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Festival peeking at gf's mates

I went to a festival a few years with my 24 year old ex gf and a gang of her girl mates some of which were hot and I had fantasised about seeing them naked for years; as ever there were also a couple of less attractive ones, but in the main they were hot. I had been on a villa holiday with this gang the summer before and the majority of the girls sunbathed topless. I had had many wanks thinking about their hot young bodies and trying to work out how to see the rest.

We turned up at the festival and set up camp within walking distance of one of the shower / toilet blocks. They were mixed sex and were bigger than normal to give campers somewhere to change in the dry. Being the voyeur I am I was praying for some spotting during the weekend. When we all went to watch a band play I snuck back and reconned the cubicles of the toilet block nearest to our camp. Sure enough - there was a tiny hole in the join of one of the cubicles that i managed to enlarge slightly - I had struck gold. It was too dark to see at night, but i went I back on day 2 when it was raining and loads of girls came into cubicles to get changed or go the loo. Including several of these girls i knew. It was incredible finally being able to see these hot young bodies naked. The quality of viewing ranged from a quick glimpse of bush and ass to a full blown putting on socks bending over facing away from my spy hole so that in the case of 2 girls I actually got to clearly see both holes spread wide in all their beauty.It was incredible!!

The part I enjoy most about these situations is identifying the girls so I had set my camera up from my tent filming the bogs from the outside. The quality was poor, but i had great fun matching the bodies i had seen with the faces going in and out when I got home.

A really good friend of mines gf then walked in stripping down to hairless pussy at eye level for me. He was a good mate and and i got embarrassed with myself and so quickly left unnoticed from my cubicle. It was a blissful few hours of chopping and watching young girls. I spent the remainder of the festival obscenely horny because I kept recognising girls who I had just seen naked. In these instances I made a real effort to somehow introduce them to our group and took huge pleasure in chatting to them constantly running through my dirty secret in my mind.

I feel very bad about it, I genuinely thought I had grown out of all that stuff, but the opportunity presented itself and I failed to resist.

I would love to hear about anyone else's similar experiences, I hope this story hasn't offended you.

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