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B6 Chapter 10 Jordan, Cleo, Dejah, Kristal

Chapter 10: Jordan, Cleo, Dejah, Kristal

As soon as other girls began departing with partners for the evening, Jordan and Cleo
immediately seized the moment, and each asked Dejah and Kristal if they would like to spend
the night with them. The answer was an enthusiastic 'yes' from each girl. "Why don't the four of us go somewhere together for the night?" asked Dejah.
"Great idea," responded Jordan. "But we'll need enough room for all of us."
"Let me ask Tiffany," said Cleo. Tiffany and Clyda were anxiously getting Rayleena ready to depart with them. As a result, Tiffany was ready to say or do just about anything, so that she and Clyda could be alone with Rayleena. She quickly gave Cleo the location of a larger set of quarters, with a king-sized bed.
"Just try not to wear the bed out, and have the new girls ready to go tomorrow," Tiffany
Once the four girls were in the new quarters, they all began to strip with nervous excite-ment. Jordan took off her bikini bra and watched as Dejah pulled her top up and revealed her huge tits. Cleo stopped undressing as she stared at Dejah's incredibly gorgeous breasts. Because of her larger physical size, Dejah's breasts were larger than Cleo's or Jordan's already. And she was busty for a Vectran girl on top of that.
A shiver of envy ran through Cleo, as she wondered what it would be like to have tits like
that. Dejah noticed that they were staring at her and she smiled and gave a little shimmy, caus-ing her tits to wobble wildly. She continued shaking them about as she stepped out of her skirt, and placed her hand on her hips in concentration. A moment later, her cock appeared as if by magic, between her legs.
"Wow. I don't now if I'll ever get used to the way that you girls do that," said Cleo.
"Me too," added Jordan.
"Well, I've shown you mine. Now I want to see yours," said Dejah, and grasped her already stiffening cock with both hands.
"The three of you go ahead and get started," said Kristal. "Don't worry. I'll join the fun
soon enough."

Cleo pulled off her skirt so that Dejah and the others could see her bikini bottom. "Ours work kind of like yours do," said Cleo. "With us, they're always there, but we can keep them very small until we're ready to use them." Cleo did her own piece of mental concentration, and there was a significant bulge in her panties. She quickly removed her panties, and Cleo's cock was hanging eight inches long between her legs. Cleo glanced back and forth from Dejah to Kristal.
The sight of the three girls rubbing together on the bed, had done the trick to Kristal.
Kristal stood up and began removing her top. Jordan stared as she unbuttoned the dark blue
garment, revealing her enormous fleshy globes. Kristal's stiff nipples looked swollen and were slightly moist from what looked like it might be a light leakage of milk.
Cleo quickly removed all of her clothes and stood trembling beside Dejah, entranced as she watched Dejah stroking her erection. Cleo was shaking with desire, she wanted to embrace
Dejah so badly, yet she was afraid to move. This woman from another world was over a foot
taller than her. And even though it wasn't erect yet, Cleo could sense that her cock would easily be as big as Ebony's.
Dejah looked at Cleo and moved her face closer, finally kissing the younger girl softly on
the lips. "Don't worry, my friend," Dejah whispered to her. "We're here to have fun tonight. That's all."
That seemed to break the hold on Cleo, and she hugged Dejah tightly to her, feeling her tits pressing against Dejah's breasts. Cleo's hand dropped down to Dejah's cock and began
stroking the long pole. It was growing thick and hard faster than Cleo would have thought
possible. Out of reflex, Cleo began stroking her own cock, getting it stiff and hard, and ready to play, later on.
Dejah and Cleo were now kissing deeply, tongues flashing into each other's mouth hungrily, sliding across the smooth white teeth, probing far back towards the throat, dancing with the other tongue in a sensual frenzy.
Jordan couldn't resist, and reached out to hold one of Dejah's heavy tits. She marveled at the size and weight of it, and pinched the thick nipple between her fingers, Kristal knew that the girls on the bed were paying some attention to her, so she grinned and spread her legs, exposing her loins. Her huge prick looped out in a fat prod. The big, dark-fleshed cockhead was just starting to push out from the foreskin and her balls were almost as big as softballs.
By now, Jordan was naked too and watched the erotic scene before her. Her own cock was also fully erect and she was absently stroking it with her right hand. Her left hand reached out and continued exploring Dejah's tits, rubbing all over them, pulling her fat nipples into her mouth, suckling the massive orbs one at a time, marveling at the weight and fullness of them.
Jordan now kneeled before Dejah. In front of her face she saw her long thick hard-on, fully three feet long, throbbing, and slowly leaking her own form of pre-cum from the fat head.
Jordan looked at it lovingly and placed her mouth over the swollen tip. Dejah let out a small gasp when she felt the heat of her mouth envelop her cock.
Cleo stopped kissing Dejah and looked down at Jordan. She had her eyes closed in bliss as she slowly took more of Dejah's huge shaft in her eager mouth. Cleo groaned lustily at the sight, and felt an even more powerful wave of horniness course through her. She wanted to suck that big cock too.
Jordan turned her head to look at Kristal, and gaped as she watched her cock get bigger and bigger. The head flared out in a great, mushroom-shaped slab of dark reddish-brown cockmeat, throbbing.
By this time, Kristal's prick was hard as a rock and so taut that it was throbbing beneath
her boobs like a captive snake. Kristal knew that it wouldn't take much to bring herself to a climax later on.

"Can I have some too?" Cleo asked Jordan coyly. Dejah gently pushed down on Cleo's
shoulders, signaling that she wanted her to suck her cock too. Jordan grunted something and
moved slightly to make room for Cleo. Jordan got down on her knees and began licking the
underside of the long shaft, and moved back to her crotch, where she found Dejah's heavy
Cleo was working on the head of Dejah's cock, sucking f***efully. She was drinking down a steady trickle of precum that oozed from the tip, coating her mouth and throat with a
delicious coating. With their free hands, both Cleo and Jordan began lightly stroking their
own cocks to keep them rock-hard and ready.

"Oh yes, you two, that feels marvelous!" Dejah moaned. She felt the beginnings of incredible pleasure building inside her. "It would feel so good to cum all over the two of them," Dejah thought.
Kristal stood on the other side of the room, her three-foot cock standing straight up
against her belly, with her hands lightly rubbing her cock against her tummy. Jordan's eyes
went wild when she saw her.
Bending her head down to see, Kristal moved her hands up and fingered the swollen head of her prick. It was damp. Her pre-cum juices were already seeping out. When she brought her hand back up, her fingers were dripping with jism. She held her hand up before her face, staring at the creamy ribbons in fascination. Vectran cum looked thicker than human's cum, she thought. It felt hotter, too. But she was so hot now, that it was hard to judge anything accurately. The raging heat that had started in her crotch seemed to have seeped throughout her whole body. Even her eyes seemed to be hot as she stared at her hand and watched the slippery ribbons of precum slowly slide down her fingers and palm.
Cleo and Jordan switched places and now Jordan's pretty little mouth was trying to engulf
Dejah's oversized phallus. Both girls were trying to keep their minds on the job at hand with Dejah, while they looked at Kristal across the room. Cleo licked down the long shaft, running her tongue along the ridge and exploring every thick vein, until she was at the base. She saw her red pussy lips, open and wet, eager for penetration. Cleo kissed Dejah's
cunt, and began probing it with her tongue.
"Yes! Oh, that feels so fucking good!" Dejah said.
Dejah grabbed Cleo's head and pulled her face tightly to her dripping pussy. As she was
doing that, Jordan was beginning to get the hang of sucking her oversized cock. Other than her time with Ebony, she'd never had a cock this huge in her mouth before. It was difficult getting the bulbous head in, but once she started, Jordan found that she loved the feel and taste of Dejah's penis. Something about sucking on it felt so right to her, so giving.
Jordan relished the feeling of pleasuring Dejah as she knelt before the alien girl and made love to her cock. The knowledge that she was causing such pleasure to Dejah was almost intoxicating.
Inspired by what she saw, Kristal did a naughty thing next. She brought her hand to her
lips, pushed her tongue out and lapped up some of her own jism. Kristal grinned wickedly even as she did it, knowing that the other girls were watching her. But at the moment, she simply had to have a taste of her thick jism.
And Kristal sucked her fingers clean, letting the hot cum slide around on her tingling taste
buds for a moment, then swallowing every sweet drop. Hot flashes ran through her like light-ning. The thrill of doing such a thing for an audience was driving lust through the fabric of her mind as well as her body.
Dejah knew that she'd soon be close to cumming. The sensations that Jordan and Cleo were giving her were almost too much to bear. Dejah never imagined how good it could feel to have her cock and her pussy sucked and licked at the same time. She began thrusting her hips
involuntarily as her the pleasure began to build inside her. Jordan and Cleo worked on Dejah
in this unique form of doubleteam action, prolonging and increasing the pleasure, for ten minutes.

"Ah! Oh...I'm cumming," panted Dejah. "I'm cumming!"
Cleo redoubled her efforts on Dejah's pussy upon hearing this, and Jordan started to
frantically stroke her big cock as she sucked harder on the head. Dejah's cock began to throb and pulse, and Cleo could feel her nuts growing in her hands as she stroked them, as they prepared to deliver their payload.
The first huge blast of cum caught Jordan by surprise even though she was waiting for it.
Her mouth was suddenly filled to overflowing with Dejah's sweet fluid. It felt like someone had a garden hose in her mouth! The f***e and volume was almost too much and Jordan thought she might have to pull her mouth off to swallow and breathe.
Summoning all of her strength and concentration, Jordan sucked as hard as she could. The next bolt of jism shot out of Dejah's huge cockhead in a steady stream, not in short spurts.
The stream gushed down Jordan's throat for a full five seconds before it subsided. A split second later another flood of cum sprayed out of Dejah's cock and shot down her gullet, stun-ning Jordan with its f***e and power.
Kristal was becoming more and more caught up in the events on the bed, as she reached one hand forward, her fingertips brushing against her hard, hot cockmeat. The veins were throbbing against the tightly drawn back skin of her cockrod. Pre-cum was oozing from her piss slit, wetting down her fingers.
Kristal f***ed herself to not give in, and begin stroking her cock, although the sight of the three-girl pyramid on the bed, was driving her crazy with lust. "Dejah may be content with just getting sucked and jerked off," she thought. "But I'm gonna fuck one of these Earth girls for my first time on this world."

As this was happening, Cleo was on the receiving end of a geyser of cum from Dejah's cunt. Her face was pressed tightly to Dejah's vagina, and her fluids were pulsing over her mouth and chin in great surges.
Cleo pulled away after a few moments and looked at the two girls. She saw Jordan just as another huge burst of fluid erupted from Dejah's cock and began drenching Jordan's tits and
tummy. There was cum all over the floor and Jordan, and it continued to arc several feet high and splash everywhere as Dejah's cock jerked and spasmed wildly. Jordan felt something
wet hitting her body and looked down to see that jets of milk were spraying f***efully from Cleo's tits.
Slowly, Dejah sat on the bed. She had almost passed out from the intensity of the dual
orgasms that wracked her phenomenal body. She lay on her back, with milk from Cleo's tits
still on her body. Even as she lay gasping for breath, another river of cum streamed forth from her enormous cock, which was now lying on her belly between her tits. The jism sprayed her face and breasts, finally subsiding to a gentle trickle that pooled in her belly button before overflowing and running down her sides to the bed. Jordan and Cleo just sat and watched, with their mouths agape!
Now Kristal was so worked up that her need to make herself climax was every bit as powerful as the other girls' need to get their swollen cocks and bloated balls emptied. Kristal began to rub her hands up and down along her prick faster. Her palms caressed the underside of her cock while she pulled up on her vibrating prick. She could feel her fat urethra vein pul-sating right through the shaft. Her own bl**d seemed to throb though her veins in the same way, and her heart was pounding like a triphammer.

"Dejah, that was so cool!" exclaimed Cleo.
"You were awesome," said Jordan. "I can't believe how much you came."
"You just hold still for a minute," said Cleo. "We're gonna clean you up, Dejah." With that, Jordan and Cleo went to work with their tongues, lapping up as much of the jism and milk from Dejah's body as they could find.
Kristal had been sitting off to the side of the room, as Jordan, Cleo and Dejah played
together. As Jordan picked herself out from the tangle of bodies, she noticed Kristal staring at her with naked lust.
Jordan gave Kristal a lustful smile. "Now I want to get my hands on what you've got between your legs." Jordan took Kristal in her arms and kissed her. She loved the feeling of her tits pressing into her chest, and her own very large cock poking against her belly, and Kristal's cock seemed to respond by growing fuller and harder.
Kristal's thick cock nuzzled against Jordan's cheek. Jordan moaned and grabbed it with both delicate hands. Kristal's meat was well over three feet long, and Jordan could feel it throb-bing in her hands. Her eyes widened in disbelief, as she saw how large Kristal's cock was. Kristal was easily packing as much cockmeat as Dejah.
Jordan loved looking at Kristal's meat like this at point blank range, and she began strok-ing the shaft, and running her tongue up and down it. Jordan's small feminine hands tried to encircle the girth of her meat, while Kristal's pretty face stared down at Jordan in unabashed lust at her own large organ.
Jordan licked up and down the underside of Kristal's penis, reveling in the taste and tex-ture and heat. It was so hot! Slowly pumping with her hands, Jordan placed her mouth over the huge head and sucked it into her mouth. Kristal moaned with pleasure as she placed her own hands around her cock, between Jordan's.
Now with four hands stroking it as Jordan sucked a few inches into her wet mouth, her cock was completely erect. Veins throbbed and pulsed all along the three-foot length of Kristal's deep reddish-purple cock. Her balls were swelling as they prepared to later deliver a voluminous outpouring of thick sweet cum.

Just then, however, Jordan stopped, and looked up at Kristal.
"I want you to fuck me now, with this monster cock of yours!" Jordan lay back on the bed,
with her legs spread wide and her knees up in the air. Jordan's own cock was hard and resting on her belly, the fat head nestled just below her tits. Her juicy cunt was wide open, like a flower, and her engorged clit was like a miniature version of her cock. It stood out from its hood over an inch, like a little sentinel protecting the fortress.
Kristal's massive cock was about to rampage and plunder Jordan's pussy.
"By the gods girl, what you lack in size, you more than make up for in spirit," said Kristal. "Jordan, your clit looks even bigger than mine," as she knelt between her legs and guided the massive cockhead against Jordan's vulva.
"After everything that's happened so far, are you surprised?" Jordan thrust her hips upwards and Kristal's penis plunged into her sopping wet hole. "Now, put it all in!" Jordan implored as her hands pulled at her ass cheeks, letting Kristal sink deeper and deeper inside her. Slowly, inch after inch of steel hard cock filled Jordan's hungry cunt.
"I don't know about the whole thing," said Kristal. "But I can damn sure put enough meat in you for a night you won't soon forget."
Soon, well over two feet of Kristal's cock was buried in Jordan. While Kristal f***ed more
of her cock into Jordan's pussy, she reached down, and felt Jordan's own throbbing pole, as it pointed straight up into the air. Against her belly and chest, Kristal could feel the heat of Jordan's big erection. She loved the way it felt, and she gave it tender, loving kisses.
"Wow this feels great!" said Jordan. "It feels like you're all the way inside me now."
"There's still just a little bit to go," said Kristal. "But you've taken a fantastic amount of me inside of you, Jordan. Do you know how good it feels to my cock? It's like your whole body has become a pussy for it to fuck!"
Kristal was nearly out of her mind with pleasure. Over two feet of her cock was being sandwiched and squeezed by Jordan's cunt. Down on the bed, Jordan could only rock her head
in delirious ecstasy, as she was fucked by Kristal.
Opening her mouth wide, Kristal engulfed the head of Jordan's throbbing, leaking cock. It
tasted of her pre-cum and her pussy juices. Sucking it as far into her mouth as she could, Kristal began rocking gently back and forth as she gave Jordan head. Using her strong, power-ful hands, Kristal squeezed and stroked Jordan's cock with gusto.
The rocking motion was causing the length of Kristal's penis to move in and out of Jordan. After ten minutes of being fucked and sucked at the same time, it was too much for Jordan.
"Look out, Kristal, here it comes!" Kristal was momentarily startled by Jordan's warning to her, and the first blast of jism from her prick took her by surprise. Kristal made the mistake of taking her mouth off of Jordan's prick.
"What are you...oomph!"
First, Jordan's penis erupted in a shower of cum, blasting Kristal in streams of sticky sweetness. Jet after jet pulsed out, covering her face and hosing down her belly and chest. Much went over her head and splashed against the headboard of the bed.
Jordan was making strange, a****listic noises as her vagina spasmed over and over in one of the most cataclysmic orgasms of her life. The full length of Jordan's cunt quivered and
rocked in violent, blissful contractions. Great sprays of cunt juice gushed out, soaking the bed.

The sight and feel of all this set Kristal off next. Jordan felt Kristal's cock grow fatter as it neared orgasm, her insides pushed apart by what felt like a python slithering through her cunt.
Kristal's orgasm was no less spectacular than Jordan's was. Feeling the impending release,
Kristal pulled her cock out of Jordan and stroked the protruding length wildly. Letting out an ear splitting yell, Kristal started cumming.
The first jet of cum poured out in a thick stream of whiteness that shot over Jordan's head
and reached the other side of the bed in a continuous arc. Kristal could literally feel the sperm flowing up its length in spurt after incredible spurt. Down below, Jordan couldn't believe how much cum was gushing from the tip of her cock! It came in blast after blast, spraying her face, flowing into her gulping mouth, literally covering her upper body.
At last, after what seemed an eternity, their orgasms subsided and the two girls collapsed
in sheer exhaustion. Too drained for words, they lay together for several minutes, until Kristal and Dejah both noticed that Jordan's penis was still rock hard, and pointing up at the ceiling like a missile.

"Holy shit, you're still hard, after a cum shot like that?" asked Dejah.
"Maybe there's Vectran bl**d in this girl's veins," said Kristal. "But any girl who can
shoot off like that, and still ask for more, deserves it. Wouldn't you agree, Dejah?"
"And how! But what sort of reward do you have in mind for our new friend?"
"Well, even though I've only known her for a few hours, I know a cum junkie when I see one," replied Kristal. "So here's what we're gonna do tonight. Jordan, sit your butt on the edge
of the bed, and leave your hands off your dick. We're gonna take good care of you."
Jordan did as she was told. Her cock was still fully erect, and as she sat, the head of her
cock was wavering in front of her face, as it reached up into the air.
"All right, so far so good," said Kristal. "Cleo, get over here in front of Jordan."
"That sounds great, Kristal. But it's gonna be a few minutes before I'm ready to go again."
"You're not gonna fuck, Cleo," said Kristal. "You're gonna suck. Now if we could just get a little bit of cooperation from Jordan here, and have her relax her rod, so it's not pointing up like a rocket." Jordan f***ed herself to relax, and her cock was shortly pointing out at a ninety-degree angle from her crotch. "You can go to work on Jordan's prick, Cleo. I'm sure you've had plenty of practice at that."
"You bet I have," said Cleo. Without any other formalities, Cleo planted her lips onto Jordan's cockhead, and soon had the entire mass in her mouth.
"And now for the next step of my little plan," said Kristal. "Dejah honey, I'm sure you're
ready to go again, now that you've had a little chance to recuperate, right?"
"Are you k**ding?" replied Dejah. "I've been stroking myself as I watched you hammer away at Jordan." Dejah stood up and displayed her three-foot hard-on. Jordan's eyes lit up with lust and envy when she saw it.
"Just look at that expression on her face, Dejah. I told you I knew that she was a cum
junkie. Well we're gonna feed you all the cock that you can handle today girl, and then some."
Dejah and Kristal moved so that each them were standing on one side of Jordan. In this
position, they each thrust their cocks out so that the enormous heads were right in Jordan's

"Start sucking girl," said Kristal. "We don't expect you to be able to swallow both of our
heads, because of the size. But you can still put your tongue and mouth to use on them. And
then we're gonna see just how much cum you can take inside of you."
"And just to give you a little incentive," said Dejah. "How does this feel?"
Jordan's prick suddenly felt like it was in a vise. Her eyes shot open in shock.
"That's our telekinetic power you're feeling Jordan," said Dejah. "We can use it on other
things, besides our own cocks. And if you think that's something, wait until Kristal adds her powers to the mix."
The incredible power and sensations on Jordan's cock suddenly seemed to double. The two Vectran girls began to concentrate, and massage the shaft of Jordan's cock up and down with their telekinesis.
Kristal glanced down at Cleo. "Just this once, don't try and take much more than her
cockhead inside of your mouth, honey. And I'd suggest that you buckle in down there, because
when we bring her off, she'll shoot off like a firehose."
Cleo's eyes lit up in anticipation, and she began sucking harder on Jordan's prick. Jordan briefly closed her eyes, and concentrated on the massive task in front of her. Dejah
and Kristal's humongous cockheads almost blotted out Cleo from her vision. Jordan opened her
mouth as wide as she could, and she was barely able to allow both Vectran girls to shove just
enough of their cockheads into her mouth, so that she could use her tongue on them.

Dejah and Kristal began stroking the shafts of their incredible cocks. Their large hands
made an assortment of slicking sounds, and their huge ball sacs began to slap against their
Jordan's cock had never felt anything like it was feeling now. Even Dee Dee's milking device couldn't duplicate the incredible f***e and pressure that Dejah and Kristal were exerting on it now. Jordan only hoped that Cleo was ready for her, when she shot off later.
Cleo kept on sucking away on Jordan's cockhead, like she'd never sucked before. The two Vectran girls were giving the rest of her cock such a workout, it was like trying to keep her mouth on a vibrating doorknob.
Jordan was now working on Dejah and Kristal's cocks like a madwoman. Jordan knew that she couldn't hope to take both ramrods in her mouth at once. So she concentrated on working on one for about thirty seconds, and shifting her attention to the other. Jordan's efforts were having the desired effect. Dejah and Kristal's cocks seemed to grow even thicker and harder in front of her face.
After fifteen minutes of non-stop effort by all four girls in this unique combination, things progressed to the point of no return. All of them were flushed with excitement, and sweating profusely.
"Damn but this girl knows how to suck a cock!" exclaimed Dejah.
"You can say that again," added Kristal. "I'd say that she's just about earned her reward.
Wouldn't you?"
"Any second now," grunted Dejah, as she fought to remain in control of her cock.
Jordan had sucked enough cocks to know that a waterfall of jism from the two Vectran girls was only moments away. Summoning her courage and concentration, Jordan reached out and gripped both of their balls with each hand. Jordan found the huge meaty orbs, and squeezed for all that she was worth.
"Holy fucking shit, what are you doing?" exclaimed Kristal.
"Don't stop you little fucking cum junkie!" yelled Dejah. "Squeeze them harder!"
Instants later, Jordan was rewarded with two torrential shots of jism directly down her
throat. Having felt the incredible load that Dejah could shoot out earlier in the evening, Jordan was somewhat prepared for what was about to happen. Jordan f***ed herself to relax, and opened her mouth and throat as wide as she could.
The result was that the two Vectran girls were literally pouring their jism directly down
Jordan's throat, into her gut. Shot after shot of hot, thick jism rained down Jordan's throat like there was no tomorrow. Dejah and Kristal screeched like two banshees as they stroked and pumped their cocks, and Jordan milked their balls for the maximum pleasure and release.
All of this had a cumulative effect on Jordan's cock, and to Cleo. Instants after Dejah and
Kristal started their flash-flood on Jordan, Cleo could feel Jordan's prick vibrating like a tuning fork, as it prepared to shoot off.
From everything that had been happening, Cleo knew that Jordan's orgasm would be a powerful one, but she still had no idea of what to expect. The first release of jism from Jordan's
cockhead was so hot and powerful, it nearly startled Cleo into releasing her hold on her prick. Cleo gripped the shaft of Jordan's cock, and sucked even harder.
Dejah and Kristal's cocks continued to shoot off, and pump their jism into Jordan. For
almost two minutes, they pumped cum like a miniature waterfall into Jordan's mouth, and down
her throat. Jordan didn't know if she could keep her mouth open this wide, this long, without slipping up. But somehow, she kept up with the Vectran girls, and through an incredible, monu-mental effort, she eventually took everything that Dejah and Kristal could dish out at her, until they were drained.
Finally, Dejah and Kristal pulled their cocks from Jordan's mouth. Jordan swallowed the last mouthful of jism from them, and then collapsed on the bed on her back.
"You were right Kristal," panted Dejah. "This one sucks cock and drinks cum like no one I've ever seen before."
"I don't know how she did it, but she did," admitted Kristal. "That seems to have quieted
her for a little bit." She turned her head to look at Cleo. "How're you doing down there, little one?"
Cleo had just finished sucking off Jordan's prick. This last orgasm had felt like almost
twice as much as anything Jordan had delivered to her, when they had first met earlier on the Island. Cleo gave Jordan's cockhead one last lick and slurp, and released it.
"Oh man, that is one colossal load that you two got out of her. I've never seen or felt
anything like it."
"You haven't seen anything yet, Cleo," said Kristal. "The two of us are just getting started
"The two of you have earned a little rest for the time being," said Dejah. "But I assure
you, the fun and games are far from over yet."
Fifteen minutes later, Jordan and Cleo were hard at play again with Dejah and Kristal. The fun and games did continue long into the night, until finally Jordan and Cleo couldn't con-
tinue on any more. Eventually, Dejah and Kristal realized that they had outlasted their two new friends, and they called a halt to things.
The girls stayed up late into the night, sitting on the bed, and the surrounding chairs, talk-ing in more details about sex on their different worlds, and what each other's lifestyles were like.

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