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B5 Chapter 15 Jordan's Conquests - Jordan Fuc

Chapter 15: Jordan's Conquests - Jordan Fucks Cleo

Jordan and Cleo sat there, each catching her breath after Jordan's blowjob on Cleo.
Cleo stared at Jordan's splattered face, and couldn't help herself, and began giggling.
"I'm sorry, Jordan. I just couldn't help myself there. Are you all right?"
Jordan began wiping the excess jism off of her face with her fingers. She shook her head and said playfully to Cleo, "Of course you realize, this means war."
"C'mon, Jordan. I thought all the girls on the Island liked the taste of cum."
"The taste, yes. Wearing it for a mask? No thanks, Cleo. You've been a bad girl. And for that, you deserve to be punished."
"Ooh. What've you got in mind, Jordan?"
"You're gonna get fucked now, Cleo. And Tiffany and Dee Dee made it clear to me that you've been here long enough, so that I won't have to worry about being too rough with you. I'm gonna see just how big that box of yours really is."
"Promises, promises. Well, what are you waiting for, Jordan? Let me see what that cock of yours can really do."
"First things first," said Jordan. She began stroking her cock, and quickly had herself at her full erection of two feet.
"Holy shit!" shrieked Cleo in delight as she reached out and felt Jordan's cock. "Jordan, I had no idea that you could be hard and ready to go again so soon." Cleo brought Jordan's pulsing twenty-four inch hardon into full view and gasped at the sight. "You're absolutely huge, it looks like it's even bigger than the first time."
Jordan took her by the hand and helped her so that Cleo was sitting on the bed. As Cleo sat on the bed, and Jordan stood next to her, Cleo began to lick her balls and was sucking along the length of her heavily veined cock.
Cleo licked her way along the length of the shaft and wrapped her lips as far as she could around the head. Working slowly, she managed to get the entire tip of Jordan's penis into her mouth.

"Oh no you don't, Cleo," Jordan scolded her. "I said that you were gonna get fucked, and that's exactly what's gonna happen. Now be a good girl for a change, and let go of my cock."
Cleo complied with Jordan's wishes. "All right, Jordan. You're right. I do want to get fucked by that b**st of yours. But let's try this idea."
"Just what've you got in mind, Cleo?"
"So, you wanna fuck me, baby?" Cleo purred. Her hands pulled at her red, swollen pussy lips. Jordan's two-foot cock throbbed, clouding her mind with passion. Cleo stood up next to Jordan and gently pushed her back on the bed.
"Here. Lie down on the bed on your back, Jordan."
Jordan followed Cleo's suggestion. Jordan reached down and gripped firmly around the base of her cock, feeling the strength and power that was between her legs. Releasing her grip, Jordan's erection stood out firm and proud. It was pointing upward like a telephone pole. Thick at the base, Jordan's cock tapered only slightly towards the head at the end. It was too thick for Cleo to fit her entire fist around it as she grabbed hold of the base just over the swaying ball-sac. Her puffy lips teased the shaft, causing Jordan to tremble as Cleo ran her hands up and down the shaft. Slowly, she licked her lips, her eyes meeting Jordan's.
Cleo climbed on the bed. Cleo rose to a standing posture and carefully positioned herself over the top of Jordan's cock, her pussy lubricating the tip.
"I'm gonna fuck you good," Jordan almost growled, her cock poised just below Cleo's juicy pussy. Jordan moaned softly as the pressure disappeared, her rod immediately stiffened as she felt the contact with Cleo's pussy.
"Oh yeah," Jordan moaned, pushing the flared cockhead between the wet lips. Cleo shuddered as she felt the size of the thick rod, fat and round between her legs.
"Please, baby, I want all of it," Cleo emplored.
"You're fucking incredible, Cleo,” Jordan grunted, positioning her cock just at the tip of Cleo's warm love canal.
"Oh god yes! Oh yes!" Cleo moaned as the wet, scalding mound of flesh pierced her.
Slowly Cleo lowered herself, and Jordan watched in amazement as the enormous head of her penis disappeared up her tight, well lubricated hole. Inch by inch she lowered herself until she felt the head of her cock disappear inside of her.
Jordan slowly drove deeper with practiced thrusts, waiting until she felt that Cleo was loose enough to take more of her. Her cock got thicker near the base, so she had to push harder and harder to get more of her meat inside the squirming girl. Cleo, impaled on Jordan's huge erection, squealed wildly.
Faster than Jordan would have thought possible, Cleo had managed to engulf over half the length of her shaft, but there was still almost another foot of her cock left. With a determined look on her face, Cleo started pumping up and down on Jordan's cock. The tight grip of Cleo's cunt was incredible, and at the bottom of each stroke Jordan could feel a slight give as Cleo's womb slowly made room for more and more of Jordan's cock.
On each stroke Jordan could see that Cleo was gaining some ground as her cervix and uterus stretched to accommodate her cock. But Jordan also could feel something else. The same incredible feelings that she had felt earlier that evening were back, but now seemed to be concentrated in her throbbing cock.
Jordan could tell that Cleo felt it too, as the pitch and volume of her moans of ecstasy were increasing as the tingle increased. Now radiating down her arms to the tips of her fingers, Jordan began to wonder just who was in charge here after all.
Jordan felt Cleo's pussy muscles spasm around her cock and a flood of hot white jism flooded her burning canal. The pussy cum covered her cock and ran out over her swinging, bloated balls, dripping to the bedspread beneath. Jordan felt her two-foot schlong dive as deeply as it could into the rapidly spasming woman mounted on top of her. Her thrusts became more insistent, as did Cleo's moans of pleasure.

Jordan reached out towards Cleo's breasts. The intensity of the feelings increased, engulfing her nipples and bringing cries of extreme pleasure from Cleo.
"Please, Jordan," pleaded Cleo. "Pull my nipples hard, stretch them, rub my breasts..."
Jordan rolled Cleo's nipples between her thumb and forefingers, pulling firmly she watched the nipples harden even further and extend to the size of Vienna sausages before her eyes. Jordan cupped Cleo's breasts in the palms of her hands and massaged the mounds as much as she could from her position on her back.
Continuing to rub Cleo's chest, they could both feel the feelings increase and felt an aura of heightening sexual energy that engulfed them both. Slowly, Jordan realized that the amount of breast in her hands had increased to the point where it was now more than what she had started out with. Cleo's breasts had expanded from their original size in just a few minutes.
Jordan continued to knead Cleo's breasts and looked down at her cock, which now had less than five inches exposed. Jordan could feel the grip of Cleo's cunt like a vice, as she continued to pound the head of her penis into her cervix, and she realized that she now had almost twenty inches of her cock in the tightness of her expanding pussy. In the blink of an eye, that disappeared, as Cleo swallowed all of her cock, on her downward thrusts.
Cleo opened her eyes and noticed for the first time the growth of her breasts and let out an astonished gasp, "Yes!" she cried out as Jordan felt the lips of her pussy bottom out against her balls. Cleo had managed to get all of Jordan's thick love muscle into her pulsating love hole and was furiously riding up and down the entire length of her shaft.
Cleo's breasts had now grown so Jordan was having difficulty holding one in each hand. They were extremely firm with aureole that Jordan could see between her fingers, and sausage sized nipples. They were simply outstanding!
"Don't stop fucking me now!" Cleo panted to Jordan. "I want you to fuck me, like I know you can, Jordan."

It was at this point that something totally unexpected happened. Cleo's cock began to become erect on its own. Cleo was far too occupied with riding up and down on Jordan's massive shaft, and Jordan's hands were fondling her titties. Cleo's cock literally seemed to have a mind of its own.
Within moments, Cleo's cock had sprung to its full erect length of twenty inches. Jordan felt the thick, hot shaft as it slapped on her belly, when Cleo went up and down.
Taken by surprise, Jordan briefly stopped her thrusting into Cleo. "What the heck's going on here?"
"Jordan, don't ask questions. Just grab the head of my cock, and suck! You're doing things to me that I simply can't explain. Suck me, please!"
Jordan had to admit that Cleo was right. There would be time to sort out the causes of this later on. Jordan found the head of Cleo's cock, and quickly engulfed it in her mouth.
Because of the unique position of the two girls, Jordan could only keep Cleo's cockhead in her mouth, but she kept her teeth gently locked on the rim of it. Cleo's cock was long enough that she could remain on top of Jordan's cock, and still have her own cock in Jordan's mouth.
Jordan's head bobbed up and down like a puppet, as she maintained her grip, while Cleo rode her body up and down on her cock like a piledriver. The two girls drove each other to heights of pleasure for fifteen minutes like this.

Eventually, Jordan could feel her balls getting ready to release their tide of cum, and she knew she couldn't hold out much longer. So, continuing to pull on Cleo's nipples and massaging the expanding titflesh, Jordan came and pumped what seemed gallons of cum into Cleo's cunt. Cleo's breasts continued to vibrate and tremble as Jordan came for what seemed like minutes.
Cleo felt her pussy fill with Jordan's thick spunk as the she screamed through her violently pleasureful orgasm. Thick seed inundated her womb and Cleo's chain of orgasms only intensified as the hot flood consumed her.
The sensation of Jordan's cum flooding through her womb pushed Cleo over the edge. She felt her own cock throbbing out of control, and past the point of no return.
"Keep sucking on me, and don't stop Jordan," cried Cleo. "I'm gonna shoot off again in a minute."
Jordan felt Cleo's cum coat her cock, and saw it splash out as she continued to pump in and out of her filled pussy. Sperm ran from the cunt hole in a waterfall, and Jordan's vicious load mixed with the lighter squirt from Cleo's pussy. Soon Jordan couldn't keep her cock completely inside Cleo's womb. On the upward strokes of Cleo's body both girls' cum continued to spray out and land everywhere in long arcs.
Squirts and splooges erupted from Cleo's well-reamed pussy, coating her thighs and pooling on the bedspread below her. In addition to all of this, Jordan managed to keep her mouth gripped on Cleo's cockhead and suck steadily away. Even though Cleo had never stimulated her cock during this part of the sex, and it had come erect on its own, Jordan was surprised at the f***e and intensity of her orgasm.
"It's a good thing Cleo didn't have a chance to work her dick into a frenzy. She could have gagged me, just now," Jordan thought. The tingling and glow faded and died as Cleo collapsed onto the bed next to Jordan. Cleo smiled at Jordan, "That has never, ever happened to me before! It must be something to do with the effect of the pills from Dee Dee, and your own wonderful cock, Jordan."
Cleo and Jordan stood up next to the bed and Jordan reached her arms around her waist and hugged her. While Cleo's new breasts weren't changed beyond belief, they were very noticeably larger than before. Perhaps a full cup size, Jordan estimated. Jordan could see beads of milk forming on the tips of her bottle-sized nipples.
"My god, Cleo. Whatever Dee Dee's done to you, I hope she finds a way to patent it."
"I love the idea of having bigger tits. I just wonder if they'll stay this way, or if it's only temporary."
"I'll have to talk with Dee Dee about this. You're making me jealous."
Cleo looked over at Jordan with a look of surprise and pointed down at her cock. It was still rock-hard, and looked as though it was ready to perform many more times, without a trace of slowing down. Cleo's own cock had softened, and quickly gone back to a more normal size of eight inches.
"I'm the one who ought to be jealous, Jordan!" With a big grin Cleo exclaimed, "My aren't we the showoff. Don't you ever believe in giving that b**st a rest?"
"That's my own little surprise about my cock, that Dee Dee didn't tell you about, Cleo," whispered Jordan. "With the right partner, I've got the staying power of a stallion. And you've certainly brought out the best in me tonight."

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