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B5 Chapter 13 Jordan's Conquests - Cleo Sucks

Chapter 13: Jordan's Conquests - Cleo Sucks Jordan

The next morning, Jordan reported to Dee Dee's quarters, to get an idea of what to expect for her next partner, that evening. Tiffany was there with Dee Dee, and they greeted Jordan as she sat on the sofa.
"Well, so far so good, Jordan," said Dee Dee. "You really came out smelling like a rose with Summer, last night. You're learning how to interact and adjust to the various partners that you'll have on the Island. That'll also help prepare you for when we have you perform in certain ways, when we film videos later on."
"The only thing that I want to stress," said Tiffany, "is when we give you warnings or instructions, please try to heed them, Jordan. Things worked out well with Summer, even though you got off on the wrong foot with her. If we give you certain instructions, it's in your best interests."
"You're right, Tiffany," said Jordan. "I'll work harder at that in the future. It's just that right now, everything is so new and different to me, with my new cock, that I couldn't help myself last night."
"Believe me," said Dee Dee, "between Milking sessions, and regular sessions with a variety of partners, we'll give that cock of yours more than enough activity in the future around here. You might even ask for a break."
"I don't know about that Dee Dee," said Tiffany. "If there's one thing that I'm convinced of recently, it's that Jordan's terminally horny. We aren't going to try for a complete cure though. Just see if we can get it down to a more manageable level."
"And that brings us to your next partner, Jordan," said Dee Dee. "We're going to pair you up with a girl named Cleo tonight. She's really nice, and she's been here over a year. Cleo's almost completely through her development stages with her cock. I won't tell you exactly how big she is, but you'll be pretty evenly matched."
"Cleo's been on a steady diet of all the pills and vitamins," said Tiffany. "So she can take a lot more of you in all her orifices, than Summer could. And since she's very nearly all the way through her development, she can also return the favor to you, with just as much f***e and passion, when it's her turn for things."
"The one other thing is that Cleo has one other surprise for you," said Dee Dee. "Just what that is, I'll let you find out on your own though."
"The main purpose tonight, is to get you used to doing it with another girl who's just about your equal," said Tiffany. "You had to hold back a little to accommodate Summer, but Cleo can take just about anything that you can dish out, and be able to bring it right back at you."
"Sounds great," said Jordan. "I'll see Cleo tonight after we finish our afternoon duties. And this time, I'll make myself hold off and wait until Cleo's there, and not start without her."
"We'll both be watching you tonight, Jordan," said Dee Dee. "And you'll hear me inside of your head from time to time, as we make some comments to you."
"Have fun tonight Jordan," said Tiffany. "We're gonna run you ragged as we get you ready for the big showdown with Barocca and Jeanne. But we'll do it such a way, that you'll be begging for more, and almost always have a smile on your face."

Jordan returned to her quarters after the duties for the day were over. She allowed herself to take a leisurely bath, and while she fondled her breasts and her pussy, Jordan was careful not to get herself wound up by playing with her cock too early.
After cleaning and perfuming herself, Jordan opted for a conventional pair of panties, and a silk robe. She turned on the TV with the remote control, and passed the time in that manner, until there was a rap at the door.
"Come on in," called Jordan. Cleo entered. She was a girl just about Jordan's size, physically. Cleo had dark black hair, and was very attractive. Cleo wore the typical skirt and bikini top that was common among most of the girls. Jordan could see an ample amount of cleavage, as Cleo's breasts filled the bikini top. The one difference Jordan thought she could see right away, was that Cleo had a super set of nipples. Even through the fabric, Cleo's teats were thick and protruding.
"Hi Jordan. I'm Cleo."
"Nice to meet you, Cleo. Dee Dee and Tiffany said that you'd been here for a while, and that you're almost completely through the 'program'." Cleo climbed on the bed, and sat next to Jordan.
"That's right. They said that my cock might get a little bigger in time, but that it's pretty much fully grown now. They're gonna concentrate on showing me more tricks in using my cock, and getting me ready for the Milking Ritual in a month or two. I saw you in the Milking chamber, when you volunteered a few days ago, Jordan. That was one of the most incredible things that I've ever seen."
"Well, I've been really lucky to get my cock so soon, and do the things I've been able to do with it. I don't want anyone else to get the idea that I might think I'm better than anybody, because of that, though."
"Believe me, Jordan, a lot of the other girls thought that what you did was wonderful, and it showed a lot of devotion and loyalty to the Island. More and more girls are changing the way that they think of you.”

"Please, let me see it, Jordan." Cleo was very excited by the prospect of Jordan's huge new cock. Her own penis was stiffening inside her panties and her pussy was moistening too.
"Okay, Cleo. Since you asked me so nicely." Jordan removed her robe, and then tossed it to the side. Jordan now had only her panties.
"Wow, you've got a great set of titties, Jordan," said Cleo, as she drank in Jordan's figure. Her full breasts were now free.
"Now you show me yours too, Cleo. Then we'll move on to the really good stuff."
Already Jordan could feel her cock getting harder. There was definitely something very exciting about doing something like this for the very first time, with another shemale.
Cleo unfastened her bikini top, and exposed her own breasts. Cleo had almost the very
same size breasts as Jordan. Cleo had a set of nipples that were larger than Jordan's, over three inches across, with teats that were thicker than her thumb. Jordan found herself licking her lips, as she imagined what it would be like to suck on those nipples later on.
"Glad you like them, Jordan," Cleo said bashfully. Jordan was temporarily red-faced, and smiled back.
"That's what I call a set of nipples, Cleo."
"Okay, Jordan. I want to see that cock of yours, in the flesh."
Jordan stood up by the side of the bed. Jordan wriggled her legs, letting the bulge of her cock shake back and forth in her panties. Cleo stared at the enormous, growing bulge and tried to maintain her composure.
"Let me help," she said with a smile. Cleo took hold of Jordan's panties and slowly peeled them away from her cock. She gasped as the full length of it appeared. Rising slowly as it hardened, it thrust out almost ten inches from her groin and bobbed before Cleo, thick, red, and with a shiny head that was already leaking a clear stream of pre-cum.
Then Cleo's young slender hand reached out to completely free the thick snake at Jordan's crotch that she wanted. It was not fully hard yet. Jordan's cock was actually soft and pliant in her hand. However it's length was already nine inches. Larger than many other cocks Cleo had seen at full erection, before she came to the Island. Cleo was running her hand slowly up and down its length. She turned towards Jordan again and pursed her lips.
"My god, it's marvelous, Jordan. Your cock's even better than mine, I think," Cleo said, with a glance down at her own penis. Her cock was growing thicker as she spoke, and strained against the lining of her own bikini panties. Jordan could clearly see its huge outline.
"Take yours out too," Jordan said. She certainly wanted to see just how big Cleo was for herself. Cleo eagerly undid her panties and struggled for a few moments getting the turgid length out for both of them to see. Soon they were both standing together with their panties around their ankles and their enormous cocks pointing at each other.
"I guess we won't need these any more," Jordan said with a laugh. She lifted one leg, and then the other, to gently flick her bikini panties off to the side with her foot.
"You got that right," agreed Cleo. As she flicked her panties away, Cleo's body shifted, and she felt her cock touch Jordan's for the first time. There was a feeling of electricity in the air, as each girl sensed the size and weight of the other girl's cock. It felt like two thick slabs of salami gently coming together. The chemistry and the attraction between them grew rapidly.
Jordan and Cleo were now standing close to one another, completely naked, and each was becoming more and more turned on, as she looked at the other. Jordan touched Cleo's penis, and Cleo followed suit and wrapped her delicate fingers around Jordan's organ. They both began to gently stroke each other's cock. Cleo felt her nipples becoming even more sensitive, and her now wet pussy was dripping fluid down her smooth young thighs.
Instinctively, Jordan began to bend her knees, and assume a position so that she could begin sucking on Cleo's cock. Jordan bent toward it and began kissing the head with her full lips.
"Uh, uh, uh," chided Cleo. "I want to suck you off first Jordan. Then you can return the favor."
"Okay. Twist my arm, Cleo." Jordan needed no encouragement to accept Cleo's wonderful hands and mouth on her cock. Like she said, there would be ample time to return the favor to Cleo, and both of them could fully explore each other's bodies tonight. Jordan licked her lips. She sat on the edge of the bed, and spread her legs wide, so that Cleo could easily get at her cock. Sitting back upright, Jordan brought her hands up to massage and squeeze her tits. Pushing them up, her tongue snaked out. Further and further her moist tongue protruded. Then Jordan began wetly swabbing the tops of her own tit flesh.
Cleo giggled as she gazed at Jordan's thick member. As she pumped it, it rapidly grew harder and wider. It lengthened to twelve inches, then f******n inches. She squeezed it, it still had some softness, and it wasn't close to being fully hard yet.
Then Cleo opened her mouth, and dropped her face down onto Jordan's stiffening prick. The thick mushroom head disappeared between Cleo's stretching lips. She increased the tempo of her masturbating hand. Slurping and sucking sounds emerged from Cleo's mouth and cheeks, drawing them inwards in her efforts. A dreamy look came to Cleo's eyes, like she was savoring her favorite flavor of ice cream.
In moments, Jordan's cock was growing even larger. So abruptly, as if it was being inflated with an air hose. Wider, thicker. s*******n inches long. Thicker still. Now twenty inches long. Cleo was reaching nearly halfway down the spear on her downward bobs, and began rotating her mouth so that she could bring her tongue more easily to bear on all sides of Jordan's penis. Turning her head clockwise and then back, then counterclockwise and back.
Cleo would squeeze Jordan's shaft from time to time. Cleo could tell when Jordan was completely erect, because there was no more give in the cockflesh.
Jordan could look down and see the strain in Cleo's arm muscles and bare back, and she knew her cock was now at its fullest glory. Twenty-four inches, of rock-hard shemale meat. The thick, throbbing urethra vein running along the underside of Jordan's cock was near the size of a garden hose.
Jordan's cock was slightly curved, like a banana, upward towards her belly. Cleo was trying not to let her saliva run out of her mouth, but Jordan's cock was so thick and wide that it was a tight seal pushing between her stretched lips. The large veins all over the shaft were like speed bumps, creating slurping sounds whenever they passed in and out of Cleo's face.

Cleo paused to release Jordan's cock from her mouth, so that she could admire it, in all its erect glory, for the first time.
"I think that maybe I'm a bit bigger than you are," Jordan said bashfully.
"I know that mine measures just under twenty inches, and yours is at least two or three inches longer! It's beautiful, Jordan."
"So's yours, Cleo."
"You're gonna have to wait a little while to see the full effect, Jordan. I'll be rather busy for a bit." Cleo's hands were working faster now and used both hands to stroke Jordan's cock, up and down. Jordan was still using one hand, with the other caressing her breasts. Cleo got comfortable as she kneeled in front of the bed, and pulled Jordan's cock closer to her.
Cleo wagged a finger playfully at Jordan.
"No fair helping me here, Jordan," she scolded. "I want to do all the work, and have all the fun with this wonderful cock of yours. Then you can do whatever you want, when you do me, later on."

Jordan let out a low moan of pleasure, as Cleo's lips and tongue tickled their way down the full two feet of her cock, until she reached Jordan's cum filled balls. Jordan was obviously in no mood to argue. With both hands stroking Jordan's cock, Cleo gently sucked one testicle into her hot mouth.
"What a sensation, Cleo!" Jordan groaned. "I love that." After a minute of alternately sucking her balls, Cleo worked her way back to the tip of Jordan's cock, and opened her mouth wide to engulf as much of it as she could.
"Oh, yes, Cleo, that's so fucking good!"
"Mmph," Cleo mumbled around her cockhead. She had half of Jordan's cockhead inside her mouth and could feel the fat head pressing against the opening to her throat. She was no stranger to deep throating, but had never attempted it with a cock even bigger than her own before.
Cleo focused on getting it down her throat and slowly, carefully, pushed her head further onto Jordan's shaft. Jordan instinctively knew not to move, as she adjusted to the hard meat working its way down Cleo's throat. She watched in sheer ecstasy as little by little, over half the length of her erection disappeared inside her pretty mouth.
At last, Cleo's lips relaxed, as she reached her throat's limit on Jordan's cock. She had swallowed over sixteen inches. Cleo was becoming used to the strange feeling and began to move her head up and down on Jordan's meat, fucking it with her mouth and throat. Jordan put her hands on her head and gently held it as she moved. Jordan began to feel a massive load churning in her nuts, which she knew would eventually build to a wild climax.
"Cleo, you're fantastic. Keep it up, and I'm gonna cum real soon." Her knees felt weak and she was breathing very heavily. Cleo shifted her head slightly, so that she could make eye contact with Jordan. She shook her head playfully. It was clear that she wasn't going to let Jordan cum anytime soon, if she could help it.

Cleo began a slow, methodical fucking and sucking of Jordan's cock with her throat. Using her throat and tongue, Cleo would work her way up and down the shaft of Jordan's cock. Cleo would pull back until she could feel her teeth brush against the lower rim of Jordan's cockhead. Then she would f***e the massive shaft back down her throat again, until she reached her maximum limit of sixteen inches inside of her throat.
When she felt the pressures building inside of Jordan's cock, Cleo knew just the right technique to grab the shaft of her cock, and exert pressure in a unique way, that caused the rising f***es to subside. Cleo would wait a few moments, and then divert her attention to Jordan's nuts. Cleo's hands would gently squeeze and massage both of Jordan's nuts. Cleo could feel them getting noticeably larger and heavier, as Jordan grew more and more aroused.
Jordan had busied herself, by playing with her tits, and suckling on her own nipples as Cleo worked her magic on her cock. But after a while, the feelings that Cleo was producing in her loins were enough to cause Jordan to forget about her breasts.
Summer had certainly pleased Jordan, and given her best effort when she had sucked her off previously. But Cleo was a more experienced girl, and certainly knew a few more tricks about handling such oversized cocks as were found on the Island. Jordan would never bad mouth Summer, but there simply wasn't any comparison between the two different girls.
After twenty minutes of the best cocksucking that Jordan had felt in her limited experience as a shemale, Jordan felt a sensation rising in her balls that wouldn't be denied.
"Cleo," Jordan panted. "Get ready girl. It's gonna happen real soon. Get ready..."

"Mmmmmm!" Cleo moaned, clearly telling Jordan she wanted it. She quickened her pace and with one hand began rubbing and fondling Jordan's heavy balls. The orgasm hit Jordan hard, and shocked her with the sudden intensity. Whether it was because of her enhanced cock, or Cleo's skillful blowjob, she didn't know. Jordan felt like her cock, her balls, her entire body would explode. She f***ed herself to stop moving as the first hot jet of cum sprayed from her cock.
Jordan's cum shot down Cleo's throat and she pulled back a bit, catching the second stream in her eager mouth. It filled her cheeks and nearly poured over her tongue, washing her gums and teeth in sticky white cream. Cleo realized she had to swallow quickly, and was equal to the task. The third blast from Jordan erupted in her mouth, which was already filled with her sperm.
Cleo knew she'd better swallow, and did so frantically just as the fourth river of cum splashed in to her. This time she was ready and gulped it down eagerly. Jordan's massive penis kept pumping, blast after blast of creamy cum issuing from the tip, until finally, after nearly a full minute, it stopped. Even though Cleo valiantly tried to keep up, the torrent was too much, and a small trickle of cum leaked from her lips and drooled down her chest.
"My god, Jordan!" she said, laughing. "I thought you'd drown me."
"Wow, that was the best thing I've ever felt, Cleo. You sure can suck!"

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