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I was parked in a layby when a car drove in , a lady was driving her legs were on show and very nice they looked too .
She opened her door and sat with one leg out of the door, I got out of my cab and walked over to her and said hi .
She was showing a lot of leg and her low cut top was letting her breasts swell out ,she said her name was Karen
and she would love to have a look in my lorry so I opens the cab door for her. As she climbed up to get in I had a lovely
view of her stocking tops and some sexy pink knickers I could feel my dick getting hard as she climbed in to the cab .

She said it was very nice and that she would like to go for a ride in one some time , but now she would like to see what was
in the back so I help her down from the cab ,witch gave me another good look at those lovely legs and knickers but as she came
down she was sliding down against my now hard cock , she just looked at me and smiled.
I then let her get in the back to have a look but this time I got in with her and closed the door what are you doing she said?
You have had your look flashed your legs and knickers at me and my cock is now hard and you are going to help me with it.
No I can't she said , I said you are and tied a rag over her mouth then tied her hands and feet then I sat on a box put her over
my knees lifted her skirt up over her back and gave her a good spanking untill her ass was shining pink to match her knickers ,
this is what you get for turning me on then saying you will not help me out .
Next I tied her to the side of the box with her legs open wide now then I said and pulled down her knickers and got out a vibrator
this will do you some good as It was sliding down her clit she jumped so I let it rest there for some time turning the speed up all the time.

As I could see her juices starting to run down her legs I slipped it right in to her pussy as far as it would go and as I worked it in and out
she could not hold out anymore she was cuming over and over her cum was runing down her legs like a river that how you help someone out.
I then opened her top pulled of her bra and started sliping my cock up and down between her breasts they were soon wet with my precum,
I then gave her nipples a good sucking untill they were rock hard then I slipped my cock down between her legs and used her wet pussy lips
to toss myself off as I was about to cum I let fly over her breasts and pussy I then watched as it ran down her body and legs along with her cum .
It looked good and she had a smile on her face as I untied her there you did help after all I said now next time you will help me again one way or another.
So good by for now Karen see you again soon.

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