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Masturbating beside my husbands friend

Good sex should never be executed silently, and I was putting my heart, soul and mouth into this fuck.

The main impetus for this noisy encounter with my exhausted husband, was lying in the room next door, with his bed lying alongside the very wall my bed lay alongside, he could with ease, hear the very sheets rustle, as I tossed and turned, I knew he was horny for me, so fucking my husband would both excite him and tease him to distraction, especially as I moaned and mouthed my sexual desires at the height of my passion, something all men would like to experience, watching and listening to a woman at the height of her orgasm, only tonight, he could listen, but his mind would have fill in the rest.

As is the case, my husband, true to form, fell into a sex induced slumber, and I lay sweating, listening though the thin wall as his friend jacked-off to our endeavours, my husbands gentle snoring patterns, making him aware of our aloneness together, my occasional coughing alerting him to my close proximity and listening to the noises emanating from his bed, his masturbating noisy enough, possibly for my attention, now he knew there was more to my sugar and spice daily facade, my fucking made him aware there was more to me, when a fat cock was reaming my holes.

He was stroking hard, his breathing laboured, 'John', I whispered through the thin plaster partition, all went silent, then he murmured, a near silent, 'What Mariel'?
My heart pounded so hard, I swore he could hear it, I was stopping John having a wank after my endeavours and was about to let him know I was listening.

'I can hear you', I whispered back, after a short while listening to my husbands snoring, just to ensure we were alone in our conversation.

He remained silent and I smiled, I wanted him to know I was listening, it was a belittling experience to be caught, especially by a woman you desperately wanted to fuck, she had just had the real thing and willingly shared it with him, now he was caught giving himself a wank, a poor and second substitute for any one of my willing holes.

'Night John', I whispered through the thin wall, sighing hard with my lips pressed against the plaster, I knew the sound of my breathing next to him, would make it seem as if we were lying next to each other, I could feel his urgency in my loins, I was still very wet from my own exploits, perhaps I should allow him access to me, a few moments, a few in-out strokes, and he would explode, again I smiled, I had such power at moments like these.

'Sorry Mariel', he quietly whispered back, then like a bolt out of the blue, he added, 'I was just thinking about you'. My heart fluttered, he was admitting to wanking off to me, that had an unexpected effect on me, his admission, or confession, whoever you looked at it, he made it clear he wanted me, and I turned and pressed my nude body hard against the wall, and slipped my fingers between my legs, moaned gently and started to masturbate with him.

'You doing it Mariel'? I waited a minute and moaned I was, then he began again and together we encouraged each other, in the silence and darkness of our bedrooms, no words were spoken, the noises emanating from our impassioned loins, were enough for us to cum almost simultaneously.

I awoke the next morning, to find my husband was already up and about, and a cup of coffee was on my dressing table.
He came into the room and told me he was heading out to town to buy the papers and pick additional breakfast items.
I was glad he was, I was thinking about John in the next room, 'Is John awake'?

He shrugged his shoulders in a manner that he did not know, 'Let him sl**p longer', he replied, as he made his way out of the room and the front door closed behind him.
I jumped from my bed and peered through the curtains, to see him drive off, into the strong early morning sunlight.
I was nude and felt in the mood, which meant I did not need to feel between my legs to know I was wet in up for some fun.

I came out of my bedroom and walked down to the kitchen, noting John's bed was empty, and continued into the kitchen where John was just sitting down at the breakfast stacked table.

John looked up, his jaw fell open as I walked naked into the kitchen, 'Lets fuck', I said, I was really on my edge, each step towards him, had little spurts of warm fluid run from me, I was squirting drop by drop, and it ran down my inner thigh, my need and urgency for a fuck from John, was well beyond the point of no return, and I sat on the edge of the carefully set table by my husband, if only he could see what was about to happen.

I pushed back and lifted both my legs high and open. John towered over me, standing between my open legs, studying my open cunt and pink to brown puckered anus, 'You choose, just hurry and stick it in'.

Moments later we coupled, connected by John's long cock, we were as one person, humping hard and sending crockery and cutlery to the floor.
My legs were over his shoulder and his cock was deep in my ass, so I rubbed and inserted my fingers into my pussy, just having John inside me, thrilled me, so my Orgasm came in double quick time, followed by John, who simply dumped his load in my bum.

I jumped from the table and raced into the bathroom, shouting over my shoulder for John to rearrange the breakfast table and tidy up.

I was in the shower when my husband returned, I was masturbating again and reached another climax, with John In my dream and doing the fucking, this time in front of his assembled friends, just to show them I was now John's fuck toy, the table had turned 180, and now I existed for his pleasure.

I took my place at the breakfast table and studied both my husband and John, I had pleasured both their cocks in my own way, had multiple orgasms with cocks inside me, and suddenly realized just how easy it was to fuck other men, and still remain respectable, 'You know what I would like to do', both men stopped and looked at me, 'Stay at John's place for a long weekend'.

They looked at each other, my husband raised his eyebrows, and gave a nodded consent, I looked at John for his approval, knowing he would jump at the opportunity to have me alone for three to four days, he nodded his consent.

later when we were alone I told John what I did in the shower after our fuck on the kitchen table, 'That's why I am coming to stay with you, I want to meet and fuck your friends'.

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