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B5 Chapter 2 Jordan's Preparation

Chapter 2: Jordan's Preparation

"Well Jordan, today's the big day," said Dee Dee, as Jordan entered her lab. "I don't suppose you've had any kind of second thoughts, now that you'll actually be going 'under the knife'?"
"You've got to be k**ding, Dee Dee. Wild horses couldn't drag me away, now that I've finally made it this far."
"That's how I thought you'd feel, Jordan. Every once in a while, we do get a girl with cold feet, when it comes time to do the surgery though. What I want for you to do first is to take this pill. It's a mild sedative. Later on, you'll need to lie completely still for long periods of time, and this will help you relax." Jordan washed the pill down with a drink of water.
"Okay, the next thing I need for you to do is strip off your clothes, and then have a seat on the examination table there. I start off with a complete physical of every girl that gets the treatment. Not only do you have to be healthy, but there's a lot of information I have to collect to get the machine ready to do its job."
Jordan did as she was told, and sat naked on the examination table.
After a thorough examination by Dee Dee, she made a few notes on a sheet on her clipboard. "Okay. So far, so good, Jordan. I don't see anything out of the ordinary on you. You're in fine health. Get off the table, and come over here to the cloning machine."
"You mean you're going to make two of me today?"
"Well not exactly, Jordan. I use this machine to graft, or clone a cock to your crotch area, and then a lot of other stuff happens to make it work with all your other body parts. I use the term 'cloning' for lack of a better one."

The machine was a large ponderous device that Jordan didn't pretend to be able to understand. Numerous dials and gauges dotted the facing of it. Attached to the front was what looked like a large stretcher carrier, that Jordan had seen on the outside of heli-copters, used for transporting patients. It had a large curving surface beneath it for supporting a body, and a Plexiglas dome or cover on the top of it.
When Dee Dee lifted the cover, Jordan could see that the bottom of the carrier was made of a substance that looked like foam rubber, and was deeply padded. It was contoured and shaped roughly to a human figure.
"I want you to get in here, and lie on your back, and get comfortable, Jordan. Here's where you'll be spending a lot of your time today."
Jordan climbed into the carrier, and settled down into the padding. It was surpris-ingly comfortable.
"What happens first, is that you'll be x-rayed, as well as scanned for a lot of other body measurements and functions, Jordan. The machine will find out where all of your internal organs are laid out, and collect other data. It'll use all that for the next step, when it actually creates your cock, and connects all the pieces together, and makes them work."
"How did you manage to be able to produce a machine that can do this Dee Dee?"
"C'mon, Jordan," said Dee Dee with a smile. "We both know that girls like to have their little secrets. And if I actually explained how my machine works, I guarantee that it'd put you to sl**p faster than that sedative I gave you ever would. You've seen the other girls and me. Just accept that it works."
"Okay," said Jordan. "I just can't remember when I've ever been this excited about something before this."
"That's perfectly understandable, Jordan. That's why I gave you the sedative to help you relax. Now just lie very still, and let the machine do its work. It'll take about half an hour to do everything that it needs to do."
With that, Dee Dee closed the Plexiglas cover, and went to her computer, where she started the scanning program. The machine gave a quiet hum, as it came to life, and a series of lights began moving up and down, and back and forth, over Jordan's body in the carrier.

Half an hour later, the computer beeped softly, indicating that it had successfully scanned and copied all of the data from Jordan's body. Dee Dee walked over to the carrier, and looked at the Plexiglas cover. It was fogged over from the activity of the machine, so that only a dim outline of Jordan's form inside was visible. Dee Dee unlocked the cover, and raised it to the upright position, so she could see Jordan again.
"How're you feeling, Jordan?" she asked.
"Well, so far, I'm okay. It takes a little getting used to lying still for so long, and all the flashing lights inside there looked really funny after a while. But I feel pretty good."
"That's good to hear, Jordan. I'm going to give you another pill. This will put you out completely in a short time. The reason for this is I need you absolutely still when the machine begins creating your cock and grafting it to you. The entire process takes almost two hours, and I've found it's much easier on everyone, if I put the girls under when I do it." Dee Dee gave Jordan a different pill, and she swallowed it with another drink of water.
"You can stay where you are, and just let the pill take effect, Jordan. I want to go over the data that the machine's just collected from you, and once you're u*********s, I'll start the next procedure."
Dee Dee surveyed the information the machine presented her on Jordan, and made one or two small adjustments. "Nothing out of the ordinary here, Jordan. We're almost ready."
"That's great," said Jordan with a yawn. "I can hardly wait."
"The second pill's taking effect already, Jordan. I'm going to wait a few minutes, until you're asl**p, and then I'll get started. I'm going to close the cover again, so you just lie back and take a nap. When you wake up, I'll have a big surprise for you."

Dee Dee lowered the Plexiglas cover, and fastened it in place. She went to her PC, and opened the programs that would do the cloning procedure on Jordan. She opened the various programs to the menus that she wanted, and then waited for the machine's sensors to indicate that Jordan was fully u*********s.
After doing the procedure so many times to a number of girls, Dee Dee felt as if she could do it in her sl**p. But there was no excuse for doing sloppy work, Dee Dee told herself.
Once the sensors indicated Jordan's pulse and breathing indicated sl**p, Dee Dee let the machine cycle on again, and warm up to operating levels. Satisfied that the machine was ready, Dee Dee checked that the program that would do the actual surgery was open, and ready, and that it was open to the template that would create Jordan's special cock. She also opened several applications that would constantly monitor all of the processes and the various procedures that were taking place in Jordan's body, as well as her vital signs.
When she was certain everything was ready, Dee Dee moved her mouse over the START button on the main application, and let it set there for a moment.
"Well, we're at the point of no return again," thought Dee Dee. "No matter how many times that I do this, I suppose I'll never get completely used to this. I mean, I'm actually creating new life, and altering a person's physical and metabolic structure here."
Scanning the dials on the cloning machine, and making one last inspection of the applications on her PC, Dee Dee clicked the START button, and let the process begin.
Dee Dee watched the process for several minutes, to be certain it started, and did not abort early for some reason. "Well, there's no need for me to sit here the entire two hours, while it does its work. I'll just use the restroom, and then grab a Diet soda and some munchies from the cafeteria for a little bit. Then I'll pop back in, and see how Jordan's doing."
As she went by the carrier, Dee Dee glanced at Jordan, lying sound asl**p inside. Even though the Plexiglas prevented a clear view of the occupant, Dee Dee always imagined that the girls had a deep smile of contentment on their faces, as if they knew what awaited them when they awoke.

After a stop in the restroom, Dee Dee chatted briefly with some of the other girls, as she took a leisurely stroll from her lab, to the other parts of the complex. When she returned half an hour later, the machine was busily at work on Jordan.
The quiet hum of the machinery, and the various patterns of flickering and flashing lights assured Dee Dee that the machine was running smoothly. As she settled in front of her PC, Dee Dee began to toggle back and forth, monitoring the applications.
"Let's see. All the vital signs on Jordan are normal and steady. She's sl**ping nicely."
When she came to the application that was doing the actual surgery on Dee Dee, she clicked on a sub-menu that would verify the actual amounts and specifications on Jordan's cock.
"Everything appears to be running nicely here. Things are a little different because we're giving Jordan her fully developed cock, instead of putting her through the development stages like the rest of the girls; but that's to be expected." Dee Dee looked at the various indicator readings on Jordan's cock itself, and squinted to get a closer look at the monitor.
"Wait a minute.... These aren't the readings that I normally input for a girl's cock. This eight should only be five; this seven should only be about four..." As she scanned through all of the readings, Dee Dee found that almost every reading and setting was running anywhere from twenty to thirty percent higher than normal.
Dee Dee's first instinct was to abort the machine, and kill the program. But she quickly thought better of that. Cutting off the machine in the middle of delicate operations to Jordan's internal organs could prove disastrous.
"Shit. The machine itself is running perfectly. It's only doing what the program tells it to. I know damn good and well that I didn't change anything on my setup. So it's a cinch someone else has been in here fucking with things. And I'll bet my last dollar that I know who that someone is: Barocca.
"There's nothing left to do, but let the machine run its course, and then see how Jordan is, once it's all said and done. I may as well call Tiffany, and break the news to her."

"The machine is doing what to Jordan?" exclaimed Tiffany.
"It's operating normally Tiffany. It's just running off a different set of specifications and levels than what I normally use in my lab on the template. Somehow, someone's changed a lot of the entries that I normally leave constant," said Dee Dee.
"Why the hell would anybody want to do that?" asked Tiffany.
"Well, this is my theory, Tiffany. We know from Barocca's last phone call here, that she's already created her own prodigy, or wonder-c***d, under our noses, before she high-tailed it out of here. She stated so, when she issued her demands. My guess it that she tweaked all of the data levels, so she could give her own creation an edge in her cock's performance, when it came time for the contest or the showdown. And those same settings are what it's now using on Jordan."
"So let me get this straight. In addition to getting a fully developed cock out of the box, Jordan's also getting one that may turn out to be 'turbo-charged' as well?"
"We won't know for certain, until we actually see Jordan use it, but that's a very reasonable prediction," said Dee Dee. "I'm sorry, Tiffany. I shouldn't have made any stupid assumptions with my lab equipment. I should've checked things out much more thoroughly before I started it on Jordan."
"I know you didn't mean for this to happen, Dee Dee. And until Barocca started screwing around with things, there was never a need for it. At this point, all you can do is make a note to be more careful in the future. You did check to make sure the 'fail safe' controls are in place on Jordan's cock, right?"
"Those are in the instructions and the code for the program. We'll have complete control over Jordan's cock, if we need to clamp down on her for any reason in the future."
"All right. At least the machine isn't damaging or harming Jordan in any way," said Tiffany. "How long until it finishes everything on her?"
"It's well over halfway through right now. I'd say another thirty to forty minutes, and she'll be done."
"Okay. Clyda and I will come by and take a look at her, once it's finished every-thing. Then once Jordan wakes up, and after we're sure that her cock works normally, we'll have to have a long talk with that girl."
"All right, Tiffany. I'll see the two of you here in a little while."

Tiffany and Clyda arrived in Dee Dee's lab shortly afterwards.
"Hi girls," said Dee Dee. "The program's just about finished up on Jordan. Another few minutes, and we'll know what it's done to her."
"Tiffany tells me that Barocca managed to throw another wrench in the works, by mucking with the program settings?" asked Clyda.
"I'm afraid so," said Dee Dee. "She was probably intent on creating her own shemale amazon, and wanted to stack the deck in her favor, by increasing all the settings she could."
"If Ebony doesn't beat me to it, I'm gonna wring Barocca's neck with my bare hands for this," muttered Tiffany. "Is there anything that she hasn't managed to fuck up around here?"
"Hey, I'm as ticked off as you are about Barocca, Tiffany," said Dee Dee. "She's got no idea what she's doing by messing around with my equipment, and my formulas. I haven't seen any alarms or error messages, but she could've easily screwed things up to where Jordan or another girl could be seriously hurt, by tampering with the settings the way she did."

Off to the side on her desk, Dee Dee's computer beeped softly, indicating that all of the processes had stopped, and were successfully completed.
"Well, there's no time like the present to see what's happened to Jordan," said Dee Dee. The girls went to the carrier where Jordan was lying under the Plexiglas cover.
"Everything's fogged up all to hell, Dee Dee," said Clyda. "How do you know if it worked or not?"
"That's a part of the process that can't be helped, Clyda," said Dee Dee as she unfastened the clamps on the carrier. "Whenever the machine creates new life from the raw materials, there's a reaction that takes place, and the steam fogs up the Plexiglas. I haven't figured out a way to get around that yet."
Dee Dee and Clyda lifted the Plexiglas cover to the upright position, while Tiffany stood back a step, and watched. Clyda held her breath, and looked at Jordan's body.
"Barocca may have tweaked some of the settings, Dee Dee, but the machine looks like it's still working as well as ever. Just look at her."
Tiffany crowded in between the two girls for a look. "Holy shit... I don't blame you for being pissed at Barocca, Dee Dee, but I agree with Clyda. She's magnificent looking."
Still lying sound asl**p on the carrier bed, Jordan's new addition was a sight to behold. Jordan's new cock was almost ten inches long, and as thick as several of her fingers were. During the process, the machine had completely shaved her crotch and pussy area, leaving the slumbering giant beautifully exposed against the bare, smooth skin of her thighs and crotch. The cockhead was over two inches across, even in its limp state. Resting below the shaft of her cock, were two smooth testicles that were almost the size of tennis balls.
"If I do say so myself," said Dee Dee, "I do good work. I don't think Jordan will have any complaints, once she sees what she's got.
"Okay, I need for the two of you to give me a hand, and lift Jordan out of here, and onto the gurney. Then we'll wheel her into the Infirmary, and let her heal up for a few days. She's still gonna sl**p soundly for several hours."
The three girls gently lifted Jordan out of the padded mold she had been lying in, and onto the gurney. From there, they wheeled her into the Infirmary, and then trans-ferred Jordan onto a conventional hospital bed. Tiffany and Clyda stacked some pillows, so that from the waist up, Jordan was lying at about a thirty-degree angle against the wall.
"Now for the finishing touch," said Dee Dee. From a storage closet, she produced a large piece of molded plastic. One end of it had a hole cut in a half-circle. "We set this down like this." Dee Dee placed it so that the half-circle was over Jordan's waist. The rest of the plastic now covered all of her crotch, her hips, and her legs, down to just above the knees. The girls used some straps on the edges of the mattress to securely fasten the plastic covering in place. There was no way that Jordan could touch or fondle her cock or pussy.

"This has saved me more work than I care to remember," said Dee Dee. "I should've known from the beginning that girls couldn't be trusted to keep their hands off themselves, until they had healed properly."
"Was it three or four surgeries that you had to redo, before you thought of this Dee Dee?" asked Clyda.
"Too many, that's for certain, Clyda. This'll make certain that Jordan doesn't fondle her new toys, and ruin the work I've done for her. She'll still be able to move about somewhat, but the plastic isn't so tight that it'll pinch her. Later on, she can gape at herself, and admire her cock, but for now that's all she can do."
Dee Dee went to the phone, and dialed a number. "Hi Tami, it's Dee Dee. I need for you to come down to the Infirmary and watch things for a little while. Thanks. See you in a bit.
"Tami can watch over things for a few hours until Jordan wakes up, and then call me. I'll give her a preliminary lecture about the basics of her cock, and how to start learning some of the mind control techniques we use. Then in a couple of days we'll finally let Jordan get her hands on herself."
A few minutes later, Tami arrived. "Hi, Dee Dee." She smiled and nodded to Tiffany and Clyda.
"Thanks for showing up on short notice, Tami," said Dee Dee. "Just keep an eye on things, and when Jordan wakes up, call me or page me right away."
"No problem, Dee Dee. See you later."

The three girls then walked to Tiffany's quarters where they could talk in private.
"I think that we're all agreed that Jordan's gonna turn out to be something special," said Tiffany. "In fact, we'll have to wait and see just how she performs, once she's healed up. But with this b**st Jordan's got between her legs, Barocca may have dealt us a trump card without knowing it."
"Once the other girls get a look at what she's got, Jordan will be one of the most popular girls on the Island," said Clyda.
"That's right, Clyda," said Tiffany. "As well as possibly one of the most hated girls here. Remember all the rules we've bent to do this. It's vitally important that we stress to her about how she's to behave, and how to act, once she's healed up."
"I know that we had a preliminary talk with her a few days ago, but when she sees her own cock for the first time, gets her first hard-on, and then actually cums with it, we'll have to make damn sure we really reinf***e things to her," said Clyda.
"I've got just the ticket for Jordan," said Dee Dee. "We'll let her heal up. Then we'll let her get hard and jack off for the first time in front of the three of us. That'll accomplish two things. First we'll get a good idea for just what her cock is capable of."
"And what's the other thing you've got in mind, Dee Dee?" asked Tiffany.
"As soon as Jordan's finished cumming, I'll cut her off, and that cock of hers will become one giant, limp noodle."
"That'll get her attention. That's for fucking sure," said Clyda.
"I know that'll be a brutal shock to her, but it'll prove our point emphatically," said Dee Dee. "After that, we'll lay things on the line to her one more time, about what we expect of her, and how she's to conduct herself."
"I get it," said Clyda. "And then afterwards you can 'flick the switch' back on, and her cock will come back to life again."
"Exactly, Clyda," said Dee Dee. "After Jordan sees that we can take away in an instant, everything that she's worked so hard for and gone through to get, I think she'll really toe the line and do as we say. When she sees her cock go on and off like a light switch, Jordan will know that we really mean business."
"Excellent idea, Dee Dee," said Tiffany. "You're thinking very much along the lines of what I've got in mind for Jordan. Now here's what I meant about her being another possible trump card.
"It's now Thursday afternoon, and Jordan's completely finished with the surgery. How long do you recommend keeping the girls in the Infirmary to let them heal up, Dee Dee?"
"Usually, forty-eight hours is plenty of time, Tiffany."
"That's what I thought I've heard you mention in the past. Barocca's coming to the Island on Sunday afternoon to hash things out with us, and lay the ground rules for the showdown. By Sunday, that'll have given Jordan well over two days to heal up. On Sunday morning, we'll remove the plastic covering, and let her put on a show for us, jerking off just once. We'll find out firsthand, just what her cock is capable of doing."
"But Tiffany," said Clyda, "we're all no strangers to seeing girls with cocks here. Why the big urge to see what Jordan can do so soon?"
"Because Clyda, my gut feeling says that Jordan has got a real powerhouse between her legs, thanks to Barocca's intervention, when she screwed with Dee Dee's template. I know that Barocca certainly wouldn't try to give us any advantages, but she obviously didn't count on all the ramifications of her actions, when she tampered with things.
"We've all got a good feeling for being able to gauge what our cocks can do and how they'll perform, after being here on the Island for so long. If Jordan's cock does what I think it's truly capable of doing, it's gonna be a regular blockbuster. And let's also not forget about how Jordan's pussy and ass seem to have developed into bottomless holes either. When we factor all of those in, I think that then we'll have another 'secret weapon' to use against Barocca, that she won't be expecting, when the showdown rolls around."
"I think you're right, Tiffany," said Dee Dee. "I believe that as long as we don't make a big production number out of things, and just break the news to Jordan, short and sweet, about what our plans are, and what we can do to her, then we'll be okay."
"My feelings exactly," said Clyda. "We treat her like an adult, and give her a simple warning, and then a proper demonstration. That's the way my parents disciplined me, when I was younger. As long as we don't taunt her with it, I think she'll respect us."
"We won't tell the other girls that we can do this sort of thing to Jordan," said Tiffany. "Only that we can discipline Jordan, and make her very sorry if she gets out of line. I think this will work into a nice system of checks and balances, so that nobody gets bent out of shape, and that all the girls eventually learn to get along together here on the Island."

The girls relaxed in Tiffany's quarters for a little while, making small talk and watching TV. Things were still topsy-turvy from what they were used to, but at least some things seemed to be working out. After a while, Dee Dee's beeper went off.
"It's Tami in the Infirmary. Jordan's back among the living. I'll go check her out, and see how she's doing. Then I'll begin telling her some of the very basics about her cock, and other things she'll need to learn. I'd recommend the two of you come by later tonight or tomorrow, and visit her. Then Saturday night, we'll tell Jordan that we're unwrapping her on Sunday morning, and that she gets to put on her first show for us then."
"On Sunday morning, we can give Jordan her first real lesson," said Tiffany. "And then later that afternoon, we'll find out what Barocca's got up her sleeve for us."

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