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Daniel's Birthday Gift...

I had been taken to an abandoned building by Charlie, Bruce and Daniel, I feared that they would ravish me against my will, as I was not allowed to go my way. Through conversation I found that I was to be Daniels' birthday gift, Bruce and Charlie made it excruciating clear that Daniel would have his way with me first...

Daniel lifted my buns and spit into his hand and smeared the substance over my bung hole. Bruce positioned my head over his crotch and cautioned '...bite me and you want have teeth enough to smile with...' Charlie maneuvered his self so he could spread my buttocks wide.

Daniel rubbed his enormous monstrously huge penile glans against my puckering bung hole. Daniel moaned as he pressed hard against me and I felt my anal muscle ring strain to resist the assault. I gritted my teeth as tears begin to leak from my eyes, the pain was intense and multiplying as Daniel and I strained. Daniel strained to enter my bung I strained to resist.

With an growl and grunt Daniel lunge forward, I screamed out in agony as Bruce plunged my mouth down around his penis. Charlie gasped and exclaimed '...damn, that ass opened up and swallowed that dick and snapped shut around it like rubber band...'

Daniel moaned softly as he slowly pulled back and pushed into me again. Bruce lifted my head and lowered it onto his penis encouraging me saying '...that's it suck it just like that, it'll ease the pain...'

'Bruce this is my day, let my bitch moan and cry, I'll enjoy it more...Besides this ass will still be here for the both of you while I rest...' Daniel chided. Bruce slid from under me and stood off to the side with Charlie encouraging Daniel '..bust that ass open then..' Said Charlie, '...loosen it up for us...' chimed Bruce.

Daniel slid his mammoth tool back and forth in my bowels with great patience, he was in no hurry. With slowness of time Daniel slid his enormous penis out till only the head remained and slowly slid it back in till he was able to grind against my buttocks.

Daniel has a penis at least 11 inches long and possibly 4 inches in circumference. I could feel each vein of his monstrous piece of man meat as it entered and exited my anal opening. My anal sphincter muscle rings gripping his massive tool as it slid effortless back and forth.

The pain was unbearable as he worked his meat tube in out and around my anal orifice. Tears streamed from my eyes as I continuously moaned, groaned and whimpered from his onslaught.

For nearly forty minutes Daniel took his time ravishing my bung, suddenly he pulled completely from my butt. i thought it was over, Daniel slapped my butt and ordered "...turn over on your back, I'm gonna fuck you like the bitch you are...'

Charlie and Bruce quickly grabbed me and turned me over placing one of their feet on each of my wrist they lifted my legs by the ankles. I tried to struggle only to hear Daniel say '...that's how I like my bitches, fighting to get to this here dick...'

I glanced between my up lifted feet to see Daniel kneeling between them stroking his massively huge horse size penis. I trembled with fear as he leaned forward and I felt his massive head brush my anal opening.

I struggled as hard as i could to free my self, I managed to get one hand free just as Daniel slid half the length of his gigantic penis into my bung. I slung my hand up and gripped the left side of his chest with my finger nails.

Daniel howled and exclaimed '...damn this bitch is like a mountain lion...'. Daniel pushed down as i tried to hold him back and begin to kiss/lick my face mumbling '...yes this bitch is salty, just like real pussy...'

With a powerful lung Daniel sunk the remain length of his penis in to my bung. My mouth opened in a silent cry as Daniel's tongue probed my oral cavity searching for my tongue.

Once Daniel had captured my tongue he sucked on it as hard as he could till his lips were buried deep into my mouth. My lips were gripping his face as Daniel grind his penis deep into my bung hole.

Bruce and Charlie released my ankles some where and my feet dropped over Daniel's back as he rode my butt. Daniel pulled his head back and told Brice and Charlie '...him go, let my bitch go...'

My arm that Charlie was standing whipped up and around the shoulder as Daniel dropped his head back to my face and recaptured my tongue in his mouth. Gasping, huffing and puffing I could do little to avert the sexual scene that befell Bruce and Charlie.

Daniel had his hands under my buttocks lifting them off the floor as he ravished my bung. My legs were held up by his shoulders and hallow of his elbows, giving him complete unabridged access to my bung hole.

Helpless I endured Daniel's sexual onslaught for another hour till he shot a copious amount of his baby making fluid into my rectal cavity. Grunting and growling, Daniel savagely ravished my bung till he was satisfied.

With each throbbed of his huge penis he shot load after load of his spunk into my butt, when he was through he collapse on to me gasping in exhaustion. Daniel laid on me for a minute before pulling his flaccid but heft penis from my gaping bung hole.

As soon as he was off of me Bruce knelt between my legs and said '...keep them legs up bitch, I like the way Daniel fucked this ass pussy...' I Whimpered and Bruce made entry with his normal size but rock hard phallus. Bruce moved faster than Daniel, probably from lust than haste, but twice as brutal as Daniel.

Bruce lasted only a fraction of the time that Daniel did but he still unloaded a good amount of spunk into my already full anal cavity. As Bruce pulled from my anus an amount of air escaped with a obscenely wicked wet Slurpee sound.

I lowered my legs a little as Bruce raised up only to have Charlie seize them by the ankle and push my knees back to my shoulders. My butt expelled another abrupt burst of air and spunk that sprayed across Charlie's stomach.

Bruce exclaimed '...look at that ass pussy coming from our fucking...' Charlie poised his huge penile glans over my anal opening and told me '... bitch you better make me like fucking your ass or I'll be here all night...'

Charlie's penis was larger than Bruce's but not as long as Daniel's, Charlie was more vicious than Bruce and Daniel he plowed into my up turned butt hole like a man possessed. I cried and whimpered as charlie viciously attacked me without remorse or care.

The assault went on for almost an hour before Charlie exclaimed '...damn, I came to quick...' but he wasn't finished with his insults. As he raised up he took hold of my limp penis and stroked it a few times exclaiming '...look here... the bitch has a pussy stick that wont even get hard...'

Charlie raised up and stood over me, his penis dripping spunk down onto my stomach. Daniel and Bruce took me by the arms and lifted me to my feet and pulled me over to an old crate and dropped me across it.

Daniel was behind me and slid his elephant size phallus up and down the crack of my butt crossing my bung hole a number of times getting me to react rather violently.

Daniel poised his enormously large penile head at the entrance to my bung hole and with my thighs trembling uncontrollably, he powerfully lunged the entire length of his penis balls deep into my well sperm lube anus.

I cried out in agonizing pain as he grind his man hood deep into my bowels. With great joy Daniel grind his man meat in my anus till he unloosed another load of semen deep into my anal receptacle. I passed out sometime during his assault and only manage to gain consciousness sparsely only to find that one after another the three of my ravishers were exchanging places with each other at their will.

When I did come to myself I Was all alone laying in a puddle of spunk and vomit encrusted all about in dried sperm and mucus. I Latter discovered a note in my pants pocket stating '...we'll do this again when our birthdays come around...' it was signed "B&C"

Daniel's Birthday Gift...

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