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You give me a smile, get up and walk to the bathroom. I can hear you start the water in the shower. I peek over my shoulder and see you have left the door to the bathroom wide open. I watch you climb into the tub and pull the shower curtain shut.

I make my own way to the bathroom. I pull back the shower curtain a bit and watch you soaping up your body. I clear my throat to get your attention. You look back at me and smile.
“Would you like some help?” I offer.

“I was wondering how long it would take you,” you reply.
I quickly climb in the tub behind you, pressing my chest against your back. You hand me the soap so I can lather up my hands. Stretching your arms behind you, you begin rubbing my sides, your own hand slippery from the soap. My own hands lather up I reach forward and put the soap back in the shower rack. You slide your hands between our bodies and reach for my cock, which was already incredibly hard. My hands cup your breasts, massaging them, your soft flesh becoming slippery from the soap. My fingers play with your hardening nipples.

You toss your head back, resting it on my shoulder, and moan softly. The tip of my tongue traces your earlobe. As my hands kneaded your breasts, your hands are busy stroking my hard shaft.

“Mmmmmmm...You’re so hard,” you say in a lusty moan, squeezing and releasing the head of my cock in rhythm with your words.

You bring your hands to mine and guide them over your body, slowly bring them lower and lower. You press your body back tightly against mine. My hard cock, slippery from the soap, rubs between your ass. Your back arches as my fingers brush over your pussy. You moaned out loud as my fingers caress your mound, running through your small patch of hair. Our hips gyrate together, sliding the shaft of my cock between your cheeks.

You reach back with one hand and grab the back of my head, guiding my mouth to your neck. I kiss and nibble at your skin as my fingers find your hard clit. My other hand cups your breast as my fingers squeeze your nipple. Your other hand reachs out for the showerhead and directs the spray of warm water down your body. Your hand slips under mine, your fingers rubbing your own clit.

“Put a finger inside me,” you moan, “Fuck my pussy with your finger”

I slowly slide a finger inside your wet pussy, exploring your inner walls, feeling the warmth from within you. I kiss over your collarbone, lightly sucking and nibbling your soft skin. My hand massages your breast, my fingers rolling your hard nipple between them. I slip a second finger inside your pussy, slowly moving in and out.

“Oh yes,” you pant, “fuck me with your fingers.”

Your own hand moves quickly, rubbing your clit in circles with your fingers. I can feel your body start to tense up. Your other hand grabs the back of my head tightly. Your moaning grows louder and louder, I can tell you are on the verge.

I move my mouth back to your neck, biting your soft flesh. Suddenly your body begins to spasm slightly. Your hand moves from your clit and grabs my hand, holding my fingers deep inside you.

After a few seconds, you turn around to face me. Still short of breath, you press your mouth to mine.

You break the kiss and look up at me with a sly grin. Your hands reach down and hold my still hard cock, stroking it lightly.

“Now it’s your turn”

Moving behind me, you turn me around to rinse the soap from my body. “I don’t want to get all that soap in my mouth,” you giggle.

You turn me back around to face you. The warm water running down my back as you kiss me softly. Your hands run up and down my chest, moving lower and lower. Slowly, you sink to your knees in front of me, your mouth leaving a trail of wet kisses down my chest and stomach. You giggle as my hard cock presses against your breasts.

“Poor baby. Looks like you need some attention here”

You take my cock in your hand again, wrapping your fingers around my shaft. You lean forward and lightly run your tongue over the head. Your other hand lightly caresses my balls as you take the head into your mouth. I moan out as I feel your tongue swirling over the head of my cock. Your hand begins to pump my shaft, twisting as it moves up and down. You suck deeply on the head of my cock, your tongue teasing the hole. Your head starts bobbing, taking my cock into your mouth. Your hand pumping in unison with your head, your other hand massaging my balls. The slurping sounds you make as you suck my cock arouse me even more.

I moaned louder and louder as you continue. The pleasure is almost more than I could stand as I come closer and closer to the edge.

I placed my hands on your shoulders and gently push her back, pulling my cock from your mouth. You look up at me and pout, you arer enjoying how much pleasure you are bringing me.

“Turn around,” I told her, “on your hands and knees.”

You pout instantly turns to a big bright smile. You quickly spin around and leaned forward onto your hands, sticking your ass up in the air. I kneel behind you and rub the head of my cock over your ass.
“Mmmmmm...stick that in me.” you moan.

Your own hand reachs back between your legs and grabsd my cock, backing your body back closer to mine, holding the head of my cock to your pussy lips. I grab your ass and pull you back onto me, my cock sliding deep inside you. My hips buck, fucking you harder and harder. We both moan out loud, gasping for breath.

All of a sudden, the water that has been getting colder turns into a spray of ice cold water. We both jump from the shock, quickly getting up and redirecting the stream. We break out into laughter as I fumble to turn the water off.

I reach for the towels hanging by the shower and we both dry each other off, kissing at every opportunity. I get out of the tub and start towards the bed. Your hand grabs my shoulder and stops me in my tracks.

“Now wait a second there. I’m not quite finished with you yet,” You say.

Grabbing my hand, you walk with me to the bed. We stand by the side of the bed, holding each other close, kissing passionately.

You push me down onto the bed. I backed up a bit, stretching my body out, my still hard cock pointing up in the air.

You climb on top of me, straddling my waist. You position your hips above mine, your pussy hovering above my hard cock. I take my cock in my hand and slip the head inside your hot, wet pussy. You drop your weight onto me, taking me deep inside you. You wiggle your hips, grinding into mine. You lean back, your chest perpendicular to mine. Looking deep into my eyes, you begin massaging your breasts, pinching your hard nipples, moaning softly.

“Oh god, you feel so good inside me.”

You begin to bounce up and down. Your hot pussy sliding up and down my hard shaft, you moan louder and louder with each stroke. I reach down and rub your clit with my thumb, causing you to ride me faster and harder. We both gasp for air.

“Oh god. I’m gonna cum” I somehow manage to say.

“Yes...yes, baby,” you scream, “Fill me with your cum”

My body tenses up. My cock jerks inside your pussy. I moan out loud as I explode inside you.

You collapse onto my chest. I hold you in my arms, kissing you gently as we try to catch our breath.

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