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B5 Chapter 8 Two New Milkers - Ebony's First

Chapter 8: Two New Milkers - Ebony's First Milking

Ebony stormed off to her quarters after her confrontation with Barocca and Jeanne. It had taken all of her concentration to avoid strangling the two upstarts with her bare hands. But Ebony had promised Tiffany that she wouldn't do anything to Barocca or Jeanne that might endanger the Island, until they'd had a chance to resolve things at the contest.
Ebony had barely arrived at her quarters, before there was a knock at the door. "Come in," she called out. Tiffany and Clyda entered.
"Hi girls. What's up?"
"We wanted to talk with you Ebony," said Tiffany. "I know you told us in the past that you wanted to do anything to help us get back at Barocca."
"That's right, Tiffany, you just name it."
"Well as you may know Ebony," said Clyda, "Barocca and her girls made off with a large portion of the pills and vitamins that Dee Dee produces here on the Island."
"Not to mention that Barocca and two other girls that left with her, were also senior amazons who we counted on in the Milking Ritual," said Tiffany. "So I'll be blunt here, Ebony. We need help from everyone on the Island to get the production of the pills back up to speed again. I want to know if you'd consider going through the Milking Ritual for us."
Ebony's reply was short and to the point. "You got it, Tiffany. Bring it on! After Jeanne's trash-talking this afternoon, I'll do anything to help out and stack the deck in our favor against those two sluts in the contest. There's just one catch..."
"What've you got in mind, Ebony?" asked Tiffany.
"You can milk my cock until my balls are ready to burst, if it'll help us be ready, and win the contest. And I'll also help teach Jordan every trick in the book I know about sex, to give her an edge. But when the smoke clears on this whole mess, if we win, I want Jeanne delivered into my lap, no questions asked. I'm gonna show that little bitch exactly what a real cock is, and how to use it. I'm gonna fuck her so hard, she may not live to tell about it."
Tiffany and Clyda were shocked at the intensity and emotion of Ebony's words.

" we have a deal, girls?"
"You got it, Ebony!" agreed Tiffany. "Jeanne's pissed me off too today, with her attitude. I don't care if you wind up turning her inside out. We'll f***e Barocca to watch whatever you do to her, and then we'll think of something appropriate for her smart little ass."
"Good to hear that we're all on the same page, and we all feel the same way, Tiffany. So when do you want me and 'John Henry' to report for Milking?"
"Well, Dee Dee hinted that you'd probably be more than willing to help us earlier. So how about right after lunch? We'll have to allow a little extra time for your fitting."
"My fitting? What are you talking about, Tiffany?"
"We're talking about getting the sleeve, tubing and other materials set up for your cock, Ebony," said Clyda. "I told Tiffany that you hadn't been involved in the Milking Ritual before, and that you'd only seen it a couple of times."
"Dee Dee is gonna have to custom make all the pieces for you Ebony," said Tiffany. "It's obvious that anyone whose cock is as fucking huge as yours is, that we can't just fit you 'off the rack'. She'll have to take a few measurements on you."
"All right, Tiffany. Tell Dee Dee, that I'll see her in about an hour. And tell her to have the fucking kitchen sink ready for what my cock and balls can produce. I've heard the stories about what you and the other girls can put out. So I'm also anxious to see what I'm truly capable of for the first time."
Tiffany leaned forward and hugged Ebony. "That's what we're counting on, lover. They still haven't cleaned off all the cum you sprayed on my bed, since the last time you were there. Once we get you in the Milking Ritual, I think we're going see 'Niagara Falls' or 'Old Faithful' right here on the Island!"

An hour later, after lunch, Ebony arrived in the chamber for the Milking Ritual. Dee Dee was making some adjustments at the control console, and some of the nymphs were getting the other pieces of equipment ready.
"Hi, Ebony," called out Dee Dee. "Good to see you again. Ready for your first trip in the Milking Ritual?"
"As ready as I'll ever be, I guess. I've heard some of the sounds you and other gals have made while you're in here; as well as seeing the amount of cum you can produce too. So I think I'm ready for anything today."
"Believe me, Ebony, you simply cannot imagine how good it feels, once we've got you properly fitted up in the sleeve and the other parts. The sensations are beyond anything that I can describe to you."
By now, Ebony noticed that some of the nymphs were looking at her somewhat nervously as she chatted with Dee Dee.
"I also want to take a minute to make a short speech. A lot of the newer girls have only seen me, or been with me, when I was still under the influence of certain d**gs that Barocca had been giving me. I know that I wasn't exactly gentle or friendly with some of you then.
"All I can say is that I'm a different person nowadays, and I'm truly sorry for the way that I treated you then. I'm here today to help Dee Dee get the production level of the pills and vitamins back up to speed, so that everyone on the Island can be as strong as they can, when it comes to the showdown with Barocca's clique.
"When we kick Barocca's ass, not 'if', there'll be time for me to make amends to those of you who only saw the bad side of me in the past."
"That's great to hear, Ebony. I've been telling the girls you're a different person lately, but it means a great deal more, when they hear it from you. Okay, the first thing we'll need is for you to get a hard-on, so we can take a few measurements, and get you fitted up."

Ebony peeled off the Velcro strap that held on her skirt. Even limp, her fat cock still produced a sizeable bulge in her bikini panties. Then Ebony quickly slithered out of her panties.
Even though most of the girls had seen Ebony's cock before, it was still a sight to behold. Almost three inches thick, it hung nearly a foot down between her thighs.
"You might as well take your top off too, Ebony," said Dee Dee. "You're gonna be hot and sweaty while the Milking is going on, and you'll fee more comfortable."
Ebony pulled off her bikini top, and let everyone in the room get a good look at one of the best set of breasts on the Island. Ebony's body was so well proportioned, and evenly devel-oped, that she had to be seen next to a normal sized girl, to appreciate how huge her tits truly were.
Next, Ebony began to massage and squeeze her nuts, and stroking the shaft of her cock. Very quickly, the slumbering giant sprang to life. Like a fire hose filling with water, Ebony's cock grew and lengthened before everyone's eyes. The massive black shaft was thicker than any of the nymph's wrists. The cockhead swelled and expanded until it was almost as big as Ebony's clenched fist.
The nymphs watched as Ebony's balls filled with bl**d and grew heavier, settling in the scrotal sac before their eyes. They were almost as large as two softballs now. The thick urethra shaft on the front of Ebony's cock was almost as thick as an average cock, that any of the nymphs had seen before coming to the Island.
The urge to continue playing with her cock, and show off to everyone in the chamber what she could do was strong in Ebony. But she knew she was here for a reason. Ebony reluctantly stopped stroking herself, and placed her hands on her hips, and smiled sweetly.
"Well, everyone. This is what you all came to see, isn't it? What's the next step, Dee Dee?"
"We try to keep our minds on business, and get the few vital measurements that I need off your cock, Ebony. Tami, take the soft tape measure, and loop it around the shaft of Ebony's cock, right at the base, where it attaches to her body."
Tami did as she was told. As she approached Ebony, and got close enough to perform the measuring, her eyes grew wide with excitement and anticipation. "My god, Ebony. I'd heard stories about how big you were, but now that I can see you in person, they just don't do you justice..."
Ebony smiled down at Tami. "You just do what Dee Dee tells you to, honey. When all this stuff is over, you come and see me, and I'll give you a personal taste of 'brown sugar'."
Tami wrapped the tape measure around Ebony's massive shaft. "Just under twelve inches, Dee Dee," she called out.
"Okay, I've got it," replied Dee Dee as she entered the data on a keyboard. "I generally take one and a half times the diameter, for the major ring that we'll use on a girl's cock. That allows for going once around the shaft, and then looping around the nut sac for the added effect on the balls." Dee Dee started a program on the computer.
"This will produce a ring of the desired size for us in a few minutes. All right, Tami. Now give me a measurement of Ebony's cock from the base of the shaft, to just below the head of her cock."

Ebony let her cock relax slightly, so that it was now jutting straight out from her crotch at a ninety-degree angle. As Tami unrolled the tape, everyone in the chamber became fully aware of just how large Ebony truly was. Tami caught her breath as the tape measure ended almost three inches before Ebony's cockhead.
"Um, we're having 'technical difficulties' here, Dee Dee," stammered Tami. "I'm afraid that Ebony's even bigger than you had estimated."
"What are you talking about?" asked Dee Dee.
"What Tami's having difficulty saying," said Ebony with a laugh, "is that my dick is bigger than your ruler is. From my viewpoint, I'd say it's about thirty-eight inches from the base of my cock to the bottom of the cockhead."
"I should've realized that you'd break all the size records, Ebony," giggled Dee Dee. "My god, you've gotten even bigger, since the last time we saw you, girl. All right, I'll set the sleeve size for thirty-two inches. I like to give about three inches at the top and bottom of the shaft for the sleeve to have room to move up and down."
Dee Dee keyed more information into the computer, and started another program. "This'll produce a custom plastic sleeve in your size in a few minutes, Ebony."
"We just need one more vital piece for your cock, Ebony," continued Dee Dee. "Tami, rub this gel all over Ebony's cockhead. This will serve as a lubricant, and it'll also interact with the plastic that we'll place over it next. They'll combine to form the piece that we'll fit over the head of your cock, Ebony."
Tami stood next to Ebony's erect cock. Tami was one of the smallest girls on the Island, being just over five feet tall. As a result, Ebony's cockhead was almost as big as both of Tami's hands. Tami slathered the gel all over the head of Ebony's cock.
"Hey, that feels kind of warm," said Ebony. "Are you sure this stuff is supposed to act like this?"
"Yes, it's supposed to feel that way, Ebony," replied Dee Dee. "But it shouldn't burn you. The heat you're feeling means it'll react with the plastic to form the last piece that we need. Make sure that you get every spot on Ebony's cockhead, Tami. And go down at least a couple of inches on the shaft, and don't forget the underside of the edge of her cockhead."
"Okay, Dee Dee. All finished here," said Tami.
"All right. Now for the finishing touch," said Dee Dee. She produced a sheet of clear plastic material, and walked over to Ebony. "This is gonna feel even warmer for a little bit, as I mold it to the shape of your cockhead, Ebony. But it shouldn't be too hot, so that it burns you. After it sets, I can make the real version of it in my machine, and then we'll be ready to roll."
"All right, Dee Dee. Let's do it."

Dee Dee placed the center of the sheet of clear plastic directly on the tip of Ebony's cockhead. As it made contact, the rest of the sheet began to lose its solidity, and begin falling around Ebony's cockhead like a blanket falling to the ground.
"Um, that does feel kind different," said Ebony. "You might want to see about coming up with something like this that we can use on a regular basis, Dee Dee."
"Business before pleasure, Ebony. I've got a job to do here." Like an artist, Dee Dee smoothed and molded the plastic so this formed a second skin over the head of Ebony's cock. Satisfied that she had removed any wrinkles, and that there were no seams or breaks, Dee Dee stood back to admire her work. "Now we just wait for a few minutes, and let the material set."
After a moment, Dee Dee reached up to Ebony's cockhead, and tapped it with her thumbnail. It made a soft clicking sound. "Perfect. Just the way it should be. And now, we're ready to pull this off."
Dee Dee grabbed the plastic seal around Ebony's cockhead, and gently twisted it back and forth. The remaining gel on Ebony's cock acted as a lubricant, and after a few twists, it pulled off in one smooth motion. Ebony watched as the plastic contracted and then popped back into shape.
"How'd you make it work like that, Dee Dee?" asked Ebony.
"This plastic has a little bit of the properties of rubber in it, giving it a limited amount of elasticity, or acting like a big rubber seal. I'll put this into the machine, and it'll make a master mold of it, so we can produce more when we need them. It'll also add the little spigot opening at the tip, so we can connect the tubing to it.

"But now for the good news, Ebony. That's the last of the measurements we have to take. We can get started on the real deal now. Tami, Debbie, go ahead and get the started with the oil and lubricant portion of Ebony's cock. The other girls, you be ready with the rubber seal and the other steps of the Milking Ritual."
The two nymphs at the bottom were each working on one of Ebony's leaden testicles. At the present time, each of her balls was almost the size of a softball, and as slick as a billiard ball. Each girl could barely hold one of them in their hand. Everyone in the chamber knew that by the time Ebony was at her frenzied peak later on, that they would be swollen considerably larger.
Two of the other nymphs moved forward with some jars of liquid. This was another special skin lubricant and conditioner, which would help to strengthen and protect Ebony's skin during the ritual to come.
The one nymph began massaging and gently rubbing the lubricant into the shaft and head of Ebony's cock. Two others began applying it all along the shaft of Ebony's cock. After a few moments, they moved down to her balls, and gave them the same treatment. By now, Ebony's cock and balls had a thorough coating of the liquid, and glistened magnificently in the light of the chamber.
"Hey, if nothing else, I absolutely love what you gals have done to my cock," said Ebony. "I don't think I've ever seen it look better than right now."
The first two nymphs quickly moved aside, and two other nymphs proceeded with the next step in the ritual.
"Okay, girls," said Dee Dee. "Here's the custom fitted band that we'll be using on Ebony. I'll have the other pieces ready in a few minutes."
The nymphs thoroughly coated the oversized band in the lubricants. They moved closer to Ebony with it. Each girl took one end in two hands, and they pulled on it, so that it expanded into a larger opening. The girls raised it over the head of Ebony's cock, and then brought it down over the shaft, until one end of the band rested against the base of Ebony's cock, where it joined her crotch.
One girl held the band against the sides of Ebony's cock with her hands, while the other quickly squatted on her knees, and grabbed the loose ends of the band. She quickly pulled down on the strap, and crossed the two ends over each other in an 'X', and pulled the edges of the bands so that she had another circular opening.
The first girl released her hold on the bands on the side of Ebony's prick. She also squatted on her knees, and delicately held one of Ebony's balls in each of her hands as best she could. Fortunately, the skin of Ebony's scrotal sac helped made the task a little easier.
The first girl pulled on the bands harder, making the second opening in the strap somewhat bigger.
The second girl pushed both of Ebony's balls through the opening in the band, and the first girls gently let the band contract and settle around Ebony's balls. Both girls now moved quietly back to their places on the sides of the chamber with the others, to await Dee Dee or Ebony's commands.

"Go ahead and get used to the band around your cock and balls, Ebony," said Dee Dee. "It should be snug and tight, but not to the point where it hurts you. Let me know what you think."
"It feels fucking incredible, Dee Dee," said Ebony as she massaged her balls, and let the band settle into position. "I had no idea what I was missing out on, by being left out of this."
"You ain't seen nothing yet, Ebony. Just wait until we get the sheath on you, and actually start applying pressure."
For the next step in the milking ritual, two of the nymphs went to Dee Dee's console and returned with what looked like a large plastic tube or sheath. The nymphs immersed it in a bowl filled with the lubricant solution, so that it was thoroughly coated, both inside and out.
Next, two of the nymphs took the sheath and brought it close to Ebony. One end of the sheath was placed over the head of Ebony's cock, and the entire sheath was gently lowered and fitted, until it was almost completely surrounding the length of Ebony's shaft.
The sheath was made of a special latex material that was flexible enough so that it could adapt to the size and shape of Ebony's cock, and was also tough enough to withstand the rigors of the milking ritual.
The sheath actually left several inches uncovered at the base of the shaft of Ebony's cock, as well the same amount just before the head of her cock. This would allow the sheath to be able to move up and down somewhat during the milking ritual, without any ill effects.
Next, Dee Dee handed Tami what looked like a small plastic bowl or cup. This was actually the headpiece, which was the mate to the sheath that was currently on Ebony's cock. This piece was also lubricated in the liquid solution.
Tami brought it over to Ebony, and gently placed it on the head of her cock. Tami gave the headpiece a few gentle twists back and forth, and the headpiece quickly expanded and settled around the huge shape of Ebony's cockhead.
Two other nymphs produced a large clear plastic container, which looked very much like a jar for fruit preserves, only much larger, and they set it on a table a few feet away from Dee Dee's console. Dee Dee knew that the container was ten gallons in size.

The last step was a section of clear plastic tubing, which was also coated in the special lubricant solution. One of the nymphs connected this to the lid of the clear container, and the other end to the tubular projection at the tip of the headpiece on Ebony's cock.
"Well, are you finally ready to begin your very first session of the milking ritual, Ebony?"
"Ready, willing and raring to go, Dee Dee," purred Ebony.
Dee Dee playfully brought her hands together, and made as if she were cracking her knuckles. "All righty, Ebony. Settle back on the padded section and get comfortable, and then get ready for one hell of a ride."
Dee Dee adjusted herself as she sat at the console. She made an adjustment to one of the dials on the console, and entered a few keystrokes.
"We'll start with something smooth and easy, to begin with, Ebony."
A very quiet hum of machinery, much like a vibrator at low speed could be heard coming from the platform where Ebony was reclining. The sheath slowly began to move up and down on Ebony's cock.
"And now, we'll add a little pressure." The sheath began to squeeze and contract on the shaft of Ebony's cock. Ebony's huge shaft could be seen to actually change size and shape in small amounts, as the sheath exerted its pressure on her cockmeat.
Ebony's eyes grew wide as she was overwhelmed by the new sensations that her cock was experiencing.
"Next, a little bit of 'good vibrations' are in order."
The sheath on Ebony's cock began to ripple up and down in a pulsating rhythm. Ebony could be seen drawing in her breath as the sensations mounted, and she enjoyed the treatment she was getting.
"Holy shit, Dee Dee. You never told me that it could feel like this, girl."
"We're only getting started, Ebony. Just wait until we kick things into high gear."
After a few moments, Ebony's balls began to swell slightly, and a number of small blue veins could be seen on the surface of them. The urethra shaft on the front of Ebony's cock began to slowly begin pulsing with a life of its own. Dee Dee immediately noticed this at the console, and either shut down or greatly reduced the pressure and intensity of the stimulations on Ebony's cock.
"Oh no you don't, Ebony. We've only just begun here." Dee Dee flipped another switch on the console. The head of Ebony's cock seemed to flinch and contract for just a moment. The result of Dee Dee flipping the switch was a quick application of pressure directly on the head of Ebony's cock. This caused any sensations that Ebony might be feeling of a nearing orgasm to be quickly suppressed.
"I'm gonna work that hunk of meat between your legs like it hasn't been worked on in ages, Ebony," said Dee Dee. "When I get done with you, you aren't gonna believe the results."

Dee Dee waited for almost a minute, and then began the stimulations to Ebony's cock again. Dee Dee repeated this process for over half an hour to Ebony, bringing her massive cock to the brink of orgasm time and again, and then expertly holding back and cutting her off, before Ebony could reach her climax.
Dee Dee kept up a steady stream of sexy chatter with Ebony as she wriggled on the reclining platform from the joy she was receiving. Only one shemale amazon could truly understand how to stimulate and prolong the attention to such a monster cock as Ebony or one of the other amazons had.
By now, Ebony had broken out in a fine sweat which covered her body, and she was panting audibly from trying to keep her composure as she reveled in the pleasure that she was receiving from Dee Dee's efforts.
Along with being taller than anyone else, Ebony was also more muscular than any of the other amazons. Veins began to stand out on her arms, and on her ribcage, as she tried to deal with the incredible sensations that were overwhelming her body.
Ebony's breasts swelled with her breathing, and her large nipples grew visibly thick and erect in front of everyone. Finally Dee Dee looked at Ebony from the console. "Well, I think you just may be ready to shoot off, Ebony. What do you think?"
"Damn! I thought you'd never get around to that, Dee Dee. I've feel like I've been ready since I walked in here. Let me show you and the girls here what my cock can really do."
"All right, Ebony. Get ready, because here we go," said Dee Dee.

At the console, Dee Dee made some adjustments to the machine. The machinery now produced a louder humming noise, as it moved into a higher gear than before. The sheath began moving faster in its up and down, piston-like motions on Ebony's cock. Ebony's cock became a slightly darker color as the pressure increased and more bl**d swelled inside the flesh.
Ebony's face momentarily went pale, as the wonderful sensations that were going through her cock, suddenly increased to even higher levels. As the f***e of the stroking on the sheath increased, Ebony's huge balls began to shake back and forth, and slap noisily against her thighs.
Ebony began to heave and pant like a runner in a marathon race. Her hands gripped the handholds on the reclining platform so hard that her knuckles showed visibly. Ebony began to lose control, and began pleading and almost screaming with Dee Dee.
"Oh, fuck, yes! Do it! Push me over the edge, Dee Dee. Just do it to me!"
Dee Dee pushed her lips together in a sexy pout as Ebony squealed in ecstasy.
"You got it, Ebony. Let's really put on a show for everyone." Dee Dee pushed a final switch, and then she and everyone else in the chamber leaned forward for a closer view of what was to happen next. The machinery increased to a higher humming noise, and the sheath on Ebony's cock was now moving at almost a blur. Ebony threw her head back against the platform, and began to shriek and squeal like a banshee.
"Oh, fuck, yes! Here it comes, Dee Dee!" Ebony's voice escalated into a high-pitched scream of pleasure. For a moment, Ebony's eyes rolled back into their sockets as she was nearly overcome with pleasure. Ebony regained control, and lowered her gaze to the clear plastic container sitting on the table in front of the console.
Ebony's cock began to shoot out its mammoth load of sperm. The tubing had been coated with the special lubricant, so even though the container was several feet away, Ebony's cock could f***e the sperm through the tubing and into the container with little or no effort.
Huge white streams of the thick liquid gushered forth into the container for over twenty seconds at a time. Some of the nymphs thought that this was almost a stream or constant flow from Ebony's cock.
After several tremendous splurts had been delivered into the container, the pumping of the sheath slowed ever so slightly. Dee Dee adjusted it so that the pumping actions were slower and prolonged. Much like those of a mechanical milking device working on a cow's udders.
Ebony continued to shoot off long, thick streams of hot, sticky sperm into the container as everyone in the chamber watched in amazement. Ebony was now engrossed in the moment of her orgasm. Ebony stared at the shaft of her pulsing cock, the veins now clearly defined and protruding. Ebony's cock was swollen to such gigantic proportions, that Dee Dee thought she might even burst out of the sheath.

"Okay, Ebony! Now, grab onto your nuts, and squeeze for all you're worth!"
Ebony reached down and began squeezing each of her enormous balls in each hand. Even with her larger hands, Ebony could barely come close to gripping one of her balls in each hand, but she still held them quite firmly.
Ebony exerted her strength, and her fingers dug into the surface of her balls, causing them to flush to an even darker color. This caused Ebony's sperm to gush out even faster and harder into the container than before. Dee Dee and the nymphs could hear it land loudly against the plastic walls, like when a water hose was directed against a wall.
"Holy fucking shit!" cried out Ebony, as the pressure on her nuts caused the feelings of her orgasm to intensify.
In this manner, Ebony continued, locked in the throes of her orgasm, for well over five minutes. The ten-gallon container slowly but steadily filled to over three-fourths of its total capacity with Ebony's hot, sticky sperm. Other than some almost incoherent moans from Ebony, the room was almost silent.
Dee Dee had seen this before, with many of the other shemale amazons on the island, as well as more times than she could remember when she herself was in Ebony's place on the reclining platform. Everyone in the chamber had never seen a display of sexual prowess like this before, and most of them sat in awe at the edge of the chamber, trying to take in what they'd just seen.
Finally, Ebony gave one last, loud groan, and let her hands slip to her sides. The sheath stopped its rhythmic pumping on the shaft of Ebony's cock, and came to a stop. Dee Dee flicked one switch at the console, and a tiny vacuum applied some suction to the tubing, as it sucked the last of Ebony's cum into the plastic container.
Ebony had nearly filled a ten-gallon container with pure molten sperm, in less than ten minutes. The entire process had taken just under an hour, since Dee Dee had begun her ministrations on Ebony's cock from the console.

Dee Dee got up from the console, and moved over to the container filled with Ebony's sperm. "My god, Ebony. Do you realize that you've put out almost twice as much cum as any other amazon just now?"
Dee Dee examined the massive load of Ebony's sperm in the container. "You don't know how tempting it is to resist digging into this luscious cum of yours right now, Ebony. Just looking at the color and the consistency of it from here, I can tell that I'll have prime material to work from later on."
At that point, Tiffany entered the chamber. "Wow! It looks as though I missed out on the show here, girls. How many times did you have to shoot off, to produce this much jism, Ebony?"
"You just missed the opening act, Tiffany," called out Ebony. "I'm just getting started here."
"You've got to be k**ding me," exclaimed Tiffany.
"Make no mistakes, Tiffany," said Dee Dee, "that was just the first wave from Ebony. And she claims she's got even more stored up for us inside her."
"That's fucking incredible Ebony," said Tiffany. "But are you sure you're ready for another session so soon?"
Ebony was still panting as she recovered from her orgasm. "Tiffany, I don't mean to be one to brag, but I've always known that my cock could do bigger and better things. Dee Dee, tell the girls to get ready to repeat the drill, because I'm ready to do it again."
"Are you sure you're ready for that Ebony? I mean we're terribly grateful for whatever you can produce to help us out, but I don't want you to overexert yourself, or hurt yourself."
"Dee Dee, I know my body, especially my cock and balls, better than anybody else on the Island. Take a good look at me."
Ebony's cock was still rock hard, and slightly trembling from the tremendous effort it had just been through. Her nuts were swollen, and tiny veins were visible on them. If anything, Ebony's cock looked as if it had gotten stronger and more powerful.
"Trust me, I'm good for one more Milking session today, girls. After I've built up a little more tolerance to this, I'll be even stronger."

"All right, girls!" called out Dee Dee. "Ebony's gonna do a double-dip for us today. Let's get her changed and then primed and ready for the next round. Start off by removing the old pieces on her. I'll run the program on my computer, and have a fresh band, sheath and cover for her cockhead in a few minutes."
Tiffany came over and sat by Dee Dee next to the control console. "So just where were you, Tiffany? I would've thought that you'd be the last person to risk missing seeing Ebony in the Milking process."
"Clyda and I decided to discretely follow Barocca and Jeanne, and make certain they didn't take any detours, and went straight off the Island. After all the shit that's happened, we weren't taking any chances."

In less than ten minutes, Ebony was completely refitted and ready to perform again. The nymphs knew the drill by heart, and showed their efficiency as they executed all the tasks with little wasted motion.
As with other girls, Ebony was in such a high state of arousal after her first orgasm, that her cock remained rock hard and erect throughout the time that the nymphs prepared her again. No one had a ruler or tape measure to be certain, but Tami thought that Ebony's cock and balls had grown even larger than before.
"Okay, Ebony's first Milking Session, part two!" called out Dee Dee. "When the other girls see what you're capable of Ebony, and they see you're doing it to help the Island against Barocca, it'll really help improve the morale here."
"You didn't mention that you were filming here today," said Ebony.
"We learned from past experience that it pays to film everything," replied Dee Dee. "Along with boosting morale, we can edit this down to make one absolutely killer video, that we can sell later on."
"All right, Dee Dee. Let's get it on again!"

Once again, Dee Dee performed her magic at the console, as she carefully orchestrated the pressure, vibration and the pulsing action on Ebony's cock. Ebony's massive black missile seemed to take on a life of its own, as it pulsed and throbbed under Dee Dee's ministrations.
This time Dee Dee f***ed Ebony to wait almost an hour before she finally brought her to the point of no return. Like before, Ebony screeched like a wildcat, as her orgasm literally rocked her body to new heights of pleasure.
Ebony reached down and squeezed her balls again, forcing her cum through the tubing at an even faster rate than before. Finally, Ebony's second orgasm abated, leaving her body drenched in sweat as she reclined against the padding. Dee Dee shut off the machine, and two of the nymphs went over to the container that had collected Ebony's jism.
"Holy cow, Dee Dee," exclaimed Tiffany as she watched the nymphs. "That second container's got even more cum in it than the first one! And not by a little bit. Ebony almost filled it to the brim!"
"Good grief, Ebony," said Dee Dee. "I knew that monster of yours was more powerful than the average girl's cock, but I had no idea you could produce that kind of increased volume on your second time around. That b**st isn't human."
The nymphs began removing all of the pieces from Ebony's cock. Ebony flashed Dee Dee and the other girls a wicked smile.
"Maybe it isn't human after all, Dee Dee. Tiffany and Clyda told me about how you figured out that Barocca had fucked around with your machines, and turned me into what I am today.
"All I can say is that this reminds me of those old monster movies on TV. Barocca's fucked around with things she doesn't understand, and created something she can't control. And that's me. My cock and balls are only gonna continue to get bigger and stronger, as I go through more Milking Sessions. And heaven help Barocca and Jeanne when I finally get my hands on those two."

Ebony stood up from the padding that she'd been lying against, and concentrated as she let her cock go limp and relax.
"I'm sorry if I kind of scared anybody with my little speech there, but Barocca and Jeanne are definitely gonna get what's coming to them, one of these days, real soon. As far as everyone else is concerned, I meant what I said earlier. I'm a different person than I was a few months ago. And I'll continue to act differently and treat people nicer in the future."
"I agree with you wholeheartedly Ebony, about how you feel about Barocca," said Dee Dee. "After all the stunts she's pulled recently, this isn't fun and games anymore. It's war. We aren't taking any prisoners, and I can't tell you how glad we are that you're on our side.
"I'll run a few tests, and then get your jism over to the lab, so we can begin processing it. I'm confident that it'll produce some really top-notch stuff for us this time. We'll wait a couple of days, and see how you feel Ebony, and then if you're ready, we'll set things up for another Milking Session."
Ebony smiled at Dee Dee and the other girls in the chamber. "You take your time with my jism, and do the best job that you can with it. And you can call on me any time for another Milking Session. Me and my cock were born ready for this kind of action!"

"If it's okay with everyone, I'd like to help out here today, and keep the action going."
Everyone's head turned in the chamber to the doorway, and the figure who stood in it. It was Jordan.

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