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B5 Chapter 3 Jordan Transformed

Chapter 3: Jordan Transformed

Jordan awoke later in the afternoon. Her first perception was that she was in a different room than Dee Dee's lab, where she had started the day. Where she was now certainly didn't bear any resemblance to a laboratory. It looked more like a hospital room.
As her senses cleared, Jordan could tell that she had been propped up on some pillows in a sort of semi-reclining position on the bed. At first, Jordan couldn't quite move her waist and hips very easily. She assumed that it must be due to the effects of the anesthetic that hadn't quite worn off yet.
Jordan stretched out her arms, and sat up. As her mind cleared, Jordan now recalled that she had just undergone the surgery procedure from Dee Dee, earlier in the day. She couldn't wait to see what Dee Dee had been able to come up with, when she created her cock for her.
Jordan leaned forward, and felt resistance at her tummy. She instinctively reached her hands forward to want to explore and examine her new gift from Dee Dee. Jordan was very surprised when her hands met the hard, unyielding plastic shield that Dee Dee had placed over her waist, and part of her crotch and upper legs.
"Hey, what's going on here?" asked Jordan.

Across the room, Tami had been reading a magazine. As she saw Jordan sit up, and begin examining her new surroundings, Tami walked over to the side of Jordan's bed.
"Hi, Jordan. I see you're up and around. How do you feel?"
"Well, I'm still a little woozy from the anesthetic Dee Dee gave me, but I feel pretty good," said Jordan. "I think I remember you. You were one of the girls that contacted me, and set things up so I could come to the Island, after they screened me."
"That's right; I'm Tami. They've got me doing mainly administrative work in the office. But I've really enjoyed coming to the Island, and becoming 'one of the girls' too." Tami paused for a moment. "You know, I watched you in the Main Event a few days ago, Jordan. You were incredible in there."
"Thanks, Tami. But believe me, you don't ever want to have to go through anything like that. I'm lucky that I'm still here to tell the tale."
"Hey let's see what Dee Dee's come up with for you, shall we? Sorry for the rude awakening, but we found the plastic shield was the best way to keep girls from accidentally injuring themselves, until they'd properly healed up."
Tami opened a drawer in a cabinet near Jordan's bed, and brought out a mirror. She held it so that Jordan could get a clear look at the reflection of her new cock.
"Holy cow, Jordan! Your cock looks awesome. I'll bet it's gonna be as big as Tiffany or Clyda's easily, when it gets hard."
"Dee Dee does incredible work, that's for sure," said Jordan. "I can't wait until she gives me the okay, and I can get my hands on it."
"Take it from me, Jordan, a lot of girls are going to be green with envy, when they see you with this."
"I'm glad you like it Tami. But that's one thing I want to talk to you about. You already know about me, and how I got here, and what I did the first day that I was here, right?"
"That's right, Jordan. Just about everyone on the Island has heard the story by now."
"Well, I want to tell you this, Tami. And I hope you'll spread the word for me, until I'm well enough to leave here. What I did with Tiffany and Barocca on my first day here was very wrong, and I know it.
"I'm very lucky that they just didn't boot me out of here, and forget about me. But Tiffany and some of the other girls liked me enough to keep me around, and for that, I'll always be very grateful. I couldn't have predicted what they had in store for me, or that they would do things differently with me. And I'm really sorry that things became such a mess at the end of the Main Event with Barocca.
"I know that overnight I've got what you and a lot of the other girls either don't have, or are still trying to fully earn. I want everyone to know that I'm definitely not going to turn into some kind of princess or prima donna, because of that. I'll gladly take a turn at doing whatever types of duties are assigned to me. I just want to be one of the girls too, and fit in around here.
"If anyone wants to talk to me, or even see about becoming intimate with me, all they have to do is come and talk to me. I'm not going to put myself on a pedestal, or think that I'm better or more privileged than anyone else here, because of what's happened to me."

"Well that's really good to hear that you feel that way, Jordan. Barocca and some of her girls always thought that they were better than everyone else was, and a lot of us didn't like them for it. I think that's why Barocca started her own little sect on the other side of the Island.
"I know that you can't convince everyone overnight about the way that you feel. But if you're really sincere, and act like you've just stated, then I think the rest of the girls will come to accept you pretty quickly. The big part will be how you actually act, and get along with others here."
"I'm gonna try really hard to live up to it, Tami. I know I've got a lot of hard work ahead of me. All I ask is that you tell some of the other girls to give me a chance, and treat me with an open mind. Like you said, the rest is up to me."
"Okay, Jordan. I'll be the first to give you the benefit of the doubt, and I'll tell some of my friends the way you feel. For now, you can either read some of the magazines on the table next to you, or you can channel surf, and see if there's anything on TV." Tami pointed to the remote control next to the magazines. "I'll give Dee Dee a call, and tell her that you're awake. She'll want to come down here, and check you out herself more thoroughly."
"Thanks a lot, Tami. See you later on."

Later on, Dee Dee arrived to check on Jordan. As she entered the room, Dee Dee had a quick conversation with Tami, before coming over to the side of Jordan's bed.
"Hi, Jordan. How do you feel now?"
"Pretty good, now that most of the anesthetic is getting out of my system. That was the first time I've ever been completely under for a surgery like that."
"I can understand that. It's always a little unsettling when you awake from it. Tami tells me that you made a very sincere speech to her, a little earlier."
"That's right, Dee Dee."
"I won't ask you to repeat it, Jordan. I've gotten to know you a little better than the other girls in your short time here on the Island. I've got a good idea what you told Tami. All I can say is just live up to what you told her, and don't expect to be treated differently because of your new status, and I think things will work out fine here for you."
"You got it, Dee Dee. I don't want to rock the boat anymore."
"Okay. Let's check out the fruits of my labors, Jordan. I'm going to reach under the shield, and do a little gentle probing and examining of your cock, and see how the surgery has taken to your body. I like you a lot Jordan, but this is not to be construed as any kind of sexual contact; it's just an examination. You probably won't be able to get a full-fledged hard-on until at least forty-eight hours after the surgery anyway. Once you're fully healed, your cock will get plenty of work and play from all the other girls around here, I guarantee it."
Dee Dee reached down and undid two of the straps that held the shield in place over Jordan's body on the bed. She lifted the shield up into a partially upright position, and propped it in place, much like raising the hood on a car.
Dee Dee lifted Jordan's cock, and examined all sides of it, looking for any signs of scars or scabs that might be a result of the surgery. Jordan's cock was smooth and flawless all along the shaft and her cockhead. Dee Dee felt Jordan's balls, and found them to be soft and smooth. The testicles were large, and firm to the touch, but also gave way when she exerted a little f***e with her fingers.
Dee Dee carefully ran her fingers around the base of Jordan's cock where it attached to her crotch. Again, no signs of any incisions, or marks of any type from the surgery could be found on her body. Below her cock, Jordan's pussy lips and her clitoris could still be seen, and looked as normal as ever.
"Looking good, Jordan. Looking good. From the waist down, anyone who didn't know you were a girl would just think that you were a guy who was lucky enough to be hung like a horse, if they saw only your cock."
Dee Dee lowered the plastic shield back into place, and fastened the straps. She made a few notations on a sheet on her clipboard.

"Tiffany and Clyda will come by either later today or tomorrow, to see how you're doing, Jordan. But since you're awake and alert now, I'll give you a few basic pointers and instructions about your cock.
"In a few days, I'll give you a little plastic dispenser that will contain and sort the various pills that we give the girls. Even though your cock is fully developed, you'll still have to take the 'vitamins' I process here, and keep up a fitness routine, to properly maintain it."
"When you said 'fully developed' Dee Dee, how big will my cock be when it's finally ready to get hard for the first time?"
"Ah, ah, ah," Dee Dee wagged her finger in a playful scolding motion. "You're just gonna have to wait and see for yourself, Jordan. All I'll say, is that when the moment comes, you're certainly not going to be disappointed.
"Another thing that you'll be taught, are some mind control techniques for keeping your cock at a manageable size when you're not having fun. It's no problem now, because you're just lying in bed. It'll be up to you, but you probably won't want something like that hanging between your legs all day, or stuffed into your panties."
"But I've noticed that you keep your cock kind of in the same state as mine is, Dee Dee."
"That's because mine is custom built, instead of using the template that I do on other girls, Jordan. I have to wear a skirt all the time, because it won't fit anywhere else. But I knew what I was getting into when I designed my cock, and it was my choice. Almost all the other girls opt to go for the mind control techniques, for convenience with their cock. But the final choice will be yours down the road.
"Another thing you'll be learning is just how to use your cock, and make it perform to its peak potential. Anybody can get a hard-on, and jerk themselves off. But it's a whole other story to be able to perform in sex, and please a partner with it. Plus the fact that the size that you're working with is way beyond anything that you've ever seen before you came to the Island. In order to be able to please another one of the amazons, as well as putting on a performance for one of our custom videos or photo sets for a customer, you'll need to have complete control and mastery over your cock.
"When you have sex with other amazons for the first few times, as well as when we let you play with yourself, you'll find out that control of your cock is not as easy as you may have thought. You'll begin to have a totally different feeling for any guy you were ever with, who wasn't able to completely satisfy you or fulfill you for one reason or another."
"Geez. I never thought that the shoe could be on the other foot," said Jordan.
"Oh, and don't forget the Milking Ritual either. Since you're fully developed, we'll eventually expect you to take part in that too. But that's not for a while. But I'm certain you can recall the strain and effort that can exert on a cock, when you watched Tiffany on your first day here."
"Wow. It sure sounds like I've got a lot more to learn than just how to fuck and suck," said Jordan.
"You said a mouthful, Jordan. These are all things you'll be taught, and we'll work with you, to bring you up to speed. Eventually they'll get to be second nature, once you've done them often enough. None of that's going to happen for at least a few days, until you're completely healed up though.
"Now, just between you and me, Tiffany wants to wait until Sunday, once she's sure you're good and ready, before she lets you have your first sexual experience with your cock. So you can look forward to that as your 'coming out' party. Tiffany and Clyda will be there, and Ebony may stop by too. After all the fuss we've gone to, to give you your cock, we're all really interested to see just what you've got, and what you can do."
"That's great, Tiffany. I know it's gonna be hard to keep my hands off myself until then, but I know that you've got my best interests at heart with the shield and the safeguards. What else can I say, but that I'll be eagerly looking forward to this Sunday."

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