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Dominick is a fifty-eight year old widowed male. He lives with his eighteen year old step-daughter Mandy. Ever since his wife Eve died his secret desire about wanting to have sex with Mandy has turned into a full blown obsession. Her jet black hair, piercing blue eyes and petite curvy body has fueled many of his late night stroke sessions.

At first he was content with just fantasizing about what the two of them could do, if such a thing wasn't taboo. Now, he wanted to do more than just view an image in his mind. He needed to feel his lips on hers as his fingers caressed her naked body. All day long he has been contemplating his next move. Maybe he could give her a massage; after all she is always complaining how her back aches after working. His hand would slip and caress her breast. He feels his cock stirring and decides to give that idea a try. He would fix her favorite dinner that way she wouldn't have to fuss about supper.

When Mandy arrives home from work her step-Dad had supper already prepared and was adding the finishing touches to the table. When he hears her come through the door and telling him she is home, he shouts from the kitchen, "Put your things in your room and come join me for dinner honey."

She goes to her room where she hangs up her coat, kicks off her shoes, places her purse on the bed, and walked barefoot into the kitchen.

She looks at the table and says, "Well now, this is a nice surprise. What did I forget, is today a special day?"

Her step-Dad smiles and chirps, "No, you didn't forget anything. Since you work so hard, I decided to do fix your favorite meal for you tonight. Pull up a chair honey, while I pour your coffee."

Her eyes twinkled in delight and she purrs, "Aww Dad, you're the best. I'm starved." Mandy takes a sip of coffee and rubs the back of her neck and shoulders.

Her step-Dad sits down, takes a sip of his coffee, and asks, "Honey, is your back bothering you again?"

"Yes, I had a long day. I hate working with too many Chiefs and not enough Indians," she chucks.

"Aww, I'm sorry honey. Hey I have an idea, how about I give you one of my fabulous massages after supper? It might help you feel better," he lies to her.

She grins and purrs, "That will be nice, shall I come to your room, or will you come to mine?"

His eyes light up and his cock twitches, "Why don't you get all comfy and put on your robe and I will come to your room."

Mandy takes a bite of roast beef and murmurs, "Mmm delicious, just the way I like it." Then giggles, "Step-Dad if I remember, your massages always put me to sl**p."

"Well that is what they are for baby, to relax you so you can sl**p. I do hope you don't mind just wearing your robe, it's impossible to give a good back rub with clothes on."

She blushed and replied, "Aww Dad, that doesn't bother me, after all we are adults."

In the back of her mind she wonders what he would do if she told him that a massage makes her horny as hell. She decides not to say anything, yet.

After supper Mandy helps with the dishes and then says, "How about meeting me in my room, Dad, in thirty minutes. That will give me time to change into my robe."

He winks and moves so she doesn't see the bulge in his pants. "Sure honey, that will give me time to put the cat out and get the lotion and stuff I need. See you in a few minutes."

Oh God, he wants to shout, 'Can I wear a robe too and make it a naked massage', but he dared not, it might scare her off. He will, however, tell her he put on his shorts and t-shirt so he wouldn't get oil on his clothes.

While Mandy was taking her clothes off, she could not help but think of what could happen during or after the massage. You see for a long time now, she has fantasized about having sex with her step-Dad. After all he is quite handsome and she prefers older men. She had seen him naked once when he left the shower door open and that image stimulated many of her masturbation sessions.

In her fantasy, her daddy was giving her a massage; they are both were naked, which goes from a simple back rub to a hot fuck. Her nipples hardened against the terrycloth fabric of her robe and she feels her pussy hairs moisten with desire.

In the back of her mind she wonders, "Oh God, dare I, could I! Ooooooh yeah, I think I shall try and make him put his cock in me tonight!"

She sits on the bed and makes sure her cleavage shows clear to her nipples and spreads her legs slightly, knowing that every red bl**ded male couldn't resist this temptation.

His heart is racing ninety miles and hour when he walks down the hallway to Mandy's room. When he comes to her door, he swallows hard, readjusts his dick, and taps on the door. "Are you ready for me honey?"

Mandy licks her lips, tries to remain calm and replies, "Sure Dad, come on in."

When he enters, there she is in her short pink robe sitting on the bed. Her legs are parted, he swears he sees a glimpse of her cunt. The top is open just enough to show an ample amount of cleavage.

"Oooooh God," he tells himself, "I hope she doesn't see how nervous I am, as I want to fuck her right now."

Mandy sees her step-Dad's face, he looks like a frightened deer, and asks, "Dad, what's wrong?"

"Oh nothing dear, I was just remembering how much you resemble your mother. Baby, you're beautiful."

Mandy blushes and prays he won't see how anxious she is. She sighs and say, "I know, Mom always told me I look just like her when she was twenty. I hope that don't bother you." Inside she wanted to shout, "Daddy, you're so damn handsome. Why don't I drop this robe, you take off your clothes, and lets get down to some serious sexy play---OH hell, let's fuck!" But instead she just asks, "Want me on my stomach first? I will have to undo my robe."

"Sure honey, I promise I won't peek, he lies.

Mandy unfastens her robe and turns over trying not to show her naked front to her step-Dad, but does flash him some tit. She thinks for a moment because it looks like he is going to pass out. She just ignores it and chirps, "I'm ready."

He spreads the oil on his hands and slowly begins to massage Mandy's back starting at her neck. He hopes she doesn't notice how much his hands are shaking.

Her neck is stiff and he says, "Dang, you're neck is tighter than a rubber band." As his fingers worked their magic he adds, "That's it, relax, and go with the flow."

Little by little he works his way downward rubbing away the stress of the day. When he comes near her ass, he sighs, then slaps her butt gently and giggles, "You have a nice ass baby, if you don't mind me saying so."

Mandy laughs out loud, "You really think so huh, I think it looks kind of big?"

He just replies, "Not really, it's just the right size." As his fingers massaged down her ass toward her legs, and he let his fingers slip and rub against the hairs of her pussy. "Ooooh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that."

"That's Okay, no harm done. Keep going Daddy, you give one mean massage. I must admit, not all of me, is relaxed."

He raises an eyebrow, feels his dick swelling more and asks, "Oh really what part is not relaxed baby, maybe I can help you there?"

"Well step-Daddy, unless you're into something besides a back rub, you can't help me there."

He smirks, sighs, and then chuckles out-loud saying, "Oooooh I think I know what you mean."

Mandy bats her eyelashes and asks, "You do? What do I mean Daddy?"

He turned beet red and shifted his body a bit hoping she doesn't notice his erection, "You're horny."

Mandy sits upright not bothering to cover herself and points at his crotch, "Ahum, looks like I am not the only one horny Dad."

With a startled look he sat on the bed, buried his head in his hands, and sobs, "Oh God, I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean for this to happen."

Mandy reaches out, takes his hand in hers, and says, "Dad, you haven't done anything wrong. I also know you miss having sex with mom and seeing me only stirs things up. I for one can't see any harm in what is happening here."

He lowers his head and then looks up at her and shouts, "But you're my daughter!"

Mandy gives him a stern but seductive look and says, "So what, I'm your step-daughter! I think you're hot and sexy."

She then wrinkles her nose, gives him a wink and purred, "Why don't we have a little sexy fun tonight?

He didn't say anything for awhile, just looking at Mandy's naked body with a blank stare in his eyes. Then it dawned on him, this is what he has been waiting for, now's his chance.

He kisses her cheek as he pulls her close and whispers, "I know baby, but let's think about what we are doing first. After all if people hear about this, they won't understand things."

Mandy put her hands on her hips and shrieks, "To hell with everyone else Daddy! I'm no virgin either and I need your cock in me."

When she says those words to her Dad it looks as if he will pass out. He doesn't though; instead he cups her face in his hand and kisses her passionately.

Mandy melts into his arms and kisses him back as her hands reached for his bulging crotch. She breaks the kiss and asks, "Don't you think you have too many clothes on Daddy?"

As Mandy watches her step-Dad disrobe she gasps. His cock looks so delicious and will make any woman drool from both ends. She then stands and let's him see her naked, then slowly walks toward him.

She then kisses his cheek and asks, "Do you like what you see Daddy?"

With a twinkle in his eyes and pre-cum oozing all over his cock he replies, "Ooooooh yeah I like it, I want it baby!"

He tilts his head down and their lips meet. Her warm tongue slithers inside his mouth as a low groan escapes his throat.

As they kisses she ground her lips against his, her nostrils flaring, her body beginning to heat up. Her hand reaches for his and she parts her thighs, and guiding his strong finger up to the crotch.

After tearing her mouth from his, she gasps, her breath coming in raspy rushes. "Ooooh Daddy, touch me!"

His fingers push between the wet folds of her pussy in search of her oozing hole. While his thumb rolls her clit, a finger goes deep inside her molten pussy. He finger-fucked it a few times then pulled his dripping fingers out, gazing into her passion-glazed eyes. Then lifts them to his mouth and licks the cunt juice from them.

Mandy quivers with anticipation, then flashes her step-Dad a seductive look and purrs, "You like the taste of cum, don't you Daddy?"

He looked into her lust-distorted face and hisses, "Yessss!" He then gently lays her down and plunges his fingers once again into the gaping hole.

Mandy's fingers searched for his cock as he tantalizes her pussy. The two of them worked themselves up into a passionate frenzy.

Mandy fixes her eyes on his and barely whispers, "I love to suck cock as much as you like to eat pussy."

He looks straight into her eyes and exclaims, "Can Daddy eat your pussy as you suck my cock?"

Mandy then tells her Daddy to lie down so she can straddle his face. As she lowers her hot, drenched pussy onto his awaiting lips she leans forward and takes his cock in her hand.

"Ooooh Daddy your cock is so big and hot, I bet it tastes good too."

As she engulfs his throbbing member with her lips he dives into her pussy like a half-starved kitten with a bowl of milk. Her body arches above him, as his fingers probed deep inside her pussy-hole.

When the waves of pleasure overtake her Mandy whimpers and jerks, "Oh Daddy, yes, just like that keep it up, it feels so good!" Then she starts shuddering, jerking, and screaming, "I'm cumming!"

Mandy moves her mouth up and down the pulsating shaft of his cock like a pro until the purple head begins spewing out a hot river of cum down her throat.

He shrieks, "Baby, oh don't stop, suck my cock---harder---I'm coming!"

Mandy whimpers and swallows as fast as she can. She doesn't want to miss a drop of Daddy's delicious nectar. Afterwards they lie together on her bed, snuggling together, their naked bodies damp with the afterglow of passion.

Daddy reaches over and toys with Mandy's right nipple and asks, "How was it for you baby?"

Mandy snuggles up close and purrs, "It was great Daddy. Know something, I love you Daddy."

He looks into her deep blue eyes and replies, "I love you too baby, but I'm think we have started something we cannot stop."

Mandy's twinkles with desire and her face beams with excitement and she exclaims, "Who wants to stop? Not me, that's for sure!"

Dominick lies there holding Mandy in his arms, with a million thoughts running through his head. What did he do, it isn't right, but yet, he feels drawn to her.

Mandy senses that her Dad was troubled and looks him straight in the eyes, kisses him softly and asks, "What's wrong Dad?"

He lowers his face to meet her lips and kisses her softly then replies, "I guess I'm still worried about what our friend will do if they found out that I fucked you."

Mandy makes a face and admits, "I am a too, a little, but hell, we are consenting adults and not bl**d relatives, so why will they care!"

He hugs her close, strokes her long hair and suggests, "Maybe they won't have to know. It can be our secret...just give me time to get used to the idea, okay?"

Mandy props herself up on one elbow and says, "Ooooh I just love keeping secrets. I for one don't plan to tell anyone. At least not yet, after all we have plenty of time to come up with a plan that will fool everyone."

He winks at Mandy and asks, "I'm going to go watch the evening news and let you get ready for bed."

Mandy stands up, kisses her Dad and says, "Thanks for the massage Daddy. I think I'll take a shower, and then go to bed."

He settles down into his favorite chair, and flicks the television on. As usual, the news wasn't too exciting. He decides to flip through the channels to see if anything interesting is on when he hears Mandy calling him.

He gets up and walks toward the bathroom, knocks on the door and asks, "What's wrong honey?"

Mandy answers, "Daddy, I forgot to get my shampoo. Can you fetch it for me? It's on the dresser in my room."

He swallows hard, blushes and replies, "Sure honey, I'll go get it for you."

She then says, "Thanks, you can come in, and place it on the table next to the tub, if you don't mind. That way I don't have to dribble water all over the floor coming to the door." His eyes light up and he smiles devilishly. Under his breath he utters, "Maybe she'll let me join her in the shower." Oh fuck, his cock was getting hard again."

He gets the shampoo, and then returns to the bathroom with it. After knocking on the door, he slowly opens it, steps inside and set the bottle on the table next to the shower.

After placing it down, Mandy peaked out from behind the shower curtain, and yells, "Boo!" She smiles mischievously and opens it further, giving him full view of her wet body.

Dominick blushes from head to toe, and Mandy giggles. "What's the matter Daddy? It's nothing you haven't seen before."

His whole body shakes with desire and he tries to remain calm, as his quivering voice responds. "I know, oh baby, your body is gorgeous, even when it's wet."

Mandy winks and says, "If I didn't just make love to you, I'd say you were horny again."

He smirks and replies, "Once is enough for me tonight doll, I'm exhausted and plan to go to bed soon. Is there anything you need before then?"

She winks at him, blew him a kiss, and then closes the shower curtain. "Thanks Dad, but I can't think of anything. I'll come in and kiss you goodnight before I go to bed."

"Okay baby, see you then." Dominick leaves the bathroom hurriedly and, heads for the den. Once there, he decides to just to turn off the TV-set and go to bed.

After he enters his bedroom Dominick takes off his clothing, except for his shorts and neatly lays them on the chair in the corner. He then climbs into bed and begins thinking about what had just happened, still a bit confused about his feelings for his step-daughter Mandy. As a woman, she is bright, beautiful, young and sexy. She has invaded his dreams, his fantasies for a long time, and now that he is all alone, he just has to have her. To his surprise, Mandy says she feels the same way about him.

Dominick envisions the image of Mandy's naked wet body in the shower; her soft supple skin, firm large breasts with rosy-tipped nipples, a thick bush dripping with ringlets of water, along with a curvy body and a great ass. He lowers his shorts, wraps his fingers around his swelling cock and begins stroking it slowly, feeling it pulsating and harden in his hands.

He feels his climax building it will not be long now until he spews his cum all over his abdomen. All of a sudden the door to his room swings open and he nearly bites his tongue and passes out from fright. There stands Mandy, in the doorway, wearing only a sheer nightie.

Mandy flashes her step-Dad a sultry smile. She then walks toward him with a slow, seductive sway with her large breasts bouncing slightly with each step. When she gets to the edge of the bed, she strips off her nightie and climbs on the bed.

She reaches out and caresses his arm and coos, "Aww Daddy, were you fantasizing about having sex with me again? Don't look so shocked, I've done the same thing every night for about a year now."

Mandy moves up beside him, and then places her lips upon his. As they kiss her tongue probes his mouth, doing the dance of lovers. It is at that moment he knows that she was his.

Daddy pulls her body over atop of him. As her hardening nipples pressed against his chest, his fingers caressed down Mandy's back, until he is holding her ass. He begins kneading it and feels her tremble with desire.

Mandy loves the way Daddy is touching her, arousing every inch of her with his fingertips. It makes each nipple so hard, she thinks they will break off if he sucks them. Her pussy throbs anxiously wanting to be fucked by his cock again.

She leans into Daddy and purrs, "Want me to straddle your cock this time, Daddy?"

He can feel the love she has for him radiating between their bodies. He looked straight into her eyes and shouts, "Ooooh, yes my sweet baby. Straddle Daddy's cock, and ride me hard!"

Mandy moans in delight and shifts her weight onto her knees. Then while holding her pussy above Daddy's cock, she spreads her labia and helps him guide his shaft slowly into the wet folds of her wanting pussy. She then leans forward and plants her lips on his and begins rocking her hips back and forth, with long deliberate strokes.

Daddy savors every inch of Mandy's luscious pussy as she fucks him. He put his arms around her and kisses her back with all the passion he had.

After the kiss, Mandy moaned sweet nothings into Daddy's ears, then starts nibbling on his neck. Following that, she rises up, riding him hard with her pussy clutching his cock like a vise, milking it hard.

Daddy holds onto her hips with one hand while the other tantalizes her throbbing clit. It isn't long before he can feel Mandy's body tense up with an impending climax. She slams her pussy down hard on his cock, and he begins to shake on the verge of an orgasm.

Mandy closes her eyes, throws back her head and squeals, "Daddy cum inside me! Oooooh fuck, I'm going to cum!"

That's all it takes, they both cum hard, shouting and moaning at the same time.

Mandy crawls off her Daddy, giggles and chirps, "I love to clean a man's cock after I fuck him!"

As he observes her actions, Daddy notices that her hot young pussy is just inches from his face. He pats her ass and suggests, "Move that pussy over here to my awaiting lips and I will lick you clean."

Mandy's pussy is drenched and Daddy devours his own juices which are mixed with hers. After this, his tongue finds her clit, and begins flicking it.


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