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B6 Chapter 2 The Contest

Chapter 2: The Contest

It was now Sunday, the day of the first of the challenges or events between Jeanne and Jordan, to determine the ultimate fate of the Island. Both Barocca's group with Jeanne, as well as Tiffany's group, represented by Jordan, had filed onto the stage in the auditorium. On the opposite side of the stage, the other amazons on the Island filled almost every seat. No one wanted to miss the show.
"All right everyone, " said Tiffany as she addressed the audience, "I want to thank you all for showing up here today. As you know, this contest is to determine who will eventually be in control of the Island, and how things are run."
Tiffany turned to face the girls on the stage. "I want to establish up front, so that everyone knows it, that is only the first of many contests that will be held between Jordan and Jeanne. This is a marathon; not a sprint. So no matter how this turns out today, this will not be the final verdict. There's still a long ways to go. Does everyone here understand that?"
Barocca and Jeanne nodded their assent.
Dee Dee and Jordan showed they acknowledged Tiffany also.
"The advantage to the winner today will be significant though," added Tiffany. "They'll get to decide the next contest, and the particulars on how it's held. After that, it will switch to the other side, and we'll keep going until there's a clear cut winner that everyone agrees upon."

As two of Barocca's girls began preparing Jeanne for the Milking device, two girls from Tiffany's group began doing the same procedure on Jordan.
No one in the auditorium had any idea that they had a second audience watching them by now. Rhiannon and the five Vectran girls had made their way into the conference room, and were just now seeing them through the closed-circuit television there.
Jordan and Jeanne each settled into the padded backrest of the two Milking devices. Each side had selected two girls to perform as the nymphs, and do the preparations to the girls' cocks. Each girl had removed her clothing, and the nymphs now began stroking Jordan and Jeanne's pricks, bringing them alive and starting the growth towards full erection.

Dee Dee had come over to Jordan, and was inspecting the sheath and other pieces to be used on Jordan's prick.
From the other Milking device came Jeanne's taunting voice. "Hey, blondie! Take a look at this!" Jeanne had reached a full erection faster than anyone thought possible, and was obviously enjoying the nymphs as they coated her cock with the special oils.
"That's nice, but I've seen bigger," said Jordan. "You're not gonna spoil things and shoot off already are you?"
At this point, Barocca came over to Jeanne, pretending to be doing the same inspecting as Dee Dee, and she admonished Jeanne with a withering gaze.
"Just remember, Jordan," said Dee Dee. "Take things naturally, and do it the way you did the first time in the machine." She was now close enough that only Jordan could hear her next words. "With the added punch that I've given your balls, you'll blow this smart-ass bitch away."
The nymphs now had each girl with a full hard-on, and they had applied the coating of the special oils to help protect their pricks for the rigors to come. Next came the special over-sized bands that fitted around the base of their cocks. These were crossed, so that they formed a second loop with the remaining portion of the band. The nymphs f***ed the girls' balls through these, and then let the band contract. They drew back, letting the girls adjust them on their shaft and balls, and to allow them to settle into place.
Once the band was in place on Jeanne's cock, her shaft appeared to bulge out even thicker than before, and the network of veins on it was incredible.
"Hey, you're not hung half bad for a white gal," Jeanne called out. "Do you still think you've got a chance in this?"
"Oh I think I'll be all right," replied Jordan. She reached down to fondle her balls. They had already swollen so that they were larger than two tennis balls, and almost seemed to pulse with a life of their own.
Barocca glanced over and got a good look at Jordan's enormous nuts. Their hefty size began to worry Barocca, but she covered it up. "Don't worry, Jeanne. She looks like that because she doesn't have a set of Milking equipment of her own. The pieces she's borrowed are probably too small for her is all."
The next step was fitting the sheaths onto the shaft of Jordan and Jeanne's cocks. After these had settled into place, and it was determined that they wouldn't constrict with any other movement, the headpiece was next.
Now one of the nymphs from each side carefully placed a plastic headpiece over both Jeanne and Jordan's cockhead. The lubrication had already been applied to the headpiece as well as to the flesh, so they both slipped on with a slight amount of f***e. Now they were each firmly held in place as they formed and gripped around the rim of their cockheads.
The final step was to connect a piece of tubing from the tapered end of the headpiece to the containers that were mounted on a small table in front of both the girls.
"I think we're ready to start," observed Tiffany, as she watched all the preparations. "Are there any objections from anyone?" There was silence from Barocca and Jeanne.
Dee Dee and Jordan simply nodded as one. "Let's get started," said Jordan.

"All right everyone, this is the moment you've been waiting for," said Tiffany. "Barocca, you'll be responsible for the Milking treatment to Jeanne. Dee Dee, you'll handle the duties on Jordan.
"Each side can take as long as they want, before they finally climax, and fill as much of those containers as they can. There's no formal time limit for this event. Obviously, the longer one girl can hold out in the machine, and the more adept her partner is at the controls, the better the results will be. But none of us has lasted more than an hour in the Milking device, without giving in and shooting off.
"Okay. I'm not going to stand here and play 'referee' all day. I've been looking forward to this as much as anyone. Dee Dee, Barocca, the girls' fate is in your hands now." Tiffany took a seat on the side of the stage to watch.
Dee Dee and Barocca now began manipulating the controls at their consoles. A series of infrared sensors eliminated the need for cumbersome wires or tubing between the girls and the control panels.
The sheaths around the girls' cocks began to slowly pump up and down. Jordan and Jeanne began to moan in pleasure as they enjoyed the effects of the machine.
Both Barocca and Dee Dee were experts at working the controls of the machine, and at being able to tell just how stimulated and excited a girl was under the machine's ministrations.
Barocca had spent many hours with Jeanne in all sorts of sexual scenarios at her hotel to help prepare her for the contests to come. She felt she knew Jeanne's cock better than Jeanne herself.
Dee Dee had experienced sex with Jordan several times on the Island, as they prepared her in their own way for the contest. And Dee Dee was also intimately familiar with just how strong and powerful Jordan's nuts truly were, after the special operation she had performed on them several days ago.

At first, Barocca and Dee Dee challenged each other with snappy retorts as they were just starting to perform their actions on the two girls' cocks. Then they quickly realized that this was a very serious event, and that it would require all of their attention, if their girl was to come out on top.
For most of the next half hour, Dee Dee and Barocca carefully brought Jordan and Jeanne just to the brink of orgasm, and then pulled back at just the right moment, again and again. They would pause and wait a few moments for the feelings in the girls' cocks to subside, and then begin the process again.
Jordan and Jeanne's bodies became coated with sweat as they fought to control their cocks, along with the effects of the Milking machines. Jordan had been through the stress of a Milking session before, and had an idea of what to expect from the machine.
Jeanne became caught up in the incredible f***e that the machine could produce on her cock, and the feelings it generated. Several times, she became almost d***k with the pleasure that was throbbing through her prick, and the feeling of power that flushed through her, as she saw her cock taken to levels far beyond anything Barocca had been able to produce at the hotel.
"Look at this fuckin' piece of meat, blondie!" Jeanne called out. The shaft of Jeanne's cock, and the veins on it were throbbing to a degree that had rarely been seen before. Jordan merely closed her eyes, and concentrated on maintaining her control on her own cock.
"Geez, Jeanne, remember where you're at," muttered Barocca. She made several adjustments to the sensations on Jeanne's prick. "This isn't a 'size contest', or to see who can cum first."
"Trouble in paradise, Barocca?" Dee Dee quipped out of the side of her mouth. Barocca shot her an ugly glance. "There's nothing in the rules about verbal taunting. Of course, if it makes Jeanne lose control and shoot off too soon, that's your problem."

For a moment, Barocca said nothing, as she concentrated on her control panel. "Taunts are the last thing you should worry about, Dee Dee. Look at Jeanne's prick. It's so thick and powerful, she's almost ready to bust through that sheath at the seams."
Dee Dee stared at Jeanne's cock from her seat, and she was impressed by it, even at a distance. "She's outstanding. I'll certainly admit that, Barocca. But the shaft is just a delivery tube for the main event. As you know, the real payload comes from the balls. Take a look at what Jordan's got underneath her prick."
At the base of Jordan's cock, her nuts had swelled to the point that they were now larger than two softballs. Jeanne's own set of balls was considerably larger than when she had started, but there was no comparison as to which girl had the larger set.
"Aren't they awesome?" Dee Dee giggled. "I'd hate to have to try and swallow all of the jism those babies could churn out. I'm almost jealous..."
Barocca snorted in contempt. Dee Dee's fetish with her ball size, and the way she'd custom developed her cock was well known on the Island. Barocca redoubled her efforts, and continued making adjustments to the machine, as it performed its duty on Jeanne's prick.
For another half an hour, Dee Dee and Barocca continued pumping and priming Jordan and Jeanne's pricks for the massive orgasm that was awaiting them. Each girl was sweating profusely now, and panting audibly, as they fought to remain in control.
Finally, Dee Dee decided to break the deadlock between Jordan and Jeanne. "Well, I don't know about you, but Jordan's been in the machine for an hour now. I think she's ready to burst by now." Dee Dee raised her head and called out to Jordan. "Ready or not, here we go, girl! Get ready!" Dee Dee increased the rate on the machine so that it would take Jordan past the point of no return, and start the orgasm on her.
"Yes!" shouted Jordan. "Oh, fucking yes!" as the incredible feelings of her orgasm overtook her body. Quickly, Jordan reached down and began squeezing and milking her balls with her hands. Jordan's nuts had swollen to the point so that she could only grasp the sides of her sacs, but she was still able to squeeze them vigorously.
Jordan's cock throbbed so violently, that Dee Dee thought the headpiece might fly off from the f***e. An instant later, a long thick stream of jism landed in the container from Jordan's cock. It landed against the side of the container like water being shot out of a hose.
Jeanne could instantly sense what was happening to Jordan, and she screeched out to Barocca. "Do it to me, Barocca! Push me over the edge. Do it now!"
Barocca realized that both girls were at the point of no return now, and she also sent the machine into a higher gear, forcing Jeanne to the brink and past it.
Within seconds, Jeanne was howling like a banshee, and squeezing her own set of balls, as she began filling the container with her own load of jism.
For over several minutes, both girls panted and yelled in pleasure, as their cocks filled the two containers with what seemed like a never-ending stream of cum. It was difficult to tell which girl had the lead at the moment. As the containers filled, each stream of jism splashed loudly in the containers, and against the walls. The sperm in the containers almost resembled a storm at sea, never remaining level until the end of the girls' orgasms.
Eventually, both girls filled the containers well past the halfway mark on each of them.

Jeanne was the first girl to exhaust herself first. Jordan continued her orgasm for another thirty seconds, emptying several more long, thick streams of jism into the container.
Enthusiastic shouts of excitement and applause rained in from the crowd of amazons, as they congratulated the two girls on a superb effort in the Milking devices. Dee Dee and Barocca shut off the machines. The nymphs came forward from the sides to remove the equipment from Jeanne and Jordan. Both girls were still panting, and would take a few moments to completely recover.
With the machines safely off, Dee Dee and Barocca came to inspect the two containers. The cum had just now fully settled to an even level, so the winner could be determined.
"I don't think I believe this," said Barocca with rage. The container with Jordan's cum was almost two inches higher than the level in Jeanne's.
"What's not to believe, Barocca? We both saw Jordan start to cum before Jeanne, and she even outlasted her by a little bit. You can see the results for yourself."

"That's just what I'm talking about, damn it!" exclaimed Barocca. "Nobody pumps out loads like this, not even in the Milking device. Not you. Not me. Not Tiffany. Not anybody! You've done something to stack the deck in your favor!"
"You're a fine one to talk about cheating, Barocca!" Dee Dee shouted back. "Come back to the control panels and let me show you something. You've been around the Island long enough to know that these instruments can also monitor pulse, respiration, and other body levels while the girls are in the Milking device." Dee Dee hit the ALT-TAB keys to toggle to another screen on the system.
"I installed this feature so that we could monitor a girl's health while she was in the machine, as a safety precaution," Dee Dee continued. "Anyone who's been in the Milking device, or taken part in any of the procedures knows damned well that they're here. Including you."
"So what the hell are you trying to say?" asked Barocca.
"I'm going to take a look at the girls' body readouts while they were here, and then we'll see if you're the saint that you claim to be, Barocca," replied Dee Dee as she peered at the readouts on the screen.
"This is just as I thought," said Dee Dee. "Tiffany, please pull down the projection screen in the center of the stage. I'm going to project these onto that, so that everyone here can see for themselves what I've found, and that there won't be anything questionable about what I show."

Dee Dee clicked a few keys, and the image on her screen was suddenly displayed on the large overhead screen.
"On the left, you'll see Jordan's readouts, as she spent time in the Milking device," Dee Dee announced. "The screen is clear enough that you can see the scale, and how some of them increased as we went along.
"On the right is Jeanne's chart, with the same scale. Notice how every one of Jeanne's readings is twenty to thirty percent higher than Jordan's; even before we started the Milking process. Her estrogen count, her white bl**d cell count, everything you can think of, is quite higher than Jordan's, across the board."
Grumblings of hate and distrust were becoming audible in the audience, as they began to understand what Dee Dee was showing them, about Barocca's treatment of Jeanne.
"Offhand, I'd guess you've been pumping Jeanne full of every vitamin that you could get your hands on from this place, to try and give her an unfair advantage yourself," said Dee Dee.
"All right! All right!" shouted Tiffany, as she came between Dee Dee and Barocca. "It's painfully obvious that both sides have been trying to stack things in their favor. I should've expected this much from the two of you.
"I can see that any lecture I give you about 'playing fair' would be wasted. Like I said before, this is only the first event of the contest. We still have a long ways to go. Barocca, you and Jeanne will just have to wait until it's your turn, and then you can come up with whatever type of contest that you think Jeanne can win at."
"And I'm still gonna kick your little blonde ass in the long run!" shouted Jeanne at Jordan, as she was helped out of the Milking device by the nymphs.
"Yeah, right," muttered Jordan. "Next thing I know, you'll be calling me out after school."
"You think I'm fucking k**ding, girl?" Jeanne growled at Jordan.

"I think you're fucking overrated," retorted Jordan. "And I mean that literally!"
Ebony strolled over to Jeanne and Barocca to voice her contempt. "Looks like your master plan backfired, Barocca. You're like the coyote in the cartoons. You keep trying and trying, but you never get the job done."
"Shut the fuck up, Ebony!" yelled Jeanne. "Barocca's my friend, and nobody talks to her like that. Especially not a fucking freak like you!"
"Jeanne, have you lost your marbles?" exclaimed Barocca.
"That's not all you're gonna lose, you little bitch," said Ebony, as she made a fist.
"Everybody settle down, damn it!" shouted Tiffany. "Barocca if you and your damned pet don't control yourselves this instant, I will turn you over to Ebony. Exposé or no exposé.
"And Dee Dee, you can get rid of the 'innocent act'. I hate to agree with Barocca, but it's obvious Jordan's had some kind of extra help here."

Tiffany turned to face Ebony, and tried to reason with her.
"Ebony, I know you're pissed off, and you've got every right to be. But please hold off, and don't do anything drastic until we can sort through things here."
"All right, Tiffany," muttered Ebony. "Revenge is a dish best served cold."
At that point one of the side doors to the auditorium opened, and Rhiannon and the other Vectran girls entered the scene.

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