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My first steady girlfriend

Alice and I grew up in the same neighborhood.We were in the same classes in school but we traveled with different crowds.I was 16 at the time when I heard that Alice was a whore.She would let 4 to 5 guys take turns fucking her at her house.

One summer day I was hanging at our corner with 2 other guys when another guy came along telling us that Alice told him if he could find a couple more guys that she would be at her house and we could take turns on her.She told him that whoever came needed to have condoms or they got nothing. I had been carrying condoms since I started fucking Lois.

When we got there another girl met us at the door letting us in.It was Alice's best friend.She told us Alice was upstairs getting ready for us.She had us draw cards from a deck of cards.The highest card went first and so on.I drew the lowest so I was last of 4 guys.

When it was my turn I went upstairs and Alice was laying naked on her parents bed.As I entered the room she said "Jaimie Hi.You finally got to me.I have always wondered why I never saw you here."

" Well I just found out not to long ago" I said.

She laughed "wow you don't get out much do you?"

I just shrugged my shoulders.

She said "well if you have a rubber you can start getting undressed and lets see what you got."

I showed her the condom and quickly undressed.

Alice remarked as I did "cute ass turn around."

My cock was already stiffening and as I turned she said "oh my god, " staring at my cock "look how big you are. That is the biggest dick I have seen on any guy."

She said" come over here." as I got to the side of the bed she reached out palming my cock which made it harder.She stroked it.

As it got to full erection she said "that is magnificent.That is much bigger than I have ever seen.Nobody I have had is anywhere close. Let me put the rubber on." She slipped it on driving me crazy then laid on her back spreading her legs.I slid my cock in slowly like Lois taught me.Alice's mouth and eyes went wide open as I entered her young tight pussy.When I was all the way in she said " is amazing oooooooh."

I began to stroke in and out slow at first then with her prompting faster and faster.Her legs tensed up and she held me tight then suddenly after a moment of not breathing she screamed,her body convulsing.My cock was pulsating dumping cum into the condom.She was stiff as a board holding her breathe again before crying out.

Then she relaxed saying "fuck man that was ..........I don't know what to call that.My god."

I pulled out and started for the bathroom to get rid of the condom.She said "stop,come here." She sat on the side of the bed looking at the condom full of cum "wow that is a huge load" she said "get rid of that in the toilet and come back here."

When I got back she said " I told everyone to leave so I can talk to you."

She told me she wanted to go steady with me and if I would that she would promise that we could fuck whenever I wanted it.

I asked about all the other guys and she said "I am done with them if you agree.I don't need any other dick now that I found you."

She stayed true to her word,fucking my brains out for two years.I had to get a second job to keep myself in condoms and cigarettes lol.

The summer we graduated we fucked almost every day,3 and 4 times a day since her house was free all day.At the end of the summer she informed me she was leaving for college and that because she was going to the west coast that it would be impossible for us to keep a relationship.I never saw her again.

Lois found a guy her own age in the mean time so I had to move on finding my own women.

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