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B5 Chapter 18 Jeanne's Wild Night - Barocca D

Chapter 18: Jeanne's Wild Night - Barocca Duz Jeanne

On her back, Jeanne squirmed on the bed, determined to get fucked now, and prove that she could take it. Barocca stood defiantly in front of Jeanne. She stroked her nuts, and her thick shaft, and the head of her cock peeked out of the foreskin. "Get hard me, girl," she commanded Jeanne. "Get me good and hard and so I can rip you open."
"Suck on her, Jeanne," Persia said. "Barocca'll get hard quicker than you can believe it. Suck her!" Jeanne lifted her head and flicked out her tongue. She moaned, soaking the head of Barocca's cock. She sucked on her pisser. A few drops of precum oozed into her mouth.
Barocca moaned. She jerked forward, banging the bloated head of her cock into Jeanne's mouth. Her head snapped up as her cockhead sc****d against Jeanne's teeth.
Jeanne nearly gagged. A wave of fear swept over her. She battled it.
"Mmm, take it easy, Barocca," she moaned, gurgling on her own spit. Barocca seemed to calm down. She shuffled her feet on the carpet, her head swaying. Jeanne's fingers and wet mouth were exciting her.
"Damn! You're getting so much bigger, so fucking quick. Umm, so big and beautiful." Jeanne was mesmerized by the sight of Barocca's hard-on. Barocca sighed and stepped forward, banging her cock into Jeanne's mouth. She jerked, her prick swelling into a piece of hard, throbbing rock.
The f***e of Barocca's jerking thrust nearly knocked Jeanne back on the bed. Dazed, she stared up at her cock. "God!" It was soaked in her spit and thick with bl**d. It made Jeanne shiver with passion and fright.
Jeanne wriggled on the bed. She stretched, grabbing Barocca's thick, meaty cock in her sweaty hands. "God, what a piece of meat," she babbled, quaking with lust and fear. Holding Barocca's cock, Jeanne felt the power pulsing in her shaft. It made her dizzy. She closed her eyes and dragged the head of her prick towards her cunt. Jeanne rubbed the fat, fist-sized cockhead against her pussy lips. The heat from it was incredible. Barocca moaned again. The heat of Jeanne's pussy seared her prick and stirred the hot bubbling cum in her nuts.

Just feeling Barocca's massive hard-on next to her pussy was enough to start Jeanne's pussy seeping. Her cunt juice oozed out between her labia lips and began to coat the head of Barocca's cock in cream. Jeanne writhed on the bed. The pleasure was exquisite. Her bottom lip quivered as she squirmed on the bedcovers. Legs spread wide, feet on the edges of the bed, Jeanne jerked.
The head of Barocca's cock was pressing harder against Jeanne's cunt. "Oh fuck, she's only rubbing at the lips of my pussy, and I'm acting like a schoolgirl," she thought. Jeanne opened her eyes, staring up at Barocca's giant cock hovering above her body. Barocca met her gaze with a decidedly wicked leer on her face.
Barocca's cock swelled as she stroked it methodically. The heat of Jeanne's pussy was driving her crazy with lust. Barocca jerked her rump forward, and the bloated head of her prick slowly stretched the puffy folds of Jeanne's cunt. Wider and wider she stretched the entrance of Jeanne's pussy. Her cunt was ripe, ready to be plucked and penetrated.
Jeanne nearly went into a fit of spasms. "Oh, shit. She's in me. She's in me!"
"I thought you were used to having a real cock shoved inside of you, Jeanne," chided Persia.
"Yeah. Barocca's only got her head inside of you, girl," added Veronica.
Jeanne's screams agitated Barocca to greater heights. She jerked forward again. This time her cock speared six inches deep into Jeanne's tight pussy. Jeanne's pussy, already wet from the evening's activity, clung to her invading shaft. Jeanne's back arched. Her neck strained. The sensations were incredible. She jerked, impaled on Barocca's prick. Barocca stopped thrusting for a moment.
"Persia. Veronica. You know what to do." Persia and Veronica quickly moved to the sides of the bed, and placed their hands on Jeanne's arms and shoulders.
"Oh no you don't," said Persia. Jeanne struggled, but now she couldn't free herself of Barocca's stabbing cock. Barocca snapped her head back, and gripped Jeanne's ankles. She jabbed forward again, sinking five more thick throbbing inches of her prick into Jeanne's writhing twisting body.
"!" Jeanne exclaimed as each inch of Barocca's cock f***ed its way into her pussy. Jeanne's cunt muscles clung to her shaft like a vise. Her cunt muscles were being stretched to their limits. Barocca's nuts rumbled from the heat generated from Jeanne's tight dry pussy hole.

Jeanne's tits swelled with the steaming bl**d surging through her veins. Her nipples grew thick and engorged also. The muscles in Jeanne's legs tightened. She twisted her legs, but her ankles were firmly gripped by Barocca. Hips twisting, tits flopping, she battled Barocca's cock as much as she could, but it was a losing battle. Each thrust from Barocca sent twisting pain through her cunt. Barocca was driving deeper and deeper.
Barocca rammed forward, driving another three inches of her prick into Jeanne's tight pussy. Barocca now had well over a foot of her cock into Jeanne, and she was as deep as she could take her. Barocca's balls slapped against her own thighs as she thrusted back and forth.
Barocca tossed her head back in triumph, her hair tossing in the air as Jeanne's screams of pain and horror filled the room.
Barocca was now completely aroused. She jabbed hard, driving her cock in and out of Jeanne's convulsing body. The heat of Jeanne's pussy seared her shaft. The slick walls of her vise-like cunt rubbed her shaft, agitating her even more. Barocca felt her balls swell. Jeanne was shrieking at the top of her lungs. She pounded the bed with her tiny fists, further enraging Barocca.
"She'll wake up the whole fucking hotel," muttered Barocca. "Persia. Shut her up."
Persia leaned close to Jeanne, and craned her head so she was directly over her face.
"C'mon girl. Quit acting like a damned sissy." Without warning, Persia thrust one of her heavy tits into Jeanne's mouth.
"Ooh. Nice touch," said Veronica, as she watched Persia's technique. "I think I'll have some of that." Veronica leaned closer, and found one of Jeanne's breasts with her own mouth.
The effect of sucking on Persia's tit, and feeling Veronica's mouth on her own boobs caused Jeanne to settle down slightly, and her struggles began to subside.
"Okay. That's more like it, Jeanne," said Barocca. "You'd better learn to get used to pieces of meat like mine and the other girls', if you're gonna stick around here. It'll get easier as you're here longer, believe me."
Jeanne's body finally settled down, as she began to accustom her pussy to Barocca's cock. Jeanne twisted and tried to squirm back, but Barocca's cock had her. The muscles of her cunt defied her mind. They clung to Barocca's giant shaft, already knowing the pleasure that would come soon. Barocca pulled her cock back six inches, and began shoving hard, ripping into Jeanne's cunt like a saber. Barocca groaned in lust, her head flipping, her eyes glowing.

Jeanne collapsed back on the bed, trembling, almost faint. The pain kept her from slipping into u*********sness. She twitched in agony, her breathing ragged, raspy. Having surrendered herself, Jeanne lay limp, totally filled with Barocca's huge, throbbing cock. Her eyes rolled, focused on her belly. It was a nightmare.
Barocca jammed her prick hard into Jeanne's body. With Jeanne limp and no longer fighting, the juices began to ooze from her tight, dry cunt walls. They greased Barocca's prick in waves of warm cream. Barocca jerked harder, her slippery prick reaching new depths.
Suddenly, Jeanne's eyes widened. The juices in her pussy filled her with desire, took away the pain. Even though her mouth was still filled with Persia's tit, the other girls could clearly hear her gasp, "Oh, God!"
Jeanne's pain-wracked face quickly changed to an expression of d***ken lust. "Ooh, yes!"
"I told you that it wouldn't be so bad, didn't I?" asked Barocca. "Have a little faith. Okay, Persia, I think you can let Jeanne open her mouth now."
"And this was just getting interesting..." replied Persia. Her right nipple was swollen and wet from Jeanne's mouth.

With the pain now completely gone, Jeanne worked her hips, gouging her cunt with Barocca's giant prick. "Unh! Unh! Unh!" Jeanne scooted down and gobbled up more of her cock. Jeanne's cunt juices flowed like a river now as passion enveloped her.
"She's got it good now," Veronica said. The other two amazons nodded in agreement.
"She'll do anything for cock now, Barocca," added Persia. Jeanne now did everything in her power to take more of Barocca's prick into her cunt. She shoved her body up and down on the bed, trying to feel her nuts against her ass. All the pleasure of past times of having her pussy licked or fingered paled in comparison to Barocca's hard throbbing cock that was now buried deep in her trembling body.
"I hate to disappoint you Jeanne," said Barocca, "but there's no way that you're gonna be able to cram all of my cock inside of you."
"You're taking more than we thought you might, but you've got a ways to go, to be able to pull off that stunt," said Persia.
"Hang on and enjoy the ride girl," said Domonique. "And this time, try not to wake everybody up."

For over ten minutes, Barocca kept up a steady, f***eful pounding of her cock into Jeanne's pussy. Persia and Veronica took turns shoving their tits into Jeanne's mouth, and making her suck on them. When one girl was serviced by Jeanne, the other would turn her attentions to Jeanne's tits herself. By the time they were done, Jeanne's nipples looked like tiny sausages mounted on her boobs.
Barocca stomped on the carpet, her head bobbing. Her cock was inside a fiery vat of pulsing muscles and scalding cream. Barocca groaned in pleasure, jabbing harder into Jeanne each time.
Jeanne was in bliss. She lifted her rump high and lunged, twisting her hips. Barocca slammed forward at the same time. The strength of her jab shoved Jeanne along the bed. Her prick was nearly ready. Cum churned in her balls.
Jeanne's body was fused to Barocca's. Her clit became a mangled piece of hard flesh. The rough contact from Barocca's slamming cock sent an orgasm shooting through Jeanne's pussy.
"I'm cumming," Jeanne screamed. "I'm cumming!" Jeanne felt like she would go insane from the pleasure. Cunt cream gushed from her pussy hole and dribbled down her ass, staining the bedcovers and drenching Barocca's balls. "I'm cumming...ooh...I'm creaming!"
Barocca's head lifted high. Her massive balls finally erupted. A hot spurting geyser of thick cum shot from her pisser, flooding through Jeanne's exploding cunt. She screamed as another load squirted into Jeanne's body. One hard lunge knocked Jeanne back along the bench, almost toppling Persia and Veronica.
"She's creaming me. God...she's cumming. I can feel it inside me!" Jeanne rolled her hips. The shaft of Barocca's cock sc****d Jeanne's clit, the thick veins further stimulating the sensitive bl**d-filled piece of flesh.
Jeanne's eyes rolled as Barocca's thick cum filled her pussy, catapulting her into another mind-blasting orgasm. She bucked and jerked under the gorgeous amazon, screaming at the top of her lungs.
Barocca's balls blasted again. More cum shot from her cock, filling Jeanne's overflowing pussy. Barocca jerked her head, jamming forward and taking Jeanne to the middle of the bed.
Jeanne struggled against Barocca's cock. She fucked herself senseless on Barocca's exploding prick. Orgasms ripped through her body. Jeanne grabbed her, and tried to cling to Barocca with her legs. Jeanne was at the edge of the bed.
"Ooh, God!" Jeanne fused herself to Barocca's powerful cock, pumping her hips like crazy. Jeanne used all her muscles to milk her hard-on, gasping at the volume of cum she was pumping out. Jeanne's head hung back, her eyes floating into her skull. She was getting dizzy. The room was spinning around her.

Barocca plowed deeper, almost taking the screaming Jeanne off the bed. She stepped forward, her cock buried in Jeanne's frothy cunt. Barocca jerked again, crying out in ecstasy as splattering cum shot from her prick and whitewashed the insides of Jeanne's spongy cunt.
Jeanne held on for dear life. She twisted. She jabbed. Her orgasms were weakening her. Her hands slipped, her legs lost their strength. Jeanne collapsed on the bed, writhing in bliss. Finally, Barocca pulled her massive cock out of Jeanne's pussy, and began stroking the thick shaft with both of her hands. Cum shot in all directions, as Barocca wasn't interested in any type of control, or show of skill. Streams of jism flew everywhere and landed on Persia, Veronica and Domonique, as well as Jeanne, as Barocca finally emptied her heaving balls.
"All right, Barocca!" exclaimed Veronica. "Show this gal what it's like to really get fucked."
"You haven't lost your touch, girlfriend," Persia admitted.
"Ooh, that was fucking incredible," moaned Jeanne.
"That was just the beginning, trollop," scolded Barocca. "We've only got a month to get you ready for the contest. So you'd better believe we're gonna put you through the wringer like this every night, from now until then."
"You've gotta be k**ding, Barocca!" exclaimed Jeanne. "You'll wear me out."
"Not to worry, girl," replied Persia. "We swiped a major portion of Dee Dee's pills on our way off of the Island. And we're gonna make sure you get double helpings, to get you ready in time."
"Besides, if we do manage to wear you out Jeanne," said Barocca with a wicked smile, "I guarantee that you'll leave this life with a smile on your face.” Barocca turned to the last girl of the group, Domonique, who was sitting on the couch. She was stroking her cock with one hand, and fondling her huge nuts with the other.
Domonique, I’ve gotta give you credit for being a good girl, and managing to hold off and stay out of the fun and games this long. It’s your turn to put Jeanne through her paces.”

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