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My step d******r had a sl**p over pt 2

My step daughter had a sl**p over pt 2

.........Sophie was gently rubbing her pussy as she regained her composure after cumming all over Kim's face, my eyes kept going back to Ashley as she licked Michelle's ass hole and fingered her wet cunt. Michelle was dripping from her pussy as Ashley attacked her with her tongue and fingers. Kim was starting to cum hard now aswel as Michelle moaned into her pussy, I couldn't hold back anymore as I stroked my cock, without warning my cock erupted and shot my load all over the door and onto the floor outside Sophies room. I must have let out a low moan as I noticed all the girls look towards the door, in a panic I ran to my room. It was only when I got to my own room that I remembered cumming all over the door of Sophies room and on the floor outside. Shit! What was I going to do!?

The next morning was a nightmare, I was afraid to go downstairs and have to face those five young girls. I'm sure they must have been thinking that I was a pervert or something, spying on them like that. I was laying in bed when I heard them going outside to the pool, it was 10:30am so it was still a little cool outside, I got up and looked out the window and all I could see where five topless beauties out by my pool.

Can you guess what happened to my cock? Of course, immediate hard on, these girls will be the death of me. As I was looking out Sophie looked up with a smile, I just ducked away and prayed that she hadn't noticed me looking at there bodies. When I peaked back out I noticed that Sophie was gone so I just stripped and got in the shower, when I got out and went back to my room I found Sophie sitting there with her beautiful tits on display, "What are you doing here?" I asked her, "I just popped up to see if you where ok after lastnight, I had to wipe my door after you left lastnight!" "Did you like what you seen?" she asked me as she pulled her bikini bottoms to one side and flashed her smooth pussy at, "It was your tongue that I was dreaming of while Kim made me cum hard in my room, are you going to join us downstairs?"

She stood up and took her bottoms off, handing them to me on her way out of the room and said "There are five cock hungry sluts waiting for you, we'll get started while you make up your mind about joining us"

I walked into the living room and there before me was five naked girls all facing me with there legs spread wide and there hands furiously rubbing there clits. Ashley was first up with her massive tits bouncing as she wrapped her arms around me and reached up to kiss me, her tongue darted into my mouth as I felt her hard nipples press against my body. She pulled away from me as she took my hand and placed it on her 36FF tits, I felt a mouth on my cock and looked down to see Michelle with about 5" of my hard dick in her mouth (she was struggling) then Sophie came over and whispered in my ear "I have wanted to fuck you since I was 16 and seen you fuck my mothers ass" then she dropped to her knees and started sucking and licking my balls while Michelle continued to suck my hard cock.

I looked over to the couch where Sarah was eating Ashley and Kim was feverishly finger fucking her wet cunt. I pulled Michelle and Sophie off my cock as I made my way over to Kim and rammed my cock in to her dripping cunt, hard and fast. She screamed with the f***e of my cock.

As I fucked Kim, Sophie came over and stood on the couch so her pussy was right in front of my face, before she got the chance to ask, I had my mouth on her cunt as I licked the length of her slit and sucked on her cunt lips. I kept fucking Kim as I noticed that she now had her tongue deep inside Sophies ass. It wasn't long before Kim came hard and I pushed her aside so I could destroy my little step daughters tight love hole, I picked her up and then bent her over the arm of the couch. I started to fuck her cunt while I told Sarah to get on her back so my little Sophie could dine on her lovely bald pussy, it was so hot to fuck my step daughter while she ate pussy. I was in heaven filling her cunt when all of a sudden Sophie asked me if I thought her ass would be able to take my cock? I wasn't sure if it would but I was sure looking forward to finding out.

I took my hard tool from her pussy as her juices ran down her legs and slowly started to push it into her tight ass, I was struggling to get in but I was also determined to fill her ass. In one hard push I f***ed my way into Sophies tight ass and started to fuck her in earnest as she moaned into Sarahs wet cunt.

I was in a daze as I continued to fuck Sophie for all I was worth, I was balls deep on her virgin ass mesmerized by the sound of my balls slapping off her ass over and over again, the smell of sex filled the room as I watched all these hot girls eating pussy and.........

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