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was a lovely sunny afternoon and I was walking up the high street
out doing some shopping. I saw her coming in the opposite direction
some way off with her dark hair on top of her head in a very thick
braid. As she approached I became more captivated she had a well
rounded figure about mid thirties with big hips, lovely eyes and
above all the most magestic dark hair .
As she went by I turned and looked . Her hair was in a thick braid
which was turned at her nape and then wrapped around her head in a
big grown of dark braided hair.
I turned on my heels and followed her and eventually stopping her to
ask for directions.
She smiled knowingly and was very helpful and not at all shy.
I eventually said I hope you dont mind me saying you have very
beautiful long hair.
She looked me in the eyes and said thank you that is so kind,
I said it looks very long, and must be beautiful when brushed out
She responded it certainly is long why are you asking me about my
hair, I thought you were asking me for directions and simled at me.
I said I must confess I love long hair and find yours so beautiful,
would you join me in a cup of coffee and I shall explain.
She looked pleased and said why not I am in no hurry.
We found a cafe and went in sat down facing each other.
She became more captivating as I took in her beauty. She had a
slightly oriental look with a happy fresh face with lovely dark eyes,
ample breasts and the most thick dark hair which had been done in a
single braid and wrapped around her head in to a crown of braided
I said I love long hair and find your hair so beautiful, and it must
be exceptionally long. I would love to take some photos of your hair .
She smiled and said I dont make a habbit of allowing strangers to
photograph my hair, as I have no idea of who you are and what you
would do with the photos.
I said I would be delighted to get to know you, and after some time
perhaps you would let me see your hair and take some photos.
I gave her my card and said I would be pleased if you would have
dinner with me at Leos Restaurant whenever you are free, just call me
and we can arrange a time and date.
She finished her coffee and said I must go now , it has been
interesting to meet and have a chat, I shall consider your open
invitation for dinner.
A week went by and then the phone rang and it was her. I shall be
free tomorrow night and would be pleased to have dinner. I shall meet
you at Leos at about nine.
My heart leaped and I siunded flustered, she chuckled , Have I
surprised you.
I said yes you have but I am delighted and look forwadr to seeing you
I was at Leos in good time and had a drink, By nine thirty I felt she
had stood me up but decided to stay on for dinner.
Then my heart jumped, there she was smilimg and appologising for
being late. She was a lovely sight, dressed in a high necked dark
oriental dress her eyes were excited and her mass of dark hair was as
usual braided and wrapped around her head.
I said you look devine and I am so pleased to see you again.
She said I was in two minds but now I am here I am pleased .
We chatted over dinner and gradually she became relaxed and seemed to
enjoy my company.
She explained she worked for a foreign Embassy and had her own
She looked me in the eyes and said now I want to hear about your love
of long hair, I find this interesting.
I said I have been attracted to long hair since a young age and find
your mass of lovely hair captivating. It is so thick and shiny and
obviously very long. I would love to see it brushed out.
She said yes it is very long,my mother took great pride in my hair
when I was young and she encourages me to keep it long.
I said do you ever have it cut. She said no it has never been cut and
is so heavy now I keep thinking it is time to cut it.
I said please dont not think of cutting it as it is special and so
She said well perhaps I may let you take some photos of my hair befor
I have it cut, so if you have your camera let us go to my apartment.
We found a cab and she gave directions and soon we were in her
apartment, and she introduced me to her maid servant who she said
helped her with her hair.
We sat in her lounge and had a drink and chatted, she said I find
your interest in my hair a great compliment as I love my hair and
have found most men do not share my interest. Now you are here and
you seem to have a passion for it, coming over to me and giving me a
light Kiss. I responded and we embraced for the first time.
She said that was nice and her hand felt the bulge in my crotch.
I feel he also loves long hair and we laughed.
She then looked me in the eyes and said I am a bit unusual as I
always love to control my men, have you been controlled befor .
I said I would love you to control me as I find you and your hair
such a turn on.
She smiled and said good now follow me and we went in to one of her
bed rooms .
We embraced and she said take off your clothes and come over to the
bed and lie down . She put a pillow under my bottom and then tied me
down with my legs over the end of the bed.
She took a good look at my naked body and said you will do tlailling
her fingers over my erect penis.
She returned naked but her hair was still up. She har a sexy body
with well rounded figure ample breasts a great mass of dark pubic
hair, and lovely dark eyes, a smiling mouth and strong looking arms.
She put a condom on my erect penis and we kissed for a while then she
got up and mounted me slowly riding up and down I felt my spunk build
up and she said do not shoot until I have , she was moving faster now
and building up for a great orgasm, but I could not stop my spunk and
felt it build up and then shoot with such f***e I was shaking, she
kept going nad eventually started to sigh and moan and shake as she
had a great orgasm and lay on top of me panting and in a sweat.
Wow she said that was the best for a while and we kissed.
She got up and came back with a glass of wine taking a sip she put
her mouth on mine and passed the wine to me.
Now I will show you my hair standing up she began pulling pins out of
her hair and her great braid was slowly un wrapped and fell to the
floor in a heavy rope of beautiful dark hair.
I said that is amazing so long and thick I find it so sexy.
She said I can see that looking at my erect penis.
She came over and picked up her braid and trailed it over my body
which felt like heaven.
She then concentrated on my penis wrapping her braid around it and
masterbating, saying do not shoot as I hate spunk on my hair.
She got me to the brink of shooting several times then stopped, and
then put a fresh condom on my penis and mounted me with her back to
me and her lovely braid hanging down on to my chest.
She rode me very slowly for ages playing with my balls at the same
time and then speeding up . I could feel my spunk building up and
then shooting leaving me shaking, she kept going and had her second
great orgasm,then falling back on to my chest her thick braid d****d
over my chest and face.
She got up and said now I shall let you up and you can comb out my
She sat naked on a high stool and her braid hung to the floor. I
picked it up and the lovely thick heavy hair felt so sexy I could
feel my penis rising to the occasion.
I slowly unbraided her hair to leave three thick ropes of wavy hair
hanging to the floor. I picked up one of the ropes and starting at
the end carefully combed out the hair.
Then the next and eventually the third. I then brushed out her hair
and spared it out over her naked body like a thick cloak.
She stood up and her hair was ankel length, saying I can see you find
this exciting holding my penis, my it is so hard even after two
shoots.I woould love to see it shoot again.
Come over and lie on the end of the bed with your legs hanging oner
the end wide apart.
She sat on my stomach with my penis by her crotch and her mass of
hair hanging down on to my chest.
She said now you can brush my hair for me as I play with your shaft.
She played with my balls for a while squeezing them, then she grasped
my shaft ticht and rapidly masterbated. She said do not shoot tell me
when you are about to shoot. As I felt my spunk build up she suddenly
stopped, and went back to squeezing my balls.
She said now pur my hair in to a braid. I divided her hair in to
three thick tresses and then started to braid it. She said undo the
braid I want it very tight. I started again this time tightly
braiding the full length. She got up and went to face me between my
legs. aking her braid she pushed my shaft through the braid then
twisted the braid either side to squeeze my shaft. Smiling she
started to masterbate my shaft with her braid, soon my spunk built up
and with such f***e shot to be immdeiately followed by a dull pain
and great spasms. She looked me in the eyes and smiled look no spunk
on my hair.
We fell in to bed and embraced .

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