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Slag for use part 3

Slag for use Part 3

Ron pulled me up onto my knees and dragged me to the centre of the room, his cum dripping from my pussy and down my legs and his friends cum dripping from my face and tits I was literally dripping with it!
As I knelt there the old men walked back to the sofa, slowly stroking themselves as they ogled my young body, Ron passed round some beers and sat down with them, saying ‘we need a break whore time for some entertainment get on your feet and dance for us!’. He put on some music and I got to my feet starting to sway to the music as they watched me, cheering me on telling me to move for them! All I could hear were the old men shouting ‘shake those tits slut, make those fuckers bounce’ , Ron came around behind me and reaching round he grabbed them and shook them hard ‘like that slut shake them for my friends!!!’ as they all laughed.
Ron moved away and went back to his seat watching me all the time as I danced around shaking my tits as hard as I could, suddenly Ron shouted ‘ok slut on the floor let’s see you masturbate!!’ they all cheered as I blushed bright red and got onto the floor. ‘Spread your legs slut’ Ron shouted at me and so I did what I was told and laid back opening my legs. It was not enough though and I heard Ron growl wider bitch show my friends that fuck hole again. Obediently I spread my legs conscious of the old men watching closely as my pussy opened in front of them the inside pink and wet and Ron’s cum still dripping out! It was enough to make me sob with the humiliation. ‘Come on slag masturbate show us how dirty slag like you gets her cunt off, get to work on that clitoris!’ Obediently I started to touch myself circling my clit with my finger conscious that my hips were beginning to move in time and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter, I could see the old guys stoking as they watch me making myself wet and horny for them, starting to moan as my clit begins to swell, ‘harder slut wank yourself harder, wank that horny cunt for us’. I rub it hard unable to stop my hips moving s up and down rubbing myself like a bitch on heat feeling my cunt start to tingle when suddenly Ron yelled ‘stop slut’ ‘no cumming for you 'til I'm ready, you will stay on the edge until I say you can cum, now come here and suck my dick some more.
He drags me to my knees and shoves his cock in my mouth while the other form a circle around me, I am shoved from cock to cock sucking them all, each of them using my mouth like a pussy slapping their cocks on my face. One of them turns around shoving his arse in my face, ‘lick it slut lick my hairy arse’ reluctantly I lick it and gag as I smell his sweaty arse on my face, Ron grabs my head and pushes it forwards telling me to lick it harder ‘please my friend you dirty bitch tongue his arse properly!’ ‘lap it like the bitch you are’ As I lap at his arse the old guy starts to moan and push back on me, groaning he says ‘wank me bitch tongue me and wank me off’ I slide my tongue in deep and reach for his cock wanking him hard within minutes he is throbbing in my hand spinning around just in time to spray my face and hair with spunk!
With his cum still dripping off my face Ron pulls me on to all fours and I feel him behind me, ‘time for some anal boys!!!! Come and get some of this hot arse!! Ron dragged me to my feet and bent me over a small table just big enough to support my belly leaving my tits hanging over the edge, my mouth usable, and my arse and pussy accessible from behind. I feel my ankles tied to the table legs wide apart, as Ron slides his finger into my anus. ‘Now whore! This is what we like, my friends all have wives, wives that they wouldn’t dream of arse fucking, but you, you little slag this what you are fit for and so you will use this little hole to please them all and you better make it good your hear me slag!’ I nod and answer him ‘Yes Sir I will I promise’. I hear him chuckle as he moves round to my front leaving my arse on show ‘come on boys come get what your wives won’t give you!!!’
I feel the first one behind me pulling my arse open poking at my little hole with his old finger , rubbing his cock up and down my crack and then in one hard thrust ramming it right up my arse hard making me scream. ‘Shut up whore’ Ron spits as he slaps my tits, his friend pumping my arse hard groaning ‘fuck she’s a tight whore I love this tight little fuck hole’ As he continued to pump Ron pulled hard on my nipples and spanking my tits about snarling at me ‘work that arse bitch show my friend a good time, and suck this off too’. He shoved his cock in my mouth as I squeezed down hard on the cock in my arse trying to massage it with my arse and in seconds the guy fucking it moans ‘fuck yeah bitch milk it , take my spunk up your dirty hole’ as he blows his load right up into my rectum as the others cheer and start to fight over who is next shoving him out of the way and poking their cocks in after him, fucking my cum filled arse, reaming it harder and harder one hot load after another filling my arse until they were all done and Ron spunked deep in my throat growling ‘swallow it bitch’.
Their cum dripping from my arse and pussy and drying in my face and hair. Ron untied me and dragged me by my hair to the middle of the room, ‘sit there slag, legs open facing us I want your holes ready when we want some more’ and with that he gave everyone a beer and they got back to the porn on the TV.

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