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Breast / Nipple torture

Breast / Nipple torture
Okay so the Life style activities I enjoy are extensive. One word of phrase barely constitutes an insight into what I like about it or how it makes me feel emotionally or physically. For me receiving Breast / Nipple torture is one of, if not the most delicious way to receive pain. (But I’m always open to ideas!)
My nipples have always been sensitive, I’ve had them pierced, had the piercing ripped out, although not intentionally or as part of play, and still get off on the extensive use of nipple clamps.
My favourite pair I’m wearing now and that’s facilitating my erection.
About my favourite nipple clamps
The metal teeth are sharp and grip tightly to my sensitive nipples. The link chain allows for addition of extra weight to be added or subtracted or the catching on clothing or an idle body part during use. The longer left on, the more the teeth work their way deep into my flesh. At best upon removal my nipple is indented with small bl**dy holes that are easily missed unless under close inspection.
The power of the clamp when mixed with a good Mistress / Master
Part 1 The application
Anticipation is a wonderful mind game. Shackled, the sight of someone squeezing together the clamp to open it jaws prior to application sends my pulse racing. My nipples never need sucking or stretching to erection. The sight and thought of the clamps application is enough. A clumsy hand combined with a number of attempts to apply the clamp in the perfect way is enough to sell the virtues of a heavy gag. One Mistress was so fascinated about the level of pain fresh hold my nipples can manage; she freed one hand from its restraint, oiled and demanded I apply my own nipple clamps, insisting on a perfect horizon when secure. It took a good slippery 20 mins to apply the clamps to Mistresses exacting standards.
Part 2 The duration
When the initial pain resides and the body works well over time to remind the wearer of their presence. The pain creeps over the body. Draining its strength as it moves around. As I type, my concentration (And no doubt my writing quality) is wavering. My fingers are tingling and I can feel my body temperature rise. I was acuity aware of the pain source when I applied the clamps, but now the pain is pulsating around my body. I’m moving a lot, distracted, in the past Mistresses have used this opportunity to restrict my control further, or as a sign that I’m becoming more plyable, more subservient to their needs. The use of the chain has also proved tobe a very good restraint in its own right. The centre of the chain nailed to a counter has ensured I remain bent over and still for the thrashing that pursued. Movement, the clamps ensured, was limited as the pain was too much.
Part 3 The removal
Possible more intense than the 1st two parts, the longer the nipples clamps have been in place, the more ingrained they become. The metal sticks to the skin needing the remover to wiggle the clamps from bruised and on occasion pierced nipples. Naturally for the more demanding Mistress / Master the necessity to see how much weight can be applied to the chain before the metal rips its self free can be a very interesting experience and for me at least one that guarantees tears yum!

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