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Even homeless girls need dick

what up every one so late last night after i get off here i go to the store the gas gastaion to get some chips and pop it cold as can be well as i came out i saw this girl siting by a old pay phone there her name is grace as i walked by her she ask if i had a few bucks so she could go in and get a coffe siad she homeless been that way for two days and was wanting something to eat and drink i told her my name and she did same then i told her i dont give people money idk and i felt bad for her and there was a daysinn near by i know the owner tim maybe he let her stay for the night in a room that not in use just tell him daniel sent you he a cool dude she said she can understand were i come from giveing out money to people you dont know she would never have done it her self but look at her not asking me and she dont even know me but she need help went on to tell me a bout her mom and dad kicking her out because she is prego with a k** at 18 and they wont let her come in she has to sl**p out said in ther old tool shad but it cold in there like the out said no heat in them she has not ate in two days i said that worng she said the condom had a hole in it that how she got preg and her so called bf dont want to help her at all i said well it 2 something in the morring what are you doing out here she said she walked here from the shad and her mom and dads home were the shad is on the hill top on white thorn to see if she could get a few bucks i told her that a bad street to be on at night she said listen i do any thing for a few bucks can you please help me out any thing i will suck you dick fuck you any thing well i took a look a round and said dont think i will take a kick you when you down and hey it not like i ask her she ask me so please dont get mad to all that read this i said i tell you what i got a condom and i will go in and buy you two packs of bolnga two lofes of bread a big bag of grippos bbq chip and a two litter of pop if you let me do you she said well iam prego and homeless what iam i going to do but i said i do any thing and fuck and suck if that what you want i said well you said it not me so i do it if you will like you say she said deal so i went in and got the stuff we went to a old home down from there and on the back porch she ate then i did her doggy style with condom of corse her pussy was to tight as i started to do her she mones omg yes that so good harder so i did her harder she said your dick small funny idk fat boys could fuck with small dicks i said hey baby i work it i fucked her till i cumed in the condom after we done i told here her is 10 more bucks the daysinn in not far from here like i say i know tim the owner i know the owner well i walked her there tim let her stay and would try to get her some help being prego and homeless not right well that my story every one ttfn ty for reading

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