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B5 Chapter 5 Jordan's First Time - Jordan Lea

Chapter 5: Jordan's First Time - Jordan Learns The Truth

Tiffany, Dee Dee and Clyda watched in stunned silence, as Jordan's first orgasm finally came to a finish. All three girls were completely shocked at the intensity, and the amount of jism that Jordan had been able to produce on her very first try.
Jordan's cum had landed almost everywhere. Jordan herself had a look of utter bliss, contentment and satisfaction on her face that was beyond words. Her cock was still rock hard, and Jordan was fondly stroking the shaft, and gently licking up and remnants of her jism on it that she could reach with her tongue.
Tiffany gently nudged Dee Dee with an elbow to her tummy. "All right, Dee Dee. There'll never be a better time to do this with Jordan. Do the magic with your remote control."
Dee Dee turned and reached into her handbag, and brought out the control unit.
"Well Jordan, I'm really pleased you had such a fantastic time, your first time out of the gate," said Tiffany. "However, there are certain brutal facts that you have to made aware of. I hope that you'll forgive us for what we're about to do." Tiffany turned to Dee Dee. "Go ahead."

Dee Dee pressed a button on the control unit. Instantly, Jordan's cock began to slowly go limp, losing the rigid hardness it had just had. In less than thirty seconds, it was reduced to an over-sized, flesh-colored sausage, lying on the bed linens.
The effect on Jordan was traumatic to say the least. From utter glee a moment ago, to a look of shock and despair just now.
"All right, Jordan. I'm sorry we had to do this the hard way on you, but there are some things that you have to know," said Tiffany. "As you've no doubt guessed, the shit is starting to hit the fan big time, after the fiasco with you and Barocca in the Main Event. Just how serious things really are, you're going to find out later on today. I know you've made some really moving and heartfelt speeches about how you want to fit in around here, but what you've just seen is our version of an 'insurance policy'."
"Along with getting your fully developed cock in record time, Jordan," said Dee Dee, "I've also installed some safeguards and failsafe mechanisms in it. To make a long story short, if you get out of line for any reason whatsoever, I can cut you off with a click of a button, or at my PC. These safeguards will remain in place in your body and your cock for one year. By that time, everything will have happened and be long resolved, one way or another."
"Barocca is really trying to nail our ass to the wall, now that she feels like she's got us over a barrel," said Tiffany. "She's demanding that we hold some type of grand contest for final control over the Island, once and for all. Otherwise, she'll go public on us, and blow the whistle on our little Island paradise. We'll be overrun with reporters before we know it, if she goes ahead with her threat."
"Along with having to answer a lot of questions that we don't really have satisfactory answers for about things like taxes and land grants for the Island," said Clyda, "we damn sure don't need that many snoopers nosing around here in the first place."
"Not to mention the AMA, and other medical and government authorities would take a very dim view of my laboratory, and the unlicensed and unapproved surgeries that I do there," said Dee Dee.

"Okay. I can see where all of that would be really bad news for us," said Jordan. "But what kind of contest do you think Barocca has in mind?"
"C'mon, Jordan. That should be obvious," said Tiffany. "Surely you haven't forgotten how Barocca was humping her brains out against you, during the Main Event?"
"We've only been given a general idea ourselves," said Dee Dee. "Barocca contacted us earlier to let us know what her plans are. All we know is she wants to hold some major fuck and suck contest. And that you're going to be one of the major participants in it."
"What do you mean, 'just one'?" asked Jordan.
"The other thing Barocca has hinted at, is that she's created her own shemale prodigy, on her own somehow," said Tiffany. "With all of the antics that have been happening here recently, we knew that something was up, but we didn't know just what.
"Evidently, since we broke the rules, and gave you special treatment Jordan, Barocca felt she was entitled to do the same thing with someone else of her own choosing. Just how she managed to do everything on her own is still unclear, although we've found a few clues in her quarters.
"How she managed to do it doesn't really matter right now. What we can expect is some kind of sexual contest from Barocca, her new 'creation', as well as some of her closest friends, who were also senior amazons. It'll be directed against you, myself, Clyda, Dee Dee and some of the other amazons here as well. You're not the only one that Barocca has a grudge against; but you just f***ed things to a climax with your behavior when you arrived."
"Believe me Jordan," said Clyda. "Barocca wants to fuck all of us to within an inch of our lives just for the satisfaction of beating us. She'd gladly do that for free if she could. But she's raised the stakes by threatening to go public about the Island on us, so we're really in a spot."
"Barocca's going to be arriving here later this afternoon," said Dee Dee. "She'll be introducing her new creation to us for the first time. We'll sit down and hash out the general rules and structure of the contest, and when it will be held."
"You're going to be there, because you're one of the major players involved in this, whether you like it or not, Jordan," said Tiffany. "Since there's no way of avoiding this conflict, it's only appropriate that you and Barocca's new girl meet each other, before everything comes to a boil.”

"But I want to get back to what's probably foremost in your mind right now,” said Tiffany. “And that's your cock, and more accurately, what Dee Dee just did to it right now."
Tiffany paused and walked over to Jordan's bed, so that she was sitting close to her.
"I meant what I said in the past, about how we all liked you Jordan, and how we were glad to have you with us here on the Island. But the fact remains, that since you've been with us, everything has been turned upside down here. Some of these events have been beyond your control, but others, you're directly involved in. That's the reason for our 'insurance policy'.
"You're going to get a chance to make good on some of your speeches, Jordan. We're counting on you to do everything you can, when it comes your turn for whatever's in store for you at the contest. If you give us everything you've got, and help get us over the hurdle here against Barocca, we can get back to normal, and everything will be all right again here.
"But if you should cross us up somehow, or not give us your complete effort in the coming struggle, then this..." Tiffany picked up Jordan's limp cock with one hand. "This will be all you'll ever have to show for all the ordeals you've been through here.
"All right, Dee Dee. Go ahead and turn Jordan back on now."
Dee Dee clicked a button, and it was almost as though a switch had been turned on in Jordan's cock. She could instantly feel the life flowing through her loins again. Although Jordan had only had her cock a few days, she could tell that it would be ready to become rock-hard and ready to perform again in moments if she wanted it to. The relief that spread through Jordan was obvious to everyone in the room.
Jordan reached out and grasped Tiffany's hands. "Tiffany, you don't know how much you scared me just now, when you did that to my cock. I meant what I said about doing whatever it takes to stay on the Island, and making this a better place for all of us. But you're right. Actions speak louder than words. Whatever it takes to beat Barocca and her gang, you can count on me to help do it. Anything at all; just ask me."

"That's good to hear from you Jordan," said Tiffany. "I want you to realize a couple of things. On your very first orgasm, with no help, you produced a bigger and longer cum shot than some of the senior amazons are capable of doing."
"Most of us could either suck ourselves off, or jerk off and paint the bed like you did love," said Clyda. "But damn few of us could do a double-dip like you just pulled off."
"Once you really get some experience, and your cock is completely in tune with your body, you're really gonna be something special Jordan," said Dee Dee. "You might even give Ebony a run for her money."
"I know that Barocca knows we made you a shemale, Jordan," said Tiffany. "But she has no way of knowing that you've turned out the way that you did. With some coaching and some training, you can really be a trump card she won't be expecting in the contest."
Tiffany and the other girls' words sank into Jordan, as she realized that she'd only seen the tip of the iceberg, as far as her cock's potential went. The thought of even more powerful orgasms, and even more cum produced by her balls was mind-boggling to Jordan.
"The possibility of even bigger and better things in store for me and my cock is awesome Tiffany," said Jordan. "I want you to know that there's no way I'm going to screw things up and give up this wonderful piece of meat between my legs. So heaven help Barocca, or whoever she puts me up against in the contest."
"We're all going to be pushed to our limits in the future, I'm certain about that, Jordan," said Tiffany. "I want you to meet us in the main auditorium at one o'clock. At noon, we've got the meeting with Barocca scheduled. Once everyone lays their cards on the table, we'll decide what we're going to do next.
"Above all, Jordan, when we have this meeting or confrontation with Barocca and her girl afterwards, don't let on that you've got something special between your legs. The three of us will have already done most of the talking and the actual negotiating. The more Barocca thinks she's got the scales tipped in her favor, the more she's likely to become overconfident and make a mistake of some sort."
"C'mon with me, Jordan," said Dee Dee. "I do plan on teaching you some mind control techniques to help manage the size of your cock in the future. But for now, you'll need a skirt or some bigger panties to cover up that b**st between your legs. Your bikini panties don't stand a chance of containing it. I've got some extra clothes in my quarters that you can borrow."

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