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B5 Chapter 12 Jeanne's Wild Night - Jeanne Du

Chapter 12: Jeanne's Wild Night - Jeanne Duz Persia

Persia got up and removed her robe, to display her splendid figure in front of everyone in the room. She knelt in front of Jeanne, and immediately began to go to work on her cock.
Persia ran her tongue up and down Jeanne's big black prick, slurping her cockmeat from balls to crown, arriving at the big cockhead flaring out from her shaft. She kissed, licked and sucked on it, making sure that Jeanne's cock was as big and as hard as possible.
"Not bad, girl. Not bad," said Jeanne as she admired Persia's work on her cock. "You sure you haven't bitten off more than you can chew?"
"Oh, I don't think so," replied Persia, as she pulled Jeanne's prick toward her mouth. Without warning, she abruptly swallowed all of Jeanne's cockhead in her mouth, and gave a powerful suck. Jeanne trembled in unexpected pleasure, pushing her cock out, her hips rippling. Barocca and the other girls gave nods of approval and began rooting and encouraging Persia.
"Do it to her, Persia."
"Show her who's really in charge around here!" exclaimed Domonique.
Persia pulled her lips off Jeanne's cock with a loud 'plop'. "You aren't gonna spoil things and shoot off already on me are you?"
"Not on your life, girl!" Being new to having a cock, Jeanne was caught up in thinking about only her own pleasure. She definitely knew what pleasures other women could get out of sucking her cock and drinking her fuck juice. But right now, as badly as Jeanne wanted to empty her balls into someone, she wasn't going to let Persia have her way with her so easily. And even though those big balls of Jeanne's were filling up again, she meant to make Persia work as hard as she could to get her off.
Persia held Jeanne's cockhead to her tits, rubbing them against the fat slab. Persia wrapped her knockers around Jeanne's cockhead, burying it from sight for a moment. She knew that no matter how badly Jeanne tried to resist, this was a sure-fire way to push any cock closer to the brink.
Persia let the tip of Jeanne's cock escape from her hefty bosoms, and went to work on it with her tongue. For a few moments, Persia could control the shaft of Jeanne's cock, and hold it in place, even though Jeanne tried to f***e more of it up into her face.
Persia dipped Jeanne's cocktip back into her cleavage, then levered it down and brushed the meaty slab into her cunt bush. When she released Jeanne's prick, it snapped back up level with her face and Persia tongued it some more. Jeanne's cockhead flared and swelled before her eyes, and her shaft was so taut it could have been used as a catapult.
Persia was enjoying mouthing Jeanne's cockmeat but by this time her pussy was steaming and smoldering with urgent need. Cunt juice ran down her sleek thighs in frothy ribbons. When Persia touched her cunt with her hand it felt scalding hot, swampy and steamy.

"Looks like you're hungry for me already, Persia. You've practically got a waterfall between your legs, girl."
Persia pulled her mouth off Jeanne's cockhead. "It's no secret that I like to get fucked as well as anyone on the Island. But I was sucking cocks long before I ever got my cherry popped as a girl. And like I said, now I'm gonna show you how a cock should be sucked."
Persia licked upward, shifting her fingers so her tongue would not lose contact with the throbbing underside of Jeanne's cock. She covered her huge bloated balls with little moist kisses, massaging them with long sweeps of her tongue. Jeanne's hips were pumping fiercely now as she urgently tried to fuck her prick into Persia's drooling mouth. Persia licked downward now, her tongue pressed harder against the thick, pulsing veins. Her tongue flared out and curled around Jeanne's prickshaft, licking it hard. Jeanne stamped her feet hard against the floor in response to Persia's tongue on her cock.
"Way to go, Persia. Show her how to really suck a dick!" The calls came from Domonique and Veronica as they watched the action. Persia moaned with pleasure. Her eyes closed. Her tongue flicked in and out over Jeanne's aroused cock. Saliva drooled from the corners of her mouth, lewdly coating the big prick. A pearl of pre-cum oozed from the slitted eye at the top of Jeanne's cockhead.
"Ooh! Look what we've got here," teased Persia. "Don't tell me I've got you on the edge already?"
"Not even close yet, girl," panted Jeanne. "You're good; I'll give you that. But that's nothing compared to the load I'm gonna shoot down your throat."
"Promises, promises." Persia went to work again and quickly slid her tongue down, drawing the tasty drop into her mouth. Her lips formed a tight, wet circle and eased down over Jeanne's throbbing cockhead.
As Jeanne thrust her hips forward, Persia raised her face, opened her jaws wider and let the humongous cock slide deep into her mouth and throat. Over nine inches of Jeanne's cock disappeared into Persia's gullet, and Jeanne's eyes widened in surprise. Persia then tightened her throat walls against the sides of Jeanne's pulsing prick.
Jeanne was half out of her mind with excitement and lust now. She was trying to maintain an air of composure and control, but it was a losing battle. There was a world of difference between the experience levels of Persia and Veronica; she had to admit it.
Persia always loved sucking off a shemale amazon's prick. But somehow, it got even better and more thrilling this time. Persia was determined to put this arrogant young upstart in her place, and also thoroughly enjoy herself in the process.
Persia now had over half of Jeanne's prick inside her mouth and down her throat. Persia used her tongue to lick all over the surface of her cock, which was lewdly pulsing against the walls of her mouth and throat. Between her legs, Persia felt her pussy growing wetter and hotter with each lick of her tongue over Jeanne's rock-hard cock.
Spasms of pleasure made Jeanne's thighs jerk convulsively. She pumped her hips fast, fucking her hard-on into Persia's warm, wet mouth. Then Jeanne pulled back out until her lips held only the slippery cockhead.

"Oh," Persia moaned. She sucked harder on Jeanne's sweet-tasting prick fucking in and out of her mouth. Persia groaned and bobbed her head hungrily, taking Jeanne's massive cock into her throat again. She hollowed her cheeks, sucking hard, as if trying to milk Jeanne's cock. At the same time, Persia swirled her tongue all around the aching prickmeat.
Jeanne groaned with obvious excitement and pleasure as she continued to fuck her prick in and out of Persia's sucking mouth. Persia was sucking Jeanne's cock so hard now that she was panting heavily through her nose with the effort. And her body was flushed and covered with a fine sheen of sweat.
"Umf!" she moaned happily around the thickness of Jeanne's huge cockmeat plunging in and out of her mouth. As Jeanne's thick, black prick throbbed more and more violently inside her mouth, Persia groaned again, becoming more and more turned on. For Persia, only one thing in the entire world was important at that moment: to keep sucking as much as she could of Jeanne's huge cock until her balls exploded and she was rewarded with her pumping shemale cum.
Persia's pussy continued to pour out more and more cunt juice. The pussy sauce overflowed from between her trembling cunt lips and ran unchecked down her quivering legs, soaking the carpet of the hotel room.
Persia greedily swallowed down all of the precum she could suck out of Jeanne's throbbing cockhead. Persia loved the taste, and she trembled with anticipation of the huge cum load that would soon be pouring into her belly, a cum load which she could sense was only mere moments away now. She had no doubt that Jeanne could deliver a huge, potent load of jism through her cock. Persia was determined to suck on her cock like she'd never sucked before.
Persia's right hand slid up to the very base of Jeanne's cock and she gripped her tightly there with her fist. At the same time she began to mouth-fuck Jeanne with longer, lower bobbings of her head. Persia moved her left hand to Jeanne's balls and stroked them gently. Then she quickly began squeezing and milking Jeanne's nut in a rhythmic motion.
"Oh yeah," Jeanne groaned excitedly as she felt the cum churning in her bloated balls.

Jeanne lifted her head high and gave an extra-loud and long moan of pleasure. Jeanne loved the feel of her cock being gripped by Persia's lips, her mouth sucking hard on her, and the relentless mashings of her hands on her pulsing balls.
As Persia continued to suck Jeanne off, the wet slurping sounds made by her mouth combined with her own moans and the Jeanne's snorts of pleasure. The air around them was filled with the thrilling sounds of sex and the musky aroma of sexual arousal.
Persia moved her mouth up and down faster and faster on Jeanne's huge, hard cock. Persia was desperate to feel her heavy load of cum shooting into her mouth. And she longed to take Jeanne between her legs after that. Later, she and Barocca would then really put Jeanne through the wringer, and give this new brat a night she wouldn't soon forget!
As Jeanne pumped her hips froward, fucking Persia's face with her prick, Jeanne felt her muscular belly brushing against the top of Persia's head. Jeanne's jaws dropped open in surprise as she saw just what Persia had achieved. The effect was not lost on the other girls.
"Holy shit, Persia!” cried Domonique. “You've got her whole fucking cock in your throat!"

Persia thrilled to the lewd sensation too, delighting in sitting beneath Jeanne, and realizing just how much raw meat was jammed down her throat, as she sucked her off. Persia tilted her head slightly up, so that she could manage to make eye contact with Jeanne.
Speaking was impossible for Persia just now, but no words were necessary. Persia gave Jeanne a look of undiluted pride and lust. "I've taken everything you've got girl! Your ass is mine!"
Again Persia fondled Jeanne's churning balls and again she trembled as she felt the thick cum tumbling about inside them. The next time Jeanne pumped her hips forward, fucking into her mouth with her cock, Persia rose up a bit from the floor, raising her head higher than before. Now, her flared nostrils were buried at the base of Jeanne's prick.
Jeanne's shaft was rammed all the way into Persia's wet mouth. The pulsing prickhead shot between her tonsils and slid down her throat.
"Ungh!" Persia groaned, closing her eyes in ecstasy as she completely deep-throated Jeanne's cock. Persia tightened her throat muscles against the sides of the big impaling prick. She was going to take complete control of the situation and milk Jeanne's over-sized tool off right here and now.
Jeanne screamed in response, stamping her feet. The thrill of having her prick so completely deep-throated by a senior amazon made Jeanne's muscles tense painfully and suddenly, and without warning, she came. Hot, thick cum jetted through her cock, exploding into Persia's sucking throat, and into her gullet.
"Umm, argh!" Persia gurgled as she felt the throb of Jeanne's cock shooting its cum into her belly at long last. Persia had to exert her mental control and not give in to her gag reflex as Jeanne’s shaking shaft felt like a jackhammer lodged inside her throat. The load Jeanne was shooting down her throat was powerful indeed. But Persia had sucked off more jism, and had it fed to her even faster, when she'd been put through the wringer by Ebony. This would be a challenge, but Persia knew she could drain Jeanne dry.
Persia's hips jerked violently as her own orgasm shot through her. More and more cunt juice overflowed from her cunt, running lewdly down her thighs. As they came together, Persia sucked Jeanne's cock with wild, slobbering sounds. Now Persia's greedy lips slid rapidly up and down the full length of the orgasming prick. And, as Jeanne's cum continued to pour into her mouth, Persia came again.
Like a machine that shifts into another gear when the workload increases, Persia simply intensified her sucking actions on Jeanne's cock. As fast as Jeanne's cock could spew out jism, Persia's mouth was even quicker, as she swallowed even more quickly.
After well over a minute, Jeanne's cock finally ran out of gas. Persia continued to suck on Jeanne's prick for several moments, making absolutely certain that she drained every precious drop from her cock and balls.
When Persia finally allowed Jeanne to pull her cock out of her mouth, it had shrunken down to a more modest eight inches, and was nowhere near as thick as it had first been.
Jeanne looked about the room with an expression of surprise and amazement on her face.
"Look who's in charge now, smart girl!" shouted Veronica.
"Way to go, Persia! You put that little slut in her place," taunted Domonique.
"You go girl!" exclaimed Barocca.
Persia smiled and basked in the appreciation of the other girls in the room. It was as if a new k** had stood up to, and beaten up the schoolyard bully. "That tasted good, if I do say so myself. How're those nuts of yours holding up now, show-off?"
Jeanne's confidence was shaken, but she wasn't going to show it, if she could help it. "It's gonna take me a minute to recharge the batteries, but I've still got more than enough left in me to fuck you into the middle of next week, Persia."
"Pretty big talk from somebody who can't even get it up right now, girl."
"I can get a hard-on any fucking time I want!" retorted Jeanne. "Can you say the same thing about getting rid of that 'spare tire' I just gave you?" Jeanne pointed to the obvious bulge in Persia's tummy, from the incredible amount of jism she'd just swallowed.
"As a matter of fact, yes I can," replied Persia. She began massaging her belly with her hands, and within moments, it was restored to the flat, smooth state that it had been before sex with Jeanne.

"How the hell did you do that?"
"Oh, we're just full of surprises, Jeanne," said Barocca. "When you've been here as long as myself and Persia have, we can do some things that the other girls can't."
"We've been on a diet of Dee Dee's pills so long," said Persia, "that we can do things like burning off excess jism on demand. Instead of having to wait and let our bodies do it on their own time.
"I want to take this time to say 'thank you' for the little snack that you just provided me, Jeanne. And I also want to tell you to get that dick of yours hard, and do it now. Because all you did just now, was make me even hornier to get fucked."
"Unless you want to call things off, and admit you've met your match," said Barocca.
"No fucking way!" shouted Jeanne. "I'm gonna finish what I started here tonight."
Jeanne's cock was already lengthening and getting thicker as it hung between her legs. "I'm not even gonna need to use my hands to get myself ready for you, Persia." Jeanne stood there with her hands on her hips, and a look of primal defiance on her face. "You want to see a hard-on? Take a good look at this!"
Barocca, Persia and the other girls were shocked, but had to admit what they were seeing was true. In moments, Jeanne's cock was at its full two-foot length again. Her balls became visibly bigger, and sank slightly in her scrotal sack. If everyone hadn't seen Jeanne shoot off twice before, it was hard to believe it. Jeanne's cock looked even more powerful and ready to fuck than it ever had.

Persia got up from the carpet and sprawled out on the bed under Jeanne. Well aware of what was about to happen, Jeanne grunted in passion, and began stroking her cock. Jeanne was visibly panting with excitement, as she became caught up in the moment, and more and more turned on as she watched Persia.
"You got that hunk of meat good and hard for me girl?" taunted Persia, as she watched Jeanne. She knew Jeanne was dying to unleash her cock in a girl's pussy for the first time.
Persia sat on the bed, then laid out on her back, hiking her ass and hips up so that her body was arched before Jeanne. Her steaming cunt crater was gaping wide open, level with Jeanne's jutting prick.
"Here you go girl. The 'Grand Canyon'. Just for you. I've taken Ebony between these legs, and still came back for more from her. Show me you really know what to do with that piece of meat of yours."
Reaching down, Jeanne used one hand to spread Persia's cunt-lips open even wider. Jeanne slid her other hand slid under the head of her cock, massaging it and drawing it closer to Persia's pussy. Jeanne gave a tentative push, shoving her cock out, and the cocktip bumped into Persia's groin. She humped again and Persia, panting like a steam engine, wriggled and squirmed as she rammed her pelvis out to meet her fuck thrust. Jeanne's cockhead slipped around in her creamy crotch, not quite penetrating yet.
For Persia, it was sometimes difficult to get such a massive load of hard cockmeat like this from a senior amazon up her cunt to begin with; but once the cockhead was buried in her pliable fuck hole, she easily adjusted to the welcome load.

Persia knew that she was lucky indeed to have such an accommodating cunthole; Dee Dee had certainly done her work well, enabling the girls on the Island to fuck each other in so many different ways with their humongous cocks. Persia was delirious with anticipation, because she knew it allowed her to get fucked nearly senseless by the amazons, and also because her pliable cunt walls could reform again afterward, so that there was no evidence of a mammoth cock having been in there.
Braced against the bed, Persia wriggled about, jamming her cunt against Jeanne's swollen cockhead. Persia's hips twisted from side to side as she began to screw her fuck hole onto her prick. Jeanne pushed her cockmeat into Persia, nudging and prying determinedly, knowing better than to start humping frantically before her cock was in her cunt.
Persia's wet cunt rippled and the tip of Jeanne's prick slipped into her cunt. Jeanne and Persia moaned in unison, each girl's face a mask of passion.
"First time with a girl, huh?" asked Persia.
"You're right, there is a first time for everything," panted Jeanne, as she became used to the incredible sensations of having Persia's pussy wrapped about her cockhead. "Including fucking you silly." Jeanne reached out and grabbed Persia's thighs. She f***ed six inches of her cock into Persia in one stroke.
Persia's pelvis danced and jerked, twitched and jolted, as Jeanne drove inch after luscious inch, of the big wedge of her cock into her pussy. Muscles rippled in Jeanne's smooth thighs, and her ass cheeks clenched as she thrusted into Persia again. Persia jammed herself against Jeanne's big battering ram cock and sighed, as her colossal cockhead wedged still deeper into her pussy. Her wet cunt-lips collared Jeanne's thick cockshaft, forming a tight seal around it. Persia flopped from side to side, winding her cunthole around on Jeanne's prick, then jammed down again, fucking another several inches of her long cock into her cunt.
"How do you like me now?" Jeanne was enjoying watching Persia struggle to take her cock inside her pussy.
"Your cock is big girl; damn big. I'll give you that. But just because it takes me a minute to get used to you, doesn't mean I can't handle a sausage like yours in me. Now shut up and fuck me harder!"

"All right, you asked for it!" Jeanne began shoving her cock harder into Persia, fucking her in earnest now. Persia's pussy foamed and rippled, the cunt walls spreading out around the contours of Jeanne's formidable prick. It looked like Jeanne was shoving a baseball bat inside Persia's cunt, spreading her pussy lips even further out. Cunt juice trickled around the edges and ran down into the crack of her upthrust, jerking ass.
Jeanne bucked again, feeding Persia more inches of her steel-hard cock. Well over half of Jeanne's cock was buried inside her, and Jeanne couldn't believe the feelings that were surging through her loins. All she knew was that she had to bury as much of her meat into Persia as quickly as possible.
Persia moaned with lust as she felt Jeanne's massive cockhead stir even deeper in her hole and her thick shaft sliding up and down her creamy tunnel. Her cunt muscles pulsed, molding her cunt around Jeanne's cock, clinging and clutching to every lovely inch. Persia's pussy sucked and rippled on her cockmeat.
Jeanne looked down at Persia's tummy. She could actually see a faint outline of her cock pressing against Persia's skin. Jeanne reached down and could feel her massive shaft as it f***ed its way ever deeper into Persia.
"Oh fuck, yeah!" screamed Jeanne. "I'm gonna split you in two, girl!"
"You just don't get it, do you, Jeanne?" Barocca called to her from the side. "Dee Dee's made us so we can take over-sized cocks in every hole and not get hurt. Remember, silly?"

Jeanne grunted in passion again and fucked even more of her cock up Persia's cunt, hiking her ass higher. Each time Jeanne humped, Persia jabbed her crotch up to meet her. Jeanne's huge prick was steadily vanishing up her stretched cunthole.
Jeanne's cockhead was deeper in Persia's cunt now than any prick had ever been in a long time. And it was going deeper, probing those recesses that a lesser cock could never reach, and fucking into the very depths of her guts. Persia whined and whimpered as she pushed again, engorging herself on Jeanne's colossal prick.
To Persia, it felt like she had a telephone pole rammed up her cunt, and still Jeanne fucked her deeper. She felt like a pig roasting on a spit. A part of Persia wondered where all the cockmeat was going, how it could stuff her so deeply, and not split her open. Persia was half crazed by lust, and in that dreamy bliss she wouldn't even dream of letting Jeanne think that she could have the upper hand.
For a moment, Persia closed her eyes, and imagined how fantastic it was going to feel when she and Barocca got to doubleteam Jeanne later on tonight. The thought of giving Jeanne a dose of her own medicine was enough to make Persia horny enough to get a hard-on of her own. But for now, Persia ignored her own prick. There would be plenty of time for that later. Right now, the task remained to swallow Jeanne completely. Persia concentrated and focused her energy on engulfing Jeanne's prick with her pussy.

After several minutes of vicious humping, Jeanne bottomed out in Persia's cunthole. Her prick bumped at the depths of Persia's womb and could go no deeper. A solid two feet of thick, hard cockstalk was buried in her, and Persia was almost suspended on the end of her prick. Persia grinned with joy, as she realized Jeanne had finally reached her limits.
Jeanne had temporarily stopped her humping, as she too realized that she had bottomed out inside of Persia. Just to make sure that everyone in the room got the message, Persia exercised her leg and cunt muscles, and clamped down tightly on Jeanne's cock, without warning.
Jeanne's eyes shot open, as she realized what Persia was doing to her. "Hey! Watch what you're doing down there!"
"I thought that'd get your attention," replied Persia as she relaxed the pressure on Jeanne. "Well! Look what's happened here. It looks as though I've got every inch of your 'wonder cock' inside of me, and I'm still here to tell the tale." Persia began to slowly apply pressure with her legs and thighs again. "Got any last words, smart ass?"
Jeanne began to panic. "Persia, wait a minute. I'm sorry! I didn't mean to..."
Jeanne's cock pulsed as Persia bobbed back and forth on her prick, rising and lowering her hips. Persia gripped her cock like a vise, and she began to give Jeanne a fucking that she'd never forget; even if it wasn't her first time!
Right now, the tables were turned. Instead of Jeanne dominating and fucking Persia, Persia was controlling Jeanne, working her cock like a master. Jeanne felt waves of incredible pleasure rushing throughout her body. Instead of experiencing an orgasm through her cock, Jeanne suddenly felt her cunt begin to spasm and tremble.
In moments, Jeanne felt herself shaking and her own cunt juice dripping down her legs. Her cock was still rock-hard, and still buried to the balls inside of Persia. Tears began to roll down Jeanne's face, as the waves of pleasure overcame her.
"Not bad for your first time fucking a girl, huh?" asked Barocca.
"What the...? Oh, my gosh..." Jeanne was completely taken by surprise by the turn of events.
"And you haven't even shot your first wad inside my pussy yet, either," added Persia, as she stared up at Jeanne.
Jeanne's words and her actions all came rushing back to her, as she realized where she was and what she was doing. "Barocca. Persia. I...I don't know what to say..."
"How about 'I'm sorry' for starters?" answered Barocca.
"You're right. I'm sorry I flew off the handle, and was such a jerk earlier."
"This has been a demonstration of just what some of the 'older gals' can do around here, Jeanne. We thought you needed a dose of humility."
"Not only can I take all of your cock inside of me, as well as much more meat," said Persia, "I could tighten up the old muscles, and make your 'first time' your 'last time' if I really wanted to."
"Now far be it from me to spoil this tender moment, Jeanne," said Barocca. "But stop thinking you're a damned superwoman, just because you're different from the rest of us. Save the macho attitude for the contest, a month from now. Listen to what we can teach you, and you'll turn out just fine."
"But don't think we're letting you off easy," added Persia. "You've still gotta finish what you started down here, sweetheart. Or had you forgotten?"
"Holy shit, Persia. How could I forget!" Jeanne's attitude changed completely.
"You don't have to turn into a sissy on me Jeanne," chided Persia. "I still like sex as rough and raunchy as anybody here. Stop worrying about trying to overpower everybody. Just bear down on me, and fuck me hot and heavy, and don't spare the horses!"
"You got it, Persia. Here we go...!"

Jeanne and Persia held that full penetration for a moment, with Persia swaying up and down on her mighty prick. Cunt juice ran down the unburied segment of Jeanne's throbbing cock stalk. Persia's cunt lips were unpeeled around her prick, clinging to the fat cockmeat. Jeanne drew back, ready to start fucking into Persia, but her prick was jammed so tightly up her fuck tunnel that instead of pulling out, she wound up yanking Persia several inches along the bed with her.
Persia gripped the edges of the bed and braced her feet against the frame on either side, holding her body in place, eager to feel the sliding friction as Jeanne rammed her cock, and fucked her in and out with it.
When she pulled back again, Jeanne's enormous cock dragged out of Persia's pussy, dripping with her cunt cream. Jeanne drew herself out until only her fat cockhead was in her pussy, paused to catch her breath, then fucked back into Persia. Jeanne had to take a step or two backward, to reach all the way back to the point where only her cockhead was in Persia's pussy. She actually had a chance to build up considerable momentum on her forward thrusts.
Persia's whole body jolted as Jeanne poured her prick into her. Her cunt clung to every inch, sucking and dragging on Jeanne's cock. Persia rolled her hips from side to side, adding torque to the friction.
"Oh fuck, yes! Fill me to the very top, Jeanne!"
Jeanne's mighty loins leaped with sinew and muscle as she fucked into Persia's cunt again, getting into the rhythm. Persia was already starting to cream on her massive prick, wailing and gasping in ecstasy as she fed her that great load of steaming-hot cockmeat.
Persia's cunt was soaking wet and yet, paradoxically, her loins still felt parched for Jeanne's jism. Her ass churned and her hips pumped wildly as she matched Jeanne's fucking rhythm, panting and moaning as she heaved her well-stuffed pussy around under the fucking
a****l. Persia was fucking herself silly on Jeanne's giant prick, almost fainting with the thrill of being fucked by such a horse-hung amazon.
Persia threw her legs up, hooking her ankles around her backside, gripping her in a scissors lock. Her thighs tightened and relaxed as she rode that mighty cock of Jeanne's.
Persia grunted loudly as Jeanne's cockhead hit the bottom of her fuck tunnel, like a hot boulder in her belly. Then she moaned as Jeanne hauled it back out again. Persia's cunt was squishing juicily and overflowing. Jeanne's prick fucked into her again and her bloated balls swung in and slapped against her upthrust ass.

"That's a neat trick there, Persia. But it's not gonna save that little pussy of yours from really getting a workout." Jeanne reached down, and pried Persia's feet off of her waist and hips. Jeanne grabbed Persia's legs at the ankles and spread her legs as far as her arms could reach.
Now Jeanne began to power fuck Persia. With her hands holding her ankles, Jeanne was able to rear back, and pull over a foot of her cock out of her cunt. Then Jeanne used her legs to take two small steps and develop devastating momentum, as she slammed her cock back into Persia like a piledriver.
Impaled on Jeanne's prick, her thighs wrapped around her prick like a vise, Persia rode Jeanne's gigantic fucker in wild bliss, using her thighs to cling to her as if riding a bucking bronco.
After ten minutes of powerful fucking like this, both Jeanne and Persia were covered in a fine sheet of sweat. It was all Persia could do to not begin fondling her own cock and balls. Still her thick shaft slapped noisily back and forth on her tummy, from the f***e of Jeanne's thrusts.
Both girls had experienced numerous orgasms through their pussies, as the sensations overpowered their bodies and sought release through any source they could. The edge of the bedcovers was a darkened pool, that was steadily getting wider, from the girls' juices.
Jeanne's balls and her thighs were coated with excess jism, and the carpet at her feet had not been spared either.
Jeanne's thick prick was rubbing across Persia's clit as it fucked in and out. That fleshy nugget sparked and detonated. Persia wailed as her clit exploded, then wailed again as her cunt creamed. Persia's steaming juices flooded her fuck hole and Jeanne fucked her cock in faster and harder through the slippery lubrication.
Jeanne felt her cockstalk expand between her thighs and her cockhead balloon in Persia's guts. Persia cried out with joy, knowing that Jeanne was about to fill her pussy with her fuck juice.
"Give it to me!" Persia gasped, yearning for Jeanne's hot creamy cum load while her own orgasm poured out around her fucking cock. "Shoot your hot jism up my fuck hole!"
Jeanne fucked her cock into Persia harder, pounding and throbbing, shaking her whole body and almost rattling her bones. Her hips tensed, her ass cheeks clenched, and Jeanne's lungs heaved, and Jeanne bellowed as her balls finally blew their load. The thick cum rushed up her cockshaft and hosed into Persia's cunt hole.
Jeanne's first spurt hit Persia with such f***e that, had she not been clinging to her cock with her thighs, she would have nearly been blown right off the end of her massive cock. Jeanne's thighs tightened, and her belly tensed as she was overcome with another wave of pleasure from her cock. Ramming her prick back in, she shot another deluge of jism into Persia's foaming fuck-hole. Jeanne's hips jolted back and she spurted another load into Persia on the backstroke. The steaming cum jetted into Persia's cock-stuffed pussy like a firehose.
Persia's ass swung from side to side as if she were in a hammock, riding Jeanne's prick as she emptied her balls spurt by mighty spurt. Persia's cunt juice flooded out to mix with Jeanne's cum, swirling about inside her pussy in a foaming whirlpool. Persia could feel each spurt of cum as it shot into her, spraying and squirting into the innermost reaches of her cunt hole. Cum and cunt juice streamed out as Jeanne's cock fucked into her pussy again. The bed was awash with their mingled fuck fluids. Lathery cream ran down Jeanne's cock and onto her balls as she fucked in and out of Persia, her cunt positively overflowing, and Jeanne's balls continued swinging in to whack loudly against her churning ass.
Jeanne panted and heaved in ecstasy, slowing down, her load finally spent. Persia kept fucking her cunt up and down on her drained prick, working off the last of her own orgasms. She jerked spasmodically from side to side, as Jeanne's prick finally stopped erupting inside of her.
Jeanne stood there heaving, trying to recover from the fantastic experience she'd just had, with her cock still buried inside of Persia.

Persia looked up at Jeanne with a scornful expression. "Don't tell me you think we're finished tonight. We're just getting started here."
Jeanne watched with astonished eyes, as Persia relaxed the grip on her cock with her pussy, and pulled back so that now about half of her cock was still inside her. Then Persia turned all the way over, freeing her legs from Jeanne's hands, and throwing her leg across her prick and winding her fuck-hole around on her cock until she was face down, on her hands and knees, with her prick still stuck up her cunt.
"Damn! You could really mess up somebody's dick with a stunt like that, Persia."
"The only stunt I want to see around here, is how well you can keep fucking me, Jeanne."
Persia's ass heaved as she fucked her cunt up and down on Jeanne's prick again, in the doggy-style position, working off the last sweet waves of her creamy climax. A radiant look transfigured her face in the aftermath of her ecstasy, the joy of her satiation. Jeanne couldn't believe that Persia was still raring to go, after what she'd just done.
Jeanne stepped back, and her ass jerked higher. Her long cock began to pull out of Persia's cunt as it still sucked on her cock, reluctant to feel it depart. Then the big cockhead slipped out of her pussy and, Persia, no longer supported, settled onto her hands and knees. A cascade of fuck juice streamed down her thighs.

Persia got up from the bed, and stood close to Jeanne, looking her in the eyes.
"Persia, I'm sorry. I know I ran my mouth off earlier, but I just can't keep up with you all night long. Like you said, maybe later I'll be able to. But not now."
"So you're admitting to everyone that you're out of gas?" said Barocca. "That you can't go on any more?"
"I'm afraid so," sighed Jeanne.
"All right, Jeanne," said Persia. "Just because you're tuckered out, doesn't mean I am. And it certainly doesn't mean Barocca isn't. I meant what I said earlier, girl. We're gonna go to work on you now, and show you what it really means to get fucked."
"Persia, come on!" wailed Jeanne. "I just did it three times."
"We're not interested in sob stories or excuses, Jeanne," replied Barocca. "If a little action like this is gonna wear you out, you might as well not even show up for the contest."
"This is just a warm-up for some of the fun and games we have on the Island," said Persia. "In a month from now, we'll have you built up to where you go all night, and you can actually back up some of the things you mouthed off about earlier tonight."
"Besides Jeanne," said Barocca, "it's not like you're gonna be the one doing the work. I guarantee that Persia and I will supply all the horsepower here. Now get your ass on the bed, and just do whatever we tell you."
"If you happen to get your second wind, and want to get hard and join us, while we're double-teaming you, you're more than welcome," said Persia. "Feel free to enjoy yourself, because Barocca and I are certainly gonna take our time, and have fun with you!"

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