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Growing up with My s****r, our early years

In Sweden, going 'Au Natural', is a thrill, as it works both ways, guys get to see you, and you get to see men wanking.

We have nature reserves bordering the Baltic Sea, and you get hordes of teenage girls and dirty flashers in equal amounts, as well as sand in your pussy, and salt water up your anus, that's why Swedish girls are best, we fuck everywhere.

I never thought much about it when I was younger, but after my parents divorced, my s****r and I naturally stayed with my mother, but the social services never knew of my mothers dark secret, she was a sex addict, who needed men all day long, now it is recognised, but back then, she fucked everything, and we watched.

During summer months we spent days in the nature reserves, running around naked attracting men to come over, not realizing our dear mother was using us to bring her tricks into the bushes to wank, and once she spotted one of them, she would go in after them, threaten them for indecent and lewd behaviour in front of c***dren , then fuck them.

She was insatiable, and my s****r, Pia and I counted one day, she had twenty men. Of course as we grew older we started to develop similar traits, then our mother realized her daughters were more in demand from the perverts than her aging body was, so she kicked us out and we moved in with her b*****r, our uncle, who promptly, started fucking both of us.

My s****r Pia was shorter than I, more rounded, but incredibly beautiful. Pia developed her sexual skills and she was an oral specialist, she deep throated men, and preferred to to bring herself off, she was a consummate masturbater, and I would catch her on numerous occasions rubbing herself, I guess Pia had a sex problem like mummies, but with a twist, preferring to use her mouth and tongue, and extraordinary ability to use her slender throat as a vaginal canal, I swear my beloved s****r ate more sperm than protein, through her formative years, but then again, I was no angel, I loved a piece of cock back then also.

Where Pia's ass was rotund and useless for fucking, mine was not. I was crowned, 'Rear of the Year', on many occasions, and off course could not wait to get my clothes off to give the pervs an eyeful, only without the bikini bottoms, going 'Au Natural', knowing they were hard and thinking about me as they did the dirty, encouraged me to show more of everything, regardless of how crudely I put it on show, it was only a short time before the men would come down from the bushes and sample the warmth of my inner anus, I loved my ass as a sex symbol and it turned me on, they loved my ass as a human condom, fucking it and filling it, as s****rs we made a pair with speciality body parts, soon mummies twenty men record became a thing of the past, as both daughters entertained large groups, I smile as I think back, 'The good old days'.

We joined the guides when we were young, I was just into double figures but Pia was a couple of years older, so she was the more sexually aware and aggressive.

We were doing our annual 'Bob-a-Job' week and went knocking around doors to see if we could do anything for a contribution, so were invited into this house in a counsel estate, by an old man, who immediately started hitting on us in a very sexual manner.
I cleaned around while he and Pia got into a kissing session on the sofa, then she got into her favourite position and started giving him a blow-job.

Of course back then we were fashion conscious so our short skirts were even shorter, we rolled them up another few turns if we knew there was an old man inside, we were out for fun and money, and we got more than most.

Watching my s****r get off became a daily routine for the whole of the week, but that soon became a regular routine as we trudged the same route, the money dried up, but the cocks kept cumming, she became, like our mother, dependant on sex, eventually finishing up in an institution for therapy, leaving me with my pedophilic uncle Joe, soon my pussy enjoyed the joys of sex and my anus got some respite, our strange f****y love became the norm, well until I went to Newcastle University, there it was old men who ruled supreme, I needed kinky sex to enjoy myself, and my kink was giving pleasure to men long past their sell by date, it still is today, though my nephew, himself an oversexed teen, has enjoyed a few sessions with his favourite aunt, who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks.

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