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B6 Chapter 5 Dee Dee Duz Calista

Chapter 5: Dee Dee Duz Calista

Dee Dee and Calista left the banquet hall together. Dee Dee opened the door to her quarters as they arrived for fun and games. But as they strolled through the halls, Calista had
gently prodded and asked her, if she could see her laboratory facilities first.
"I tell you what, Calista. You show me that you know what to do with a cock, and I'll tell
you whatever you want to know about my lab. Is it a deal?"
"And how! But first, let me get ready for you." Calista quickly pulled off her clothes, so
that she was naked. Dee Dee followed her lead and pulled off her bikini top, exposing her nice set of breasts. The only thing that was left was her skirt.
As usual, Dee Dee had nothing on beneath her skirt. She peeled apart the Velcro tab that held her skirt together, and let Calista get a good look at her meat. Calista's eyes lit up in wonder, like a c***d with a new toy.
As she approached Dee Dee's crotch Calista gasped in surprise. Dee Dee had a huge turgid cock between her legs. "This thing must be twelve inches long," muttered Calista in
amazement. "It's so thick, it's just like Vantha's or Rhiannon's."
"I'm afraid I can't match those two for sheer size," admitted Dee Dee. "But I've worked to
make my shaft the thickest, and my balls the biggest on the Island. That's my passion."
Then Calista knelt beside Dee Dee and began to massage her cockmeat with both of her hands. Dee Dee's head reeled back as she enjoyed Calista's fondling, as her cock began to enlarge.
Calista smiled happily as she felt and saw the results of her manipulations. The huge head of Dee Dee's cock came protruding out, and the long cockrod now stood out, hard and firm, from Dee Dee's taut belly. Calista glanced up at Dee Dee in surprise. When she looked down again, if anything her cock was bigger. Dee Dee's huge organ bobbed only inches from her hand.
Calista nearly toppled over in surprise. She grabbed out to keep from falling and caught
herself by holding onto Dee Dee's hips. Calista was embarrassed but didn't let go after she had caught her balance.
Dee Dee looked down at her and grinned. "Go ahead and play with it, Calista. I know you want to."
Calista couldn't help but notice that by now, even her hand fit hardly more then halfway
around Dee Dee's big cock. Calista slowly began to caress the big cock with her hand. Dropping to her knees, Calista wrapped a second hand around her member and begun tugging in earnest. Dee Dee dipped her head, and exhaled, showing her appreciation.
"You like that don't you Dee Dee," whispered Calista as she continued to stroke her cock.
Calista leaned in and pushed her pink tongue out and began to lick at the glistening head of
Dee Dee's cock. Calista's tongue laved all over the huge, meaty wedge and was obviously
enjoying the taste of Dee Dee's prick.
A thick drop of spunk oozed from Dee Dee's prick-knob. Calista watched it run slowly down her cockhead, smiling wantonly. Then she gathered it up with her tongue, slurping the sticky stuff from Dee Dee's hot cockmeat and letting the jism trickle around on her tongue for a
moment before she swallowed it.
Calista quit stroking Dee Dee's huge dick for a moment to take off the rest of her clothes.
Now fully naked she moved under and in front of Dee Dee so she was looking right at the huge
cockhead. With one hand stroking Dee Dee's prick, she dropped her other hand to her own
pussy and found it was soaked. Calista felt a flush rise to her cheeks and a familiar warm sensation in her pussy as she rubbed the outside of her pussy and continued her hand job on Dee Dee. Although Dee Dee's prick had been big before, now that Calista was caressing it, the cock had grown to even larger proportions. Her big dick was now fully hard, and at its full length of just over sixteen inches, as Calista sunk her middle finger up her own pussy.
"Oh god," she breathed as the pleasure began to mount. Lost in her lust Calista tried to
stuff Dee Dee's huge cock into her mouth. After a moment of concentration, she could fit the
huge head in. Dee Dee was impressed at the way the Vectran girls, with their larger physical
size, could handle even the huge amazon pricks on the Island.
Calista began licking and sucking on Dee Dee as she inserted a second finger up her pussy. Calista was getting very turned on now and concentrated on relaxing her jaw so she could fit more of Dee Dee's dick in her mouth. Calista was managing to fit over eight inches of it
into her mouth now and she sucked as hard and as fast as she could.
Calista tongued Dee Dee's cock-knob for a while, purring with pleasure and running her pink tongue right up her cleft so that a little more jism spilled onto her taste buds. Dee Dee was moaning and trembling by this time, her hips starting to hump as if she were trying to fuck right through Calista's head. That dark-fleshed slab of Dee Dee's hot cockmeat felt as big as a cannonball to Calista.
Then she started working on Dee Dee's prick in earnest. Calista massaged her massive balls and fingered the swollen prick-knob. Then Calista took Dee Dee's fat stalk in both hands,
holding her cock like a battering ram, and began to stroke it up and down. Calista's hands could not span the great breadth of Dee Dee's cockshaft and her fingers did not meet, but she was doing the job very nicely, nevertheless. Dee Dee's prickhead began to flare and throb. Dee Dee twisted her neck and gazed down at Calista who was manipulating her cockmeat.
Calista gave a little murmur of delight and leaned in. Still pumping Dee Dee with both
hands, she positioned her head right in front of her dripping cockhead. Her tongue slid out.
Calista began to lap at her cockmeat, slurping up the slimy spunk that was oozing out. The
stuff bubbled on her lips and lathered her tongue.
Calista obviously relished Dee Dee's prick. She began taking long slurps all over that meaty nugget of dark flesh, her tongue gliding and curling, laving Dee Dee's cockhead hungrily.
More cum began to trickle out.
"Now we shift into overdrive Dee Dee," said Calista.
"What've you got in mind down there?" asked Dee Dee.
Calista said nothing, but simply opened her mouth wider than Dee Dee had seen her do before. Dee Dee had never seen this before. None of the girls on the Island could deep throat her like this. Dee Dee's cockhead vanished into Calista's mouth in one motion, followed by inch
after inch of her cock itself.
Before Dee Dee knew it, Calista had her entire cock down her throat. Her chin was resting against her heavy balls. Calista gazed at Dee Dee with a look of lust, and began to suck and massage Dee Dee's prick with her mouth and throat.
"Holy shit..." whimpered Dee Dee. No one had been able to handle her meat like this in the past. It was a new, intensely satisfying experience for her. Calista smiled back at Dee Dee as best she could. Then Calista drew her head back, releasing Dee Dee's cock, until just the head was in her mouth. The gentle grazing of her tongue and teeth on Dee Dee's prick drove her crazy.
Calista kept this motion up on Dee Dee's cock for ten minutes, using her free hand to fondle her heavy nuts. Soon, Dee Dee's balls felt like they were as big as boulders and the long, fat cockshaft had started to tremble wildly. The urethra vein that was pulsing up the prickshaft and into the base of the knob was as fat as several of Calista's fingers were.
Suddenly Dee Dee began to whimper and groan. Dee Dee's buttocks bunched up and she tossed her head about, her blonde hair flowing. Calista squealed with anticipation, knowing that Dee Dee was about to feed her a load of cum. Calista could feel her prick expand and ripple in her hands and Dee Dee's cockhead was swollen so hugely now that it looked almost
Calista's hand was now a blur on Dee Dee's bulging shaft. Calista felt her pussy starting to crest and stopped stroking so she could slip her other hand behind her and play with her ass- hole. She eased a finger in until she had it most of the way up her ass. This put Calista over the edge and she moaned around a mouth full of shemale dick as she rode out her own orgasm.
After about thirty seconds of this, Calista felt undulations beginning in Dee Dee's dick.
Unexpectedly, Dee Dee pulled her prick all the way out of Calista's mouth, as she prepared to shoot her load. Calista's pink tongue flashed hungrily and her lips opened as widely as they could, turning almost inside out as she tried to swallow a mouthful of that tremendous prick-knob as it left.

Calista opened her mouth wide just as the first spurt of cum shot from Dee Dee's dick.
Calista joyfully received a huge gush of cum shooting into her mouth. The f***e of the next blast of jism felt like it might knock her backwards if she hadn't been prepared for it. It hit Calista square in the face and soaked her.
Rivulets of cum ran down her face onto her tits and stomach. Calista turned her head as the next spurt came. It hit her in the side of the head and soaked her long hair. Calista grabbed Dee Dee's big dick and lowered it, so the next spurts could shoot over her bobbing tits. Her tits were soon totally covered in Dee Dee's jism.
Suddenly another torrent of jism shot from Dee Dee's cockhead, a quicksilver cascade of cum that engulfed Calista's face. Spurts of jism shot into Calista's open mouth, jets laced her
nimble tongue, milky ribbons ran across her lips. Calista head tilted back, buffeted by the power of Dee Dee's stream, then she leaned back in, like a salmon fighting against the current.
Calista's open mouth gaped and Dee Dee poured her hot slime into her gullet by the
bucketful. Calista kept pumping and licking, and Dee Dee kept cumming as if her balls were a bottomless pit. At long last, the flow of shemale cum subsided.
Calista's tongue followed after Dee Dee's cockhead, licking away, lapping up every drop
of Dee Dee's spunk and pushing her tongue right up inside Dee Dee's parted cleft to lap out a few drops that still lurked in her piss hole.
Then Calista sat back and sighed contentedly. Her face was slimy with Dee Dee's cum from brow to chin and her tits dripped with the congealing cum as well. Finally, the orgasm began to subside and Calista pulled her hands away from her pussy and ass to caress her breasts. Calista then grabbed Dee Dee's cock at the base with both hands and began long slow strokes as she tried to stuff as much of Dee Dee's dick into her mouth as she could.
To the surprise of both girls, Dee Dee's prick was still straight and hard. Dee Dee felt
like she could deliver another load of jism to Calista in a few moments, if she wanted to.

"Damn, Calista," exclaimed Dee Dee. "I don't know what's happened, but I feel like I could do it all day long, when I'm with you."
"Oh, Dee Dee!" she sighed, her eyes riveted to her long thick rigid cock. "Don't try and
understand it. Just enjoy it!" She saw jizz seeping from her pisser and became dizzy. "Such
a beautiful prick."
"Calista has a point," Dee Dee thought. "There'll be time for rationalizing things later..."
Calista touched her fat hulking cock as Dee Dee stroked her head. Calista could feel tiny spasms in Dee Dee's tummy and she thought for a moment she was going to climax again.
"You're hot, huh?" Calista asked, tracing a path down Dee Dee's cock to her huge cum-crammed nuts. "My sucking you off has got you all worked up." Calista giggled again, her body
quivering as she devoured Dee Dee's prick with her wide eyes.
Dee Dee moaned, her rump twitching. Her prick ached and she stepped forward as more jizz seeped from her pisser. Calista swooned as a drop of Dee Dee's cum dripped to her creamy tit.
"Ooh, you wanna cum again, huh?" Calista was fascinated with her prick as she wrapped her hands around the meaty shaft. Dee Dee jerked, driving her prick through Calista's shifting fist. Soft high-pitched whines came from her lips. Her head bobbed, her blonde hair swishing across her neck. Calista's hands were rumbling the cum in her nuts.
Dee Dee's prick swelled in Calista's hands and her balls churned. She jerked, her rump
twitching as Calista's shifting fist brought her to the edge. Tits jiggling, Calista's hands flew rapidly up and down the length of Dee Dee's rigid cock.
"Do it again, Dee Dee," Calista moaned throatily. "Cum all over my titties." She jerked her hands faster, her eyes wide as she stared at her pisser. Dee Dee's balls burst. She moaned and tossed her head back as thick cum gushed through her fat cock and squirted from her pisser.
"Yes," Calista squealed happily. "Cream all over me, Dee Dee!"
With Dee Dee in ecstasy and blasting her nuts, Calista jerked her off. Cum splattered her
tits and dripped to her thighs. The thick globs of jizz were hot against her flesh. Calista swoon-ed, watching intently as spraying arcs of cum spurted from Dee Dee's cock and splashed
over her.
A shrill whine came from Dee Dee's mouth as her balls erupted again. Dee Dee tossed her head back and twisted her neck as her hair slashed back and forth. A thick river of cum shot out from her prick and splashed over Calista's face.
Calista squealed with joy. The cum splattering her skin had her pussy in spasm. "Cum on me, Dee Dee," she chanted as she shifted her fists up and down the length of Dee Dee's gigantic cock. "Keep cumming!"
Jizz poured from Dee Dee's cock, drenching Calista. Dee Dee lurched forward, the head of her cock banging against Calista's cheek. She grunted and creamed again as Calista's gripping fists worked frantically up and down her exploding cock.
Calista was creaming. She grabbed Dee Dee's huge balls and began massaging them. She squeezed her cock rhythmically, her hand flying rapidly up and down the shaft.
"Oh fuck yes!" Dee Dee cried out, and shook her head as the cum in her balls drained. She jerked, and spewed the last of her jizz into Calista's hair. Another glob surfaced from her
pisser and dripped to Calista's leg. She stopped, her body shuddering as Calista continued to stroke her cock and balls.
"I don't fucking believe this," panted Dee Dee. It hadn't yet been ten minutes between her two orgasms. And yet, her second cum blast had been every bit as powerful and as long as the first!
Calista came out of her sex-induced stupor. She released Dee Dee's cock and fell back.
"Wonderful," she sighed joyfully. "Absolutely fucking wonderful."
Calista lay on her back rubbing the thick lumps of cum into her flesh. She quivered, wiped her face and brought a glob to her trembling lips. She tasted it and almost creamed again.
"God," she said, licking her lips. "It's better than pussy-cum."
As though it had a life of its own, Dee Dee's prick wavered silently in front of Calista's
face. The hole at the top of her cockhead opened and closed slowly.
"Holy shit," muttered Dee Dee. "I'm still hard. I've never kept it up like this, especially
after shooting off twice..."
"Don't worry, Dee Dee. I'm gonna take real good care of you," Calista purred, her wide-set blue eyes fixed on Dee Dee's huge shaft and large balls. "Really good care."
Calista licked her lips and began stroking Dee Dee's nuts. "Geez," she sighed, imagining her cum squirting into her mouth. "This is gonna be a blast."
Dee Dee grunted, the muscles of her abdomen rippling as Calista stroked her balls and shaft again. Dee Dee jerked her rump. Her prick jabbed through Calista's shifting fist. Eyes
glowing with lust, Dee Dee looked at Calista, then leaned her head back as Calista squeezed
her prick. Calista's head was spinning. Her mouth was open and her tongue flicked nervously
across her lips. Eyes glazed, she watched Dee Dee's prick turn rock-hard again.
"So fucking big," Calista gasped, her face inches away from Dee Dee's massive cock. "So damn big and thick!"
Calista held her dick in both hands, shaking with excitement and awe as Dee Dee's prick
throbbed. Calista was mesmerized as she gawked hungrily at Dee Dee's mighty cock. She felt
light-headed and her cunt was all mushy. Trembling, she brought her mouth to Dee Dee's balls. Calista flashed her tongue, slapping it over her cum-crammed nuts. The contact was electri-fying. She soaked Dee Dee's balls with spit, then slithered her tongue over her exposed cock.

More soft whining came from Dee Dee's lips as Calista lathered her prick with her spit.
Calista was purring like a kitten as she soaked the Dee Dee's cock. She licked to Dee Dee's
bloated tip. A shudder of excitement swept over Calista as her seeping cum stained her lips.
She smeared the jizz over Dee Dee's cockhead, then fused her lips to her throbbing shaft and
ran her lips up and down the length of the side of Dee Dee's shaft.
Dee Dee was becoming more aroused by the second. She jerked, her long legs becom-ing stiff. Dee Dee's lips trembled as Calista worked her eager lips from the base of her cock to the seeping tip.
Calista was quivering in bliss. Each throb of Dee Dee's giant cock made her pussy contract. She sloshed over her cock with her wet mouth, soaking it with spit. A tremor swept over Calista as she reached the tip. It was time to take Dee Dee into her mouth again.
Dee Dee's body shuddered. She grunted, her hips heaving as the heat of Calista's mouth seared the head of her cock. Calista enveloped Dee Dee's cockhead. She was reeling as more jizz seeped to her tongue. She squirmed. Both frightened and excited, Calista pushed her head forward.

The heat from Calista's mouth reached into Dee Dee's balls. Dee Dee jerked her rump and jabbed at Calista's face. The head of her cock jammed at her throat. Dee Dee jabbed again, then whined as Calista popped her mouth off her cock.
"Easy!" Calista gulped. She blinked, her eyes wide as she stared at her prick. "You're gonna choke me to death." Face flushed, she caught her breath, then brought her eager mouth back to her prick.
Dee Dee was quivering. She wanted the heat of Calista's mouth on her cock. She jerked and banged her cock against her lips as Calista teased her pisser with her tongue.
Summoning all her courage, Calista opened her mouth again. She shivered, took Dee Dee's
prick between her lips and started to suck. She used her tongue, slapping it around and around her spongy cockhead as she jerked at her face.
Calista sensed the power of Dee Dee's prick. It nearly overwhelmed her. Cupping Dee Dee's massive balls, she pushed her head forward. The head of her cock squashed her tongue and brushed against the roof of her mouth. Face red, she almost began to panic as Dee Dee jabbed at her throat.
Dee Dee, her balls on fire, lunged at Calista's face. The head of her cock speared her
throat. She groaned as her teeth dug into her shaft, then jerked sporadically. Calista swallowed her fear. Gagging, her eyes bulging, she relaxed her throat. Immediately, her gullet became clogged with Dee Dee's cock. Calista sucked, her cheeks drawn in tight as Dee Dee fed her her prick.
Dee Dee, aroused to a feverish pitch, humped at Calista's mouth. She jerked her twitch-ing rump and whinnied. Her teeth were scr****g along her shaft. Calista thought for a moment that she was going to choke to death on Dee Dee's prick. She battled her fear, whining as more hard shemale cock entered her tight gullet.
Dee Dee lunged hard. She moaned, her cock slamming into Calista's throat. She lunged again and again, driving her cock deeper with each jab until her huge nuts whacked against her
chin. Calista almost fainted. Her body began quaking and her cunt turned to fire. She felt Dee
Dee's prick throbbing deep in her throat. She gulped, her panic gone, replaced now with over-
whelming greed.
Like an a****l, Calista started sucking and chewing on Dee Dee's jabbing cock. Her head bobbed. Gurgles came from her cock-stuffed throat. Spit drooled from her clinging lips and each time Dee Dee speared her throat, she creamed. Dee Dee, her nuts churning and her cock throbbing, hammered at Calista's mouth. Her nostrils were flared and eyes were wide.
Calista was in bliss. She met the powerful thrusts, allowing Dee Dee to hack away at her
mouth. She mauled her balls, her anxious mouth waiting for the first eruption to take place. Dee Dee, her rump jerking frantically, crammed Calista's mouth with her prick. Jizz seeped from her pisser and trickled down her gulping throat. Her prick swelled to the bursting point as her balls began to rumble.
Calista was out of her mind. She sucked, chewed and used her tongue. Greedy for her cum, she pulled on Dee Dee's nuts and felt them contract in her palm. Dee Dee was ready and she almost fainted as the anticipation of Calista taking her cum in her mouth still another time penetrated her thoughts.
Dee Dee cried out as her balls burst. She lunged hard, driving her prick to the root as a
hot thick river of cum shot through her cock and squirted from her pisser. Dee Dee lunged
again as another wad of cum shot from her cock. Calista climaxed as the first stringy clump of cum filled her mouth. She gulped, pushed her head forward and took the second wad in her throat. More cum followed and she swallowed frantically as her punching jabs became more powerful.
With her balls bursting, Dee Dee pounded Calista’s mouth. Her neck was twisting and her mouth was foaming. Her lungs heaved and her rump jerked. More cum blasted from her cock, flooding into Calista's mouth and down her throat.

Calista, her head spinning, thought she was going to drown. Cum filled her cheeks and
sprayed her throat. She couldn't swallow fast enough. She gagged, her throat gulping as the
cum started oozing from her clinging lips. Dee Dee was in ecstasy. She humped, her flanks heaving as she drilled her spewing cock repeatedly in and out of Calista's sucking mouth.
Calista shuddered. Cum now gushed from her lips and flowed down her chin. She gagged, took Dee Dee to her balls and felt a thick squirt of jizz shoot directly into her gullet.
Dee Dee, her balls draining fast, lashed at her mouth. Her nuts rumbled and her cock throbbed rhythmically. Dee Dee jerked, then slammed, driving her prick to her balls again as cum squished from her mouth and spattered her nut-sac.
Calista, gulping and choking, feasted greedily on Dee Dee's cock. The spurting wads were slowing and she caught her pace. Each jab flooded her mouth. Calista swallowed, her pussy creaming as Dee Dee's jabs began losing their strength.
Calista, sensing she was almost through, slammed her head forward and pierced her gullet with her dick. She sucked as hard as she could, feeling weak squirts of jism splash in her
gullet. She bobbed her head, her fingers frantically milking Dee Dee's balls. She wanted every drop and she didn't intend to release her prick until she had what she wanted.
Dee Dee lunged one last time, spraying her throat and filling her mouth with the last of her jizz. Dee Dee jerked back, crying shrilly as Calista's teeth sc****d along her sensitive fuck-
Calista gurgled, then gasped as Dee Dee popped her cock from her mouth. She rolled to her back, panting and swallowing as Dee Dee staggered to her feet.
"Delicious," Calista panted. She stared up at Dee Dee's prick as the last of the cum drip-ped from her pisser and hit her tit. "Absolutely delicious!"

Dee Dee's cock was finally beginning to return to normal. "Not to mention, finally drained," gasped Dee Dee. "I can never recall shooting off that many times in a row, and each one as powerful, if not stronger than the one before. What in the world happened?"
"I can answer part of that for you, Dee Dee," said Calista. "Part of the makeup of our
Vectran metabolism is that we're energy transferors or givers. Since you're not a Vectran, you just kept on absorbing my energy into your body."
"Okay. That explains why I was such a 'marathon girl' there."
"When two or more Vectrans have sex, it can continue on indefinitely, Dee Dee. It has to be called off by both sides sometimes, in order to fully stop."
"Well, I'm certainly stopped, that's for sure," replied Dee Dee, as she used a towel on her
skin to freshen up. "My tank feels so empty, it'll be at least a day or two, before I'll even think about wanting to cum again."
Calista wasn't quite sure what to make of Dee Dee's words just now.
"Hey, don't get me wrong, Calista," said Dee Dee. She reached out and hugged Calista, in a show of genuine love and affection. "What just happened now was one of the most intense
sexual experiences in my entire life, and I can't begin to thank you enough for it.
"All I meant was our two races have to learn more about each other, so we can spend more time with one another in the future."
"You're right, Dee Dee. I can see what you mean."
"So, since any more fun and games are out of the question for me temporarily, I may as well get some work done around here. I told you that I'd give you a tour of my facilities if you got me off, and you've more than earned it."

Dee Dee took Calista to her lab, and gave her a quick tour of her lab and her workplace.
Calista looked around at the various machines and computers in wonder. She explained how Ebony was in charge of security, although she helped out in certain areas for that. Dee Dee showed Calista the various machines for turning a girl into a shemale, and gave her an overview of the process. Because Calista already had a technical background, and since she came from an advanced civilization, she caught on quickly to what Dee Dee showed her.
"And this here, is the actual security monitoring system," said Dee Dee. "Ebony's got an
identical system set up in her quarters. From here, we can look in on just about any part of the Island, inside or outside."
"What's that flashing red light, Dee Dee?"
"That's an indication of a system malfunction somewhere." Dee Dee clicked on it to bring up the details. "According to this, one of the perimeter doors is open, when it shouldn't be."
"Yesterday, Commander Rhiannon was a little ticked off, and she f***ed it open, when we arrived on the Island."
"You're k**ding me..." muttered Dee Dee. "I wasn't paying attention when she and Ebony had words in the auditorium; I thought she must've been joking." Dee Dee clicked a few more
keys, and toggled over to the video screen menu. "Well, let's just take a closer look, and see what's really happened."
A moment later the corridor leading to the perimeter door was displayed. The access door was still hanging at a crooked, unnatural angle on its hinges. The locking mechanism looked as though it had been pulled out of the doorframe by brute f***e.
"My god! Rhiannon wasn't k**ding after all," exclaimed Dee Dee.
"It's a combination of Rhiannon being older, with her body and strength fully developed;
plus she's been in the military for most of her life. She's been through all sorts of conditioning and enhancing programs. She's easily the most powerful woman on the ship. And she's cer-tainly someone that you don't want mad at you."
"You can say that again," admitted Dee Dee. "Well I'm smart enough not to make waves with Rhiannon about this. But that door will have to be fixed sooner or later. I'll have to make
a trip there, and get the part information off of that door. You're welcome to come with me, Calista. Or you can surf the Internet here for a bit until I'm back."
"If you don't mind, I'd like to find out more about these machines of yours, Dee Dee. It's
the technician in me, I guess."
"Well, if you insist." Dee Dee reached to a bookshelf and handed Calista a binder. Here's
an overview of things. If we had time, I'd sit down and explain it to you in detail, but it looks like you'll be leaving sometime later today."
"That's all right, Dee Dee. I can get an indication of how it works from some of the dia-
grams and schematics you've got here. Thanks."
"All right, Calista," said Dee Dee, as she headed for the door. "I shouldn't be gone too
long for this. Then I'll try to go over things in a little more detail while you're still here, when I'm done with this."
Dee Dee opened the door, and left her lab, and headed to assess the damage to the perimeter door.

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