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JerseyBean gets detention

Its the last lesson of the day at the girls reform school, class 4C are all 18 years old and the most disruptive in the school but as headmaster I am in total control, or so I thought.

It a very traditional school with a strict dress code as headmaster i am dressed in full cap and gown, the girls wear flat black pumps, knee high white socks knee length pleated tartan skirt with white blouse and their hair must be worn in pigtails at all time.

The lesson is going well as I teach the girls about the birds and the bees, as I write on the blackboard all I can hear is one girl giggling and making rude remarks about the size of the penis I am drawing to show the reproductive organs. Before I even turn around I know which of the girls it is, because its always you JerseyBean the most naughty out of control girl in the whole school.

I turn around pick up my Cain off the desk point it at you and tell you that one more comment and you will get detention after class, your sitting in the front row of the class low down in your chair and with your long slender legs parted giving me a clear view of your panties which is very un lady like.

You look me straight in the eyes and point at the large bulge in the front of my trousers and ask if its as big as the one I have been drawing on the board, I go red in the face as I had become aroused as I looked at you because the way you are sitting was giving me a clear view between your ever so soft thighs to the thin material of your white cotton panties and the clear outline of your swollen pussy lips I could tell you were aroused as I could see a large damp patch on the material.

As the rest of the class begins to laugh, luckily the bell sounds for end of school and the whole class gets up to leave, I grab you by the arm saying hold your horses miss JerseyBean where do you think your going because of that last remark you now have one hours detention with me, starting now.

You start to complain but know you have pushed me too far this time, I look you up and down, how dare you come into this school dressed like that you naughty girl, you look like a common slut.

You ask me what I mean, i tell you your skirt is far too short it should be knee length yours is half way between your waist and knees showing too much of those long slender legs of yours and your blouse looks one size too small and is barely containing your ample bust, you tell me but this is because I am are a very well developed young women, your breasts must be 34D and I can already see that your nipples are erect and pressed tight into the material of your bra and blouse.

I pull my gaze away from those gorgeous ample breasts of yours to look you in the face, my mind is racing I am your teacher and all I can think of is how much I want you, to feel your naked skin under mine, to taste every inch of you, but I must be strong.

I hand you two large text books and tell you to stand in the corner of the room and hold them out at arms length and think about what you had said, while I finish my marking and allow my now throbbing cock to calm down, but I keep looking at you in the corner and how sexy your pert round ass look in that tiny skirt.

I can still hear you giggling in the corner, I yell what do you find so funny now young lady and you giggle and tell me that you are thinking about what you said! Your hard cock headmaster and you burst out laughing I run over to the corner grab you by the arm and pull you round to face me you drop the books you are holding and your hand comes to rest flat on my massive hard cock straining in my trousers and you give me a little squeeze and smile.

I drag you over to my desk I sit down pulling you across my lap and start to spank you I am finding this very erotic and can feel my manhood pressing into your stomach, as I spank you your skirt rises up exposing you soft round ass barely covered by your panties, I am overcome pulling your panties down exposing you in all you glory, that gorgeous round ass and peeking out from between those long legs a very swollen hot wet pussy.

You start to scream but my hand is between your thighs my fingers caressing your soft smooth pussy and find that you are red hot and soaking wet my fingers trace the outline of your swollen lips your sweet juice covering my fingers before I slowly slide one then two deep inside you, I stand up pulling you too your feet tell you are a very very naughty girl for making me have such bad thoughts about you and that I must beat this wickedness out of you.

I f***e you down so you are laying across my desk I take hold of my Cain and begin to punish you, long red marks begin to cover the snowy white flesh of that sexy ass of yours but my desire to taste you is strong I get down on my knees and push your legs apart pressing my pace between your legs and begin to devour you my tongue licking from you tiny clit to your rose bud, you look back over your shoulder and grin as I stand up and drop my trousers letting my massive hard cock free finally from its cage, i rip open your tight blouse and pull your thin sheer bra up exposing your firm round breasts and pencil thick half inch nipples as i group and tug on them taking them into my hot mouth making you throw your head back in pleasure. I have gone too fare now and can wait no longer and in one swift thrust I am balls deep in your fabulous tight wet virgin pussy feeling how you grip my huge cock and hearing how wet you are as I plunge deeper and deeper.

I pound you deep and hard drilling your pussy as you tell me, that's it teacher punish this naught girl good and hard I have been so bad I need to be taught a lesson in respect. For half an hour I teach you the error of your ways until I flood your virgin pussy full of my thick sticky seed watching it run down your legs.

I stand up and move away my cock still rock hard swinging between my legs you sit up and tell me you will never learn your lesson and that you might get detention again next week as you wink at me, you then stand up and adjust your clothe so you look more respectable and begin to leave when you reach the door, you look at the panties i pulled off you and you wipe your well used cum covered pussy with your torn panties and throw them at me telling me to keep them as something to wank with until next week as you leave the room.

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