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B5 Chapter 22 Dee Dee's Confession

Chapter 22: Dee Dee's Confession

The incredible sexual encounters continued for both Jeanne and Jordan. Each girl was pushed to her limits on a daily basis, with a variety of partners, and constantly varying sexual acts. By the time the contest was near, each girl felt as though she could fuck the living daylights out of anything that lived.
When she wasn't helping the other girls putting Jordan through the sexual wringer, Dee Dee continued to go through all the files and programs on Barocca's computer in her spare time.
Several days before the actual contest with Jeanne and Barocca was scheduled to begin, Jordan received a phone call from Dee Dee. She asked Jordan to come by her quarters. Jordan arrived in Dee Dee's quarters just after lunch that day.
"Hi Jordan. Thanks for coming by on short notice. As you know, the big showdown with Jeanne and Barocca is only a few days away now. I wanted to take this time to talk with you, and let you know a couple more things about myself and the Island."
"Sure, Dee Dee. What've you got in mind?"
"Bear with me, because I'll be doing a lot of the talking here, Jordan. And I'll also be telling you a few things about me that are very personal, as well as maybe a bit unbelievable. But just hear me out on everything.
"For starters, how old do you think I am, Jordan?"
"Dee Dee, you're my friend. I wouldn't ask you something like that, unless you wanted me to."
"You don't have to worry about offending me, Jordan. Believe me, after all we've been through, we each know enough intimate details about the other, as well as other girls on the Island, that a little thing like that won't get me upset at you. Now take a guess at my age."
"Okay. I'd say that you're about twenty-five or twenty-six, Dee Dee."
"That's roughly what most people guess my age at, Jordan. But you're not even close. I turned forty-four last month."
"You're k**ding me, Dee Dee! Most people would think that you're younger than I am."
"No games, Jordan. I was born in nineteen fifty-six. It's now the year two thousand. So you can do the math as easily as anyone."
"So how have you managed to stay so young looking, Dee Dee?"

"Okay. Get comfortable in that chair, Jordan. I'll try to condense this, but it's still a lengthy story to tell. In seventy-six, I was twenty, and I'd enrolled in college. Even back then I could tell it wasn't gonna be easy to pay for books and tuition.
"I answered an add in a local newspaper for 'models wanted'. I wasn't a prima donna, but I knew I was decent looking, with a nice figure. Evidently, the photographers and the editors of the magazines thought so too. I wound up modeling from late in seventy-six until early in eighty-two, and it helped to help pay for my education, as well as putting money in my pockets.
"The work was easy, and after a while I took to it well. The guys who bought the various magazines my photos appeared in must've written in about me, because the work was steady for quite a while.
"While I was in school, I studied medicine and nursing. I eventually hoped to become a surgeon. So after all that time, I knew the way that the human body was put together, and how all the parts worked together.
"I won't be conceited and say I graduated at the head of my class, but I did well. I had to study my ass off in school. I'm intelligent, and the hard work at the books paid off. When I graduated, I was hired quickly in an internship program at a major company.
"What surprised people, was that I could actually do the jobs I was hired for. Believe me, I heard every 'dumb blonde' joke there was, and lots of people assumed that I'd 'slept' my way through medical school, or somehow gotten by on my looks. But it turned out that the 'cute blonde with the big tits' was actually as good, if not better, than a lot of the guys.
"I'll admit that my looks and figure did open a few doors in the job world for me. But I proved that I could do everything the jobs required, and then some, at every step of the way. I quickly acquired a nice reputation, and people in the field soon started taking me seriously.
"I networked in the field, and learned quite a bit about all forms of medicine from various colleagues. Including genetics, DNA research, and a lot of other technical stuff that was being done in the field of cloning.
"In eighty-nine, I came across a video review magazine, and I saw a write-up on Jeanne's scenes in the "Bi & Beyond" films. I was so intrigued by that, I tracked down copies of the actual videos, and watched her in them. Even though they were obviously faked, I was spellbound by what I saw.
"For the next few years, in my spare time, I worked on a way to clone a cock, and then come up with a way to connect it to a female body. I eventually came up with a prototype of the machine that's in my lab, and tried it on myself. I did quite a few modifications and alterations, before I settled on what you see between my legs nowadays. But the process worked.
"After that, I used the few connections that I had left from the modeling business to track down and contact Clyda. I'd met her a couple of times in the past. We hit it off well back then, and I thought if anyone might be game to try what I'd done, that she might be it.

"It took a while to finally get in touch with Clyda. And even longer to convince her to give what I proposed a try. But once she saw what I had between my legs, I had a partner for life. I used a new and improved design on Clyda, so that I gave her a more conventional looking, although certainly huge, piece of meat between her thighs.
"Now that there were two of us, we started having sex with each other almost around the clock. Even back then, we were producing such huge amounts, I started saving the sperm, and finding ways to refine it into the pills and vitamins. When we started taking these on a regular basis, we found that it also had a rejuvenating effect on us.

"Clyda's only a year younger than me, Jordan. Nowadays, we both can pass for roughly half of our real ages. The same holds true for Roxanne, Darlene, Roberta and some other girls who were friends of ours that we really liked from our modeling days. Somehow, someway, the stuff that's in our semen is almost like a 'fountain of youth' to us. Don't ask me to explain it any better than that. I just know that it works that way, when I refine it into the pills and vitamins.
"By now, I knew I had a working process for giving a girl a cock. What we needed now was money and lots of it. Clyda and I took a wild chance, and managed to get in touch with Tiffany. We both thought she was terrific looking, and if we could ever get her to see things our way, that she'd be a perfect partner for us.
"Again, it took a lot of convincing, but Tiffany bought in to what we had to offer. By now, we had three elements. I had the brains, Clyda had her connections in with royalty and people in high places, and Tiffany had money from her modeling and video career. Tiffany also helped sway some of the other current starlets into joining us too.
"We got Tiffany to 'convert' in ninety-two. She was instrumental in getting some of the newer girls to join us. Clyda and I worked on recruiting some of the older girls. When they all saw what I had done for myself and Clyda, they were willing to pull together and amass the money and the clout necessary to finally get the Island, so we could operate in privacy.
"We spent three years pulling strings, giving sexual favors, and also gathering incriminating evidence on high-ranking people with clout. We'd simply get intimate with someone, and film everything, and then hold it over their heads. It would be embarrassing enough to be caught being unfaithful with a bimbo who had been a porn star; imagine what it would mean if it got out that they were doing it with a shemale.
"In ninety-five, we finally got what we wanted. We had enough money and enough pull on the right people, so that they 'donated' this Island in the Bahamas to us. They were glad to push us off to the sides, and let us carry on with our fun and games in isolation.
"Then we used the money to build my lab, and all the facilities that you see around here. Tiffany was given her cock first, and then the older girls got the treatment. And then the first of the new girls that Tiffany had recruited got makeovers.

"Now we had a core group, or 'starting lineup'. We started producing photo sets, and offered them through mail order. Next came videos. It was amazing how quickly and how many of these we sold. Over several years, we built up a very lucrative mail order business, and things grew into the way you see them now.
"We were surprised to see a few women writing us, and inquiring about how we came to be like we were. We did some very careful screening, and slowly but surely invited girls to come to the Island, and the ones that we really liked, we offered to let them stay, and become members of the f****y.
"As we found that other girls liked the same things that we did, we later put out feelers to a lot of models and girls in the industry. You were one of the ones who wound up responding to us, and were later invited to the Island.
"So, Jordan. As the saying goes, you can see what a 'long strange trip' it's been, and how the Island and our little society was eventually formed."
"Wow. I had no idea just how much history was involved here, Dee Dee."
"I don't expect everyone to take a history class on what's gone on in the past, Jordan. But I want to impress upon you just how much work, and how much time and effort went into creating everything here. Our Island group didn't just pop into existence in ninety-five, when we started selling things through the mail."

Dee Dee got up from her chair, and began slowly pacing back and forth in front of Jordan. "As you no doubt know, Jordan, how you perform against Jeanne in the contest will be critical to just how things turn out in the near future around here."
Jordan nodded her head in agreement, as she soaked in Dee Dee's words.
"What I'm trying to say is this, Jordan. Forgive me for not being terribly subtle here. A lot of things are beyond your control, and a lot of others, you simply weren't aware of. But it boils down to this.
"I have spent far too much time; far too many years of my life studying, networking and producing the technology I use here on the Island; and I've poured in far too much of my soul into the Island, and everyone and everything on it, to ever let Barocca think she has a fucking snowball's chance in Hell, of ever taking it all away from us!"
Jordan recoiled in her chair at the hate and emotion in Dee Dee's voice.
"I'm sorry Jordan. I didn't mean to snap at you like that. And I'm sorry if you thought I was taking things out on you. But I wanted to give you an idea of just how much the Island means to me, and why I'm so adamant about not giving it up."
"Well now that you've explained things, I can understand why you feel the way you do, Dee Dee," said Jordan. "But it still comes down to me finding a way to beat Jeanne in the contests that are coming up."
Dee Dee just stood there with a wicked smile on her face, as she looked at Jordan.
"I mean, doesn't it?"
"Don't be so sure about that, Jordan. What would you say, if I told you I had a way to fix the outcome of the contest?"
"I'd say that it would serve Barocca and her group right. I don't think that they've got any right to think that they can take away what you've created."
Dee Dee gripped Jordan's hands, as she knelt next to her chair. "That's exactly how I hoped you'd respond, Jordan. I've got a secret plan up my sleeve, but you're going to have to trust me on this."
"Uh oh," Jordan muttered. "Whenever you start talking like that, Dee Dee, I usually have to watch out for myself. What've you got in mind this time?"

"Jordan I'm surprised at you." Dee Dee got up and resumed her pacing. "I was the one who came up with ways for you to survive an afternoon with Ebony, and then enjoy a day with Clyda; not to mention surviving the Main Event. And I personally did the surgery that created your cock, and turned you overnight into one of the most popular amazons on the Island. And I've certainly done my fair share of showing you how to use your new toy to its fullest potential.
If I say I've got something that can make the difference, you've got to have a little faith in me."
"I'm sorry, Dee Dee. It's not that I don't believe you, or don't trust you. It's just that I seem to have turned into some kind of guinea pig, since I've been on the Island."
"I know, Jordan. And I'm sorry that some things have turned out the way that they did. But listen to what I've got to say, and then make a decision. Okay?"
"All right, Dee Dee. What's your plan?"
"When we hold the contest, it'll be centered around sex. There's no secret about that. How much you can cum, how long, how fast. How you can serve partners in various scenarios that we'll come up with. As well as being on the receiving end, and seeing how well, and how long you can hold out in different contests.
"I've noticed that ever since you were exposed to several of my pills over a short period of time, that you've got a bottomless pit between your legs, Jordan. Your finale with Barocca in the Main Event, as well as some other scenes when we've been putting you through in the various pairings with the different girls, have confirmed this.
"There's no delicate way to put this, Jordan. Under the right conditions, you're capable of nearly taking a telephone pole in either your pussy or your ass, and not being fazed by it."
Jordan sat there with her mouth open, not knowing if she should be complemented or offended by Dee Dee's remarks. "Thanks for the compliment, Dee Dee. I think."
"Sorry to be so blunt to you, Jordan. But you're special in those areas, thanks in large part to my pills. Seeing how much meat a girl can take, and staging outlandish penetrations will no doubt be one of the contests that will be held. Barocca doesn't know this about you, so it's one advantage you'll have over her and Jeanne.
"The other thing that will get the most emphasis, will be your cum shots, and how much you can produce, and how often. I pride myself on being a serious cum junkie, so I know what I'm talking about when I say your cock is special indeed, Jordan. For having your cock for such a short period of time, you are absolutely exceptional in that area.
"And that is just where I can stack the deck in our favor, and give you an advantage over Jeanne, that she won't be able to overcome."
"What are you planning on doing to me, Dee Dee?"

"As you may well know Jordan, Barocca was able to do the things she's done recently, because she had the help of some seriously advanced software. She also managed to get into my lab, and use that software on my machines, to create her clone, and to perform an operation that turned Jeanne into a shemale.
"However, Barocca was in such a fucking hurry to hightail it out of here, when everything hit the fan after the Main Event, that she left everything behind on her computer. I've spent the last month dissecting all the files and programs on it, figuring out just what it's capable of doing.
"Calling the programs that I found 'high tech' would be a serious understatement. I won't bore you with a complete scientific explanation of them all. But taking some ideas from them, I've literally got the power to remake and modify anything at all on the human body."
Dee Dee stood in front of Jordan, and looked her straight in the eyes.
"Studying this advanced software, I’ve been able to modify my own machines so that I can perform an operation on your nuts, Jordan. You'll heal up the same day, and you won't look drastically different than you do now. But for one month, you'll be able to produce cum shots that will go off the fucking charts.
"What Jeanne did in her little introduction in the auditorium, in front of the other amazons, you'll be able to blow that away, without breaking a sweat. In fact, you'll damn near be able to duplicate a 'Milking Ritual' cum shot, just by jerking off, or having regular sex."
Jordan's face was a mask of concentration, as she imagined what Dee Dee had in store for her.
"And Tiffany and Clyda have told me that the very first event will be a 'Milking' contest, Jordan. Just think what you're gonna be able to do, when we get you hooked up, and pump that b**st of yours for an hour. I wouldn't be surprised if your nuts wind up getting bigger than mine."
Jordan blinked in surprise, as she imagined what she could do if Dee Dee's predictions were true.
"But isn't that kind of size change on me going to rather obvious to everyone, Dee Dee?"
"Not as much as you might think, Jordan. Barocca and Jeanne only know that you're a shemale now. They don't know just how you've turned out. And from past experience, it's not all that uncommon for a girl to gain a little size in her cock or balls, even after she's finished all the growth treatments that I put them through."
"That's right. I also remember you and Tiffany telling me that your cocks could some-times be slightly different sizes in the same period of sex, depending on how turned on you sometimes got."
"Exactly, Jordan. You won't be so different that it'll be blatant that anything was done to you. But you'll have enough of an edge to out do Jeanne in almost any kind of contest that they can come up with."
Dee Dee asked Jordan once more. "Are you absolutely sure that you're ready for this, Jordan?" Without any hesitation, Jordan agreed.
"Okay then. Let's head over to my lab, and we'll do the deed."

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