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My name is Larry and I am a tall 18-year-old guy. I'm fairly muscular and
have a nice seven-inch cock. My girlfriend Tammy is also 18 and she has
jet-black hair and light green eyes. She is 5'10" and has a great body
with big, luscious tits and a nice, curvy ass. I had been fucking her for
a few weeks, but had not gotten a turn in that sexy ass. I had finally
persuaded her to let me have a chance at that tight rear of hers and this
was the night.

I had picked her up and taken her to an out-of-the-way spot where we
quickly adjourned to the back seat. We kissed and stroked each other for a
while and I took the time to get her good and hot. I sucked those
beautiful tits and ate her pussy for twenty minutes. When she was about to
explode I slipped my hard cock up her pretty cunt and began to stroke her
insides with the head of my cock. We switched positions a couple of times
until I was perfectly positioned, fucking her doggy style. Just to remind
her, I began to finger her tight anal ring with my index finger, eliciting
loud moans with each insertion.

I waited patiently until, finally, she turned to me and moaned "Fuck my ass
baby. I need a good assfucking." I thought I was going to explode. In
seconds I was positioned with my cockhead at her rear entry. I lubed her
hole and my cock and prepared to enter paradise. About that time, both
doors opened and two masked men grabbed us and pulled us out of the back
seat. I tried to fight them, but two more guys grabbed me and tied my
hands behind my back. Next they blindfolded me and threw mw in the back of
a van. Tammy was tossed in beside me, crying and begging them to let us
go. I was scared for myself, but even more afraid of what they intended to
do to Tammy.

We drove for a while, then stopped, and waited. The doors opened and they
began to drag us out. I resisted, until they put a gun to my head and
said, "If you don't cooperate we'll kill you both." I decided to wait and
see what they had in mind and it didn't take long to find out. They took
us inside a room and I could hear them doing something with Tammy as she
sobbed and begged them to let us go. Finally, she was quiet and they began
to move me across the room. We were both still naked and I felt Tammy's
hot body as they positioned me in a sixty-nine position on top of her.
They even positioned my cock over her mouth and inserted it. I was too
scared to get an erection, but it sure felt nice.

After they got us into position, they tied us securely in place. I
couldn't have pulled out of her mouth if I tried. My head was positioned
with my mouth just above her pussy and I could smell the pungent aroma of
her hot cunt. I had no idea what their plan was, but I knew I would have
my answer soon. It didn't take long. They removed both our blindfolds,
but we couldn't see their faces because they were all wearing masks. By
now they were all naked, and they approached us as their cocks grew long
and hard. One of them approached my face and slid his cock deep in Tammy's
pussy. She moaned loudly and bucked against his cock. I guess the
pleasure was more compelling than her fear. This giant cock was no more
than an inch from my mouth as it slammed her moist hole.

After a couple of minutes, the guy slid his big dick out and pressed it
against my mouth. I resisted this intrusion until another guy put a gun to
my head and said "Suck or die, bitch." I decided that sucking was the best
choice and I accepted his shaft in my mouth. He wasted no time beginning a
steady fucking rhythm in my mouth. "Suck it you pussy," he hissed. "I'd
hate to have to kill both of you because you didn't suck me." I
reluctantly began to work his cock the way Tammy had always sucked mine and
his moans told me that I was doing something right. His strokes quickened
and he grabbed my head just as his cock began to shoot ribbons of hot cum
in my mouth. I gagged as his semen flooded my mouth, but I managed to
swallow it. I was startled by the explosion in my mouth, but more startled
by the way my cock had grown hard as a rock, causing Tammy to gag a bit.

I waited to see what was next and it didn't take long to find out. Some
unseen guy began to finger my asshole, filling it with lube and causing me
to cringe, waiting for the anal assault that I knew was soon to come.
Before long, a huge cockhead pushed its way into my tight tunnel, causing
me to gasp and try to escape. The restraints were strong and I was soon
totally impaled on this long, hard shaft. My anal intruder began to stroke
me slowly and my cock grew to its maximum dimensions. I was embarrassed by
my cock's obvious betrayal and I was sure that Tammy was disgusted by my
reaction to getting my ass royally fucked. If she was, it was only
compounded by what happened next. Without warning, my cock exploded and I
filled Tammy's throat and mouth with my pent-up load. Normally I would
pull out by this time, but the restraints held my cock firmly in her mouth.

As I finished my incredible orgasm, my anal lover unloaded a giant blast of
his own, erupting deep in my ass and filling it with hot, white jizz. As I
suffered through my shameful humiliation, it only got worse. As my
assfucker pulled away, another approached Tammy's bottom and began to lube
her with his finger, His hard cock was soon pressing against her sphincter,
pausing as it met resistance, then forcing its way inside her tight sheath.
Given my current circumstances, I was surprisingly angry that he was
getting to sample her sweet ass instead of me. I was also surprised at how
excited she seemed to be by the assfucking she was receiving. For an anal
virgin, she seemed to have adapted pretty quickly. Just when I thought it
couldn't get more humiliating, he pulled his cock from her ass and shoved
it in my mouth, forcing me to taste what I couldn't have. Over the next
few minutes, he repeated this process time after time. Every time he
shoved his cock in my mouth I tasted the lube and Tammy's ass. It just
wasn't fair.

At this point, there was nothing they could do to humiliate me further.
When another big cock began to penetrate my ass, it really didn't faze me.
In fact, it caused my limp cock to harden in Tammy's mouth again. About
that time, the cock in Tammy's ass began to shoot jets of hot cum up her
hole. He quickly pulled out and shoved it in my mouth, forcing me to
swallow his salty semen. I was nothing more than a fucktoy to these guys I
wondered how much longer this might go. My answer came quickly as another
cock filled my mouth and began a violent face fuck, causing me to gag with
every thrust.

The cock in my ass finally reached the breaking point and exploded,
shooting a massive load of hot cum deep in my ass. With that, I began to
shoot another load down Tammy's throat. She gagged, but managed to swallow
it. It was extremely embarrassing to me that I had come twice while being
fucked. I felt like such a pussyboy. The guy fucking my mouth suddenly
pulled out and I wondered what this meant. I felt several hands grabbing
me and removing the bonds that held me in place. They picked up my
exhausted body and put me face down on a bed. Then my face fucker mounted
me and began to fuck the shit out of my ass. It wasn't a doggy style fuck.
I was flat on my stomach. He was simply using my ass as a fuckhole.
Within minutes, he filled my ass with yet another hot load.

I hoped that was the end, but I discovered quickly that they had other
plans. In fact, they were just getting started. Time after time, another
anonymous cock filled my ass, using my hot, tight tunnel to elicit another
steaming deposit of sperm. I lost count after I had been fucked eight
times. It just went on and on. Every time another cock entered me, I
could feel semen being f***ed from my hole and dripping down my balls. I
was pretty sure that there were only about five guys so they all fucked me
at least twice. I wouldn't be surprised if I had been fucked fifteen
times. It just became a blur of cocks and cum in my ass.

After what seemed like days, they had gotten their fill and they f***ed
Tammy to lick their cum from my ass. As sore and tired as I was, that
still made my cock hard as a rock. Then they repositioned us so that I was
behind Tammy in the doggy position. One of the guys grabbed my cock and
stroked it, causing it to grow to its full length. Then he positioned it
against Tammy's sphincter and someone pushed my ass forward, forcing my
cock deep into her ass. If not for the circumstances and my aching ass, I
would have been in heaven. I decided that I might as well try to enjoy the
moment and I began to fuck her ass as she moaned and pushed back to meet my
thrusts. I stroked her hole with everything I had until, way too soon, I
shot my load deep in her sweet butt.

When I finished cumming, the guys slipped a blindfold on me and took me to
their van. I assumed that Tammy was with us, but didn't know for sure. I
was still nude and they put me on my hands and knees and lubed my ass
again. As we rode along, I felt a big cock entering my aching ass and
begin to pump my hole long and hard. As I rocked back and forth pushed
forward with each thrust of the huge cock, suddenly my blindfold slipped
down and I could see toward the rear-view mirror ahead of me. I shifted a
bit to get a look at my assfucker's reflection and was stunned to see Tammy
smiling and fucking my ass with a giant strap-on dildo. She leaned toward
one of the guys and kissed him - smiling as she pounded my ass.

"You bitch," I screamed. "You set me up, you fucking whore."

"You bet I did," she replied, continuing to ram the dildo up my ass.
"Before some guy gets to ram his cock up my ass, I make sure he gets a good
taste of it himself, and my friends here just love a nice cherryboy ass.
Now you can hate me and never speak to me again, or you can consider an

"What alternative?," I asked.

"If you're a good boy you can fuck my hot ass anytime you want. Also,
every one of these guys would be happy to let you give their ass a taste of
what they gave yours. So what do you say."

"I say when do I start"

"Well how about right now?," she said as one of the guys shifted onto his
hands and knees and offered me his ass.

I was up his ass in seconds and reaming the shit out of him. It took me a
week to get around to all of them, but I reamed the shit out of all of them
and I gave it to Tammy's sweet ass every day.

It turns out that Tammy and some girls from her old high school had started
a swingers group with some of their favorite guys and, over time, it had
gotten wilder and wilder. Eventually they made a rule that anyone who
joined had to agree to fuck with everyone else in the group, male or
female. A few of the guys balked at the man to man sex, so they created
this "initiation" that I went through and, so far, every guy that has gone
through it has joined the group, if only to get back at the guys for
fucking their ass. I have to admit that I now let the guys have a turn in
my ass and I enjoy fucking them as well. I especially like to get a hard
cock in my ass while I'm fucking Tammy's tight rear. I guess I should be

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