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B6 Chapter 4 The Banquet

Chapter 4: The Banquet

The assemblage of women was seated around the large banquet table in the cafeteria, which Dee Dee and Tiffany had ordered set up for the occasion. A crew of serving girls from the kitchen had cleared away the dishes from the evening meal, which had just concluded. All of the women had eaten heartily, and drank the wine. The Vectrans, because of their different metabolism, had consumed and drank more than any of the other girls present.
Rhiannon pushed her chair back from the table slightly, and stretched her arms out, as she let her food settle. "Dee Dee, Tiffany, that was an absolutely delicious meal your girls prepared tonight. On behalf of all of us, I want to say thanks for treating us so well." The five other Vectran women also paid their compliments.
"Why thank you, Rhiannon," replied Tiffany. "I'm sorry we sort of got off on the wrong foot earlier. But it's good that we're able to find some common ground in certain things."
"Believe me, Tiffany," said Vantha, "after almost a week of 'fast food', you don't know how good it tastes to have real food again."
"Oh I can imagine," chuckled Tiffany. "Even we locals don't make a habit out of eating there on a regular basis."
At this point, Vantha leaned close to Rhiannon, and whispered in her ear. After a moment of close conversation, Rhiannon pulled away from her, and said, "All right, Vantha. I'll ask her for you."
"Vantha felt that I should be the one to ask this, since I'm the leader of our little band here," continued Rhiannon. "As we mentioned earlier this afternoon, all six of us watched that splendid little show between Jordan and Jeanne here, over one of your monitors, before we confronted you, and met each other.
"We've already explained to you that we're a form of shemales too. And quite frankly, watching your little 'duel' has made us horny as hell ever since. It didn't take too much deducting to figure out that you're isolated here on your Island, so that you can spend most of your time in the pursuits of pleasure.
"To make a long story short, Vantha's pussy is so wet, that you're probably going to need to have the chair she's been sitting on cleaned."
Vantha blushed for a moment. "With your permission Tiffany, I'd like to put on a solo show for everyone at the table. You'll get a much better idea of what we're like, and what we can do."

"I don't think there are any objections, are there?" said Tiffany as she surveyed the women at the table. All the girls' eyes lit up, and nods of eager approval came from everyone.
"I'm always looking to 'broaden my horizons'," said Barocca.
"I've been dying to see what you girls were like, when you started explaining things earlier today," said Dee Dee.
"All right. Looks like you've got a captive audience, Vantha," said Rhiannon. "Do your stuff, girl."
Vantha pushed her chair back from between Rhiannon and Barocca, and climbed onto the table. Vantha had already slipped off her shoes before perching on the table. All she had on now were her short pants and blouse.
"First, I'll get rid of these." Vantha quickly discarded the last two items, and was squatting on her knees, naked in front of everyone. Her skin was lightly tanned, and smoothly muscled. If it weren't for her larger physical size, no one would know she wasn't human.
Slightly puzzled looks came over the girls from the Island, as they surveyed Vantha, and appreciated her beauty. But there didn't seem to be any type of cock between her legs.
"I don't mean to be rude Rhiannon, but Vantha looks like any normal girl..." said Dee Dee.
"That's by design," Rhiannon replied. Vantha was kneeling, and had her eyes closed, and her arms at her sides, and appeared to be concentrating. "Watch carefully now."
Vantha took several deep breaths. Then her body shuddered, like she'd just dipped her toe into icy water, without realizing it was there. Suddenly, where there had been nothing between her legs, there now appeared a cock between Vantha's legs. Roughly a foot long, and almost as thick as any of the smaller girls' wrists, it hung well over halfway down her thighs. Beneath and behind the shaft rested two plump testicles easily the size of tennis balls.
Gasps of amazement circulated from the Island girls, as they watched the transformation on Vantha. Vantha began breathing normally again, and flashed a lustful smile to them, as she let them gaze at her limp cock.
"How in the world can she do that...." asked Tiffany.
"I told you earlier, Tiffany," said Rhiannon. "We're aliens, and our race is much older and much more advanced than yours. Our science has allowed us to do things with our bodies that you can barely imagine. To make a long story short, when we don't want our cocks, they're somewhere else; when we want to use them, they're between our legs where they're supposed to be."
Vantha knitted her brow, and her cock could be seen to be quickly coming to life and filling with bl**d. The sight of Vantha's enlarging cock mesmerized almost everyone at the table.

Now Rhiannon moved her chair closer to Tiffany's, and scooted her hips on the seat so that she was touching Tiffany. As Tiffany reacted to the sensation, Rhiannon extended her left arm behind her neck, and gently clasped her shoulder in an embrace. Tiffany turned her head, and gazed into Rhiannon's eyes. What she saw was genuine sweetness and friendliness in the eyes of the woman from another world.
Tiffany gave in to the moment, and placed her lips against Rhiannon's. The two girls kissed and explored each other's tongues for a moment. When they parted, Tiffany gazed at Vantha again, and was surprised at what she saw.
It couldn't have been more than a moment or two, but Vantha had a full, raging hard-on.
What's more, Tiffany hadn't seen her use her hands at all on her cock. Vantha's cock was easily three feet long, and was so hard, it looked as though it was made out of iron. A network of veins ran up and down the shaft, and the huge urethra tube bulged like it had a life of its own.
Sensing the amazement in Tiffany, Rhiannon explained. "Telekinesis, Tiffany. Or what you'd call 'mind control'. We've harnessed the potential of our minds, so we can do fantastic things with our bodies. But that's only a sample of what she can do."

Next, what appeared to be invisible hands started to stroke and grip Vantha's cock. The skin on the shaft began to move up and down, and her balls began to jostle back and forth. To everyone at the table, it was as though someone or something was masturbating Vantha's prick, or as though it were in the milking device.
The effect was not lost on the girls at the table. Everyone, Vectran or human, had her eyes riveted on Vantha. Tiffany knew that all of them must be fingering their clit, or stroking their cocks beneath the table, or both, as they watched Vantha.
Vantha began using her mental control to masturbate her cock, slowly and effectively. At first, Vantha was sitting on her rump, with her legs crossed in front of her, so that her crotch and balls were still visible. With her arms spread out to her sides for balance, Vantha began slowly turning in a circle, so that each girl on the table could get a full 'up close and personal' look at her beautiful cock.

A moment later, there came the soft staccato sound of the Velcro patch that held Tiffany's skirt together being gently pulled apart. Between watching Vantha, and holding Tiffany, Rhiannon was growing more and more excited, and she took the next step.
Tiffany found herself getting harder by the moment, and her cunt was already practically dripping. Rhiannon's hand was now softly kneading the inside of her upper thigh, and Tiffany felt it tenderly grazing her rapidly swelling testicles.
Rhiannon slid her hand around Tiffany's cock and brushed the tips of her fingers against her seeping cockhead. She whimpered at the contact, and a small amount of precum oozed out onto Rhiannon's hand. Tiffany's cock-knob was firm, yet the texture felt smooth and pliable, as if her crown was a lump of rock sheathed in a rubbery casing. Rhiannon fingered around Tiffany's knob and piss hole, then brought her hand up to her face and licked the slimy seepage from her fingers.
"Umm, you earth girls really do taste delicious," whispered Rhiannon.

Vantha knew that she had all eyes of the girls at the table riveted upon her. Any of them would make a fine partner to spend the evening with. Vantha continued to turn slowly on the table, making sure that every girl got a full, unobstructed view of her mammoth cockmeat, as she manipulated it with her telekinetic powers.
Every girl, whether Vectran or human stared at Vantha with unabashed lust in her eyes. All of them could be seen with their arms and shoulders fidgeting, as they fondled themselves beneath the table, and concentrated on keeping eye contact with Vantha.

Rhiannon ran the palm of her hand up and down the incredible length of Tiffany's throbbing cockshaft. She cupped Tiffany's balls and gasped when she felt how full they were. She squeezed the leathery jism sacs and Tiffany tossed her head. More slime bubbled from her piss hole. That massive slab of cockhead was starting to look like an eggplant in a cream sauce.
Rhiannon's right hand drew back up to Tiffany's cockhead, brushing lightly along the veined stalk. She slowly grasped Tiffany's prick with her hand. Tiffany's cock was so thick she could barely span it with her larger hand. Tiffany arched her back and her cockhead loomed out like a flesh-colored cannonball. Tiffany's rod throbbed against Rhiannon's palm as she pumped slowly up and down on it. Leaning closer, Rhiannon felt the heat of Tiffany's cock radiate into her face.
Rhiannon's hand squeezed compellingly. Tiffany reacted with a sudden hardening of herself. The still bulging head of Tiffany's cock now rested happily beneath her breasts, beneath the bra of her bikini. The other girls gazed across the table at the obvious display of Tiffany's excitement and wondered where it would go next. Ordinarily, Tiffany would shed her top, and surrender herself to passion of the moment. But with the delicate situation of embracing Rhiannon, watching Vantha, and all the other girls at the table, she held herself in check.
"Why, Tiffany, you naughty girl. I see you're excited too," Rhiannon crooned, squeezing the hardened shaft. "And very excited, if this is any indication. And it's so big! And very hard, too! Tiffany, I had no idea you were so well hung and so very passionate, as well. And you're practically sopping wet," Rhiannon gasped, her busy hand now gently working between Tiffany's legs, almost sending her through the roof.

At the opposite end of the table from Tiffany and Rhiannon, Vantha too gave into her curiosity and temptation. Vantha let her gaze settle upon Ebony, positioning herself directly in front of her. Vantha had rarely seen a dark-skinned woman such as Ebony, and her dusky looks fascinated her. Granted Barocca and several others were black women also, but Ebony's large physical size appealed to Vantha as though she was a distant relative.
Physically, Ebony and Vantha would be about the same height, if they stood next to each other. Ebony had a more muscular development, and would be a heavier, more imposing figure because of her fuller physique.
Vantha wasn't blind or deaf to the sounds and actions of Tiffany and Rhiannon behind her, but she also had formed her own plan for how she was going to carry on her solo show. Vantha leaned back slightly, but exercised her control, and kept her cock pointing straight up at the ceiling at a ninety-degree angle. Like any of the girls at the table, Vantha had developed near perfect control over her cock. She could prolong a masturbation session indefinitely, bringing herself just to the brink of release, and then forcing herself to hold back and abate. The rampaging f***e and pleasure of orgasm and ejaculation would occur only when she wanted it to.

Rhiannon seemed unaware of Tiffany's reaction as her hand continued its journey on her cock. It now stroked both Tiffany's thigh and testicle in f***eful tenderness. Rhiannon's hand now fondled the base of Tiffany's erection with vigorous strokes, causing her to squirm in reaction. It seemed to Tiffany, that Rhiannon's unintentional masturbation of her was automatic and solely in reaction to Vantha's enthusiastic performance on the table.
"Oh!" moaned Rhiannon, as Tiffany's cock grew thicker and harder in her hand. Now Rhiannon wrapped her arms about Tiffany in a hugging embrace. Her left hand slipped around Tiffany's shoulder and cupped Tiffany's breast seemingly by accident, while the other fondled the hardened shaft of her erection.
Rhiannon's embrace and fondling of Tiffany also increased. Tiffany squirmed in response as her erection throbbed visibly in reaction to the Vectran's ministrations. And then the welling sounds of pants and groans from the other girls around the table began to increase. No one had to be a genius to realize that the other girls were fondling their cock and balls, or fingering their pussies beneath the table, as they watched Tiffany and Rhiannon at play.
Rhiannon gasped huskily, her cheek resting on Tiffany's breasts as she squeezed the girl. Her hand was very busy now, caressing and clutching Tiffany's breasts, sending shooting thrills through the girl as her tumescent nipples responded.
Vantha's nostrils twitched as the fragrance of the various girls' hot pussy juices came drifting from beneath the table, tantalizing and intriguing. Her gigantic cock began to tingle and swell with excitement. Vantha knitted her brow, and concentrated on her control on her cock. Vantha let her cock lean forward slightly so the massive cockhead was directly in front of Ebony's face.
"Holy shit," Ebony gasped in awe when she gazed upon the magnitude of Vantha's cock.
It was the first time Ebony had ever seen a cock that was most likely larger than her own. Vantha's cockshaft was long and thick and gnarled with writhing veins.

"Tiffany, I just hope you don't stain your own seat, you naughty girl. Now you're getting me excited, too! Just feel this..." Rhiannon said breathily, guiding Tiffany's hand to her now jutting crotch.
"Turnabout is fair play," murmured Tiffany, as she reached down to explore Rhiannon's crotch. Tiffany could feel that Rhiannon was getting quite an erection, even through her short pants. Rhiannon relinquished her hold on Tiffany's cock, and undid the fly on her pants with her free hand. With her Vectran strength, she ripped the fabric almost completely down the middle, giving Tiffany easy access to her cock and balls.
"I've had my own set out and ready for quite some time, to be ready for you," said Rhiannon. Tiffany's eyes shot open in amazement, as her hand grasped Rhiannon's enlarging shaft that presented itself, and her hand began to stroke it apparently with a will of its own. "My god," thought Tiffany, "she's probably even bigger between her legs than Ebony!" The heavy, slick flesh jerked under her stroking and hardened even more rapidly, swelling larger by the moment.

As Vantha focused her powers, and moved the skin up and down on the shaft of her cock, the head of her prick loomed out, flaring naked from the leathery sheath like a dark slab of hot meat. Her piss hole was parted and already beginning to ooze spunk. At the other end of the elongated rod, her balls looked as big as softballs.
The lust in Ebony's face was unmistakable, as she stared at Vantha, oblivious to almost everything else. Vantha decided to push the envelope just a little further, before working her prick in earnest, and bringing herself to a climax. Vantha sat upright again, staring at the shaft of her massive prick as it shot into the air like a skysc****r in front of her body.
Vantha's cockhead was now directly in front of her face, swollen to the point that it was bigger than her fist. The lust and intensity radiating from Ebony as she watched was almost palpable, as she fought to remain under control.

"You're a naughty girl, my dear little Tiffany! So bad, and so big yourself," crooned Rhiannon, her hips slowly pumping in lascivious response to Tiffany's fondling. Rhiannon's head began to slowly lower, her tongue tracing fire down Tiffany's cheek. Tiffany gasped as her head went lower still, the madly swiping tongue leaping and darting wickedly.
Rhiannon rolled her hips, responding to Tiffany's heavy pumping stroke of her rapidly swelling cockflesh, aiming the now flaring crown of Rhiannon's erection at her own. Tiffany felt her own huge cock straining to meet Rhiannon's in its travels.
When Rhiannon rolled her hips to the side, Tiffany's questing hand found its way to her large testicles. Their meaty weight was tested, Tiffany hefting them and very gently squeezing the two large globes. They were more than adequate, and becoming much more so as they continued to swell. Tiffany's hand stroked lower, and encountered the lips of Rhiannon's portal beneath. The steamy cleft was slick and wet.
"Oh, Tiffany, you wicked little girl. You're going to drive me mad. I never thought you'd be so big. You're fucking huge!" murmured Rhiannon, her hand milking Tiffany's testicles, her tongue licking, her head lowering.
"And I see you're very talented and endowed as well, my naughty visitor," replied Tiffany. Her hand was very busy and her tongue and lips were busily investigating Rhiannon's exposed skin.

The head of Vantha's prick pumped in and out, swelling hugely as it flared from the dark foreskin. Thick veins writhed up the underside of her cock. Vantha's balls swelled and several nuggets of frothy precum dribbled from her gaping piss hole, splattering onto the table with an audible sound.
Ebony looked on approvingly, encouragingly, as Vantha continued her performance. The two girls exchanged heated glances and fleeting smiles, sharing their depravity. Vantha cupped her balls in her hands and began to pull them up and down, as if she were milking a cow. But those huge balls held a far creamier load than ever came from an udder. The sight of Vantha squeezing and milking her balls pushed Ebony over the edge. She could take no more.
Leaning forward, Ebony kissed Vantha's balls and slid her tongue over the swollen contours. Ebony lifted the bloated balls in her hands and licked under them. Vantha stared at Ebony down the length of the long, thick rod of her trembling cockshaft. The two girls' eyes met, and Vantha smiled wickedly, and nodded her approval.

Rhiannon's nuzzlings were interrupted for the moment, as she noticed the action taking place between Ebony and Vantha. Much to Tiffany's relief though, she saw Rhiannon and Vantha's gaze meet, and Rhiannon gave a smile, and quick nod of her head in approval to Vantha. Tiffany cuddled her lush body tightly to Rhiannon, and her ever moving hands still sent thrilling flashes of pleasure through Tiffany's responding cock.
"You naughty girl! You're driving me mad with your hand down there!" Rhiannon gasped, her hips rocking back and forth on Tiffany's fondling hand and kneading the slippery cuntflesh on the girl's digits. Rhiannon's erection was bouncing softly against Tiffany's left breast with each forward hunch.
Tiffany watched in amazement as Rhiannon's simmering tongue suddenly licked out and dabbed the red bulb of her own throbbing cock, as she held it close to her own left breast. Rhiannon's unusual form of masturbation increased as the worming tongue tip splayed over the rounded, wedge-shaped glans and made the coral flesh glisten wetly. Tiffany watched, stiffened and groaned as her own cock shuddered and hardened, growing even larger.
"I could do that now," thought Tiffany, "I could suck my own cock so very easily too. But that might spoil the moment, and there's so much more about Rhiannon and her girls that I want to discover."

Vantha whimpered as she felt the thick cum-load shift around inside her balls. Ebony's tongue tingled with the flavor of her ballmeat. Abandoned to dark desire, Ebony leaned in and slid her fingers up into Vantha's asshole, rimming that dark slot enthusiastically. Vantha's hips jolted as Ebony's fingers delved into her hole, sending her muscles and sinew rippling. She humped as Ebony's hand shot up her rectum again.

Vantha's slimy cocktip nudged against her lips, smearing precum onto her mouth. She whimpered and her tongue slid out. Vantha began to lick the dripping head of her cock. Ebony gave her asshole a last finger-thrust, then shifted back to fondle her balls while she waited for those balls to empty their load.
Vantha purred, her tongue flashing. Her cock was savory and her own cum was succulent. Vantha lapped the slime up as it bubbled from her cleft and shoved her tongue right up into her gaping piss hole.

The sight of Vantha tonguing her own cock must have triggered something in Rhiannon. That or the maddening cock the Vectran girl wore had its own mind. It was now lodged between her breasts and strained, throbbing almost hurtfully and swelled harder and larger, spreading her breasts further apart and working the heavy ball of its head upwards to freedom. It grew in rhythmic throbbing beats, seemingly intent on reaching her own lips. Tiffany noted with surprise that Rhiannon had pursed her lips, ovalling them as if in anticipation of its arrival.
The helmeted head of Rhiannon's cock had wormed its way between her breasts and was now plainly visible, jutting out from her own cleavage. It actually touched Rhiannon's cheek as she moved her head to lick her own massive erection. Tiffany could see heavy droplets of precum leaking from it and running down to disappear into the folds of her halter-top.

Vantha's saliva streamed over her cockhead, polishing her meat to a luster. She licked the underside of her cock-knob, at the sensitive spot where it flared out from her cockshaft and flared into the helmet shape. Vantha moaned in pleasure, her cockhead sliding along her pursed lips.
Vantha kissed the slimy tip of her prick and let her lips slowly part. Her cockhead was so huge that the girls at the table weren't sure that it would fit in her mouth. Vantha's lips stretched around it. She held steady, her hips quivering spasmodically as she worked her wide-open mouth farther onto her cockhead.
Ebony was afraid that Vantha might dislocate her jaw as she stuffed that delicious wedge of prick deeper into her mouth, stretching her lips as wide as they would go. Then, with a slurp, the huge cockhead jammed into her maw. Vantha's lips collared her thick prick and her cheeks hollowed inward as she sucked adoringly on that massive mouthful of gorgeous cockmeat.

Watching Rhiannon titfuck herself, Tiffany couldn't resist anymore, and gave in to the temptation. Arcing her hips so that her cock reared upwards, and pressing down on her breasts with the sides of her arms, Tiffany's own cock was quickly thrusting its head between her own impressive cleavage, just as Rhiannon's' was. Both girls had kept their tops on; Tiffany with a bikini bra, and Rhiannon with a halter-top, and the amount of titflesh on display was incredible.
Tiffany's rolling eyes fastened on the heavy flesh jutting out from between her cleavage. Tiffany peered down at her own throbbing erection poking up from between her breasts. Giving in to the incredible temptation of watching Vantha and being fondled by Rhiannon, she craned her head down and kissed the hot flesh of her cockhead, licked at it, working her tongue tip into the gaping hole in it. It answered with a small, spouting gush of precum. Tiffany clamped her lips around the now squirting hole, an obscene kiss, and swallowed the spurting discharge, sucking the cock tip greedily, and forcing herself to remain in control. The sensation was wonderful, but was not doing much to lower her desire and lust. The short, rhythmic gushing waned and finally ceased as she sucked wildly at the tip of her cock. It did not go soft. If anything, it felt like it throbbed to greater size and hardness.
Gasping, Tiffany let her head loll back against Rhiannon's arm. She gazed downward, and saw that Rhiannon was busily sucking her own flaring hardness, her other hand now busy with Tiffany's burgeoning flesh, while Tiffany's hand stroked lovingly in response and worked its way deeper into the hot, wet, slick hole of Rhiannon's steaming cunt.

Meanwhile, the huge slab that was Vantha's cockhead filled her mouth to the brim so that, although she bobbed her head up and down in the classic blowjob motion, she could not take more than an inch or two of her shaft into her maw. The tip of her cockhead was wedged into her throat, dribbling pre-cum down her gullet. Vantha was trying her best to deep-throat her own prick, but her knob was too fat to fit down her throat and she had to content herself with nursing on her cockhead while the rest of her gigantic prick stood out, unswallowed, a great tubular bridge spanning the distance between her mouth and her balls.
Vantha purposely relaxed her lips and dripped pre-cum onto her chin and her cock. Her tits heaved as she sucked on her own cockmeat. Vantha gurgled and gasped as she nursed on her succulent prickhead. Her lips were turned almost inside out around her cockshaft, showing pink against the dark cockmeat. More globs of jism seeped from her mouth and slid down her chin.
Vantha arched her back, leaning away as her cock rammed into her face and thrusting her tits up, so that her cock was stroking against her cleavage as it fucked into her mouth. She cupped her tits in her hands, clamping her deep cleavage around the sides of her cockstalk, loving the way that thick rod throbbed in her tit tunnel as the enormous crown pulsed and rippled in her mouth.

Tiffany squirmed in her seat. Rhiannon's hand was centered on her throbbing erection, caressing and stroking the hot, hard flesh to the bursting point, the other busy milking and squeezing Tiffany's tits through the fabric, while her head bobbed rapidly up and down on her own engorged, pumping flesh. Tiffany's left hand worked at Rhiannon's hot, wet cunt while her right rubbed her own swirling pool of heat beneath her heavily inflated testicles. Tiffany began to feel herself surrendering to the overwhelming yearning, completely oblivious to her location, and all the other girls' eyes upon her. Her only thought now was the overwhelming desire now driving her body to relieving her passionate yearning. Tiffany felt her needs bending to a single end: to suck and be sucked.
Rhiannon ceased her head bobbing, her face showing close-eyed rapture as saliva ran down her chin from her lust-slackened lips as she withdrew her head off of her pulsing cockhead. Tiffany looked at the invitingly glistening head of Rhiannon's hardened cock as it quivered in a heavy beating rhythm between her breasts. The wedge shaped head was deep scarlet, heavily bl**d engorged. It flared from the tapering shaft end that looked like it was about to burst, jutting from between Rhiannon's massive breasts.

All of the incredible sexual activity was not lost on the remaining girls sitting at the table. Every girl was jerking off her cock beneath the table, or fingering her clit, or both. Everyone's attention was riveted on either Ebony and Vantha at one end, or Tiffany and Rhiannon as they embraced at the other end.
Perhaps no one appreciated what was happening more than Barocca. She could see the way that Vantha had fallen for Ebony's dark skin and good looks. And she had certainly noticed the way that other girls, both Vectran and human had stared at herself, Jeanne and Persia throughout the day.
"Well, if Ebony can get that kind of response out of Vantha," thought Barocca, "let's just see what kind of a rise I can get out of Rhiannon." A devious plan was forming in her mind. Barocca wasn't going to be foolish enough to try and intrude on the scene between Tiffany and Rhiannon. But she was going to take a chance and see just how Rhiannon reacted when she got a good look at more 'dark meat'.
Barocca was every bit as aroused as any girl at the table from watching the two different sex scenes taking place, if not more so. Her cock was already starting to feel like it would burst through her panties. Barocca quietly scooted her chair back about a foot from the table, and deftly pulled her panties down so that the shaft of her cock was free. She relaxed the mental control over her cock, and let nature take its course, hoping she could reach a full erection in record time. Although her balls were still confined, Barocca knew there would be plenty of time for further fun and games if Rhiannon and the other Vectrans liked what they saw.

By now, both Tiffany and Rhiannon realized that as pleasant and arousing as the situation was, that they needed greater freedom of movement for the games to proceed. They separated just long enough so that each could pull her cock out from between her breasts, and they were now in full view of everyone at the table.
Both girls' cockheads were similar in shape, although Rhiannon's was bigger in diameter. Tiffany had reached her full length of two feet. Because of her larger size, Rhiannon had a length of over three feet, her cock being similar to Ebony's.
Rhiannon's cockhead now weaved under Tiffany's chin, the bulging shaft teasing Tiffany's swollen nipples as it brushed against them, until they hurt in bulging hardness. The huge shaft springing from Tiffany's cleft responded in kind, now painfully throbbing in rocklike hardness.
The two massive cocks, Tiffany's a dark, ruddy pink, and Rhiannon's wet and reddish brown, rubbed and slid against each other as their bodies writhed in increasing desire. Two hands slid and diddled faster and faster at two over-brimming clefts. Tiffany opened her lips, and began to feverishly kiss Rhiannon, licking and nuzzling the pleasure-giving face. Rhiannon answered, and their lips met in an impassioned kiss, smoldering heat passing between them as their tongues danced and slid together, each probing the other's mouth deeply.
Each of their splaying tongues wormed deep into each other's mouth. The effect was incredible. Rhiannon's hands were now wrapped about Tiffany's straining shaft and brutally milking it, masturbating the girl as her own massive shaft danced and waved wildly about with each movement, bouncing and slapping on exposed flesh.

Barocca observed the action taking place, and smiled. There was so much raw sex happening, it wasn't necessary to fondle or stroke herself to get an erection. In moments, Barocca's cock had reached its full length of two feet, making itself a chocolate colored twin to Tiffany's long pole. Barocca was so horny, she felt she could almost duplicate Vantha's act of making herself cum without using her hands. But Barocca didn't want to cum; at least not yet. She wanted Rhiannon to notice her, and then desire her. Once that happened, Barocca's plan would be on its way.
Moaning, Rhiannon relinquished her grip on Tiffany's sprouting cock, and drew the girl into a tight embrace. Now, both incredible shafts, Tiffany's a ruddy column, Rhiannon's a tapering sequoia, were trapped between them. They slid and rubbed against each other and the imprisoning mounds of their breasts. They kissed and sucked at each other's tongues with a crazed desperation, Rhiannon clenching Tiffany tighter to her, while Tiffany's hand rubbed and stroked crazily at the Vectran woman's brimming cuntal flesh.
Rhiannon drew back, the length of her tongue sliding out of Tiffany's mouth. Both girls' coral spears of heated tongueflesh slowly withdrew into their respective havens wetly.
"I must have you Tiffany, you naughty girl. I want you in my mouth, you nasty little girl!" husked Rhiannon. She embraced Tiffany, her massive charms mashing against her as she clasped the moaning and gasping girl. Each of their pulsing cocks were sliding between the other's breasts. Rhiannon gazed down upon Tiffany's gleaming sweat-slicked flesh with desire and want plainly on her face.
Tiffany's erection felt as if it were about to burst from the pressure. Her vagina clenched and spasmed, searing her with need. Her nipples jutted in throbbing hurt, swollen and plainly visible, even through her bikini top, atop the mounds of her shuddering breasts. Tiffany's hips slowly pump-fucked uncontrollably, driving her massive member slipping rapturously against the twin hillocks of Rhiannon's tits.

Ebony was licking up from Vantha's balls now, her wet tongue slurping along the swollen vein that seamed the underside of her prick. She lifted her lips to Vantha's big cockshaft and drew her mouth up and down, as if she were playing a flute.
Starving for fuck-juice, Vantha was sucking furiously. Her cockhead was so huge that it was pressing both of her cheeks out at the same time, while the tip nudged into her throat and began to spill more cum out.
Vantha bellowed in her throat, and tilting her head back as her cock-knob lunged into her mouth. Vantha was going crazy now. She knew the delights of oral sex, having been sucked off with regularity by Rhiannon and others, but this was the first time Vantha had ever sucked on her own prick for an audience like this, and she was in ecstasy.
"Umf--ungh--umm--" gurgled Vantha, nursing greedily on her cockmeat, while Ebony purred as she pulled her lips up and down on her balls; and as she pressed her parted lips against those inflated balls she felt Vantha's titanic orgasm commence.
"Vantha!" Ebony wailed. "She's gonna blow!"

With a gleeful grin, Rhiannon reached down between Tiffany's legs and grasped, as well as she could, considering the enormous size, the base of the girl's pounding cock. Tiffany gazed down at the overwhelming phenomenon presented before her. Tiffany gaped in awe, as she and Rhiannon were pressed so close together, she almost seemed to have two incredibly large erections jutting upwards from her crotch.
"Now, my naughty, evil little girl," whispered Rhiannon as she gripped Tiffany's cock even tighter. "I'm going to pay you back for getting me so excited. You've gotten me so hot and bothered I'm about to explode!" Rhiannon now grasped both straining cocks just beneath their swollen heads and began to slowly masturbate them.
Tiffany felt something like thick, heavy and incredibly hot magma pooling at the base of her cock and building in pressure. She could only gape at the incredible presentation of pulchritude and lascivious flesh before her as she felt herself increase in internal tension until she felt she was about to erupt.
Rhiannon licked her lips slowly in a lewd display as she smiled at Tiffany with lecherous relish. Tiffany saw that both of their shafts had grown so large, that Rhiannon's hands couldn't fully encompass the hot flesh of their respective cocks.
A rivulet of cum trickled from Tiffany's now throbbing cock. Rhiannon splayed out her large tongue and carefully licked up each droplet with obvious relish.
Tiffany thought she would explode there and then as an incredible bolt of pleasure blasted through her. The molten pool of magma began a sluggish rise up the lengthy erection, each inch of travel a searing ecstasy that sent Tiffany into writhing, moaning euphoria.
"Now, my ill-behaved little girl, I'm going to give you your just deserts; and mine, too!" Rhiannon cooed. "I'm going to jerk and suck you absolutely dry, and drive you crazy, just like you've done to me. Oh! I'm so incredibly hot! You've made me crazy, you evil little girl!" Rhiannon said in a husky whisper. With a maddening slowness, Rhiannon smiled and opened her mouth to gaping dimensions and slowly, ever so voluptuously, swallowed Tiffany's cockhead in her mouth. Rhiannon clutched Tiffany's shaft and stroked it frenziedly, along with her own with her other hand. Rhiannon's cock throbbed wildly, as it began to emit its own stream of cum.

"Umm--umm--" Vantha moaned, eagerly awaiting the slimy deluge to erupt from her cock, as she felt the pleasure escalate past the point of no return. Her eyelashes fluttered, her lips pulled, her nimble tongue laved her cockmeat.
To everyone's surprise, Vantha suddenly released her cockhead from her mouth. Vantha lifted her hands off the table, and let her torso slowly lean backwards, until she was almost parallel to the table.
Now, not only was Ebony still fondling and stroking Vantha's nuts, she also got a full view of Tiffany and Rhiannon coupled together at the opposite end of the table.
The fuck-juice burst from Vantha's balls and came rushing up her cock in a torrent. The first creamy spurt hosed the breasts of Tiffany and Rhiannon, splattering loudly, and taking everyone by surprise.

Tiffany gaped dazedly as Rhiannon's emissions dripped between her. Seconds later, Vantha's jism landed on both of their breasts and soiled her bikini bra. Each large drop landed audibly, and sent a spear of heat through her, as her breasts were splattered again by Rhiannon's spouting cock. Tiffany's nipples seemed to flare into twin novas, as her orgasm hit her.
All the girls at the table had seen the incredible, powerful orgasms the oversized shemale cocks could produce, when they were pumped to a frenzy as they were now. What surprised some girls was the incredible control that Vantha was exercising over her cock. Without using her hands, Vantha was keeping her cock as still as a rifle barrel, as she plastered Tiffany and Rhiannon with her load again and again, from an unusual angle.
Rhiannon's breasts billowed as her breathing increased, as her own orgasm overtook her. Long streams of cum jetted out from Rhiannon's cock, and flowed over Tiffany's own massive boobs. Tiffany felt like her nipples were thrusting forward and enlarging on their own.
Tiffany cried out at the incredible excitement, and felt her nipples tingle and then shrieked as she came. Her massive knockers began to shudder, growing firmer as the twin shafts of both cocks exploded in flooding gushes of cum. Rhiannon also moaned and screamed, writhing crazily as she fought to swallow the sudden torrent of cum that Tiffany was shooting into her mouth, as they both orgasmed.
Tiffany and Rhiannon swallowed fast, gulping the cum down ravenously, making room for more as Vantha pumped another hot load across the table directly at them.
Gurgling, bubbling sounds came from Tiffany's stuffed mouth as she gobbled jism down voraciously. Frothy white cum overflowed her parted lips, sliding in slippery sheets down onto her cleavage. Rhiannon whipped her hand up and down her cockrod and slurped up the delicious overflow from Tiffany's throbbing prickshaft. With a small sigh of reluctance, Rhiannon released her mouth from Tiffany's cock so she could better absorb the flying jism from both Tiffany and Vantha.

Ebony continued to squeeze and milk Vantha's balls, and the incredible stroking action on the shaft of her cock continued through her telekinetic powers, as Vantha continued to shoot wad after wad onto Tiffany and Rhiannon's faces and into both their mouths.
Both Tiffany and Rhiannon lost all control now, and stroked their cocks as fast and as hard as they could. The incredible, frenzied stroking actions on their pricks caused them to sway back and forth, rocketing long thick streams of jism in all directions.
Swallowing steaming hot, tangy fuck-juice out of Vantha and Rhiannon's prick was driving Tiffany to a frenzied bliss. Jets of cum hit her throat, skimmed over her tongue, darted into her hollowed-in cheeks, sloshed through her teeth and washed over her gums. Shards of cum hung from the roof of her mouth and her tongue was submerged in slime.
For well over a minute, all three girls pumped their cocks, and shot off cum in what appeared to be a never-ending waterfall.
Both Tiffany and Rhiannon drank the cum down as fast as they could, while Vantha thundered on and on, squirting her jism across the table, into their mouths and onto their boobs.
Tiffany kept right on pumping her cock, coaxing more slime from her own piss hole, forcing another long, gooey wad out, twisting her hand around on that fat knob as if she were trying to unscrew a lid as she emptied her balls.
Rhiannon slurped the overflow from the her own cockshaft and, starved for cum to the end, kept her mouth wide open for the flying thick streams from Vantha's cock. She leaned her head down and lapped up blobs of jism that had splashed onto Tiffany's tits. Between them, Tiffany and Rhiannon licked themselves clean, swallowing nearly every slimy drop of the spume from three different cocks.

As Tiffany and Rhiannon began to clean themselves, Vantha's massive missile finally began to end its torrent of cum spurting. At last, Vantha slowed, her body trembling. Ebony, pushed nearly to the breaking point, pulled Vantha's cock to her mouth, and greedily sucked the fat cockhead, devouring the remnants of her jism, as she milked her balls one final time, to fully drain the delicious jism out of them.
Tiffany's mouth was still full of jism and she tilted her head back and let that last mouthful trickle down her gullet drop by delicious drop. Vantha uncurled her legs, looking dazed and delighted, by the abundance of the cum-load she'd helped produce. Tiffany had rarely swallowed so much cum at one time before, even on the memorable nights at the Island. She leaned forward and kissed the tip of Rhiannon's saliva-soaked prick affectionately, grateful for the sweet cum it had spilled into her belly.
And as Tiffany kissed Rhiannon's cockhead, it rippled, lurched and ballooned, as big and as hard as ever. Both Vantha and Rhiannon's potent pricks were ready for more action, without even a momentary pause, and their balls were recharging themselves already.

As for Barocca, her plan was going better than she had dared hope. Barocca had merely had to watch the incredible near-orgy on the table, and her cock had sprung to its full raging hardness, coming to the level of her breasts in her bikini top. Tiffany and Rhiannon's frantic strokings had sent numerous huge globs of jism her way, and Barocca had eagerly caught them in her mouth.
As delicious as both girls' jism was, Barocca f***ed herself not to swallow it just yet. Once the other three girls' orgasms had finally abated, and order was beginning to be restored, Barocca went into action. Releasing a small mouthful of jism directly on her cockhead for lubrication, Barocca began stroking her own cock. In no time, her humongous shaft was glistening in the lights of the room like it was coated in motor oil, and producing a distinct assortment of slicking and slapping sounds as she stroked herself.
Barocca's actions had exactly the result she was hoping for. Rhiannon and Tiffany, as well as the other girls, turned their attention to the sounds Barocca was making. Rhiannon stared at Barocca with uncontrolled lust. Barocca had been counting on the Vectran girls to be just as interminably horny as the Island girls. From the look in Rhiannon's eyes, she knew she wouldn't be disappointed. Barocca flashed her most devilish smile, and coyly licked the edge of cockhead, staring directly at Rhiannon.

By this time, Tiffany knew there wasn't really any way to quiet and dispel all of the overly horny females in the room. The best thing that she could hope for was to exercise some type of control over the situation, and hope that things worked out for the best.
"Wow. That is certainly one way to start things off with a bang, if I do say so myself," said Tiffany, as she caught her breath. "Rhiannon, when you said 'thanks' and that Vantha wanted to put on a show for us, I had no idea what to expect."
"And you were certainly everything I thought you'd be and then some, yourself," replied Rhiannon as she directed her attention back to Tiffany.
"Okay everyone," said Tiffany. "I won't try and k** anybody. After what we've just seen here tonight, everyone's balls are probably ready to explode by now, even if you haven't relieved yourselves yet. And even those of us who got a 'head start' are far from finished for the night.
"Since our minds are obviously all on the same thing, I suggest we declare the night open for whatever fun and games may happen next." Tiffany turned to face Rhiannon and Barocca. "How do the two of you feel about this?"
"I agree with you completely, Tiffany," said Barocca. "I propose a truce for the next few days, between your girls and my girls, while we get to know our new friends here better."
"You heard the ladies, girls," said Rhiannon. "I'm declaring twenty-four hours of liberty for everyone here. I'm sure that you can each find someone here to be intimate with. Plus there are many other girls on the Island, that I'm sure would love to meet you too."
"The only thing I'd suggest," added Tiffany, "is that any girls who go off with the Vectran girls, is for both sides to use caution and a little common sense as you have fun. We're all tougher than we look, as far as taking huge cocks here on the Island. But if Vantha and Rhiannon are any indication, you may bite off more than you can chew, in terms of cocks."
"All right girls. Do whatever your little hearts desire," said Rhiannon. "Have as much fun as you want, but be safe while you do it. As for myself, I'm going to get to know Barocca here much better tonight."
The rest of the girls quickly backed away and rose from the table. Rhiannon and Barocca were two of the first to leave.
Ebony and Vantha left together next, to continue what they'd started at the table.
Jordan and Cleo left for the night with two of the younger Vectrans, Dejah and Kristal.
Dee Dee had become fascinated with the only girl who was not a shemale, Calista, and departed with her for the night.
Tiffany and Clyda locked eyes with Rayleena, and immediately felt a strong attraction between the three of them for fun and games.

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