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My dreams

This is my fantasy i hope to play out on day.

Your arms are behind your back so your forearms are together and your hands are touching your opposite arms elbow. Your legs are tied cafe to thigh and there are two lines running down two each knot form your arms. You’re wearing a cheap pair of panties and a tight white t-shirt I can almost see through. Your lying on your back in the middle of the bed. The rope running form your arms your legs is forcing you to arch your back push breast out, Your nipples are rub against the scratchy fabric of the cheap T making them poke up at me. You’re blind folded and lying there and I just sit there for a minute watching you struggle a little. When claim down, I walk to the bed. You feel my weight on the bed I move toward you. I gently run my fingers lightly over your body. I avoid the space in between your legs though. You start to wiggle your hips around aching for me to start touching you. I start to see that your panties are getting wet as hip writhing around almost constantly now. I slowly run my hand down over panties I feel how wet and warm you are through them. I gently rub through your panties again waiting for you to start writhing about. Then I stop and reach over to the bed side table a grab my knife. I gently run the back of the blade over you and poke you with it. I lift up the edge of your shirt and you rip as I cut it. You fell it pull apart reviling your breasts I put the knife back down and start kissing your body as I gently rub you down there. After what feels like an intently to you hear me pick up the knife again. I run the back of the blade against your body and around your nipples and you shiver as the cold steel runs over you. It runs down in between your legs and you feel it barely push against you, I am careful not to stab through the thin wet fabric. It run down you inner thigh and back up, where it hook the panties and the pull through the fabric. Your feel the fabric fall over you as the knife reach is the other side and repeats its process. The fabric still cling to your wet self, I slowly pull them away and you are lying there naked now. Take a second to take in the beautiful site of you laying there naked. As I begin to run my hand over you a again, and start kissing your body. You start to squirm around under my touch. I start rubbing you again with just one finger making little circles around your clit. I start kissing my way down your body and pull my finger away. I start running just the tip of my tongue in between your lips, circle your clit with each pass. I slow let my tongue push into you. I start making my way back up your body I kiss you just once. Then I ram myself all the way inside you. Your body strains at the bound in exaltation. I start moving in and out of you, and right as your about to come I pull out. I start gently rubbing your clit again letting claim down but not fully. I am kissing you while I do this and then again without warning I slam into. But this time I let you cum. Pull out and roll you over and untied your thighs form your hands. I then left your hips into the air and smack your ass once, before I plunge myself into you once again. I smack your ass a few more time as I pull myself in and out. I give one more, hard smack right as you cum and hear you squeal with the pleasure of the moment. I then remove your blind fold and untied your arm and move to your knees next the bed and I sit down as you start to touch me and lick me. You take just the tip into your mouth running your tongue over that spot at the base of the head you know I like. As you to move back and forth I lean back close my eyes. You move faster and faster until, I cum. I untie your legs and stand stretch them out the you move to the bad where I am laying watching you stretch and you lay my your head on my chest. We sit there just lying with each other for a few minutes while are bodies recover. Then you turn and kiss me and I rap my arms around you. We move to get under the covers. You curl up against me and we fall asl**p.

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