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B5 Chapter 10 Jordan's Conquests - Jordan Duz

Chapter 10: Jordan's Conquests - Jordan Duz Summer

Jordan arrived at Dee Dee's quarters the next morning, and knocked on the door.
"C'mon in," called Dee Dee. When Jordan entered, she found Tiffany and Dee Dee waiting for her. "Well, well, well. If it isn't the 'showoff'."
"Fresh from her surprise performance, yesterday," added Tiffany.
Jordan blushed as she remembered how she'd performed in her very first time in the Milking Ritual. "I was just trying to help, and do what I thought would help the Island the most."
"That's okay, Jordan. We're just k**ding you," said Tiffany.
"What you did was really special, and I can tell that I'm gonna get some really dynamite stuff out of your jism, once it's processed," said Dee Dee.
"You're here, because we're going to lay out your 'training exercises' for the next month," said Tiffany. "We're going to put you through sexual scenarios that will not only see how you perform under different conditions with different partners, but we'll also be filming you for the video library."
"How are you gonna do that?" asked Jordan.
"It's no secret that we film just about everything on the Island in the first place, Jordan," said Dee Dee. "We've installed some micro cameras in the corners of the ceiling of your quarters, so we can see everything from just about any angle that we want to. Along with watching you through the monitors, we'll be in contact with you, using this." Dee Dee tossed Jordan a small brown object that was about size of an aspirin.
"You've got another pill for me to take?" asked Jordan, as she caught the object.
"Not quite, smart-aleck," said Tiffany. "We're cutting you off any more pills for the time being. Dee Dee's always up on the latest technology. This is a micro-transmitter. You stick this in one ear, and whoever's on the other end, will be 'inside your head'. Go ahead and try it."
Jordan did as she was told. Dee Dee got up and walked into another room, and closed the door.
"Can you hear me, Jordan?" It was Dee Dee's voice, seeming to appear out of nowhere in Jordan's head.
"Loud and clear, Dee Dee. This may take some getting used to, though."

Dee Dee came back into the room. "We're going to use this so we can be in contact with you as you're interacting and having sex with some of the new girls that you'll meet."
"We promise not to keep up a constant stream of chatter, and wind up being a distraction to you," said Tiffany. "This is so if we feel you need some coaching or some kind of instructions or cautioning during a tense moment, that we can be there to say something to you."
"We won't be able to directly interact with however you respond, even though the rooms you be in will be wired for sound as we film," said Dee Dee. "So just absorb our comments to you, and try to act on what we tell you. If you've seen some recent spy or espionage movies, you'll have an idea of how you're supposed to act."
"I feel like I'll be a spy or secret agent on some kind of vital mission," said Jordan.
"Well Jordan, you're definitely not a 'secret' around here anymore. Everyone knows about you by now," said Tiffany. "But you are on a mission, and it is vital. We're counting on you to absorb what we teach you, and be able to outdo Jeanne, when the contest rolls around in a month. That's why we're not wasting any time with this."
"First up on your list is Summer," said Dee Dee. "Summer hasn't been here that long, maybe a month. But she's got a very dominant, aggressive personality. She likes to dress up and act like a dominatrix, but if you can satisfy her, and win her over, she turns into a kitten."
"Summer is a mainstream porn starlet, who's taking an extended vacation here, to see if she likes it," said Tiffany. "We've told her that she can do whatever she wants to with you. So expect her to act a little like Ebony did, on your first time with her. The only difference is that she hasn't been here long enough to have been given her cock yet. But she's still going to try and dominate the situation with you."
"So that's your first challenge, Jordan," said Dee Dee. "You've got to be able to follow orders, and work with someone new, and also perform when it's your turn to shine, later on. I'd recommend just cleaning up and getting ready for Summer. Don't fool around and not be ready for her."
"For now, I want you to report to the kitchen, and continue your duties there," said Tiffany. "We'll be splitting you and some other girls on the duties that would have been done by the girls that left the Island with Barocca in the afternoons. Like it or not, those things still have to get done, and we all have to pull together."
"We'll probably have you working six hours, instead of a full eight hour shift," said Dee Dee. "That'll give you time to get back to your quarters and recuperate for a bit. We are going to have you performing on a regular basis with someone, in different scenarios almost every night until the contest itself."
"Sounds like I'll be getting a real crash course around here," said Jordan.
"That's exactly right, Jordan," said Tiffany. "You got a lot to learn in a short time, but we're confident that you can do it."
"Hey if you catch onto this the same way that you did the Milking Ritual," said Dee Dee, "you won't have any trouble at all with what we've got in store for you, Jordan."

Jordan finished out the morning with her duties in the kitchen, and then arrived in her quarters after helping Ebony conduct her conditioning class. Jordan busied herself in her preparation for her big evening with Summer. Jordan stripped out of her sweats and unstrapped her turgid cock from her panties.
Now that work was done, Jordan had time to take a leisurely bath to make sure she was fresh and clean for Summer. During the course of the bath she had become aroused by her thoughts of the coming evening's pleasure and she soon needed to relieve herself. Jordan lay in the warm soapy water and rubbed her hands all over her stunning figure. The firm mounds of her tits rose like islands from the water and as she caressed them. Even in the bath water, her penis slowly began to harden until it stuck out and pointed its one-eyed head above the surface.
Jordan's nipples were extremely sensitive since her body had changed and just the mere sensations of the warm water lapping against them was nearly enough to bring her to a female orgasm.
An interesting side effect of her recent transformation was that now she had two distinctly differing types of orgasms. She had her usual female orgasm centered deep within her vagina, but now she also had the wonderfully different male orgasm from her cock. One of these days, when there was time, she'd have to ask the other amazons if they had the same feelings as her.
Jordan felt a female orgasm building and she hastened it along by tugging at her thick nipples with both hands. She settled into a rhythmic motion, as her delicate fingers pulled the nipples away from her breasts as far as they could stretch and then releasing them. Her nipples became engorged with bl**d from the stimulation and they became even bigger and grew almost hot to the touch. Jordan was breathing hard now and began squeezing her tits and kneading them.
Suddenly Jordan was cumming. It was a female orgasm and her cunt felt like it was on fire. Her vagina was convulsing around her fingers and surges of pussy juice gushed forth from between her legs. Wave upon wave of cum shot out of her pussy into the water, like an octopus squirting out ink. Her huge clit was standing erect like a miniature version of her cock and trembling from the power of her orgasm.
After a few long, delicious moments the orgasm subsided and Jordan slowly came back to her senses. Soon she realized that her penis was thick with arousal and in need of attention. She glanced over at the clock near the sink and saw that there was still almost half an hour before Summer was supposed to arrive.

"Still time to get this thing taken care of," she thought. Jordan knew from past experience that it didn't matter how much she masturbated her huge organ. She could cum and be ready to shoot another massive load less than fifteen minutes later. It was always ready to respond to stimuli. Down at her crotch, her big cock was stiff and red and her pussy was swollen and wet.
Jordan was confident that there was still time to briefly enjoy herself before Summer arrived for the first of the 'tests' that she would be monitored on by Tiffany and the others.
Jordan knew that she was horny as hell, and it wouldn't take long to bring herself off, and decided to take the edge off. Jordan emerged from the bath, and quickly toweled herself off.
Jordan walked into the bedroom, and admired herself in the full-length mirror. Sticking out from between her silken thighs was her engorged penis. It was huge, easily over nine inches long and very thick. Above the moist slit of her vagina, Jordan's balls glistened in the light of the room. They were smooth and hairless, and each one was larger than a large hard-boiled egg.
Jordan grabbed her penis and proceeded to stroke its entire length. Already aroused by the warm bath water, and by her previous orgasm, the entire two-foot staff was quickly pulsating and throbbing. She grabbed one of her thumb-sized nipples and was on her way. Her dong seemed to grow in girth, and it was now over three inches thick!
Jordan continued jacking on her cock, and soon felt that familiar feeling growing in her loins. Jordan quickly darted for the bathroom so that she wouldn't get the bedroom all covered in spunk. "Well, at least not just yet," she told herself.
Jordan stood in front of the bathroom mirror to get the full effect. Jordan was very pleased that her cock was so insatiable, as she truly loved stroking it till it erupted in showers of delicious cum. Now Jordan stroked its length with both hands, eager for it to cum. One thing she really got off on was shooting it into her face and reveling in the feel of the slightly sticky, sweet juice as it soaked her mouth, neck and dripped down to her tits. Then she would lick up as much as she could reach and finally relax in glorious relief.
Jordan's erect cock was nearing an orgasm now and Jordan quickened the pace of her strokes. The onset of Jordan's orgasm can on her quicker than she expected. Jordan's cock erupted, sending a long thick stream of cum shot clear across the room, which landed loudly on the bathroom mirror, and began to drip down onto the faucet and the tiles. Jordan tried to be quiet but she couldn't help it, the pleasure was far too much to keep inside. She let out a loud yelp of pleasure, and hoped that whoever was in the room next door did not hear her.
Getting ready for the next blast, Jordan bent forward slightly and aimed her long cock directly at her face. Moments later the jets of cum began streaming out and flying towards her open mouth. Spurt upon spurt landed in her mouth and on her pretty face. It went on for nearly several minutes before finally slowing to a gentle ooze issuing from the tip.
Caught up in the rapture of her orgasm, Jordan couldn't help herself. She scooped up handfuls of her fresh jism, which was still warm in her hands. Jordan smeared her own cum all over her body and her cock. She watched as her own dark, tanned skin took on a whitish appearance. It looked as though Jordan had emptied a can of shaving cream upon herself.
Next, Jordan began to sc**** and scoop up whatever other jism she could find that was still on her body, or on the surroundings of the sink and mirror. Jordan held up a hand above her mouth, and let gravity pull the still fresh cum down into her waiting mouth. Her own cum still tasted as fresh and sinfully delicious as it had, when she performed for Tiffany, Clyda and Dee Dee a few days ago.

Lost in the moment of her orgasm, Jordan lost all track of time, as she continued to wallow in the pleasure she had brought to herself. As a result, Jordan was completely surprised, when she heard the door to her quarters open. A moment later, Jordan saw Summer's figure appear in the mirror behind her. Since she wasn't in the outer rooms, it was simple that this was the next place that Summer might look for her. Summer stood at the doorway, staring at Jordan, with her eyes narrowed to slits.
Summer was trying to make sense of what she was seeing. Here was Jordan, obviously caught in the act, sporting her incredibly huge penis. Summer just stood there frozen, taking it all in.
"I hate to say I told you so, Jordan," as Dee Dee's voice appeared in Jordan's head. "Now you're going to have to work that much harder to please Summer."
Summer herself was one of the bigger girls on the Island, outside of Ebony. Jordan estimated that she was almost six feet tall, making her considerably taller than herself. Summer was a dark-haired brunette, who was also a body builder, although she wasn't into it, to the degree that Ebony was.
Summer had on shiny leather boots that came to mid-thigh on her. On her wrists, and around her neck were leather bands or collars, that were dotted with a variety of shiny metal studs. Beneath the fishnet top that Summer wore, Jordan could see the heavy mounds that were her breasts. While she wasn't the bustiest girl on the Island, Summer's tits were easily much larger than Jordan's were. Each nipple was at least as thick as her thumb, and each teat also was pierced with a large brass or metallic ring.
Jordan recalled Tiffany's instructions. Summer was a strong, muscular girl, who liked playing the dominant or bitch goddess role in her sexual games. Jordan had been told to follow Summer's every whim, and not question any of her commands or orders.
Summer stood there, sizing Jordan up, taking in all of her features without saying a word. She slowly folded her arms under her breasts, showing Jordan the muscles of her biceps. It was Jordan's move. She immediately reached for a towel and started to clean herself up.
"Stop right there, girl." Summer's voice was like ice water. "Tiffany told me that I'm the first one who gets to put you through your paces. You're mine to do whatever I want with for the night." Jordan realized that she had to please this woman, so she dropped the towel and waited.
"That's better. Now since you've already disobeyed instructions, and seen fit to start things without my permission, you can just stay that way for a while. You can bet that you'll just have to wait a bit, before I let you enjoy yourself again.
"I know that you've got surprising control over your cock, even though you haven't had it that long. Lose your hard-on right now. You've got two minutes to get yourself cleaned off. Then get your ass out into the bedroom.
"If you can show me that you're all Tiffany says that you're cracked up to be, I just might let you use that piece of horse-meat on me later. But first, you've got to redeem yourself, slut."
"You heard the lady, Jordan," as Dee Dee spoke to Jordan. "Now you've got your work cut out for you. Hurry up and use that towel for what it's supposed to. Let's see what you're made of."

Jordan quickly cleaned herself off with a damp rag and a towel.
"That's more like it, girl. Now come on." Summer led the way out of the bathroom, and hopped onto the bed, with Jordan following. Summer sat on the bed, and peeled off her leather boots, and then slithered out of her fishnet top. As she did, Jordan saw just how muscular Summer was, and how large her breasts were.
"Do you like what you see, slut?" Jordan nodded with lust, as she took in Summer's figure.
"All right, girl. It's time to see what you can do. I've noticed that everyone is so damned concerned with their cocks around here, that pussy eating has almost become a lost art. I've heard what that tool between your legs is capable of, from the stories about you in the Milking Ritual yesterday. Well, you're gonna have to prove to me that you still know how to please a girl the old-fashioned way, before you came to the Island. If you can get me off with your tongue and your fingers, then you can turn that piece of meat of yours loose on me."
"I won't disappoint you, mistress," said Jordan.
"Save that kind of talk for somebody else, Jordan. For now, get down and get busy. Lick my belly button from the inside girl!"
Jordan climbed on the bed, and got on her hands and knees. She started just below Summer's huge breasts on her abdomen. Jordan's open mouth traveled down Summer's tummy, and her tongue trailed a damp path behind, tasting it all. The belly button dipped in, and Jordan's tongue went exploring in it, as Summer writhed and moaned. Suddenly Jordan's lips were brushing into the damp strands of Summer's pussy hair, her nostrils flaring at the fragrance rising delicately from the cunt lips themselves.
Jordan worked her tongue furiously into Summer's pussy, spreading the cunt lips apart some, slurping into her hot slit and whining deep in her chest. Summer reached down and pushed Jordan's head down, shoving her face deeper into her heaving snatch. Jordan went right on, rubbing her cheek into Summer's furry pussy mound, nuzzling into the soft dampness, and at last, daring to flick out her tongue to seek the flavor of the cunt lips. It was delicious, a flowerlike spice touched with musk that made Jordan's entire being tingle as she experienced it.
Jordan thrust her tongue boldly into the silken gash, pushing into it to the wetter cavity beyond, tonguing into her Summer's pussy. She reached around to take the cheeks of Summer's ass into both hands, to plunge her mouth deeply into the resilient cunt.
Summer squirmed and surged, gasping and murmuring half-words; hands dug into Jordan's hair, pushing down upon her head. Summer was literally fucking Jordan in the face, bucking her crotch into the blonde girl's eager mouth.
Jordan's long, pink tongue licked wetly out, licked hotly down to bathe the short, dark pussy hairs, and Summer sucked in a great, noisy breath. Summer's fists pounded upon the bed at her sides.
"Keep licking me," Summer hissed through clenched teeth. "Oh, you're lapping my pussy good, trying to stick your wet tongue right up my box." Summer's hands pounded the bed, and her lower body writhed madly without taking her crotch away from the avid lapping of Jordan's hot tongue.
Jordan responded, for her long, thick tongue pushed harder, licked more avidly, and a hot, bright spot seemed to grow swiftly around Summer's stimulated clit. Her cunt got all hot inside, turned wetter and juicier, and she humped jerkily on Jordan's muzzle, and quivered and gasped.
"Keep doing what you're doing Jordan," panted Summer. "I'm impressed with what you've done so far, but you've still got a ways to go."
"It's time for round two, mistress," said Jordan.

Jordan licked into Summer's wiggling hole again, using a quick, wet tongue that seemed to grow hotter with every passing second. Summer's cunt lips pressed against her teeth, and she nibbled at them. Jordan ate into the soft, juicy flesh, discovered the throbbing clitoris, and went after it with her lips and tongue, within the reach of her teeth.
Jordan sucked on Summer's clit again, drew it between her teeth and shook it tenderly, squirming when she squirmed, hunching when she hunched, feeling a hot flood beginning to rise within her own cunt. Pulling, siphoning, she let go from time to time to run her tongue over Summer's clit, to race the tip around inside the lips of her juicy pussy.
Jordan growled into Summer's cunt, drew hungrily upon it, sucked it as if it was some ripe melon. Her fingernails dug into the cheeks of Summer's sleek ass, lifting it, shoving her mouth as deep as she could get it, trying to bury her entire face into the sweetly trembling cunt as her Summer began to cum.
"Oh, Jordan!" Summer panted, swinging her head from side to side and breathing harshly. "Oh Jordan, eat me up! Just eat up my pussy!" Summer swung her legs up, bent the knees, and clamped her thighs around Jordan's head. Her hands locked into Jordan's hair, and it was as if she was attempting to make her avid pussy devour the girl.
Contentedly, Jordan continued to lap into Summer's hotly seeping slit, curling her tongue and bringing back a deliciously slimy moisture to her mouth, swallowing it and licking back for more. She was drinking Summer's oils, sucking down her lover's cunt juices, the slippery fluids that were meant to lubricate a hard prick.
Slowly then, Jordan lifted her dripping face, and slowly, she began to retrace her path back up Summer's body. Summer was panting visibly now, her thighs dropped from Jordan's head, her belly heaving slightly, erratically. Such smooth and flawless skin, Jordan thought, nipping it here and licking it there. Summer was really a beautiful woman, rounded where she should be, and slim where it counted.
"And now, we go all the way," said Jordan, as she paused briefly to look up at Summer.
Jordan's mouth burrowed thirstily into the lips of her cunt, and Summer gasped with the blazing shock, but f***ed herself to lie reasonably still, making herself not participate violently in the growing intensity of the sensations.
Jordan murmured sweet things into the steamy slit, then shoved her tongue right on inside, feeling around Summer's cunt with it, rubbing her mouth up and down the slippery cleft, so that her teeth sc****d lightly over and across the throbbing pussy lips.
Jordan didn't need instructions, but Summer gave them anyway. "Ooh, yes! Run your tongue up and down, and bite my cunt lips a little. Ah, yes, that's the way. Kind of chew on my pussy, and suck it, Jordan. Suck my pussy, girl! Eat it, eat my cunt and love it and suck it until you make me go crazy!"
Jordan's mouth was ravenous, gnawing into Summer's flexing pussy, pulling and teasing and making the hot tickles run up and down her lover's spine. Summer couldn't hold still any longer, and her crotch seemed to lunge of its own free will, making a corkscrewing movement against her Jordan's gulping mouth.
"Oh, damn it yes, Jordan! Eat me like that. Suck me until I come. Make my clit do tricks. Can you hear me? Eat my pussy faster, girl! You're making me come again!"
Summer let herself go, and gave in to the powerful swirling of feelings that were nearly threatening to tear her clit loose from its roots. She came in a crazy patchwork of emotions, with sparkles of scorching lights, in a wiggling, shaking, humping series of slams that made Jordan's head bounce.
It was a wonderful orgasm, and Summer clenched her teeth upon its rapture, tried to hold on forever to the lightning strikes of its bliss, only to shatter her soul and wheel drifting away into a warmly gathering darkness.
"That was really beautiful work, Jordan," Dee Dee's voice sounded in her head through the earpiece. "You've given her everything that she could handle, and now the ball's in your court. Use your cock on her next, but go easy on her. Summer's been on a diet of the pills, and she can take a lot of cock. But you'll have to go slow and work up to it with her."

"Oh, Summer's gonna feel my cock all right," thought Jordan. "But not in the way she thinks. At least, not at first."
Jordan lusted at Summer's tits, huge comforting pillows with hard tips in their centers, and they were nice and giving as she fondled them. They heaved back and forth with the exhausted girl's breathing. Jordan tore her eyes away from Summer's tits, and looked about on her dresser. She found what she was looking for: a large safety pin, with a plastic knob at one end, where the pointed end could safely notch in place.
Jordan quickly held one of Summer's tits in place with one hand, and she inserted the pointed end of the pin through the loop of one of the ring's that pierced Summer's nipples. With her other hand, Jordan pressed Summer's other tit close to the other, so that her nipples were close together. Jordan stuck the end of the safety pin through the metal ring on her other nipple, and then closed and fastened the safety pin.
"Well, I guess these beauties of Summer's are real after all," Jordan chuckled to herself. "If these were implants, there's no way they'd have been this soft, for me to be able to do this."

Jordan stood back to admire her work. It was like two huge, flesh-colored bowling balls were mounted on Summer's chest. Although the huge orbs shook and wobbled with her breathing, they stayed in the same general area on her chest. The weight and mass of one would counter and work against the other, to keep them somewhat stationary.
Jordan stood at the side of the bed, and began to stroke her cock. She reached over, and let Summer's pussy juices collect in her hand, and used that as a delicious lubricant to oil and prime her cock. Jordan's shaft quickly grew erect and hard. Jordan used both Summer's and some of her own pussy nectar to thoroughly lube her cock. In moments, her cock was at its full length of two feet, and glistened in the lights of the room, as it reflected off the juices that were smeared on it.
"Well, it's too bad you missed seeing me get myself ready, Summer," Jordan said softly. "But you certainly aren't gonna miss what happens next. I'll guarantee that."
"Ooh, aren't we the kinky one today?" Dee Dee's voice sounded in Jordan's ear.
"Dee Dee, girl, you haven't seen anything yet," Jordan muttered. She knew that Dee Dee might be able to hear her through the remote microphones, but Jordan wished she could see her expressions, when she moved to the next stage on Summer.

With her cock fully erect, Jordan climbed on the bed, and straddled Summer, so that she was sitting just above the girl's pussy. Jordan grabbed the shaft of her cock, and lowered it, so that it was level with Summer's tummy. Jordan pressed her cockhead between the fat mountains of Summer's titflesh, and exerted some pressure, until it vanished from sight.
Because she had thoroughly lubricated her cock, Jordan was able to shove her shaft between Summer's breasts without a great deal of effort, but she still marveled at how firm and heavy her boobs were. Jordan kept on slowly pressing her dick forward, until she felt her cockhead gently touch Summer's chin.
"Perfect," thought Jordan, as she gauged the distance, and began gently rocking her cock back and forth through Summer's mammaries, in a unique form of tittyfucking. As Jordan's cock gently touched Summer's chin on the forward strokes, some of the pussy juice that had been used to oil up the cock collected on Summer's chin.
Jordan gently shook her knees and thighs as she straddled Summer's body, in a slow but determined manner to awaken Summer. On the forward strokes of her cock, she began to waggle her cockhead back and forth against her chin, like a puppy wanting to play.

“Wakey, wakey, mistress," Jordan called out in a soft, teasing voice. "I've got a surprise for you..." Jordan playfully reached down, and clasped her hands in Summer's.
Slowly, Summer returned to consciousness. "What's going on?" she mumbled. The feeling of Jordan's huge cockhead nuzzling against her cheek and chin brought her awake. "What the heck are you doing, Jordan?"
Jordan smiled down at Summer with a lustful grin. "You said that if I took you to the limit by eating your pussy, that I could use my cock on you next. Well, you've been out for almost five minutes, and during that time, I made a few 'modifications'."
"What are you talking about.... ow!" Summer felt the pin that was holding her nipples together, although she couldn't quite see it, as she was lying on her back.
"I wouldn't make any sudden movements if I were you," suggested Jordan. "It's only temporary, but I've got your nipples held together with a clasp. I've been itching to try some-thing like this with a set of knockers like yours. And since you weren't in any condition to argue about it, it seemed like the perfect time."
"All right you little cunt," Summer admitted. "Now that you've got me, what are you gonna do with me?"
"Well, that's up to you, Summer. You said that I could use my cock on you. So now you've got a choice. I can either keep tittyfucking you, and you can suck me off. Or I can pull out, and go to work downstairs, and show you what I can really do. The choice is yours."
"You little bitch. I volunteered to be one of the first girls that got to be with you, because there's been such a clamor about you, and how you turned out. And now you're telling me that you're not gonna cover all of the bases with me?"
"Turnabout is fair play, Summer. You had your way with me, when you caught me in the bathroom. And now I'm gonna have my way with you. Or I could just pull out now, and see who they've got lined up for me next. So what's it gonna be?"
"Don't you fucking dare!" scolded Summer. "If it's a choice between fucking and sucking, of course I want that meat-stick of yours between my legs. But if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna suck that b**st between your legs dry one of these days."
Jordan leaned down closer to Summer. "I know you are, and I want you to. And it's gonna be tonight, and not some other day. I was only k**ding about not doing everything with you. But you're gonna have to prove you're up to it, by taking all that you can of me in your pussy."
"What are you waiting for then, girl? Put that monster of yours to work!"

"All right, Summer. You got it." Jordan slowly pulled her cock out from between Summer's cleavage. The massive, two-foot long shaft gleamed in the lights of the room. Jordan ran her hand along the veined shaft, making slippery sounds. Summer's eyes opened wide, and her mouth gaped as she stared at Jordan in unabashed lust.
"So what do you think, ever see one this big?" Jordan asked.
"You've got to be fucking k**ding," said Summer. "I want to suck it," she pleaded.
"Now, now, now," chided Jordan. "I get to fuck you first, remember? Trust me, I've got more than enough staying power to let you suck away on me afterwards."
Jordan moved down, so that she was standing on the floor next to the bed. Her crotch was at just the right level, so it was even with Summer's pussy as she lied on her back. Jordan teasingly rubbed her cockhead against her pussy lips.
"Are you sure that you want to take this on?" questioned Jordan. She wasn't sure if Summer would injure herself if she tried to take too much of her member too soon.
"I have to try or I'll never forgive myself if I back out now," Summer stammered. Jordan leaned over to her nightstand and got a tube of lube.
"I'm gonna lube your box up good and get you ready." Jordan quickly greased up Summer's already moist pussy to the max. Summer was as ready as she'd ever be. Jordan stood with her huge erection and positioned herself right at the tip of Summer's pussy. It sat there pulsating and leaking precum all over the bed. Summer pressed her weight down on the head and immediately realized that this was going to be some job. Jordan gripped the shaft of her cock gently f***ed her cockhead into Summer's pussy.

"Oh my god!" squealed Summer.
"I'm gonna take things as easy as I can Summer, but this won't easy at first. After a few minutes, your body should adjust to me inside you. But you'll have to let me know if I'm hurting you in any way, okay?" Jordan responded.
Summer gave a determined nod yes and lay down again on the bed, propping up her pussy with pillows. Jordan leaned forward between Summer's wide-stretched legs and applied more f***e and pressure. When Jordan leaned forward, all that she could see was these two enormous breasts and her huge dick jutting out from Summer's pussy lips. What an awesome sight! Jordan leaned forward and gently spoke to Summer. "You've got the head of me inside of you now. Are you ready for more?"
With her eyes shut tight with anticipation Summer panted, "Go for it."
Jordan started to apply pressure and continued to lean forward, and all the while Summer was wiggling and pushing back against her cock. Jordan braced her hands on the bed for support and carefully let herself lean forward. She felt Summer's pussy separating and pushed until six inches of her cock was lodged in Summer's cunt. Summer's body shook, as it tried to adapt to the massive member now forcing its way inside of her.
"Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?"
Summer shook her head no and with a determined look pushed onto the invader. More and more of the shaft inched in. Jordan could not believe her eyes, this woman was actually forcing herself to accept her monster cock! Summer seemed to be in a trance. Jordan's eyes locked onto this bizarre sight and gently pushed even further in. Jordan estimated that Summer now had almost half of her cock inside her pussy. Summer lay very still and grew accustomed to the giant intruder.
Summer squealed in ecstasy. Jordan looked down and saw almost a foot of her cock encased by Summer's pussy. Summer had to keep her wits about her; here she was being held down and impaled by Jordan's huge cock. Part of her wanted to escape, and another part of her cursed at herself for running out on what could be the fuck of a lifetime.
Summer tried to relax and accept what was coming. Summer was so filled with meat that every time Jordan advanced, rivers of cum squirted all over the place. Over half of the monster was now sunk deep into Summer, and she struggled trying to help accommodate the huge penis.
Jordan sensed what was happening, and f***ed herself to stop penetrating any further until Summer had adjusted to the situation. Jordan reached forward and fondled Summer's breasts with her fingers. But Summer kept with it, and even though she had never felt so full, she was finally starting to enjoy the intrusion.
After a few moments she heard Summer's voice. "That feels lovely on my tits, Jordan. But don't you dare stop fucking me. I think I'm ready for you to put more of that cock inside me now."
Jordan exerted more power on Summer and continued to press forward. Jordan had worked well over half of her cock into Summer and still had more meat to go. Summer did not have any time to adjust and tried to accommodate the huge club. Jordan seemed to be in some sort of trance, as she watched inch after inch disappear inside Summer.
Jordan's eyes rolled as she felt her cock being swallowed by a pussy for the first time and kept her cock embedded in Summer. Jordan continued pumping Summer, and now over a foot of cock was sliding in and out, but there was still almost a foot to go and it was the thickest part of the b**st. Summer looked like a rag doll and was totally being controlled by Jordan. By now Summer was getting some pleasure from the experience and wanted Jordan to finish.
"Stuff me you bitch!" Summer screamed. However the expression on Jordan's face did not change. Jordan stared straight ahead and continued to slowly push more of the monster into Summer. As badly as Jordan wanted to, she knew she couldn't unleash all the f***e of her cock on Summer, or any other girl, without paying the consequences. Jordan f***ed herself to wait until she could feel Summer's cunt slowly adapt to and accept the ever-increasing amounts of her cock that she was pushing inside of her pussy.
Summer felt her insides were being pushed around to accept the invader. The sight was utterly unbelievable. Summer was getting into a rhythm and enjoyed feeling Jordan's monster cock travel deep into her. Jordan noticed the gleeful expression on Summer's face. "I told you that after a while, this wouldn't be as tough as you thought. Are you ready to take things to the next level?"
"Did you have to ask? Just do it!"

Jordan reached over to the dresser and grabbed a bottle of lotion. Summer wondered what was going on; she was really getting into this and did not want Jordan to stop. With that, Jordan withdrew her throbbing member and rubbed some of the lotion all over it. Jordan turned back to Summer and buried her cock back deep inside of her.
That was fine with Summer. She wanted to come with that monster of Jordan's inside of her. With a wicked grin, Jordan grabbed Summer's legs and pushed up tight against her and hooked her legs. Summer could not understand why Jordan was holding her so tight, she couldn't move except for her hips.
Then it dawned on Summer, as feelings she'd never felt before assaulted her body. Jordan's huge cock felt almost like it was expanding, as it reached deeper and deeper into her womb. The more Summer tried to escape, the tighter Jordan held on. Summer was now starting to panic. She was powerless to do anything, as Jordan gripped her tight and kept forcing the giant shaft deeper inside her.
"This is where the going really gets tough, Summer. Do you want me to back off?"
"No fucking way! I've come too far to stop now!"
Jordan was almost buried to the hilt and she was pounding Summer's body. Her thrusts were stronger, and over twenty inches of cock was being swallowed by Summer's pussy.
Summer felt the bulging shaft of Jordan's cock intruding deeper into her body. "There's no more room inside of me!" Summer thought.
Summer's pussy was tingling like she had never felt in her life before. For a moment, Summer seemed to pass out. Jordan was drawing almost a foot of her cock out before driving the entire load back into Summer. The sights and sounds were almost indescribable, cum was squishing and leaking all over the place. The two women were one, connected by one of the biggest cocks ever on the Island.
Summer f***ed her head up, so that she could see over her enormous boobs that were bound in place on her chest by the clamp on her nipples. Summer looked down at Jordan's cock and finally saw it go all the way in! Summer felt shocked and relieved at the same time, now that she had finally absorbed all of Jordan's meat.
Now she could get down to business and finally derive some enjoyment from this experience. Jordan was consumed to the hilt inside her! And still Summer wanted more.
Jordan settled into a slow, methodic rhythm as she worked her cock in and out of Summer's pussy. Jordan gave Summer a long, thorough powerfucking for almost twenty minutes. Both girls could hear Jordan's heavy balls as they slapped against Summer's ass cheeks on the inward thrusts.
Both women were now working in unison, drenched in sweat, and working to a huge climax. They were bucking wildly. It looked like Jordan's huge cock was getting ready to explode. It was pulsating and almost completely red. Summer's pussy was absolutely raw but she wanted to cum with Jordan. Jordan was getting ready to cum, and Summer held on tighter when Jordan's cock started throbbing with the unmistakable signs of an imminent orgasm.
Summer started, "I'm cumming too, don't you dare stop! Deeper you bitch!" Cum was running all over the place. Summer had taken everything Jordan had to give.
As Jordan rammed her powerful cock into Summer, her missile met with the juices Summer was producing. Cum from both girls came squirting loudly out when Jordan buried herself deep back into Summer on each forward thrust. Soon the bedcovers were soaked with massive amounts of jism and sweat that both girls had deposited on them. Jordan felt her nuts throbbing like they would explode, as she felt her first full orgasm, as she had sex with another girl.

Eventually, the passion subsided between the two girls. Jordan had stopped cumming, as she slowly pulled out of Summer. But her cock was still rock hard as she stood defiantly in front of her. Jordan had this wild looking stare and looked as though she was still determined to bury the monster deep inside Summer, or anyone else that she could get close to.
"Think you're ready for the grand finale?" All Summer could do was nod in passionate acceptance. "The first thing we've gotta do though, is make some room." Jordan leaned forward and quickly undid the clasp on the safety pin that held Summer's huge knockers together. "There. Now we've got the room that we'll need." Summer's boobs released and assumed a more normal shape. Jordan was impressed that they still sat high and proud on her chest on their own, though.
Summer was now suddenly sure what she had to do. Summer reached out to Jordan and grabbed her cock. Summer couldn't believe that it had not diminished in size after such an orgasm as she'd just seen Jordan produce. She picked up the monster with both hands and attempted to stick the head in her mouth. The head was the size of the biggest apple that she had ever seen.
Summer continued to stroke the giant cock and lick it all over until it throbbed, pulling more bl**d from Jordan to make it rock hard. Slowly, just as it had happened for Jordan during her first experiences, Summer's mouth and jaws began to expand, almost like elastic. The head of Jordan's cock disappeared in to Summer's mouth, and Jordan softly moaned in pleasure as Summer went to work on her.
For fifteen minutes, Summer worked on Jordan's cock. Although Summer was somewhat new to the Island, and couldn't take much more than just the cockhead, she still had Jordan rocking and moaning in joy at her efforts.
Eventually, Jordan felt herself nearing the point of no return. She gently grasped Summer's hair to get her attention.
"You're gonna have to take your hands off my cock and balls, and let me do the driving for the finale. I know you want to take all my cum down your throat, and you've more than earned that tonight." Summer's eyes looked up at Jordan like a schoolgirl who was being punished.
"I know you want to keep on doing what you're doing. But you need to let me be in charge, and control how fast I shoot off. Heck, even I can't take all of a full-f***e load down my gullet without having an accident."
Summer gave a slight nod of acknowledgement, and released her grip on Jordan's cock. She redoubled her sucking efforts, and within moments, Jordan knew that there was no holding back any longer.
With all this Jordan was ready to burst, Summer realized what was about to happen and pressed her lips tightly around the edges of her cockhead, so that Jordan could not pull out. Summer wanted this load!
Jordan recalled her days as a video starlet, and how some of the male stars had performed when they came. Jordan slowed the stroking on her cock to a moderate level. There was no way her cock would stop, until it had finished expelling its load of semen. The only regret was that Jordan knew she was denied the more intense feelings of pleasure that she knew were possible, if she had kept on at full speed.
Jordan started cumming and even at a slower ejaculation rate, was pumping huge gobs of cum into Summer. Jordan couldn't help herself and thrust her spewing cock further down Summer's throat.
As Jordan watched Summer, it was like a scene in old cartoon, where a character would drink gallons of liquid in only a few seconds. Jordan watched Summer's throat contracting in a steady rhythm as she slowly but surely drank Jordan dry. It took almost two minutes, but Jordan finally felt her balls empty themselves, and the last remnants of her jism empty into Summer's throat.

Even after she had stopped cumming, Summer refused to let up on Jordan's cockhead. Jordan gently ran her hands through Summer's hair.
"Hey tiger," said Jordan, "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, but you're gonna have to let go of me sooner or later."
Like a c***d f***ed to give up her favorite toy, Summer slowly released Jordan's cockhead from her mouth. With a grin, she massaged her jaw and chin, after the huge member was finally out. "I was afraid I was gonna dislocate something there, for a while. But there was no way in the world that I was gonna give up that cock of yours Jordan, until I was sure I'd drained it dry."
"I know the feeling, Summer. I know the feeling. That's what got me into this whole mess, when I couldn't leave Barocca alone, at the end of the Milking Ritual, on my first day here."
"Well, you seem to have done all right for yourself so far, girl."
"Yes, I got what I've always dreamed of Summer. But I'd never tell anyone to go through what I had to, to get it. I almost didn't survive to enjoy it. That's why I'm working with you and a lot of other girls like this, to show my gratitude to Tiffany, and to do everything I can to help the Island."
"Well you just did one hell of a job on me, Jordan. After a fuck like this, I don't think I might need to get my box banged again for at least a few days." Exhausted from the ordeal, Summer rolled over onto her tummy on the bed, to relax. Jordan's eyes widened as she saw the large, intricate tattoo of roses on the right cheek of Summer's rear.
"Hey, if there's one thing I learned while I've been here, it's that sex on the Island is a lot like Chinese food. You fuck or jack off, and then twenty minutes later, you're horny again!"
"I'll put your theory to the test later tonight, Jordan. I've gotta get back to my quarters, because I've got early duties tomorrow. But I'll be sure and tell Dee Dee and Tiffany how great you were tonight."
Summer gathered up her garments that had been removed and placed them in a tote bag. She pulled out a bathrobe from the bag, and donned it to cover herself up, and smiled to Jordan as she left the room. Jordan settled down on the bed on her back as she relaxed.
"That was very beautifully done for your first time out, Jordan." Dee Dee's voice sounded in the earphone. "You and Summer played off each other's personalities well, once you got used to each other. You took her to the moon and back, and you were careful not to go over the edge and possibly hurt her. I'm really pleased at how well you carried yourself tonight, and I'm sure Tiffany will be delighted too.
"I'm gonna sign off now. So get a good night's sl**p, and we'll see you tomorrow, when we brief you for who to expect next."

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