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Moving home and taking care of my friends mom.. pa

I am 28 now, but this all started when i was about fifteen.. i grew up in the country until i was ten, then my parents split and i moved with mom for a few years in the city. At 14 I moved back to my home town, all my friends were very excited to see me back. When my parents split it was kinda sudden, and in the middle of summer break so i didnt get to say goodbye to alot of my friends from school.

I first went to visit my best friend philip, years had gone by and its a big change from 10 to 14. we had last seen each other as young boys and were now staarting to become young men. we both had similar interests such as biking, wheeling, hiking, sports. Phil still lived in the country around all my old friends, so of course i was always at his house. he mom just figured me in as one of her own.

One day we were sitting at Phils when his mom called out to him.. "philip, steven is on the phone, his parents want to know if you guys want to go over there to swim in the pool for the afternoon?" phil looks over at me and askes "what do ya think?", i shrugged and said "sure".

i hadn't seen steve in years, last i remembered of his f****y was pretty much what i over heard from my dad talking with his friends. He always said they "were a bit weird" steves parents that is.. they were country.. country. steves father was as close to cowboy as you can get around these parts. still worked in the woods and was gone alot. she took care of the house and k**s, from what i remember of her.

So Phil and i headed over to steves on the wheeler, packs on our back with our shorts inside. At the time we were starting into drinking and experimenting with weed so we also had tucked away a few joints in the bag for after.

steve lived on a farm with a very long driveway, you couldnt see the house from the road at all. As we took the last turn to the driveway we could see the house. It sat on a huge open plot of land just as you would expext a farm. they had several barns on the property. one for a****l, tools, supplies and who knows.

When we got to the house and jumped off the wheeler, steve and his father came straight out. steve was a bit bigger but noticiably behind on the growth spurts compared to phil and I. i was already close to 6 foot and around 150 pounds. steve was still small and skinny like his father. his dad looked the same as i remembered, skinny with tight jeans, cowboy boots and the hat.

"Why dont you take your friends inside and your mother will help you guys to get ready to jump in the pool" steves father said. As he walked over to the barn. "I'll be back over in awhile" he shouted as he started off.

Steve took us inside and walked us to the kitchen. As i turned the corner and came throught the door, i noticed steves mom.. standing in front of the stove with a tray of muffins in her hand. "hi guys" she says with excitement in her voice. she sets the tray down on the counter and turns to me.. "Hi mrs. Miller" i say kinda shy.. im normally not shy at all.. but being a young man at that age there is only one thing on your mind.. ALL THE TIME!.. and thats SEX.

steves mom was different from other women i see often.. the girls my age are not very developed or even just starting to develope. Mrs Miller was fully developed! she was standing there dressed as your typical country wife of this time.. wearing a tight white blouse, tucked into her tight blue jeans. She had a perfect hour glass figure, she wasnt some skinny girl she had curves.

"so you boys are spending the afternoon in the pool?" she asks. " yeah dad sent us in here to get ready" steve answers.

"Ok, you boys go into the pool room and ill bring your trunks and towels in for you" she says to him as she walks into the next room. Steve walks back threw the door and says "follow me guys". We walk back through towards the back of the house and into the room over looking out at the pool.

Phil starts into the bag for our shorts as mrs Miller makes her way into the room. "theres only one pair in here" he says. "what" i reply looking into the bag. "we must have forgot to put them in" he says looking at me with an empty face. "what am i going to wear in the pool?" i ask him.

"you can wear one of mr Millers trunks if you have none James" Mrs miller says as she sets steves stuff beside him. "No i wouldnt want to impose Mrs Miller" i reply still in a shy voice. "call me Anna James, Mrs Miller makes me feel old. And your not imposing" she says as she gives me a wink out of the corner of her eye. "ill go grab you a pair, and you other boys get ready as im gone" she says as she steps back into the house.


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