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My Son brings me another Part 6

We found another f****y.

This time my heart didn't miss a beat as the bus pulled into it's space in the school ground, right next to the pickup. I didn't have a problem seeing the Sergeant standing with the principle. And as I walked over I realized I had assumed something. When he had said 'one of my girls went and got pregnant' I had assumed she was Army. The girl standing so proud beside him was obviously his daughter and if she was a day over eighteen I was an old maid. So, what was the principle's part in all this? The surprises just kept coming.

All we needed was proof of insurance and the job at school was ours. She smiled at me and went back to her office.

The Sergeant winked at me. "This here's Paige, done got herself knocked up but will still be able to work for a while. Had a long talk with Beth and granddad and think things'll work out real good... that lady sure has some nice cupcakes... good to hear from another source as well."

I had an idea he was not the 'redneck' he pretended to be and wanted to find out who had spoken about us in the first place. If he could play with words so could I. English was my major after all.

"Beth told me you had a silver tongue... and knew how to use it, so tell me, who was it that started these, good words?"

"Had to do my time on the range and who should I run into other than the wife of a old friend. Jake and I spent some time together in Germany years back, Naomi and my late wife sure could show a guy a good time. Party girls if you know what I mean, private party type. Well, we got talking, actually Naomi got talking. Told me it was just like old times but instead of Jake it was her son. Lady after my own heart, if you know what I mean."

I was trying to sort out what he was really saying when Paige interrupted.

"Cut the bullshit Daddy, you were never a hillbilly and Diane can see that and if she and Jane compare notes you're up shit creek. If you ever get round to asking Jane to marry you that is. Diane, Jane and I have shared Dad for a while now and it was my idea I get pregnant, she can't but wanted a baby with Daddy. That's where I came in. I'm carrying Daddy's c***d... for all of us."

The bit about being pregnant by her father didn't shock me, I had thought about it myself. The bit about Jane.... that was a whole new story. I had no fucking idea Jane was like that. Then I did have an idea... a wild idea. Oh yeah, this could be fun. It was stretching the truth, just a little. I didn't think Nicky and Rosie would want to act out our idea tonight. Why not?

"Well, Naomi and James are coming over for a BBQ tonight with Jorden and I, why don't you and your Dad join us. I can ask Jane later. I sure we can find something in common to.... talk about. I know Jorden would like the comments of a more experienced man and Naomi still does like to party, in fact she has taken it to a new level. If you know what I mean."

The first had been directed at Paige, the last was aimed at the Sergeant and by the grin he got it. So did Paige. "Always wanted a younger b*****r.... or two."
Now I grinned, "Six o'clock okay? And you don't have to dress.... it's only a bbq with close friends after all but come hungry, I'm sure there will be lots to eat...."

This time I nearly skipped up the steps, no, I was a teacher after all. At the top I heard a sound and turned around. The Sergeant was doubled over laughing. I smiled and went hunting Jane. My pussy was starting to leak. OMG. No panties. This was going to be a hard day, if you know what I mean.

It was lunch time and Jane and I were on yard duty again. I had thought about different ways to approach Jane but decided straight to the point was best. Turned out I was right. After telling Jane about my talk with Paige, well some of it, and the invitation, I got a bombshell. A couple of them.

Jane was watching the c***dren while talking to me but I could see her blush. "Did Paige tell you everything? How Dan and I are cousins? His late wife was also my older s****r."

"No, we didn't talk about everything, Paige was very discreet." A little white lie never hurt anyone.

"Bullshit.... anyway, you're going to learn the truth..... Dan and I have been fucking for years.... at least when he was in the country...and with my s****r. Paige has been like a daughter to me even when Dan was fucking her right next to me..... god I love that girl and when, you know about the c***d? Anyway it just felt so right. Are you fucking Jorden?"

I didn't even think. "Yes, I think I love him as much as you love Paige. Just this morning he had me crying as we fucked, you should have heard him telling me 'It's you and me against the world Mom, cock and pussy against the world'."

"He's a good boy Diane.... are we doing wrong?"

"No fucking way.... and there are others just like us. Naomi is fucking James and...."

"How many?"

"It might scare you if I told you."

"I don't think so. Mom and Dad are b*****r and s****r, I...I come from one big fucked up f****y."

"I don't like to hear things like that.... can I take a wild guess and say I think you come from a very loving open f****y."

Jane laughed, a happy laugh and turned to me. "Oh yes, all the women have open legs and all the men have very loving hard cocks..... Diane, how did you get so smart?"

"I wouldn't say that about me. Just this morning I was thinking about how to get my father to fuck me while Jorden fucked Mom..... in the shower no less. I just know I love my son's cock.... and sex," I paused, "Even sex with young girls."
This time Jane turned fully towards me and smiled, she was going to say something but stopped. Her eyes lowered. "Oh my god Diane, you're going 'commando'..... at school...."

I smiled as I stood and brushed down my skirt, my hand pushed against my crotch. "You should try it. I know six students at least without underwear. It's fun. See you tonight. By the way, there will be a test. You have to figure out who they are."

We had found out that cell phones weren't allowed on the range but I could ring on the land line. Naomi giggled when I filled her in on tonight's activates then she told me of some of the parties she and Jake had attended with Dan and his wife. No wonder she enjoyed our parties. I also got in touch with Nicky, she and Debbie were eating with Rosie and Mary and Susey had finished her night shift. She wanted a quiet night with Toby before joining the group again. She did say Toby may not be able to go to school tomorrow. I wished her luck.

Beth and granddad were planning a quiet night with Amy although I wondered at that. Granddad was going to fuck Amy now that she had experienced some younger cocks. Shit, she had fucked all the boys and I do mean she fucked them. Didn't matter who's cock, she was on top. Especially James.... Damn. I had forgotten Ms yellow bikini. Could the boys fit her in while I got dinner ready? Just how greedy was she? Would she agree to one fuck if they all hit on her at the same time. That'll work I thought as I rang her.

I had all the women who had emailed me on speed dial. After two minutes of talking with her I seriously thought of telling her to rent a pony. That woman was going to die if she tried what she told me she wanted. She did settle for a threeway fuck if she could suck James.... and all in the kitchen, with me. I tried to remember if the batteries for the camera were charged. She might calm down a bit if she had some memento's of her fuck feast. Then again, it might make things worse and I did want to keep some sort of control. Especially if there were photos involved. We were not going to end up on a porn site. I had decided that was not going to happen!

The bus ride changed once again. Paige turned up at the end of the day to pick up James. Because of Ms yellow bikini and our last minute change of plans and Nicky getting a ride with Rosie I asked if she could drop off Debbie and Mary then swing by and pick up Naomi and Jane. She laughed and told me Jane was already living with her and Dan. I didn't know.

So there was me sitting beside Amy, Jorden and James across from us with Toby a seat behind. Sure enough, Betty Sue slid in with Toby. That girl was coming out of her shell and again I thought about my camera. The smile on her face as Toby reached and held her hand. That was a shot in a million. I rethought my idea about Ms yellow bikini, what if they were close ups? No face. That would work. As long as it couldn't be 'Photoshopped' it might keep her balanced a little longer. It wouldn't do any harm to try and I would have to get real close.

When we got to our stop I gave Amy's leg a squeeze and whispered. "Give granddad a kiss from me... on his cock. Have fun."

Oh god, Ms yellow bikini was waiting in her car in front of the house. In her yellow bikini. Jorden Toby and James walked to her car as she opened the door. I could see her bottom did not cover her crotch, it was pulled to one side and her top.... nice boobs spilled free.
Jorden was the perfect gentleman, her pulled her top down and then fussed about getting it straight. Toby was also trying to be a gentleman. He was pulling and pushing the bottom half trying to get it to cover her lips. James blew me away. Because he was holding the door nobody in the street could see. I could. He unzipped his shorts and rearranged his cock. After giving her a good look.

I had warned them before and now it was funny. Toby was trying to push the crotch of her bottom between her lips while Jorden seemed to be trying to pull her nipples through her top. She was loving all the attention but. I had to get her inside before someone did cotton on to what was going on. Toby and Jorden stepped back and let James help her out of the car. They struck again, pulling the sides of her bottoms up. Talk about a wedgie. I thought they were trying to split her in two. She loved it.

I was thinking of something to say as she walked past me. James in front with Jorden and Toby close either side. When I saw they were still holding the bottom side strings and no back string I forgot about it and followed. All you could see from the back was ass cheeks.

As soon as I had closed the door things changed. James turned and in one quick movement had her top off. Jorden and Toby dropped her bottom. I expected them to lead her into the kitchen, I didn't expect what happened next. James stood on tiptoes and pursed his lips for a kiss. Ms Gorden fell for it and bent forward. Sucker play.

James held her head and pulled, about the same time as Jorden and Toby picked her up. They each held a breast and had their other hand between her thighs. Ms Gorden was parallel to the floor with her legs held open, her wet pussy staring me in the face.

Jorden nodded and I pushed two fingers fully home. At least that got a squeal. Why the hell not? I buried my thumb in her ass. This time it was a moan. Away we went, James leading the way, Ms Gorden holding his hips and my fingers trying to touch my thumb. She was so wet she was leaving a snail trail on the floor. In the kitchen our little procession stopped and I dragged my hand free. This time James lifted her head as Jorden and Toby set her the right way up. Sort of. As soon as her feet touched the ground her legs bent until her face was level with James cock.

She wasn't wasting any more time. She inhaled his cock, completely. Toby also dropped to the floor on his back and Jorden helped him slide between her open legs. As soon as Jorden saw Toby was lined up he smacked her bum, hard. Down she went and in he went. It was perfect and now It was Jorden's turn. On his knees behind her he lined up his cock with her ass. Without touching her to give her warning he guided his cock home. All the way.

I couldn't fucking believe it. She had three holes filled and not a word had been said. And the boys hadn't finished. As one they locked Ms Gorden up. She couldn't move and they didn't move. I thought this was some sort of torture and smiled. I needed to get dinner ready so I left them there to wash up and change.

I remembered how shocked Jane had been when she saw I wasn't wearing panties at school. This was going to be fun. I dug out my short tennis skirt, put it on and.... I was dressed.

Back in the kitchen things had changed, well. Toby was standing behind Ms Gorden, James was underneath and she had a mouthful of my son's cock. Other than that they weren't moving. I got the chicken and steak out and started the marinade. A minute later I heard a snap and looked over. The boys were changing the guard. Toby pulled back and helped James stand. I watched his cock disappear and Toby walk around to stand beside Jorden. Out with one cock, in with the other. Jorden grinned at me as he slide between her legs and pulled her hips down, the last cock disappeared. Still nobody said anything.

I turned the steak and had a wicked thought. There was chilli in the marinade. We had all tried and enjoyed the alcohol douche, would nipples act the same way? I picked up a piece of steak, added some more chilli and slapped her nipple with it. Shit, nothing happened. I put the steak back, marked it for Dan and carried on with the salad. I think I was subconsciously waiting for the next snap when the chilly started working.

At first it was a moan that became a cry as Toby eased the pressure on her head, as his cock popped out of her mouth she was sobbing. I ran some cold water over a cloth to wipe off the chilli when I made sense of what Ms Gorden was trying to say.

"Swap with James, please fuck me it's so hot, ohhhhh fuck me, give me James to suck. Hurry, I'm so ready, FUCK ME.....

That was cut off as James was back in front of her, his cock in her mouth. Jorden and Toby also started moving. Jorden in, Toby out, faster and faster until Jorden stopped. He was balanced on his head and feet. His body a perfect bow as Toby fucked the shit out of her. Even James was moving, fucking her mouth. I saw Jorden arch even further causing Toby onto his toes then. They all held still.

I couldn't see it but I was so close, just about involved with their climax... I squeezed my legs together actually feeling them squirt, feeling my pussy fill with cum, I could even taste it on my tongue. What an incredible sensation.... then I felt the burning on my nipple and looked down. Shit. I had chilli on my finger, the same one that was pinching my nipple.

I grabbed the cloth not knowing who to wipe first, myself or Ms Gorden. As Jorden relaxed under her I wiped her breast, then mine. It was hot and burning. As he slid past me I gave his cock a quick kiss and asked him to get an ice cube, two. I was never going to do that again.... or was I? I remembered the dumpling in sweet chilly sauce, how nice it felt when granddad sucked it out.....

I was brought back with a bearhug and kisses. "OH my god Diane, that had to be the best fuck in my life. They way the boys treated me, my body was already on fire then, what did you do? And James, I just knew he would have sweet tasting cum. Oh god, when can we do that again?"

Thank god for ice cubes. It wasn't just one either. Jorden and Toby smiled as they rubbed our breasts with handfuls as James held a bowl full, ready for them. I smiled at Ms Gorden, Julie. "How about next year? The boys may have recovered by then."

"No way Diane. I've wasted to much time already, how about tomorrow?"
It was Jorden, my lovely son and in such as sweet way. He kissed Julie softly and smiled that sexy smile. "Toby's the only one you haven't sucked yet but his mother's been working nights and she misses him. She'll suck him dry for the rest of the week so you'll have to wait."

Then it was back to the bearhug and kisses until. "Well, if Diane's anything like Beth, you wouldn't mind if I keep her busy Jorden?"

This time it was James. If I didn't know better I would've sworn he was going to cry. "But it's my turn. Tomorrow Diane's my mommy."

Julie laughed and hugged him. "I wouldn't think of any such thing like taking your mommy away from you and thank you, you taste so sweet. When would you like me to be your mommy? I want to feel your big cock in my pussy next time, I want to feel my son shoot his cum in my pussy."

James looked so serious as he held up his fingers. "Well, there's Diane tomorrow... then Nicky... then Beth, Amy, then it's my real mommy, then Susey, Mary. I guess then it could be you again."

Julie and I were both laughing. James hadn't smiled as he folded a finger for each name. He did smile as Julie pulled him into her breasts. Now she had his attention.

"I guess I need to take a number and stand in line."

"There are other ways." I hinted. We had all agreed that to become a full member of the 'Horny Mother's Club' we would all have to agree. What now? Have two separate clubs. Where were the 'fuck buddies' going to fit in? The ladies who wanted the lawns done by young boys, along with whatever else. It would have to wait. I had more guests arriving shortly. I did think we could finish on a high. "How about the boy's give you a shower to finish off."

This time it was a real lovers kiss as she hugged me. I could feel our hearts beating together. Damn. If life wasn't complicated enough. I patted her bum as Jorden led her out. She stopped for a moment and pulled him to her breast. The one I had coated. Fair enough. I gave Toby a kiss and thanked him before he got dressed and headed home. He was going to be busy tonight as well. James snuck up behind me and gave me a hug.

"Was I okay? I mean I've never fucked mommy's mouth like that...."

The little boy was back. I pulled him into my breast. "Of course you were. You have to understand that sometimes we like it like that, other times we want it nice and slow. Just remember, never use f***e. Somebody like Julie who's been without sex for a long time can go a little overboard so start off slow then she'll tell you. You, all of you did real good today. I'm very proud of you. Now, do you need some oysters? You may need a hard cock again tonight. Why don't you go help Julie get dressed, and smack her butt if she starts playing with your cocks."

Julie came down five minutes later with one of my old T shirts over her bikini. Well, that's what I thought. Jorden squeezed past her and gave her her bikini. James was behind her and lifted the T shirt. Julie was naked underneath. "Girl, you stand side on to a street lamp and you're going to get arrested."

"Well, look at you."

I didn't have to look. I knew my ass was on display, even standing up straight. "I'm alright, I'm in my own home and anyway, I'm expecting guests for dinner."

"You look good enough to eat but I won't crash your party and thank you, thank you and your son's. All of them. They've given me a reason to get up and do something with my life again."

I thought this was getting a bit heavy, so I grabbed a bowl and f***ed it between her legs. "Did the boys clean you out or do you have a bit of young cum left in there? I need some for the dressing." I don't know if she thought I was k**ding or not, but she didn't push the bowl away, then she did squat but nothing came out. I smiled and kissed her as she stood. She in turn kissed my breast. I thought there was more and got in first. "Greedy, want to keep it all to yourself. I'll just have to find another source. Now off with you. See you next week."

One last kiss, one last thank you and I watched her walk to the door, she stopped.... and mooned me. I was looking for something to throw at her when the door closed. I needed to careful around Julie I thought to myself and headed back to the kitchen. It was nearly five and I still had work to do.

Jorden was working the mandoline making carrot sticks and James was peeling a cucumber.. I had to blink, remind myself Nathen had gone. I remembered another night when we were younger and expecting guests. It was the same scene but, Nathen was cutting the carrots and Jorden was peeling. I blinked again and swallowed. Jorden was growing up and he was going to be the spitting image of his Dad. The Son I loved was never going to replace the Man I had loved but. I went to the pantry, got another bottle of wine and put it in the fridge.

All was ready and by the sounds of it the boys were have fun in the shower. What the hell, I opened the wine and poured myself a drink. Sipping it slowly I looked out the kitchen window, not really looking at anything and let my mind drift.. now it was a mirror.... the bathroom mirror and I could see myself... and my Dad. He was standing behind me with his hard cock between my legs. We were waiting, waiting and watching. Watching Jorden fuck Mom in the shower and it was our turn next..... FUCK!

Jorden had smacked my bare ass.

"You okay mom? you were miles away. I asked if this was okay?"

I looked again, this time my eyes were focused. And laughed. Jorden looked.... shit, half boy half man. He had clean white shorts and a bow tie, the kind that the bow is attached to a cord. His white shorts showed off his tanned skin. Okay, hell yes. I was thinking Paige was in for a treat when James walked in. I swallowed again. He had a pair of my boy shorts on.
I had told Jane Jorden and I were lovers, even mentioned Naomi and James, I wondered if she had told Paige.... to late, they were here.

Naomi of course just walked in followed by Dan and Jane. Paige was last and bumped into Jane. Dan and Jane had come to a dead stop when they saw us. Naomi carried on like nothing had happened and got the bottle of wine.

"Had a shit of a day. Some of those boys should only be allowed the 'gun' in their pants, even then.... Hi son, looking good. You too Jorden. Want to pour us a drink and could you get a beer for Dan. Make sure it's a cold one, he seemed hot and bothered coming over."

I was already relaxed and wanted the others to relax as well. I pulled Naomi into my arms as she handed the bottle to Jorden and kissed her.

Paige was the first to react. After James had offered her a plate of chips she leaned over the plate and kissed him. "You going to be my little b*****r or s****r?"

Jane burst out laughing and Dan joined her. "Oh my god Diane, what have I got my f****y into. Going commando in a school full of horny k**s, topless at a dinner party.... you do have panties on under that pretty belt...

James was on his way past me and lifted the front of my skirt.

... no. Didn't think so. Were can we put our clothes?"

Paige hadn't bothered. She was already naked. Her dress was on the floor... about the same as Jorden's chin as she wrapped her arms about him. "I hear we're going to be 'kissing cousins', you're too cute to be my b*****r."

As Naomi was kissing Dan I walked over to Jane and hugged her. "Hi s*s, welcome to my home, our house, our f****y. Lets get you naked." My hand on her breast.

Dan and Jorden did keep their pants on, they were cooking outside. Well, Dan was cooking and Jorden was going back and forward with food, plates and of course a beer or two. I didn't mind, we were going through the wine. And talking, laughing. James was naked and carrying plates of nibbles and dip. He even had a game of his own going. We got a something to eat straight from the plate but the dip was from his cock. Paige seemed to have a good appetite. She was eating for two.

Naomi was telling us of some of the good times they had together in Germany until Dan came in with the food. This time we all ate the normal way. From plates.

After dinner I urged them into the lounge while I cleaned up the kitchen even though Jorden wanted to help. It didn't take long, I grabbed another bottle of wine and a couple of beers.

In the door way I stopped. OMG. Dan was on his back on the floor with Naomi kneeling above his face. Jane and James were sitting on the couch while Jorden and Paige were kneeling in front of them. Nobody was going anything. They were looking at me.
There's a cock here with your name on it Diane." Naomi smiled and pointed at Dan's cock. "Best get a move on or I might get greedy."

As soon as I moved so did everybody else. I watched as Dan pulled Naomi down, Jane pulled Jorden into her crotch and Paige lowered her head and swallowed James cock. My knees buckled and I sat on Dan's cock.

Beth was right, Dan did have a small cock but. I loved it. Somebody had organized this so I could see everybody. Naomi was sucking my nipple and over her head I could see Paige was a very talented cock sucker. She had James fully buried in her mouth as she played with his balls. He winked at me and I smiled back. He wasn't moving, he was waiting. As for Jorden, I couldn't see what he was doing to Jane but I knew, if it was the same tongue lashing he gave me she would be enjoying it.

It was a little strange seeing Jane naked and being pleasured this way. We had been teachers at the same school for nearly two years and I had not known how sexy she was. Nor had I realized how beautifully formed she was. Her breasts were perfect, tight, no sag. Quite large nipples that just begged to be sucked. I thought about telling James.... no. That could come later. And Dan, he stayed still as I rode his cock. Per-fucking-fection.

When Naomi bit my nipple I remembered what Beth had said about his tongue. I put that on my 'to do' list. I also remembered Naomi like her nipples squeezed and did so. Thank god she had a mouth full. It was Jane the started the roller coaster first.

I watched as she closed her eyes, head back and squeezed her breasts. It was the way she squeezed them. There was a nipple between her middle fingers of both hands and they looked like little rockets about to take off. The action next door took my eyes there. James was bucking his hip, driving his cock into Paige's mouth. WTF, then I realized I couldn't see her right hand. Just as I figured out what she was up to Naomi nearly knocked me off Dan's cock.

She was cumming and about to scream. I grabbed her head and held it against my breast. Partly to hang on and partly to keep her quiet. It worked for all three of us. My own climax had been building as I watched and when Naomi bit a little harder, on the same nipple I had burnt earlier and Dan pushed up it hit.

Damn it hit like a train. My pussy clamped Dan's cock as I squeezed my thighs and enjoyed it. Over on the couch the train was coming into the station for all of them. James squeaked, Jane squealed. Paige and Jorden couldn't say anything but they were busy. Both Jane and James had their asses in the air.

James was trying to get more of his cock into Paige's mouth and Jorden had lifted Jane so he could get more of her pussy... or was it her ass into his mouth... and finally I felt Dan cum. It wasn't much but it was enough. Once again I felt that warm wet feeling of cum being pushed into my cunt.

Naomi, Jane and I watched, happy and satisfied as Jorden laid Paige on her back and very gently entered her pussy. The smile on her face as their hips touched nearly made me cry.
And when Jane touched her lips to my wet pussy. I did. They were happy tears though. With Naomi on one side and James on the other, both holding me and kissing me, I don't remember being so happy. No, there was Nathen, Jorden... fuck it, the whole of the Horny Mother's club. It must be the wine.

I knew it was the wine when a picture formed in my mind, a picture of Dad and me fucking. That's what is was going to be, down and dirty, hard and fast. A Father and Daughter fucking. Sorry Jorden, you're not in this fantasy.

I'm sure Jane got the benefit of my fantasy as another climax made my legs shake. She did have a busy tongue, so did James. He and Jorden had swapped only James had his tongue in her pussy. Paige was purring. Jane was also making noises between my legs. Dan had his head between her legs. Was his magic tongue still working?

Finally Jane sat back, satisfied. So was I, nearly. I slid of the couch, knelt on the floor and kissed her. There were a mixture of tastes, a cocktail so to speak. Mainly mine but, as her tongue probed I could feel the texture of Dan's cum. We kissed some more. Then it was a three way kiss. Paige had joined us.

I thought back to the school yard, Jane's words, 'I loved her, even when Dan was fucking her right next to me'. And thought about Rosie and Mary. This was the type of relationship Mary should have. A loving one. I hoped Nicky could convince Rosie our plan would work. A tap on my shoulder brought me back.

"I couldn't reach your ass this time mom, you sure you're okay? It's the second time tonight you've been away with the fairies. Coffee time."

Once again I knew why I loved my son so much. But. "It was Paige's kissing, maybe the 'kissing cousins' should practice some."

"You be careful Jorden, she's a man eater. Just look at her."

I looked around. I really had been away. Naomi was sitting on Dan's lap. Smiling. If the angle was right.... James was on his back and Paige was riding his cock. Jorden had a tray of coffee mugs and was looking. Jane was still beside me. I smiled. "I want to return the pleasure and if you want to help Jorden while I'm busy..."

School was never going to be the same. Jane laid back, lifting her knees until her heels hit her bum. Opening her lips she smiled. "Keep your ass in the air, I feel like sharing his cock with you. Just this once mind you. The next time I want all of it. His cock is mine."

Off we went again. Jane did share. It was a neat feeling, Jorden slid into my pussy as I sucked her clit. I had made it a game, when she was sucking his cock I poked my tongue as far as I could in her hole and when he was fucking me I sucked her clit. Jane and I were back on the roller coaster, up to a climax then slide down only to face another climb. It was after the third that I noticed the difference. I knew that cock and it wasn't Jorden's. James was fucking me. Back up the hill.

My whole body was shaking, so was Jane's, this was it. An orgasm started and didn't want to stop as I felt Dan's cock enter my ass. Jane screamed and her legs clamped my head. WTF.

Dan lowered my hips as Jane released my head. I looked up as she looked down. OMG. James and Jorden were kneeling either side of her head, their cocks in their hands. Jane's face was covered in cum but she was smiling. I only got a quick look before Paige blocked my view, madly licking any stray drops of the white sticky stuff.

Dan helped me to sit on the couch then wrapped his strong arms around me. "God Damn Diane, thank god I took my pill today. Jesus, don't you people ever stop? I've never seen Jane go so long before.... it took all us men to keep up with you two."

Naomi was between his legs cleaning his cock and smiled. "I think I want to try that some time. Can't think of a time like that with us can you Dan?"

"I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have reached this age if we had. What's that saying about teaching old dogs? You can try one of my blue pills if you want."

Naomi smiled at me as she moved between my legs. "We don't have to get it up, all we have to do is outlast them."

From the floor Paige looked up. Her cleaning job finished. "And you have done it before. Remember that f****y gathering a couple of years ago. How many did you fuck?"

I really did like the dynamics of this f****y. Dan looked like a whipped dog. A pussy whipped dog. "Yeah... but I was younger then... in my prime so to speak. All you girls got me horny." The redneck was back.

Paige even had a comeback for that. "You might be over your prime but you're still a man and Jane and I are happy with that." She said patting her stomach.

I think that went over James head. Jorden got and looked at me. I winked back. We hadn't talked about it and I hadn't told him I had stopped taking my pill a couple of months ago. It did take a while for the body to get it out of the system. Like I said, I didn't know I was pregnant. I also didn't know Susey had stopped taking her's or that she was pregnant.

Speak of the devil. Susey popped her head around the door and smiled at the sight. "Just wanted to say goodnight and, you might want to keep the noise down.... just a little. By the way, Toby will be 'sick' tomorrow." with a chuckle she disappeared.

Jane was sitting up with Jorden and James each sucking a breast."What was that all about?"

I looked at my cold coffee. "It'll take a minute, how about I nuke these?" I tried to stand and fell back. "You as bad as me?" I asked Jane.

"Yes, why do you think I'm still down here?"

I smiled and tried again. Dan's hand on my ass helped. "Don't even think about it."
Things had changed when I got back. Dan had his arm around Jane, his hand on her breast. James looked like he was asl**p, his head on Naomi's breast and a nipple in his mouth. The 'kissing cousins' were practising on the floor so I put their coffee on the table and told my story.

By the end Paige and Jane were staring at me like I had grown another head. It was Jane who was the first to speak. "All of them? You told me there were six without underwear.... Mary and Debbie are boy's. You've got to be shitting me.... what about the rest.... these other woman?"

Dan broke his silence. "Damn Diane. Even I didn't know about them extras.... what the fuck have I dumped on you?"

"Not your fault Dan, I don't think Ms Gorden was even on your list. It was the boys and what they could do..... and for some of them.... I do mean boys. Some of those mothers want them young. If you know what I mean. You should have seen them at the pool."

"Shit... let me think." This was what the Army was all about. Tell the Sergeant the problem and he got it fixed. It happened here as well. "Paige, you're the cut out. Diane, can you print a list of all them horny woman and give it to Paige. Honey, I want you to put on your best young dress and go visit all of them. Tell them Diane is trying to find a way to keep them all happy, drop some hints, you know how to do it. Get them drooling but don't make any promises. I think we need some more facts before we promise them the Garden of Eden but there are lawns to mow, work to do and granddad, Beths father can help. Lets get a better handle on this before the shit hits the fan and, lets do this tomorrow. I think James is asl**p and I know I need my beauty sl**p. Diane, from my f****y to yours, thanks a bunch. Ummm, when can we do this again?"

"Daddy, get in the fucking truck." But Paige was smiling. "I've just got to say goodbye to my cousin, the proper way."

"Um Dan." This time it was Jane. "Some clothes first. We aren't on the farm you know."

It did look funny, his cock swinging as he looked around. "Shit, were did they all go?"

Jorden came back, arms loaded with clothes. Jane held up my tennis skirt. "Why do I have a feeling you're going to find some way of wearing this to school?"

I kissed her and she kissed me back. "In your dreams girl, this is for special occasions. Invited guests only. Want to see it again?" I crossed my fingers.

Jane and I were in our private world, stroking each others breasts. "Soon, real soon." and with that promise they left. So did Naomi and James. Dan was going to drop them off. Suddenly the house was quiet, too quiet. I looked at Jorden. No, we didn't have to talk. Not now.

"Ready for bed mom?" and held out his hand. Yes, I really did love my son. My lover. Why not my husband?
We didn't make love that night, we didn't need to. We were both satisfied. Jorden held me close as we both fell asl**p, his cock nestled between my legs. OMG, we were a married couple. If I was honest with myself, I would have told him the truth. I dreamed of Dad fucking me while I sucked Jane's pussy that night. The next morning it was like we had gone back to that first morning. The morning he told me about Toby, how Susey was sucking her son's cock.

"Paige is kinda cute, but Jane." Once again my son had his cock rubbing my lips. The other lips.

"So, who do you want? A sexy kissing cousin or a fucking hot Aunty. She wants you to fuck her. One on one."

"Shit mom, can I be greedy. Can I have them both do you think? Just like Beth and Amy."

And just like that first morning I needed fucking. My son fucking me. "Get your cock in my cunt son, Jane and Paige can wait." Just as the head of his cock entered me I had another thought. A naughty thought. "And find some way to flash Jane at school, tell her you have a bad case of blue balls and she caused it. Fuck me son, please fuck the hell out'a me."

He did but. The Bus didn't help. Amy was playing with my cunt when I told her the wet thing in my pussy was my son's cum, she just smiled and licked the finger that had been in my cunt. "So good mommy." I looked back. It wasn't supposed to happen but. Betty Sue was sitting on Toby's lap. Her open legs showed me she had no panties on. What the fuck had I started. The mouse roared. Her hand snaked up his pants leg. Toby smiled and held up five fingers and I thought it was Susey that was 'sick'. I hoped his fly was still zipped up.

So did I, smile I mean. Amy had two fingers in my cunt. Damn, where was Jane.

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