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The man of your dreams

You thought it would just be another day at the office, you sat down at your desk and switched on your Pc, whilst waiting for the system to start you went to get some coffee to help kick start the day.

When you came back you see an error message on the screen, telling you to call a number for help. This is not a good start to the day, you call the number and a lady answers, how can I help? You tell her about the message and what it says, she tells you that she will have to send someone up to you to fix the problem but it's ok they have someone on your floor now so they should be with you in ten minutes. Damn You think to yourself but at least is only ten minutes and you have coffee and the paper to keep you going until the computer guy arrives. You have your back to the entrance of your booth and don't here me arrive, I say hello but you are away with your own Naughty day dreams. I place my hand on your shoulder brushing the hair away from your neck touching your soft skin, and this makes you jump. You turn to face me, I say sorry and introduce myself you give me a great big smile and go slightly red as I am the man that you were just dreaming of. I ask what the problem is and you show me the screen of your Pc and the message it is displaying, I say ok that not too bad it may just be loose cables. I ask you to slide your chair out so that I can climb under your desk, you have on a knee length black skirt stockings and those sexy black high heels of yours. I get down onto my knees in front of you but fall slightly and stop myself by placing my hand on your stocking covered knee, your legs part and a tingle runs up your leg at the feel of my touch. I say sorry and you just smile going a little more red, you look so Sexy I give you a great big smile back and hold my had on your leg a lot longer than is needed but you do not complain. I slide under your desk and start to pull at cables testing connections, I don't need you to help but ask if you could pull your chair back to the desk and press some keys for me to see if it is working. I know it will not work as I have unplugged the power but I just want you close to me, my face is just by your knees as you type. I place my hands on each of your knees and slowly part your legs, you stop typing and allow me to move your legs, I can see the top of your stockings and the soft White skin just bellow your black lace panties. You take a sharp intake of breath as my hand move up your leg and you slide down in your seat allowing your skirt to ride up. I am kissing from your knee along your inner thigh parting your legs as I go, moving ever closer to what is fast becoming a very wet and very swollen pussy. I gently begin to kiss you through the now soaking wet panties, you taste fantastic and your sweet smell is driving me crazy. My Tongue traces over your swollen lips and I start to nibble your clit as it has become huge and very sensitive at the thought of what I am doing to you. I pull your panties to one side and allow my lips to touch yours and my Tongue begins to explore you tight wet swollen pussy tasting all of you. I can feel that it will not be long before this becomes to much for you and you will explode with orgasm. I move your chair out and ask if you will help me with something in the telephone cable room as I think this is the problem with your Pc, you know that this is just so that I can get you alone and away from everyone in your office. You straighten your skirt and follow me into the room, I close the door behind us and lock it. I turn to face you and look into your eye and we kiss, we both know the Sex will be out of this world and last for hours.

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