaned. Clyda penetrated Rayleena's sphincter with another greasy digit. Clyda grabbed Rayleena's balls and squeezed them hard. Rayleena squealed in pleasure, and then quieted.
Clyda gave Rayleena's balls a good twist, then a slap. Rayleena cried out again, and Clyda added two more fingers to her internal invasion.
"I thought you'd like that," Clyda giggled from underneath Rayleena. "Ooh, they are heavy," Clyda swooned, imagining the cum that would soon be squirting from the tip of her prick.
"And just to show I haven't forgotten about your box..." Clyda began probing Rayleena's cunt with her other hand. The Vectran girl was surprisingly horny, and Clyda found very little resis-tance. There would be no problem getting both of her fists long and deep into Rayleena.

Tiffany went to work on Rayleena's prick now, stroking the shaft, and licking the head
eagerly with her tongue. "My god," exclaimed Tiffany. "It's like your prick is actually getting thicker and your balls heavier, as we go along."
"You sound surprised, Tiffany," said Rayleena. "Take it as a compliment that I appreciate
the job you and Clyda are doing on me. Besides, after watching that little contest between
Jordan and Jeanne, we were all worked up to begin with."
Tiffany stared at Rayleena, her eyes wild, burning with a terrible intensity. Tiffany tight-
ened her grip on her fat prick, working her fingers faster and faster, up and down, pounding the cockmeat until she heard Rayleena moan wildly.
"And then after that display at the banquet table," Rayleena panted, "you're lucky that I've

been able to hold back this long."

Clyda's face was creased as she concentrated on achieving maximum depth without seriously hurting Rayleena. She knew by now Rayleena was no stranger to fisting, and was determined to go the distance with her. Rayleena made more weird sounds as Clyda began to work on forcing her other hand into her pussy for some serious fisting penetration. With a sudden thrust, her other hand was through, past the widest part, and Rayleena's anus began to suck at her arm, pulling it in.
Clyda managed to get her arm in up to just before her elbow, then made a final shove and achieved her goal. Rayleena was beside herself in a mixture of pain and pleasure. With a sudden motion, Clyda yanked her arm free, a wet sucking sound accompanying the pop it made as it came out. Clyda repositioned her hand, and thrust back in, hard. The first punch fuck tore the breath from Rayleena. Then Clyda began alternating her blows, filling first her ass, and then Rayleena's pussy almost to the elbow with her fists.
Rayleena jerked her rump, her balls rumbling in Tiffany's quivering hand. Her cock jabbed through her gripping hands. Tiffany continued to fondle Rayleena's cock. Her pussy was pulsing and Rayleena's pulsing cockhead had her hypnotized. Rubbing her balls, Tiffany
gasped. "It won't be long before she's ready, Clyda. Her balls feel as if they're gonna burst."
"I think so, too," Clyda panted as she licked her lips. "Her fucking cock is getting thicker
and throbbing like crazy."
Rayleena managed to hold off and enjoy the dual pleasures of both Tiffany and Clyda working on her body for almost ten minutes, before she felt her control slipping away from her.
Rayleena tossed her head back and forth, as the cum in her balls began to churn. Her rump
twitched. She moaned, as she fucked her cock through Tiffany's jerking fist.

"Ooh ... shit," Tiffany rasped. "She's gonna..." Her words were stopped by a spraying load of cum as it squirted from Rayleena's pisser. Rayleena gasped as she felt her huge prick suddenly give a mighty lurch, then her massive cock recoiled like a rifle, and from her cockhead her thick slime spurted out like a fluid cannonball. The thick lumpy cum splattered over Tiffany's jiggling tits, and another load of cum quickly followed, splashing over her face.
"She's cumming!" Clyda squealed as she watched the jizz spurt from Rayleena's cock. "Ooh, she's cumming all over you!"
"I know!" Tiffany cried out as her Rayleena cum sizzled on her tits and face. "It feels so
hot!" She jerked her spouting prick as more cum gushed from her pisser and drenched her.
"Ooh, Rayleena!"
Rayleena made ragged breathing noises as Clyda, undeterred, continued to roughly punch fuck her new friend, drawing her fists almost all the way out, only to return to elbow depth with full f***e.
Rayleena's cock was harder than ever as Clyda punch fucked her, and she began to thrust back. Clyda paused, and a new pressure was added to Rayleena's anus. In shock, Rayleena realized Clyda was going to f***e her second hand in. Rayleena quivered as Clyda f***ed her second hand into the ravaged asshole, stretching it to insane proportions as she drove in with both hands.
Rayleena shot off again, long and hard, a powerful white jet of cum arching from her
prickhead into the air. Rayleena groaned in pleasure as a second and third stream of cum
shot out. Tiffany could feel the rushing of cum through the full length of her prick rumbling through her fingers. Tiffany pumped Rayleena's cock again and again while Rayleena reached down and milked her own balls.
Rayleena groaned, as her balls churned out more thick gooey wads of cum. She fucked her cock through Tiffany's hands, her spraying cum-load splattering her face and tits. She kicked at the carpet and the edges of the bed, her cock throbbing, and the muscles in her frame

"Geez, she isn't slowing down," Tiffany gasped, feeling Rayleena's balls contract as they
spewed cum through her fat cock. She swooned, her eyes misty with desire. Another blast of jism shot out from Rayleena's cock, splashing heavily onto Clyda's tits.
"Keep jerking her off, Tiffany!" shouted Clyda. Clyda was literally at the bottom of a water fall, as Rayleena's pussy emptied its juices on her pretty face.
"I am!" Tiffany gasped as a spraying lump of cum splashed over her lips and into her mouth. She was stunned and instinctively swallowed Rayleena's cum. She squeezed her prick, her eyes glued to her pisser as Rayleena continued to squirt cum over her face and tits.
Clyda's entire fist rammed in and out of her wiggling ass, and Rayleena felt another orgasm approach. Rayleena shuddered through the orgasm as three, then four fingers jabbed into her stretched and aching ass hole. Waves of pleasure washed over Rayleena as Clyda plunged her entire fist deep into her ass, and then she plunged her other fist into her dripping pussy.
Rayleena squealed in pleasure, as Clyda's hands hit her sphincter, and her head lolled in
delirium. Clyda powered on, forcing first one hand through, and then part of the second.
Rayleena was almost in tears now, as Clyda's fists continued their relentless assault.
Tiffany had no intention of releasing Rayleena's prick. But now she tilted the shaft of Rayleena's cock so that it was pointing straight up at the ceiling. Tiffany shifted her fist rapidly up and down her cockshaft.
Cum continued to rocket out of Rayleena's cock, arcing up and splattering loudly as it landed on Tiffany's body. Tiffany watched each squirt land on them. Clyda tried in vain to catch a wad into her open mouth from her awkward position below, as Rayleena's body jerked.
Rayleena's rump twitched and she jabbed hard, her balls whacking against Tiffany's fingers as she mauled her exploding prick. She cried out, her lips trembling. She fucked through her fist again, the last of her cum spurting out.
"More!" Tiffany moaned as she felt Rayleena's cock begin to finish. "More!" Delirious, she jerked Rayleena's cock hard, another glob of cum seeping from her pisser. "Don't stop!"
Tiffany fell back and writhed. Cum covered her tits and face. "Ooh, Rayleena," she moaned.
"It feels so hot against my skin."
Clyda crawled out from beneath Rayleena, and stared hotly at her horny friend. "Geez, she soaked both of us good, love." Clyda's face and parts of her hair were so dampened with
Rayleena's pussy juice, it almost looked as though she'd been underwater. Clyda licked her lips, her eyes glassy with lust. "Let me rub her jizz into your skin."
"Yeah," Tiffany moaned. "Rub it in good."
Whimpering, Clyda grabbed Tiffany's tits. Warm cum squished against her palms as she rubbed it into the soft milky tit flesh. She brought her fingers to her face.
"I know Rayleena's cum tastes good," Tiffany gasped as she writhed on her back. "She shot a load into my mouth, and just about everywhere else too, for that matter."

Clyda looked at her palms, then brought them to her lips. Her mouth watered as she flicked out her tongue. "Mm, it does taste good."
Rayleena finally caught her breath, after her orgasm. "Well, you two certainly know how to show a girl a good time."
"That's right, Rayleena," said Tiffany. "And like you asked, we've got other surprises in
store for you. We're just getting started here."
"As much as we may like our cocks, we're still women after all," said Tiffany. "And I love
getting my hands on a great set of tits, any time that I can do it." Tiffany's hands reached out so that her fingers could encircle Rayleena's breasts. She slowly squeezed them together, mes-merized as they changed shape and formed a single mountain topped by two nipples. They beckoned, and Tiffany's tongue responded. It lapped across those nipples, again and again, eagerly tickling and teasing them.
Tiffany played with Rayleena's incredible boobs with lusty fervor, squeezing and knead-ing them, trapping and mashing huge mounds of soft tit between her hands, shaking them and
watching them ripple and undulate. Rayleena just continued to moan with sheer delight.
Sometimes her hands would join Tiffany, helping her explore her huge expanses of quivering flesh, showing her all kinds of wondrous shapes they could be squeezed and stretched into. Her fingers aligned with Tiffany's and pressed them down deep, deep into her mouth-watering melons.

When Tiffany's fingers finally grew too tired to hold onto Rayleena's heaving melons,
Rayleena wrapped her arms around her head and drew her face into her chest. She smothered
Tiffany with her warmth and rubbed her breasts up and down her face. Then Rayleena grabbed
her nipples and stretched them, pulling her enormous breasts outward and wrapping them
around Tiffany's head. Rayleena's breasts were big enough that she could rub her nipples
around in Tiffany's hair way behind her ears. Tiffany lashed at the enveloping flesh with her tongue as Rayleena ground it all over her face.
Clyda licked her tongue up and down Tiffany's skin and finally succeeded in swallowing a
portion of Rayleena's jism, and began rubbing her clit with her hand. Watching Tiffany play
with Rayleena's massive tits with glee was too much for her.
"Rayleena, eat my pussy, please, I'm so fucking horny!" Clyda said frantically. Rayleena
reluctantly pulled herself away from Tiffany and lied upon the bed on her back.
"Of course girl," said Rayleena. "All you have to do is ask." Rayleena carefully crawled
under her, placing just her head under her legs, and Clyda mashed her cunt to Rayleena's face and felt her hot tongue slip inside her wide-open lips. Soon Rayleena was fucking her with her tongue, drinking her juices and sucking on her swollen clit. In this position, Rayleena serviced Clyda, and she was still facing towards Tiffany to get a bird's eye view of what would happen next.
"And now for something I've been really wanting to do," said Tiffany. She leaned down, and pulled one of Rayleena's breasts close to her lips, and gazed at the nipple. Rayleena's huge nipple, at least a half-inch in diameter now and over an inch long, mashed against Tiffany's lips, and she happily opened her mouth to let it in. Soft squishy titflesh flowed in with
her tasty nipple in the lead, and Tiffany closed her lips around it and began to suck.
"Yes!" Rayleena cried, and her whole body bucked. Her chest heaved upward, mashing her chest even harder against Tiffany's face, forcing even more helpless breast flesh into her mouth for her hungry devouring pleasure. Rayleena's motions f***ed her tongue and face deep into Clyda's pussy.

"Whoa! Take it easy down there, love! You'll wind up with your entire face inside my pussy if you're not careful."
Rayleena broke off her attention to Clyda briefly. "The night is still young, my friend.
Anything can happen when we Vectrans get excited."
Tiffany sucked on that tit like she had never sucked on anything in her life. Her fingers
sank deep into Rayleena's surrounding breast, piling it against her mouth as she shook her face from side to side. After several minutes of tongue fucking from Rayleena, Clyda was squirming in ecstasy.
"I thought you'd like that," said Rayleena, as she paused to catch her breath. "But I know
you're dying to have me suck your cock, rather than eat your pussy."
"You've got to be fucking k**ding," blurted Clyda. "What are you waiting for down there?"
As she was eating Clyda, Rayleena had been busy working her cock, fondling and stroking it, to make sure it stayed rock hard. At first, Rayleena only had her head on Clyda's crotch, while she pleasured her pussy. Now with the rest of her body sprawled out on the bed, she took more than half of Clyda's cock down her throat in one gulp, and was getting off on the feeling. Rayleena swallowed more, slowly, reveling in the sensation of Clyda's fat cock sliding down her throat, inch by inch, like a hot, throbbing, jizz-filled snake.
Clyda was going out of her mind with lust. None of the girls on the Island could swallow cock the way Rayleena was doing. At last, Rayleena's lips reached the base of Clyda's cock and she nearly came just from the excitement of having that huge piece of meat fully engulfed in Rayleena's throat and mouth. It was even better for Rayleena because she realized that she was able to do something to these girls that they'd rarely experienced before. Rayleena kept her mouth tight on the base of Clyda's cock and began fondling her tightening balls.
Clyda was nearing an orgasm as Rayleena continued to probe her cunt deeper and deeper with her thrusting fingers. Her slick secretions were running copiously down onto Rayleena's face and chin. Clyda was rocking her tight little ass back and forth upon Rayleena's neck and shoulders.
Tiffany could see Rayleena's impressive piece of meat pointing straight up at the ceiling,
and pulsing like it had a life of its own. Tiffany spread her breasts apart with her hands and surrounded Rayleena's penis with them, but did not let any breast flesh touch it. Rayleena could sense what Tiffany was about to do, and her fingers played with her own nipples, and then she mashed her boobs down against her chest and ground them around.
Tiffany grinned wickedly at Rayleena and Clyda, and held her breasts up with her hands. They were so big that they spilled over and around her palms and fingers. She stared at
Rayleena's cock with wide-eyed wonder.
Now Rayleena's hard shaft was the subject of Tiffany's slapping, smothering tits, her eager stroking fingers, and her lashing tongue. Like every other part of her body, the tongue of
Tiffany seemed to be built for hot wild sex, while it snaked up and down Rayleena's prick.
Tiffany alternately sucked on that tasty meat, grating against it with her teeth and sucking
so hard that her cheeks pulled way in, and mashing her tits against it, grinding them all around. Tiffany took Rayleena's dick between her tits and stroked it mercilessly, then mashed one breast completely around it and fucked it that way, mashing the erect nipple hard against her shaft as she stroked it up and down with furious lust.
Tiffany's efforts on Rayleena's cock did not go unnoticed. Rayleena intensified her sucking on Clyda's prick. Rayleena's larger body, and her extreme skill in sexual matters was
allowing her to swallow almost the entire length of Clyda's shaft. Clyda had never felt herself completely deep-throated in such a manner as this. It was rare to be able to fully penetrate another girl between her legs with her meat, much less her throat!
"Oh my god!" exclaimed Clyda. "Tiffany, she's like a fucking vacuum cleaner on my prick! You can't imagine how this feels, love!"
Tiffany grunted to show she acknowledged Clyda, but her attention was focused on Rayleena's prick. Tiffany knew what she wanted and positioned herself so that she could service Rayleena. Taking hold of her big cock, Tiffany gently started sucking on the head.
Tiffany held one breast so that the nipple was barely an inch from the tip of Rayleena's cock. She held it up, straight up. If she let it go, it would flop against that delicious tit.
Tiffany stretched that tit forward slowly, slowly, until the nipple touched Rayleena's
prick, right at the very tip. It took Rayleena a great deal of willpower to avoid shooting her cum all over Tiffany's massive melon right then. As Rayleena watched Tiffany, she encircled her nipple with her fingers and slowly and tenderly rubbed that nipple around the tip of her cock. Rayleena moaned with the incredible sensation, and held her cock still while Tiffany caressed it with her nipple.
Then Tiffany did something unexpected. Tiffany's own nipples were almost a match for
Rayleena's. They were thick and engorged, like someone had stuck the tip of her little finger onto her boobs. Without warning, Tiffany thrust her nipple into the slit on the top of Rayleena's cock.
The feeling was electric, and Rayleena gasped at the sensation. It was like her cock was
being fucked! Tiffany dabbed her long nipple in and out for a moment, and then withdrew it. The tip was coated with Rayleena's precum. Tiffany lifted her tit to her mouth, and greedily sucked the juice off it.
"Mm, yes. That's sinfully delicious, Rayleena. That's one way we do tittyfucking around
here. And in a minute, I'll show you the other."
From her position on the bottom, Rayleena's fingers could still work on Clyda's clit, but
Rayleena continued to work on Clyda's cock with equal passion. Rayleena was fully enjoying giving Clyda her blowjob in this position. She was thrilled by how good Clyda's prick felt sliding in and out of her mouth and she desperately wanted to take it all the way down to her balls, and she sucked on Clyda for all she was worth.
The three girls sucked and pleasured each other, as they were perched atop the bed for ten minutes. Then Tiffany bent down so that her boobs dangled just above Rayleena's cock, and teased it by swaying her boobs back and forth across it, lowering her chest a little bit each time so that more and more titflesh pounded against her newly sensitive love muscle.
Tiffany slowly lowered her chest as she swung her tits from side to side, until they were
beating against Rayleena's dick, batting it left and right. Then Tiffany flattened her chest against Rayleena, completely smothering a portion of her hard cock in her soft titflesh. Tiffany ground her chest in small circles against her steel-hard shaft. Tiffany could feel her cock pressing against her chest and ribs, sliding and rolling amongst her pleasure pillows.
Tiffany slid one hand between Rayleena's hard cock and her body, then pulled it more firmly against one soft breast. Rayleena's shaft was completely surrounded on three sides by
titflesh, like a hot dog in a soft bun, with her fingers against the fourth side. Moving her chest up and down, Tiffany slid soft breast flesh against Rayleena's penis. Her nipples ground against that shaft, sliding up and down its length.
After tittyfucking Rayleena's cock that way, Tiffany held that delightfully hard cock of
Rayleena's with both hands, and just gazed at it for a moment. Then Tiffany stuck out her
tongue, and dragged its tip along the length of that hard shaft, from the balls all the way to the tip. She heard Rayleena moan softly, and Tiffany sent her tongue sliding back down.
Up again, then down. Up again, this time wiggling it back and forth as it slid. When
Tiffany's tongue reached the head of Rayleena's hard cock, she flicked her tongue across it,
swirling it around the head in a diminishing spiral, until her tongue pressed against the very tip and just held still there.
Clyda couldn't control herself any longer. "It looks as though you could use a 'helping
hand' here love." Clyda reached out and grabbed Tiffany's mountains of pleasure and helped
her firmly sandwich Rayleena's long shaft in them. Slowly at first, then faster and faster
Rayleena slid her dick up and down that heavenly valley. Rayleena experienced incredible
sensations, and now it seemed she could just keep pumping and thrusting with her rock-hard
member as long as she wanted.
Tiffany buried Rayleena's cock in her tits, shaking her chest all around, grinding her tits
around her cockhead, suffocating her dick in hot titflesh. Then Tiffany and Clyda's hands closed in on the whole mass, pressing their boobs hard against Rayleena's cock and lifting it straight up. Trapped between those entire delicious breasts, Rayleena's hard cock was temporarily helpless, a rock-hard toy for her to have her way with.
Rayleena's hands dug into the bed cushions as Tiffany vigorously tit-fucked her. She mashed her breasts together and stroked them up and down with that tasty meat trapped in the
middle. Rayleena had never felt anything so exquisite before, in quite a long time. It was
amazing how close to orgasm Tiffany brought her, keeping her right on the edge without going
over for such a nice long time.

"Okay, that it's it," panted Tiffany. "I can't hold back any longer. Rayleena, I've got to
have my cock inside of you!"
From below Clyda's crotch, there came some excited sounded murmurings from Ray-leena.
"I'd take that as a 'yes' if I were you," retorted Clyda. The sight of Clyda being almost entirely deep-throated, as well as tittyfucking Rayleena's massive meat, had already brought Tiffany to a full erection. Her huge shaft had been rubbing against Rayleena's thighs and legs all the while she had pleasured her.
Tiffany pulled away from Rayleena's cock, while Clyda reached out and continued to stroke it. Tiffany aimed her fist-sized cockhead at Rayleena's cunt, and pressed forward. The
massive invader was swallowed up by Rayleena's womb as though it were nothing. Tiffany
slowly exerted more pressure, and felt a tight sucking presence, but little or no resistance
from Rayleena. Within moments, Tiffany had her shaft buried to the balls inside of Rayleena.
"Holy shit, Clyda! She's a bottomless pit between her legs."
"Careful down there love. She'll pull your nuts inside too, if you're not watchful."
From this position, Tiffany could now reassert her tittyfucking of Rayleena, as well as
hammer away at her pussy with her own cock. Tiffany and Clyda were both shocked at how
easily this alien woman was handling all of their cockmeat, and how wonderful it felt not to
have to hold back for fear of accidentally injuring someone.
Tiffany was limited to using short, powerful strokes on Rayleena, because of her unique
position. But she f***ed her cock in and out of Rayleena's pussy like a jackhammer. Clyda
was now rearing up on her haunches, and then forcing almost a foot of her cock down Ray- leena's throat. Tiffany saw Clyda fuck Rayleena's face harder than she had seen her fuck
other girl's cunts! Throughout the ordeal, Rayleena kept up a steady series of loud grunting
and groaning, that showed how much she appreciated Tiffany and Clyda's efforts on her body.
After almost ten minutes of this incredible three-way humping and fucking, Rayleena's body began to buck and convulse like a bronco.
"Good fucking grief!" exclaimed Clyda. "We've pushed her over the edge, Tiffany!"
"I know! It feels like she gonna suck my cock all the way off!" responded Tiffany. Clyda's cock suddenly started spewing thick cum into Rayleena's mouth. The flood of jizz pouring from Clyda's penis almost overwhelmed Rayleena. Clyda was moaning loudly and thrashing about as she shot what felt like a gallon of cum into Rayleena's throat. Her orgasm seemed to trigger a chain reaction, for Rayleena's massive cock started ejaculating seconds later.
Seeing Rayleena's cock shoot off so f***efully right before her eyes sent Tiffany past the
point of no return. Her own cock began dispensing its load of jism, deep inside Rayleena's cunt. Tiffany felt as though Rayleena was sucking or pulling the cum out of her cock, rather than the other way around.
Rayleena's cock shot off like a huge fountainhead. The volleys of jism were launched several feet into the air. They landed all over Tiffany and Clyda's face and breasts, thanks to the bucking and swaying motions of all three girls' bodies.
Tiffany and Clyda both shot their loads long and deep into Rayleena. But Rayleena's massive missile was far from finished. Finally Rayleena pulled her mouth back from Clyda's cock at about the same time, trying to catch her breath for a moment. Rayleena's gigantic erection was still erupting volleys of cum. Several spurts splashed Tiffany in the face, some flew over her head and landed on the bed, others fell wetly on Clyda and Rayleena. In a few moments, all three girls were totally wet with each other's enormous ejaculations and fluids.
They all collapsed in a state of blissful exhaustion, entwined with each other in a tangle of limbs.
"That was a great way to finish off what you started Tiffany," said Rayleena, as she caught her breath. "I wasn't expecting you to want to be inside of me so soon. What do you girls want to do next?"
Tiffany and Clyda looked at Rayleena with astonishment. They'd fucked themselves almost to the point of exhaustion, and Rayleena treated it as though it were a warm-up exercise.
"How about an intermission?" asked Tiffany.
"The spirit is willing love," panted Clyda. "But you'll have to give us a few minutes. We
had no idea just what kind of stamina you and the other girls had."
"All right," giggled Rayleena. "Since this is your first time with me, I'll take it easy on
you. But just because you're tuckered out, doesn't mean I am."
Tiffany and Clyda collapsed on their backs on the bed.
"That's just the position that I had in mind for you girls," said Rayleena. She stroked her
cock, which was still hard and throbbing. "Which one of you wants to go for a ride first?"

To make a long story short, Rayleena fucked Tiffany and Clyda each while they lay prone on the bed. By this point both girls had become almost like rag dolls, as Rayleena's powerful
cock rocked in and out of them.
Later in the evening, Rayleena realized that she worn out her two new playmates, but she was still horny and ready for more fun and games. Rayleena willed her cock to lose its erection, and then concentrated her mental powers to make it disappear from between her legs. She threw her clothes back on, and headed for the door.
"Tiffany, Clyda, it's been a lot of fun tonight. Because of the mission we've been on, I
haven't had any sex for almost two weeks, and my loins are still on fire. I'm going to go find Vantha, or maybe even try meeting some of your other girls for a little more action. There's still a few more hours left until we have to shove off."
Tiffany and Clyda watched Rayleena through a daze, as she prepared to leave.
"Have a good time, Rayleena," Tiffany called out weakly. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."
Clyda raised her head long enough to give Tiffany a sarcastic look before she collapsed in exhaustion. "Now there's an understatement if I ever heard one."

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