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Sugar Daddy

Paul was a great guy at the age of 68. He still had a firm body and hard cock. He loved pussy and especially young pussy. He lived near the college and there was never a shortage of pussy there for him. Today Liz was coming over for a nice afternoon fuck. She had been there before and he loved her kink and sexy body. She was game for anything and loved bondage.

He heard her knock on the door and when he opened it he was amazed at her beauty and sexy body. Today she wore a blouse unbuttoned to the naval. She also had no bra. Her skirt barely covered her ass and her thong was skimpy and tucked between her ass cheeks. He pulled her inside and kissed her tonguing her mouth which she returned. He unbuttoned the last button of her blouse and pulled it wide open as his hands fondled her tits. Then he slid his hand to her ass and rubbed a hand between her legs feeling her pussy and her ass.

She was wet as he rubbed over her cunt. He used some of her moisture to rub her ass hole and then put a finger up her ass as he tongue kissed her more. She was always horny and would fuck till she could not walk. He kept his finger in her ass as he led her to the day bed. He pushed her onto her back and handcuffed her to the head board. Then he tied each ankle to the foot board. He took his scissors and cut her blouse and skirt off her making her stark naked. Her legs were spread wide and he eyed her cunt. He took his twine and wound it around each tit pulling it tight. He sucked each nipple getting them to swell and harden before he clipped on the nipple ring.

He then tied the twine around each leg high at the top and then put an pussy clip on each pussy lip and then hooked the clip to the twine spreading her pussy lips apart showing off her pink clit and cunt. He fingered her clit as he slid two fingers into her cunt and began fucking her hard. As he watched her cum and spasm he then took his clothes off and straddled her face. He tipped her head back and rubbed his cock over her lips and her cheeks. Then he pushed his cock to her mouth and let her lick his tip. As she licked he began to slowly push his cock into her mouth. It did not take long till he was sitting on her face with his cock balls deep down her throat and she then began to suck his cock. He knew she was a great cocksucker just as she was a hot slut to fuck. She loved cock and she loved cum. He always doubled his magic pills when she was coming over so he could fuck with a hard cock for hours.

She deepthroated his cock and sucked till he filled her throat with cum. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it over her face so she could feel how wet he was. He then rubbed his cock over her tits and across her nipples. He kissed down to her tits and sucked a nipple then pulled on the clips on each nipple. He then picked up a paint brush and a jar of body paint. He painted each nipple a hot pink. Then he drew a circle around her full tits. He drew a heart on the top of each tit. He went down to her pussy and painted her clit. Then the inside of her pussy lips. He took the brush and painted down to her asshole. He gave her ass a good covering with the paint and then pushed the brush into her ass and painted the inside. He then painted back to her cunt and painted all around it then pushed the brush inside her as far as he could and painted her cunt hole.

He took a red marker and wrote on her stomach "cum slut". He went just above her clit and wrote "fuck me". He loved to paint and write on the sexy bodies and knew the girls liked it also. He then grabbed the white butt plug and pushed it into her ass and then he began to push his cock into her cunt. As his cock fucked her painted pussy he saw the pink paint on his cock. He loved to use different colors and watch them paint his cock. As he cock fucked her cunt he sucked her tits and pulled on the clips. He was fucking her hard when he told her "Talk dirty to me just like a whore. The dirtier you talk the harder I shall fuck you." She then started telling him "Fuck my hot cunt with that big cock. Show me how you can fuck a bitch like me. You want a whore? Well fuck me like the whore I am. Ram that cock in my wet hole. Fuck my snatch." As she talked dirty he fucked her harder and harder and sucked on her big tits. It was like having a street whore as he fucked her with her dirty mouth talking to him. She then said "Stick that big cock deep in my cunt. Fill my fuck hole with cum. Fuck me hard. Let your balls slap agaainst my ass. Show me how that cock fucks a whore."

He fucked her cunt for a long time as she talked dirty to him. Cum was running out her cunt as she came many times. After a long hard fuck he filled her with cum. He left his cock in her as he kissed and tongued her mouth. He then unhooked her from the bed and took her to his fuck bench and tied her there bent over it with her ass in the air and her legs spread wide. He pulled out the butt plug and looked at her gaping ass hole. He replaced it with four fingers. He watched his fingers fuck her ass and gape it open wider. Soon he pushed his thumb in her ass and fisted her. She started her dirty talk again. "Fist my ass you fucking horny pussy licker. Finger my pussy like I love it. Fill both my fucking holes." He then pushed his fist into her cunt and now was fucking both her holes hard. She was moaning and begging for him to fist her harder which he then doubled his fists and rammed her deeper and faster. He fisted her a long time before he pulled his wet hands from her holes and smiled.

He told her. I am going to keep you bent here for a while as I have a lot more for you. We are just getting started with the sex today. I am going to set up my video and take some vids of your sexy ass and cunt before I ravage them many more times.

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