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The closest we have ever come

Tons of emails and requests later, I am going to tell you the closest we have come to having a threesome.

Its funny, because when we talk about having a threesome now, my wifes coworker is always the one we imagine it happening with. Lita, my wife, has a friend at work that always flirts with her. She is always asking my wife if she is willing to try another woman, etc. This isn't about her.

About a year ago, we had a few friends over for some bbq and swimming. There were about 15 people or so and it was a really good time. Lots of drinks and everyone was feeling pretty buzzed. As things started to die down, most of the people were calling it a day. It was about 7 PM and the party started at 11 AM.

Lita, my friend Craig and I were chilling on the loungers, drinking a few more drinks. We were chatting away and before long, it looked like Craig had passed out. Lita, being the fiery Latina piece of ass that she is, gave me a sly smile and very quickly flashed her tits for me. I quietly told her to flash her pussy. She pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and showed me her sweet little pussy. Just a landing strip at the top, but completely shaved everywhere else.

We were pretty into it at that point. I looked at Craig to confirm his u*********sness, then dared Lita to take her top off. I know it sounds silly since we are adults, but we were completely in the moment. She reached behind her and untied the strings to her bikini top. She hesitated for a second with her hands over her breasts, then smiled again and dropped her top. Her fantastic tits were completely on display. Her beautiful brown nipples and aureola's were rock hard.

I motioned for her to come over to me. I pulled her down on top of me and went back and forth on her nipples, nibbling, licking and sucking. She loves to have them pinched and pulled. I slid one hand over her ass cheek and into her bikini bottoms. As my fingers traced her ass crack, I could feel her breathing getting faster. I lightly brushed my fingers over her pussy and Lita let out a quiet moan. That changed when I put a finger in her pussy. She moaned a little louder and reached down to grab my dick.

Lita was nuzzling my neck as she played with my cock. I happened to glance over at Craig, who was now wide awake and watching Lita and I. He looked straight at me, begging with his eyes for me not to say anything. I just pulled Lita closer in to my neck and pulled her bottoms to the side. I slipped two fingers in her pussy and went to work. It only took a minute or so and Lita came on my fingers. She was so hot and wet that I knew This wasn't over.

I signaled to Craig to shut his eyes. I had Lita stand with her ass facing him. I pulled my shorts down and presented her with another dare. Suck my cock. I knew she was too horny to say no, but she did turn and look at Craig to make sure he was out. When she was satisfied, She got on her knees on a towel and started working incredible magic on my cock. She was licking from the base to the tip and then swallowing the entire length. Lita is a really good cock sucker.

As she was blowing me, I reached over and pulled her panties back to the side. I looked at Craig and he gave me the hugest, dopiest grin. I made sure he had a good view, then played with Lita's clit. She was going absolutely nuts. Really giving me a fierce blow job and moaning that I was going to make her cum. I think she forgot Craig was there.

That didn't last long. Craigs lounger made a noise as he repositioned to take his cock out. Lita immediately jumped up and grabbed her towel to cover herself. She kind of yelled at Craig and asked him how long he had been awake. He was not smooth. All he could do was stammer and tell her how hot she was. After a minute, I think she felt bad for him. She lowered her voice and told him to forget about it.

That's when I reached under her towel and put my hand between her legs, right at her pussy. She was on fire! I could feel the wetness though her bathing suit. She jumped when I did it and spun around startled. I looked at her and told her it was ok. I told her we should go on like we were. That Craig could just appreciate the show. We talked about it for a few minutes. She seemed to just want reassurance that I was ok with and that Craig would only watch. I told her that is all that would happen. Craig asked if he could jack his cock while he watched. To my surprise, Lita was the one to tell him it was ok.

Lita dropped her towel and peeled off her bikini bottoms. She turned to me with a nervous look on her face and asked if I was sure one more time. I told her it would be fine. Then I told her I wanted to lick her pussy. She loves to have her pussy eaten, so she didn't waste any time throwing her legs over me so that she was on me reverse cowgirl. Then she backed her ass up until I locked onto her pussy with my lips. This is my favorite thing sexually. I LOVE the 69. To me, there is no foreplay that can stand up to it.

I was happily lapping at Lita's incredibly sweet cunt. I would lick her from clit to her opening, then shove my tongue in. She loves it when I suck on her clit, then tongue fuck her pussy. I was a wild a****l that day! Licking her pussy to orgasm while she tried to suck my cock. It was too difficult for her to concentrate on my dick. I made her cum twice like that. As I gave my mouth a brief rest, Lita regained enough composure to start on my cock again. I was moments away from cumming and buried my face in her pussy again so she would lose her rhythm. I moved past her pussy and started tonguing her little ass hole. This was the first time I had ever done it and she was going nuts. She loved it. She took my cock from her mouth to tell me not to stop. I had my thumb in her pussy and fingers on her clit while I rimmed her perfect ass. Craig had gotten up for a better view and was standing next to us jacking off. I swear it only took a few minutes and she was cumming again.

Lita let us know that she needed to be fucked. She slid her wet pussy up until she was at my cock. She grabbed my cock and placed it at her pussy entrance. She surprised me again by telling Craig to get on his knees in front of her so he could get a good view. She pushed down onto my cock and was not gentle. We are both fans of rough fucking and this was no exception.

Lita was bouncing on my cock with a lot of enthusiasm! She was straddling the lounger and had her feet on the ground. She put her feet on the lounger and leaned back into me so that her back was on my chest. We fucked like that for awhile and I could feel myself getting ready to cum. Craig let us know he was going to cum and, to my great surprise (again), Lita sat up and told him to cum on her tits. She started talking dirty to him, which really turned me on. She told him she loved watching him jack his big cock while she had another in her pussy. She said she wanted to watch him cum on her tits. She was riding my cock the whole time and moaning between words. I pulled her down hard on my dick and really started fucking her hard. Craig got close to her tits and when he was going to cum, she reached out and gave his cock a stroke or two. That was it. He started cumming and she slammed her pussy down on me hard. I emptied my balls in her pussy while she ground herself on my cock.

When we had settled down, she grabbed her towel and wiped her tits off. She seemed to snap back to reality and it was making her uncomfortable. She excused herself and went in the house. Craig and I cleaned up and when Lita didn't come back downstairs, we thought it would be best if he took off.

I went upstairs and Lita was in the shower. I got in with her and she told me that it was really hot and she came so hard, but that would be the only time something like that happens. We fucked again in the shower, then I spent the next couple of hours massaging her and going down on her pussy and ass.

there you have it! Not really a threesome, but we did fuck in front of someone and she did touch his cock. Let us know if you like the story. She was hesitant to have me tell it.

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