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B6 Chapter 1 Discovery

Chapter 1: Discovery

Rhiannon led the way into the Island complex with the five other Vectran girls following closely behind her. "Nice layout they've got here," she remarked.
"They certainly didn't cut any corners when they built this place," said Rayleena. "It's all carved out of the solid rock of the Island."
"All right," said Rhiannon. "Whatever it is that they do here, they aren't hurting for money; that's obvious. Let's concentrate on finding our missing technology, and then getting the hell out of here."
The Vectran girls strolled through the various corridors, passing living quarters, workout rooms and the cafeteria, all without meeting a soul. The contest between Jordan and Jeanne had gripped everyone's interest on the Island, and all the girls were gathered in the main auditorium to watch the showdown.
"I've noticed a lot of these doors seem to be locked," said Vantha. "Do you think we ought to start searching by f***e?"
"Be sensible, Vantha," replied Rhiannon. "I did what I did on the perimeter door to prove a point, and to snap the rest of you out of your lethargy. Our size and metabolism make us much stronger than any of the females on this world, as well as a lot of the males. But we can't rip open every door without knowing where we're going. Not only would we shred our fingers, but that kind of activity would eventually be noticed by someone."
"Here's a room we haven't been in yet," said Rayleena.
"Conference Room," said Rhiannon, as she read the plaque on the outside wall. She opened the door, and the Vectran girls filed into the empty room.
"Geez. Isn't anybody at home in this place?" muttered Vantha.
"They're bound to be here somewhere," said Rhiannon. "I can feel it in my bones."
"Look, here's a map of the island, and their complex," said Rayleena. She took it down from the wall, and placed it on the table. The other girls took seats at the table, as they surveyed their location.
"All right, this red dot is where we are right now," said Rhiannon. "And over here on the edge is where we came ashore, and entered the building."
"It looks like we've only covered about half of the territory from the looks of this map," said Vantha. "We've still got a ways to go."

As the other girls began suggesting which route to take, and noting the rooms that they had seen before, Calista became restless, and started noting the other furnishings in the room. In the corner, she came across the closed circuit television. Calista's inquisitiveness with electronic devices overcame her, and she found the power button. The screen came to life with a quiet 'poof' and displayed a picture of one of the workout rooms they had seen earlier. The sound of the television activating caught the other girls' attention.
"Calista, what the heck are you doing over there?" asked Rhiannon.
"I was just curious what this device was, sir. It appears to be some sort of monitoring system."
"Well turn the blasted thing off, and get over here. We're here to recover our technology, not go to the movies."
As Calista was reaching for the power button, Vantha recognized what was on the screen.
"Wait a minute! That's a picture of a workout room we saw a little while ago, remember? This thing is probably set up to monitor certain areas of the island."
"Your curiosity may have helped us out after all, Calista," said Rhiannon. "See if there's a way to cycle through it, and see what else it can tell us."
After a moment, Calista found the correct button, and began switching to the various cameras that were placed on the Island, and connected to the monitoring system. Several of the rooms the Vectran girls had seen earlier; some of them were also new to them. All of them were empty and uninhabited. Suddenly, Calista cycled to the camera that was located in the main auditorium.
"Whoa! Hold it right there, Calista," said Rhiannon. "So that's where everybody is..." On the main stage, Jordan and Jeanne could be seen as they were being positioned in the padded backrests of the Milking devices. Tiffany, Dee Dee, Clyda, Barocca and many other amazons could be seen as they went about preparing the two girls and attending to details. The camera also offered a partial view of the audience section, and many of the other amazon girls could be seen in their seats.
"That must be this central room here," said Rayleena, as she pointed to a spot on the map. "The auditorium. It's just a couple of corridors over from where we are now."
Rhiannon glanced at the map. "Makes sense. That's the only place on the island big enough to hold everybody at one time."
"What are they doing?" asked Rayleena. "It looks like they've got two of the girls on some sort of public display."
"It's hard to tell," said Rhiannon. "There's too many bodies in the way to tell for certain right now. Can you get any sound on that thing, Calista?"
"Sorry. It doesn't appear to be working, sir."

At that moment, the girls who had been blocking the view of Jordan and Jeanne moved out of the way. Both girls proudly displayed their full two-foot erections to the audience, and all the other amazons in the auditorium.
"What the hell is this?" exclaimed Rhiannon as she saw Jeanne and Jordan. Now the other girls were applying the sheaths and other pieces necessary for the two girls to take place in the Milking contest.
"Those two are shemales of some sort, it appears," offered Rayleena.
"What do you mean 'it appears'?" blurted Rhiannon. "Those two girls are hung like fucking bulls! I'm not an expert, but I know the average earthling isn't normally built like that."
"I'll bet anything that they're not the only ones that're equipped like that either," said Vantha.
"You're damn right there, Vantha. Calista, what sort of software did you say you'd been picking up readings on, from this location?"
"It was one of our older software programs for medical enhancement and alterations, sir."
"This all begins to make sense now," said Rhiannon.
"What do you mean, Rhiannon?" asked Rayleena.
"Come on girls. This ought to be obvious," she replied. "There isn't a planet in the galaxy that doesn't have some type of sex or smut trade operating on it; including ours. It's the only type of business that's guaranteed to outlast every other type of business in the long run.
I'm thinking that these little bastards somehow got hold of our software, and they've used it to turn themselves into how they look nowadays. They've set up their own little sex farm, here on the Island."
"I get it," said Vantha. "And from there they run some sort of sex or porn business that caters to people who like this sort of thing."
"If I'm in a good mood, I may even ask to see their business plan," Rhiannon said dryly.
"Now what are they doing?" asked Rayleena.

All of the finishing touches had been applied to Jordan and Jeanne, and Tiffany and Barocca began manipulating the controls to begin the Milking process.
"Beats me," muttered Vantha. "If they just wanted to make themselves cum, there's lots of easier ways to go about it; as well as being more fun too."
"They've got some sort of reason for this spectacle," said Rhiannon. "I'll be damned if I can guess what it is, though.
"Well, we're already here. We may as well let this play itself out, and see what happens in there. Then we'll go in and reclaim what's ours."
"The nice thing about an island," said Vantha, "is that there isn't any place for them to run to."
The Vectran girls watched the scene in the main auditorium for almost an hour. They watched Jordan and Jeanne's pricks bulge and swell, as the Milking device massaged them. Watching their incredible pricks in action, the Vectrans' attitude of anger was slowly replaced by lust and desire.
When the awesome climaxes of Jeanne and Jordan finally took place, and they all witnessed the incredible amounts of cum that they filled the containers with, the Vectrans were awestruck.
"Good fucking grief!" exclaimed Rhiannon. "Whatever those girls have got between their legs, they aren't human. They've really managed to do a number on themselves here."
"Maybe we could arrange to take one of them back with us as a novelty for the pleasure planets," offered Vantha.
"And just how the hell would you explain that one to the brass, Vantha?" retorted Rhiannon.
"But I was just thinking..." said Vantha.
"I know. You were thinking with your dick, instead of your head," muttered Rhiannon. "Listen, just between us, I liked what I saw on the monitor a lot too. But it doesn't change why we're here.
"I don't have to remind the rest of you of the risks we're taking by coming to this planet unauthorized like this. It's going to be dicey enough explaining this to Command, even if we return with our technology reclaimed."

Jordan and Jeanne had now finished climaxing, and the girls were removing the sheaths and other equipment from them.
"Okay. It looks as though they're finished in there," said Rhiannon. "Let's take care of business."
Rayleena got up and shut off the monitor. "It's too bad the sound isn't working on this thing. It might've given us some more clues as to what's going on around here."
"Well, we're going to find that out firsthand," said Rhiannon. "They've had their little fun and games, and now it's our turn. That auditorium is practically around the corner from us.
"All right. Everyone follow me, and don't do anything rash, or make any accusations. Let me do the talking for the time being, until we know where we stand. Even though we're more powerful than them one on one, we'll be considerably outnumbered.
"It's possible that we may be able to defuse the situation without a lot of grief. At least we'll give them the chance to do things the easy way first. Calista, Kristal, have you got that equipment of yours ready to assess our software and our technology?"
"Right here in my tote bag, sir," replied Kristal. "We'll be able to give you a full report, once we get a look at it."
"And just in case we have to do things the hard way, how many of you besides Vantha are packing your laser pistols?"
All five Vectran girls gave Rhiannon a crisp nod of their heads in assent, and patted their purse or handbag.
"That's good," said Rhiannon. "With mine, I make it unanimous. All right, girls. Let's go."

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