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B5 Chapter 1 Revelations

Chapter 1: Revelations

It was now Tuesday, two days after the Main Event on the Island had taken place. Two days since everything had hit the fan, and the fate of the Island would depend on the outcome of the conflict between Barocca's group and Tiffany's group.
Dee Dee and Ebony had both received an e-mail from the labs that they had sent the samples of Ebony's bl**d to. Dee Dee printed out a hard copy of the test results, and settled in a chair read through it.
"Well, I guess it's time for the news," said Dee Dee. She opened her envelope, and began reading and analyzing the data on it. Ebony opened hers, and set the sheet down next to Dee Dee's.
"You're gonna have to do a little translating here for me, Dee Dee," said Ebony. "Half of the stuff here, I can barely pronounce."
"Okay, most of them are fairly standard terms Ebony, but if you don't have a medical background, I can understand what you mean. Up at the top, the ordinary things they checked for, like your hemoglobin, and your white bl**d cell count, those all show normal."
Dee Dee scanned the other readings that were summarized on the test results.
"And just like I suspected, here's two readings that indicate a positive test result for types of steroids. About the only good thing, is that they're both quite low. It means that they're both getting slowly diluted and filtered out of your body."
"Barocca. That little bitch..." Ebony muttered. "When I get my hands on her..."
"But look at this, Ebony. Both of the labs each found something that they can't identify in your bl**d." There was an entry highlighted in red at the bottom of the column of test results.
"What do you mean, they can't identify it? What's in there, besides my bl**d?"
"Just a minute, Ebony. One of the technicians that I know included a note, along with the test results." Dee Dee scanned the short note.
"According to this Ebony, he thinks that it's some type of growth, or vitamin hormone. But it's so advanced, he's never seen anything like it. In fact, he doesn't think that our current medical technology will be capable of synthesizing and developing these types of hormones on a practical basis for at least another twenty years."
Ebony sat next to Dee Dee's desk with a shocked look on her face. "What the fuck has she done to me, Dee Dee? I feel like I'm some kind of guinea pig."
"I wish I knew, Ebony, but I don't have an answer for you. About the only thing that comes to mind is all that software on her PC and the CD's we found in Barocca's quarters. It's possible that she used it somehow to change you, or have some type of weird effect on you. From what I saw of it, it's possible it's advanced enough to do it. But as for how or when she could've done it, I'm at a loss. We know good and well, that I've got the only labs and medical facilities here on the Island.
"Look, Ebony. I won't pretend to tell you that you shouldn't feel violated and betrayed by what Barocca's done to you. But since I do have a medical background, I can tell you this. You're as healthy as anyone here on the Island. Aside from your increased size and strength, I can't find anything else that's different from any of the other girls. The steroids that Barocca has given you in the past are fading slowly but surely from your system, and that's another good thing.
"We're gonna need you to help us get through the tough times ahead, when we finally have it out with Barocca's girls, in whatever kind of contest we hold in the future."
"You know that you can count on me, Dee Dee. If there's anything at all that I can do to help, just name it. And heaven help Barocca if she pisses me off again, or if I can find a way to get my hands on her."

Later that evening, Dee Dee, Clyda and Tiffany met in Tiffany's quarters to discuss their strategy for the coming conflict.
"What I'd like to know," said Tiffany, "is how the hell Barocca managed to get out of here, after we had her locked up tight as a drum."
"I think I've got an answer for that," said Dee Dee. "This afternoon, I ran a check in my lab, to get things ready, for when I perform the operation on Jordan. I made a discovery. The holding container for the raw material that I use in the machine, to give girls their cocks, was half-empty today."
"Why the blazes would someone want to steal all that stuff?" asked Clyda. "It's not good for anything else is it?"
"I don't think that it was stolen, Clyda. It does take a certain amount of it to produce their cocks, but nowhere near that amount. When we found those ashes in the quarters where we'd locked Barocca up, and then I found so much of the material missing, I put two and two together. I think Barocca somehow managed to clone herself, and that was what we locked up after the Main Event on Sunday."
"That would explain why Barocca didn't seem to be herself," said Tiffany. "But how in the world did she ever manage to pull that off? I mean, I know she's smart, but you'd have to be a fucking genius to be able to do that sort of thing."
"I think the answer's buried in all that software on her PC, and the CD's that we found next to it," said Dee Dee. "I only scanned some of them, but what I looked at was incredibly advanced."
"All right, Dee Dee," said Tiffany. "In addition to getting things ready for Jordan's operation, I want you to dissect everything on Barocca's PC and those CD's. Do that in your spare time. If you need to, have her PC moved to your lab, so we know nothing will happen to it. Go through every file, every application, every program. Like you, I want to know just what the hell Barocca was doing, and how she did it."
"Is there any danger of your running out of the material, for future operations, Dee Dee?" asked Clyda.
"No. Fortunately, all of the ingredients are common chemicals that can be ordered from any pharmaceutical company. Once they're combined together, and used in the machine, then it's a whole other story. It'll cost us a few bucks, since the amount of them that Barocca used was significant. So it won't be cheap. But I can have those delivered in a week."
"You've got enough on hand so that you can perform the operation on Jordan, right?" asked Tiffany.
"No problems there, Tiffany," replied Dee Dee.

"While we're on the subject of Jordan," said Clyda. "Is it just me, or is anyone else just a little bit curious about how she managed to hold off Barocca's clone at the end of the Main Event the way she did?"
"That's definitely another mystery," said Tiffany. "I mean, we'd all been taking turns on her, and running her ragged for about five hours, before Barocca blew her cork. When she took on Barocca one on one, it's like she didn't even notice that her cock was inside of her ass."
"We've all had anal sex before," said Clyda. "And we can all absorb more cockmeat in either hole, because of our lifestyle, and thanks to Dee Dee's pills. But the way that Barocca fucked Jordan in the ass on Sunday would've put any other girl in the hospital."
"What exactly was in those pills that you gave Jordan, Dee Dee?" asked Tiffany.
"Nothing but the standard ingredients that I use in the other pills, Tiffany," replied Dee Dee. "But you've gotta remember. The first pill was made on an emergency basis, when my files were lost. The second pill was made the right way. But on the third pill, you had me put in all of the special requirements.
"What's more, Jordan's system has received a tremendous amount of these ingredients, in the two weeks that she's been here. That's probably more than other girls see in almost a year's worth of development of their cocks, and their bodies. It's entirely possible that so many chemicals so soon have had an unforeseen effect on her body. Without further data and testing, there's really no way to know for certain."
"On the other hand, Jordan could've been so fed up with Barocca," said Clyda, "that the adrenaline rush in her body might've enabled her to fight back the pain, and take anything that Barocca could dish out at her."
"Wonderful," muttered Tiffany. "Next you'll probably be telling me that Jordan will be turning green, and running around wanting to fuck anything that moves."
"Well, we already know that Jordan likes to fuck," said Dee Dee with a laugh. "I can safely assure you that she won't change skin colors on us. But there may well have been some type of reaction in her body so that she can absorb massive amounts of cockmeat in her holes, and not even react to it.
"Five of us ganging up on her in the Main Event like that would tax anyone's body to the limit. But Jordan may be able to handle one oversized, amazon cock in her pussy or her ass, like it's nothing."
"Well, for managing to survive the Main Event, she deserves that special gift," said Tiffany. "That might even come in handy for making some videos and photo sets down the road. Just make damn sure that when you give Jordan her cock, Dee Dee, that you put in the safeguards we spoke about, so that we can cut her off, if she gets out of line in the future."
"You got it Tiffany. I'll have that ready in a couple of days."
"Despite everything that's happened recently," said Tiffany, "I think we're all in agreement that we're not going to go back on our word, about making Jordan a shemale amazon. We all like her a great deal, and I think she'll be a real asset here in the future. We'll just take whatever steps are necessary to be certain we can control her from now on."

"Well, I hate to be the one to bring this up," said Clyda. "But there's one more piece of 'good news' that I think both of you need to know about."
"Good grief," grumbled Tiffany. "You mean there's more?"
"I'm afraid so, Tiffany. When Tami and I went to Dee Dee's lab to get the latest batch of pills and allot them to the girls, we made another discovery. We're down to less than one third of the amount that should've been there."
"How the hell did that happen?" exclaimed Dee Dee. "I just changed the entry code four days ago, because of all the shit that's been happening around here."
"Hey, if Barocca managed to get into your lab once," said Tiffany, "there's no reason she couldn't get in again, or pass on the entry code to her girls. Either Barocca pulled this off before she left; or it's possible some of her girls did this on the way out, when we were disorganized, and searching the Island for her."
"At this point, it doesn't matter how it happened," said Clyda. "We just have to accept that it has happened, and concentrate on how we're going to deal with it."
"We don't have to be rocket scientists to figure this one out," said Tiffany. "But Clyda's right. The damage has already been done. With the amount that's left on hand, how long do you figure that will last Dee Dee?"
"Under normal conditions, almost a month, Tiffany," replied Dee Dee. "However, we're going to need to be in peak form, for whatever conflict or challenge Barocca throws at us, and I was going to recommend upping the dosage, so we'd all be ready for anything."
"What really fucks things up," said Tiffany, "is that along with Barocca, we booted off two other girls who were senior amazons, that we counted on for their turns in the Milking Ritual. That process is so strenuous, we really can't f***e girls into 'double duty' without having them pay the price later on. They'll be so worn out, they won't be able to get it up later on."
"The other thing is that even with the amount of sperm we collect from the milkings," said Dee Dee, "the process isn't one hundred percent efficient. Refining it into the various pills takes its toll, just like getting gasoline from crude oil does.
"Even if we have the senior amazons repeat their milkings a day or two earlier than they normally would, it's gonna be rough to catch up. I'm afraid that unless we can come up with several other amazons that are ready to milk, and put them in the rotation, all we'll be able to do is tread water, Tiffany."
"Shit, what a fucking mess!" said Tiffany. "If I'd know this much crap was gonna happen, I would've let Ebony beat Barocca's brains in right after the Main Event."

Tiffany stared and Clyda and Dee Dee for a few moments, as her words sank in.
"Are the two of you thinking what I'm thinking?" said Tiffany as a grin spread over her features.
"Tiffany, you've already gone way out on a limb the way you've trusted Ebony so far," said Clyda. "Do you really think it's wise to tempt fate again?"
"Let's look at the facts, Clyda. Who does Ebony hate more than anybody else in the world right now? Barocca. You were with Ebony this afternoon, Dee Dee. What would you say Ebony's attitude is like, right now?"
"You've got to be k**ding, Tiffany," said Dee Dee. "Right now, Ebony would gladly fuck a bull elephant, or walk through fire to get her hands on Barocca nowadays. She almost had steam coming out of her ears when she saw the test results on her bl**d this afternoon."
"That's roughly how I thought she'd feel too," said Tiffany. "Maybe we can turn her anger into our advantage. When the time is right, in a few days, we'll ask Ebony how she'd feel about submitting to the Milking Ritual."
"You really do like working without a net, don't you?" asked Clyda.
"I hate to sound like a broken record, Clyda, but desperate times call for desperate acts. We all know that Ebony really cares for us, and is loyal to us now. We know for a fact that she hates Barocca's guts. If we present it to her in such a way, so that it can help her get back at Barocca, I think she'll go for it."
"Ebony's never done the Milking Ritual before, Tiffany," said Dee Dee. "I think she's only watched it a couple of times. She was so unpredictable after her growth spurt and her split personalities started showing, that we didn't trust things enough to put her through that."
"I'm inclined to agree with Tiffany, Dee Dee," said Clyda. "Ebony's a different person now that she's off the pills Barocca was giving her, as well as Barocca having vamoosed from the Island. And besides, we all saw what that cock of hers was capable of a few nights ago. Just think of what it could produce in the Milking Ritual."
"Holy shit..." Dee Dee mumbled as she closed her eyes and did some mental calculating. "You're right, Clyda. Ebony practically broke the bank, just having regular sex with the three of us. In a Milking session, with the right controls, the results from her cock could be absolutely unbelievable."
"All right then. I'll wait until the time is right, but we'll definitely pop the question to Ebony," said Tiffany. "Dee Dee, I know we don't have an answer yet from Ebony, but I'm betting she'll say yes. You've got my authority to pull a couple of girls into your lab, so that you can get her fitted up with the plastic sleeves and other pieces that we all use. Lord knows, anything that we would normally use, won't have a chance of fitting Ebony's behemoth."
"I thought that monster of Ebony's was going to spray paint Tiffany's room when it went off," said Clyda. "How much do you figure she can produce during a Milking session?"
"It's hard to say for sure," said Dee Dee. "Just judging by her larger body, cock and nuts, we know Ebony's got more firepower than any of us. But when we pump her up for an hour, before letting her shoot off, the results are gonna be explosive to say the least. I wouldn't be surprised if she could put out almost twice as much as any of us.
"If Ebony produces what I think she's capable of, and I'm estimating in my head on the low side right now mind you; and if we could get some extra sessions out of some of the senior amazons, then I think we'll either be completely caught up, or maybe even be a little ahead of schedule, in a month from now."
"I want you to err on the side of caution Dee Dee," said Tiffany. "Whatever it takes, be sure you've got the proper equipment set up for Ebony. I've also been doing some thinking about how we can further use this string of events to our advantage too."
"Here she goes again," said Clyda. "What sort of scheme have you got in mind this time Tiffany?"

"Right about now, Barocca thinks she may have us up against a wall. She thinks we're cowed because of her threat to us with the exposé she's written. Barocca also thinks that we're 'running on empty' because of the drop in the supply of our pills and vitamins. She certainly hasn't accounted for the fact that we could use Ebony in the Milking Ritual to get back up to speed.
"Because of all these things, Barocca definitely won't expect us to be in top form, and we want her to go on thinking like that, and possibly become over-confident. So when she shows up on Sunday to hash things out about the contest, everybody is to play it cool, and not let on that we're not as bad off as Barocca thinks. If things go the way I think they might, we'll be the ones in the better position, and Barocca will be in for one hell of a surprise, once the contest rolls around."

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