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I have always loved my granddaughter, Cheri, with all my heart,
and we have always been as close as a grandparent and grandc***d
could be, but I never imagined that she would become my lover.

Cheri used to spend the summers with me between her years in
high school since she didn't get along very well with her
parents. I can't say I blame her, for my daughter is a moody
bitch, and I had a hell of a time living with her until I had
the pleasure of sending her out into the world as soon as she
turned eighteen.

Cheri was like the daughter I always wished I had, but didn't.
Unlike her mother, she was mature, erotically beautiful, and had
a heart of gold. She also felt free to talk to me, and she told
me of all her problems, dreams and ambitions.

She was in college now and she stayed with me even more often
between every semester. It was during the summer break that she
confided in me may things that I thought she would never tell me.

I was quite sure that she was sexually active, because I know
men, and since she was at college, I knew all the guys must have
been hitting on her. Why wouldn't they? She had hair the color
of the son in tight curls that went halfway down her back. She
had the figure of a young woman in perfect proportion, her hips
shapely, her ass round and firm and thirty-two-inch breasts that
were perfect for her frame. I would certainly try for her if I
was four decades younger and she wasn't my granddaughter. It
turns out that I didn't even have to try.

I was so happy to see her when summer came around and she came
into town. I picked her up at the station and was surprised to
see that she looked even more mature and grown up than her
nineteen years.

After we finally arrived home and she unpacked, we sat on the
porch with drinks in hand and she started to tell me about the
last three months. It was one of the rare occasions where our
conversation turned to sex.

I knew she was making a confession as she nervously stared into
her drink while fingering he rim of the glass. "Grandpa, I need
someone to talk to, but I'm a little embarrassed to broach the
subject. Several boys at school have tried to seduce me all the
way to their beds, but I always managed to stop them. I'm a
virgin," she said, never taking her eyes off the glass and
looking at me.

She was silent for a moment, but I knew she wanted to say more,
so I did not comment on the startling confession. I never
imagined that she had waited, for what I would soon find out.

"It's not that I've been saving myself for marriage or
anything, and I know you'll be shocked, but I really wanted to
make love, but I'm scared of making a mistake with the wrong
man. I don't want to have to go through a dozen lovers and give
them the most intimate part of me trying to find Mr. Right. I
thought about it for many sl**pless nights and I realized that
Mr. Right was always there right under my nose. It's you,
Grandpa. Please don't hate me when I ask you, but will you make
love to me?"

She has told me some pretty startling things before, but
nothing she ever said made me at a loss for words. I was now.
I could not believe that she wanted an old codger like me, and
then I realized that I was really not that old at all, only
fifty-seven. Still, the morals tugged at the very heart of me,
because I realized that if I submitted to her requests, we would
be committing i****t.

Silent tears rolled down her eyes as I remained silent and
brooding, but it was those tears that told me what I should do.
My morals were instantly discarded for here was the woman I
loved more than life itself, and I could not live with myself if
I rejected her. Besides, I wanted her more than anything in my
whole life, and I could feel the urge in my loins as my dick
grew harder. Cheri tried to smile through the silent running
tears that came from her eyes as I knelt down in front of her.
I wiped her tears away with my thumbs and stared into her eyes
for so long that mountains turned into deserts. It was then
that I kissed her.

At first, I could tell she was surprised, but then the shock
gave way to delight as she returned my kiss and our tongues
violently clashed between our open lips in a collision of lust,
passion and love.

We kissed each other for several minutes before we came up for
air. I looked into her eyes and said, "Let's go inside. We
have a long night in front of us."

Although they came slower and were from joy and not pain, hr
tears still fell down her smooth cheeks as I picked her up and
carried her inside and up the stairs to my bedroom. All I
thought of was pleasing her, and I hoped I was up to the
challenge after all of these years of celibacy as I lay her down
on my bed.

She made no movement in an effort to get undressed, and it
dawned on me that she wanted me to undress her. I took off my
clothes as I stood in front of her, and her eyes took in my body
as every article of my clothing dropped to the floor.

I stood before her completely nude and climbed onto the bed.
She gave me a soft smile, and I kissed her once again as I began
removing her clothes. It took a lot more for me to take in her
body than for her to take in mine. I hadn't seen a
nineteen-year-old half-naked girl before me in ages, and the
more clothing I removed from her body, the more I wanted her and
the harder I felt my dick grow. It was like I had the vitality
of a teenager all over again.

Her breasts were pointy and slightly upturned with the largest
nipples I have ever seen, measuring at least an inch. I had to
do nothing to make them erect, and I realized that she was even
more turned on than I was.

I could smell the scent of her golden nectar as I removed her
panties, and I could feel the dampness in the fabric as I pulled
them down her legs ever so slowly. She was now as naked as I
was, and I had a monumental crisis deciding what I wanted to do
to her first.

She seemed to realize my hesitation and she told me exactly
what she wanted as she said in her sweet voice, "Lick my pussy,
Grandpa, and make me come." It was the first time she laughed,
but it was not the first time that she blushed from bashfulness.

I could not disobey, and certainly didn't want to, as I stared
at her blonde patch of peach fuzz. I ran my hand along her
mound, feeling the softness of her fine blonde pussy hairs
contrasting to the sticky nectar of her excitement.

I moved my face down on her and pulled her apart as she spread
her thighs to receive me. Her outer lips stretched with my able
fingers, exposing the sticky sweet pink folds inside.

My tongue came out in eagerness and the second I tasted her, I
was hooked, as I lapped at her pussy as though famished. I
pushed my tongue deep into her and rubbed it along the sides,
top and bottom of her pussy hole until she was purring like a

I could tell that I was exciting her and I thought that the
best was yet to come, as I looked up at the top of her pussy and
saw the telltale signs of her nub's special hiding place, the
hooded flesh that held her cum button under a protective sheath
of skin.

My mouth worked like an anteater's as I sucked her nub right
out of its hiding spot and the second I did that, Cheri started
to scream and her body moved violently under me.

"Yes, Grandpa! Right there! Kiss me right there!" she

I more than followed her instructions as I sucked on her nub
softly and then harder and harder as if her cum would sprout
from it instead of down below. The harder I sucked on it, the
louder her shrieks grew.

I heightened her pleasure as I pushed two fingers into her
pussy hole, making sure that I did not penetrate her cherry. I
wanted to save that pleasure for eager dick as it hadn't had a
virgin in nearly forty years.

Once my fingers entered her, she started coming to the likes
that I have never seen before. I swore that she was having a
violent stroke the way her body was spasming under me and I
could feel her pussy lips close over my fingers as they

Cheri shouted as she came, "I love you so much!!! Drink my
love nectar, Grandpa, hurry!"

I moved my tongue away from her nub and pulled my fingers out
of her pussy as I heard the suction break; it was as if her
pussy didn't want to let them go.

After my fingers came out with a loud smack, I sucked her
delicious dew right off them. I then returned to the origins of
her love nectar, as she called it, and drank from her fresh tap
until I was bloated with her cum. I would have never believed
that a young girl cold come so much!

She verbally begged me to make love to her, but I was in no
rush. There were plenty of other parts of her body that I
wanted to taste, and my tongue and mouth were quite demanding.
Cheri laughed as I flipped her over, but the laughs turned to
moans of pleasure all over again as I began to pry her asscheeks
apart as I gave them a gentle squeeze.

Her puckered little hole looked just as tasty as her blonde
pubic patch, and I soon found out just how tasty as I pushed my
tongue between and into her puckered ass.

She gave out a soft moan as I began to eat our her ass trying
to bring her to another orgasm all over again, except from the
other end this time.

I found a strange erotic mustiness to her ass as I slid my
tongue deep inside and then pulled it back, in and out
repeatedly. Cheri's moans grew even louder, and more frequent,
as I added the two fingers back to her clenching pussy and began
to move them in and out gently all over again.

Her moaning turned to screams and I knew that she was
escalating quickly to her next orgasm. I pushed my tongue
deeper into her ass for a few more minutes and then withdrew it
as I flipped her over once more and went back to her nub.

This time, as soon as my lips touched it, she came all over
again and my tongue dived into her pussy as I feasted once again
on her love nectar.

I lifted my face off her pussy and she grabbed my head
f***efully as she looked at me with utmost seriousness in her
eyes. No longer was she simply asking me to make love to her.

"Fuck me NOW!" she demanded, and I knew it was time to take her

My mouth was still hungry and I fed it her beautiful, huge
nipples as my ever growing cock pressed into her furry blonde
love patch. As I sucked on her large nipples and she cooed with
delight, I felt her lips open to accept my cock as it slowly
made the inward journey into her moist and hungry pussy.

It was I who convulsed with pleasure this time as I felt her
tight wetness suck in my cock and squeeze it like a soaking wet
vise. Even though I hadn't had pussy in years, I knew in an
instant that I never had one this good.

Even though she was a virgin, and I never have doubted her
word, there was no hymen present there, being washed away
through masturbation or some strenuous activity years ago. I
was glad as she took me in with no discomfort, and I was in her
completely as my eyes closed and I enjoyed the sensation of her
pussy stroking every part of my cock as I began to move it in
and out of her.

My mouth still fed on her nipples, but tasted her tit flesh as
well while I began to thrust my hips into hers, our already
dew-covered bodies sticking together with each thrust in and
ripping apart, making the familiar sounds of two people making

I could not get over the tightness of her as my cock was
constricted to half its size while in her, as if her pussy was
squeezing in on all sides of my cock. Add her nectar-filled
pussy to this fact and I knew that my stamina would go out the
window, but I pressed on in a vain attempt to quell the raging
fires in my nuts.

She came for the third time as I thumped away inside of her.
Her words came out as a whisper this time as she said, "I love
you, Grandpa. I'll never love anyone like I love you." She
pulled my face to hers and we shared our liquid passion once
again, but this time below as well as above, as I felt the semen
rush up my cock f***efully and blast off inside of her wanting
pussy, drenching it with more cum than I ever remember producing.

We made love all that summer, and I was sad to think that she
was going back to school. I could not demand her faithfulness,
for she had her own life, but it turns out I didn't have to.

I waited till one of our last summer days together, then I
finally mentioned it at breakfast after we made love that
morning and she said, "I can't go back to college. I have a lot
of other things to do, like going shopping for our baby." She

I started to cry, imagine at my age! That was years ago and I
now have two beautiful c***dren with my granddaughter, lover and
friend. I know that my last years will be the happiest that any
man can wish for.

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